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The Invention

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2008 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; machine; bond; insert; nipple; tease; torment; toys; stuck; caught; climax; cons/reluct; X

Janine smiled as she gazed on the device in front of her.  As usual, her slave had done a wonderful job.  If, she thought, it actually worked.

The device in question seemed simple enough.  A padded board rested at a 45 degree angle.  Near each corner, a lined leather loop emerged.  A fifth loop, about two thirds of the way up, held a penis gag.  Further down, three small trap doors were visible.  Below the bottom straps, a board extended from the pad.  A mirror mounted in the ceiling allowed anyone laying on the pad to see their reflection.

The device seemed simple, but how it worked was a bit more complex.  A slave stepped on the board with her feet stuck through the bottom loops.  The middle loop would be positioned so the gag entered her mouth, then the hands went through the top loop.  All were controlled by computer, which would then tighten the straps, rendering the slave silent and helpless.  Her slave, Kendra, had hinted at other surprises beneath the small trap doors, and Janine looked forward to testing the device soon.

For now, though, Kendra was out of town on business, leaving Janine to ponder the device in front of her.  How would it feel, she wondered, to lie helpless in its embrace?  She had often wondered how slaves felt, though she’d never really felt any urge to find out.  A little fantasy couldn’t hurt, though, could it?

Smiling, Janine stripped off her clothes, then stepped onto the board, inserting her feet into the lower loops.  Laying back, she placed the gag in her mouth, then glanced toward the top loops.  As long as nobody was working the computer, this was perfectly safe, she reasoned, slipping one hand into the loop.  A little light fantasy would put her in the mood for when Kendra returned this evening.

As soon as her other hand passed through its loop, all five tightened suddenly, pinning her to the mat.  The middle loop forced the gag deep into her mouth, holding her head down firmly.  With a startled cry, Janine tugged at the loops, but they were far too strong.  Defeated, she relaxed in her bonds.

How had this happened, she wondered?  The loops were only supposed to tighten when the computer told them to.  What had gone wrong?

Experimentally, she tugged again, only to be defeated by the strength of the supple leather holding her.  She tried to cry out, even though she knew nobody was there to hear her, but the gag reduced her cry to a muffled grunt.  Resigned to being stuck here until Kendra got home, Janine tried to relax.

Since she was stuck here anyway, she decided to go ahead with her fantasy.  Janine closed her eyes and imagined herself trapped by an evil prince who sought to take her for himself.  As the fantasy deepened, she began tugging once more at her bonds, pretending to fight her imaginary captor.  She quickly found herself aroused, her hips rocking gently as she continued her make believe struggles.

Suddenly, she froze.  Something had touched her.  Janine looked up into the mirror, her eyes widening at what she saw.  The trap door had opened between her thighs, and a large dildo had emerged.  As she watched, the tip of the dildo advanced until it nestled between her pussy lips, then began slowly moving up and down the length of her slit.

Shocked, Janine tried to pull away, but her bonds held her firmly in place.  The dildo continued to stroke her pussy, edging very slowly deeper with each stroke.  As it entered her, it stopped its up and down strokes, only to begin rotating.  As the knobs and ridges on the dildo mover across her sensitive skin, Janine felt her arousal begin to grow.

Finally, after what seemed forever, the dildo stopped its advance,  It was now completely buried between her thighs, its slow rotation driving her arousal even higher.  As her hips rocked, Janine marveled at the complexity of the device.  What else, she wondered, could this thing do?

All too soon, her question was answered when the other two trap doors, positioned on either side of her chest, opened.  From each rose a slender, jointed arm, tipped with what looked like a clamp.  As she watched, horrified, the arms rose, the clamps on the ends seeming to home in on her now hardened nipples. Desperately, Janine began to twist, sending her large breasts bouncing and swaying with each move.  The clamps, though, seemed to follow each movement, slowly closing in on her helpless nipples.  First one, then the other, captured a hardened bud in its grip.  Surprisingly, the pain was mild, soon fading into a throbbing that only added to her arousal.

Naked, helpless, penetrated and clamped, Janine had no choice but to surrender to her fate.  That fate grew worse, it seemed, when the rotating dildo began to vibrate, while slowly thrusting in and out of her.  The clamps, too, began to vibrate, shooting yet more pleasure through her already saturated nerves.

Soon, Janine was reduced to a writhing, quivering bundle of need.  The attentions she was receiving from the device, while maddeningly arousing, weren’t enough to make her cum.  She could only squirm helplessly as a haze seemed to fill her world.

“Oh my God!  What happened?”  At the sound of a familiar voice, Janine opened her eyes to see Kendra leaning over her.  The slave’s hands tugged uselessly at the loops, then Kendra seemed to regain control of her thoughts.

“Hang on, Mistress, I’ll shut if off.”  Kendra turned toward the computer, only to be halted by a loud grunt from the pad.  Turning back, she looked questioningly at Janine.

“Mistress?” she asked, puzzled.  “You don’t want me to turn it off?”

“Mmmmm-mmmm,” Janine her hips thrusting strongly.

Kendra was stunned.  “Well, do you want me to turn it up?”


Puzzled, Kendra turned to the computer, punching in a command.  Immediately, the clamps tightened to an almost painful grasp, while the vibrating dildo began thrusting strongly into Janine’s quivering pussy.  Already aroused far more than she could ever remember being, it took only seconds for Janine’s body to explode into the most powerful orgasm she’d ever felt.  For what felt an eternity, the waves crashed through her, rebounding from each other and multiplying into infinity.

Finally, the last wave crested and receded, leaving Janine limp in her bonds, only dimly aware when the loops loosened, freeing her.  She barely noticed when Kendra drew her from the pad.  No weak girl, it still took all of Kendra’s strength to guide her limp Mistress to a nearby settee.

After several moments, Janine’s eyes fluttered open.  “What happened?” she asked weakly.

“Oh Mistress, I’m so sorry,” Kendra cried, kneeling in front of the settee.  “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“It started on its own,” Janine whispered.  “How did it do that?”

“I wanted to surprise you, Mistress, so I put a photoelectric eye under each loop.  When all five are covered, it automatically starts the program.  I wanted to be able to bind and torment myself, so I could be ready for you when you get home.”

“So when I slipped my hand through that last loop……”

“You activated the program,” Kendra nodded.  “And I had it set to tease.”

“Well, it certainly did that,” Janine said, her strength slowly returning.  “I thought I was going to explode if I didn’t cum soon.  And the clamps?”

“Each arm has a small camera installed,” Kendra explained.  “I put pictures of my own nipples into the program.  Once it starts, the arms are programmed to find and grasp both nipples, no matter how much you try to avoid it.”

“You did a good job, mine,” Janine shuddered slightly.  Silently, she questioned the wisdom of owning a slave with such similar build.  “I had my tits bouncing all over the room, and I couldn’t keep my nipples from getting grabbed.”

“Are…….are you mad at me, Mistress?” Kendra asked, her voice quavering.

“Mad at you?  Of course not.”  Janine reached out and gently stroked Kendra’s cheek.  “I did put myself into that situation, after all.  The machine only did what it was supposed to do.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

Janine smiled.  “Now I think it’s time the inventor got a taste of her creation.”  Her smile widened as she watched Kendra leap to her feet and begin tearing off her clothes.  Janine rose and led her now naked slave to the computer.

“Show me how it works,” she commanded.

“Yes, Mistress.”  It took only a matter of moments to explain the various commands, and then Kendra took her place on the pad, moaning as the loops tightened.

“Oh, one more thing,” Janine said as she set the computer for “Hard Tease.”


Janine eyed her slave, already writing in her bonds.  In her mind’s eye, she could see herself there.

“Before you go to bed, I want you to put a timer on this thing.”



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