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The Key Thing

by DarkStar

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© Copyright 2002 - DarkStar - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; stockings; lingerie; rope; chairtie; gag; cuffs; stuck; caught; F/m; mast; climax; cons; X

“This is the last time I try anything this foolish,” I thought to myself. “Next time I’ll be a lot more careful.”

See, I had a day off and was home by myself. It was late afternoon, I had done all I needed to do earlier that day and my wife wasn’t due home for about three hours. So I thought to myself, “Hmmm. A little self-bondage would be a great way to pass some time.” My wife enjoyed playing bondage games with me sometimes, but she wasn’t as into it as I was. She understood my need, though, and always allowed me plenty of time to play by myself.

Like a lot of guys I only enjoyed being tied up while dressed in women’s clothing. I think it’s because I’ve always been aroused by a damsel in distress, and when my wife isn’t around or doesn’t want to play, well, dressing up and pretending to be the damsel is the next best thing.

So there I was, showered and shaved and ready to play. I was going to be a captured secretary so my outfit would be fairly simple. I started with a bra and panties. I use rolled up socks as breasts. They don’t really look real but they work good enough for me. I slipped on a black lace garter belt next and some sheer black nylon stockings. I love the feel of the straps against my skin. Then came the black leather high heel pumps with the ankle straps. Next I slid into a cherry red sheath dress and zipped it up. It’s about one size too small so it’s very snug – just the way I like it – and the skirt comes to just above my knees. A 2” wide black leather belt and I was almost ready. Now, normally I don’t wear makeup, but since I had decided to do a simple chair tie facing a full-length mirror I puckered up and put on some cherry red lipstick to match my dress. I was going to pretend that I was tied up with another woman and seeing bright red lips around a white cleave gag was always a big turn on for me.

I placed my chair, sat down and tied my ankles to the chair legs. I pulled my knees together, twisting my feet around until they were comfortable. More rope secured my knees to each other and then to the chair so I couldn’t move forward. I crossed a longer rope over my lap in an X pattern, then wrapped the final long rope around my waist and under my breasts to pin my body to the chair. I squirmed around a little to test my bonds. They were tight but not too tight. I wasn’t getting free easily.

I was ready for the final touches. I took a large white handkerchief from my lap, folded it up and placed it in my mouth, tying it tightly behind my head. I would have used a ball gag but I wanted to be sure I could breathe. I had already attached a pair of handcuffs to the bottom rung of the chair leaving just enough slack to be able to pull them up to my waist. I was sitting on the cuffs. It was the best way I could think of to make sure I could get to them when I was ready. I slipped on a pair of long black gloves for some wrist protection then reached around and secured my left wrist in a cuff.

Taking a deep breath I thought for a moment. Did I have everything ready? Had I forgotten anything? I knew the handcuff key was taped to the underside of the chair and attached to a string that was tied around the middle back rung just in case. Normally I use the ice in a stocking method but I didn’t want to wait that long to get free. I wanted to have everything cleaned up and put back when my wife came home. Thinking nope, there’s nothing missing I went ahead and clamped the other cuff around my right wrist. I was committed now.

It was great. As I watched myself squirming around I began to fantasize that I was watching someone else, dressed and tied as I was. The gag was just the right size to show off my lips without obscuring them. I tried screaming a couple of times and of course nothing came out but whimpers. I started really pulling against the ropes and trying to get my wrists free. Of course I couldn’t. I was fighting so hard that the chair was bouncing across the floor. I was so engrossed in watching the woman in the mirror struggle that I almost fell over when my first orgasm hit. My eyes closed, my breathing slowed and every muscle in my body went taut, straining against the ropes. I loved it.

I must have passed out for a few minutes because my next conscious thought was that the hall clock had chimed the half hour. I looked over and realized that I had about 15 more minutes before I had to free myself, so I just sat there enjoying the look and feel of the ropes that held me tight. Finally I decided it was time to finish up so I felt around for the key.

It wasn’t there. Don’t panic, I told myself, the tape probably just came loose in all the struggling. I started feeling around for the string I knew it was attached to. This wasn’t easy with the gloves on, but I could raise my hands enough to find the chair rung, so I still wasn’t worried. But when I looked over and saw the key hanging on its hook by the bed my heart sank. Of course it wasn’t attached to the chair! We had been playing with the handcuffs last weekend! Damn! How could I have gotten myself into this mess? That’s what I get for thinking with the little brain instead of the big one.

There was nothing I could do. Even if I could bounce the chair over to the wall I couldn’t reach the key. It was high up on the wall – higher than my head was. I couldn’t even knock it off its hook to try and catch it. I was stuck.

I spent the next half hour in a futile struggle to loosen the ropes but I had done too good of a job. They weren’t going to budge. I thought about removing the rope that held the cuffs to the chair. It wouldn’t have mattered, though. I had tied all the knots in the front. Well, I thought, all I have to do is wait until my wife comes home. I’ll be embarrassed and I know she’s going to tease me about this for months, but I can live with that.

Then the inevitable happened. The phone rang. It was my wife; calling to say that she was going out with a couple of friends and would be home in about three hours. Her voice dropped to a whisper on the answering machine as she said she was sure I would find some way to amuse myself. She laughed, and then hung up. Well that was it. I had no choice. I was going to be tied to that chair for hours.

And you know, as soon as I realized that, as soon as I understood that I was really trapped and not going to get free I got another erection. More powerful, more painful than the first. So I just shut my brain down and let my body take over. I squirmed, I flexed, for the next three hours I really was a damsel in distress and I really struggled to get free. I must have climaxed at least three more times that night. It was the most powerful feeling, that helplessness. I was uncomfortable, I was tired, I was sore and I was loving every minute of it.

Eventually my wife came home. She smiled when she saw me. “What’s the matter?” she said as she came around the back of the chair. “Couldn’t get the key to work? Oh, I see.” She looked up at the wall saw the key and looked back at me, shaking her head. “Forgot to check, didn’t you?” I just smiled as best as I could and nodded. She sniffed the air and looked down at my crotch. “Well it looks like you’ve been having fun. I hope you haven’t been like this for too long. I’m going to get you some water and you can tell me all about it.”

She came back a few minutes later with a glass of water and a damp washcloth. She untied my gag and allowed me a couple of sips of water. I told her the whole story as she wiped my face with the cloth. It felt wonderful, but I wished she would untie me. “Well,” she said as she dried my face, “I hope you’ve learned a lesson.”

As she leaned over me to kiss me I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. Next thing I know she’s covering my mouth with a couple of strips of duct tape. Laughing she said “I don’t think you’ve really learned your lesson so I’m going to leave you like this all night.”

She left the room, still chuckling. I tried to scream but of course it was muffled. She came back in every half hour to check on me and tease me. She was still laughing when she went to bed. I could barely move the next morning when she finally untied me. I was already planning my next self-bondage session. And what I could do to make sure my wife found me and “punished” me.


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