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The Gift

by Maxxster

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© Copyright 2014 - Maxxster - Used by permission

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It is that time of year again, you know the time of year when one is supposed to think of others and give of themselves all in the name of Christmas? Well, that is all fine and dandy but being an adult now, gifting is a little different. Too many choices, too many options, always trying to find that one thing that separates you from the others, especially in a work environment as a secret Santa.

I guess being a Secret Santa isn’t bad, it is when you pull that name out of a hat and have to buy a gift for someone who doesn’t know it is you, there is a kind of anonymity to this and for the most part I was thankful.

I should give you a little history before continuing with this experience I am about to share with you. You see, I worked in a very professional field, one which had me always being responsible for my actions and always accountable, one can say were no secrets in my world. This did not only apply to me, but to the others where I work and that usual rumor mill is still always turning with the latest gossip about different individuals around the water cooler at work.

I do my best to try and avoid it, yet sometimes there are things to which one cannot dismiss, and on those rare occasions, one wouldn’t want to avoid, if you know what I mean, especially when they involve one of the most attractive female doctors and desirable ladies you had ever had the opportunity to have had a conversation with.

You see, I retired at a young age actually, most of my co-workers resented the fact that I could be fully retired at 45 and although I am now 48 they still comment on how I should still be working. I paid the largest price of anyone who has experienced a loss of their parents, yet through investments and properties left to me from them in my inheritance, I was able to stop the 9-5 work day and look for things which interested me and this brought me to volunteer here part time and into contact with others who like to help people. This is how I became involved in the Secret Santa program here at the hospital.

Yes, this is that story and it was part of the process which has changed many things for me in my life, now after some time and realizing that being a secret Santa was one of the best things which could have ever happened to me, let me get back to the story.

You see there is this one doctor, a female doctor of course, who I get to see from time to time. Her name and to protect her identity, let’s call her Lana. Lana is from a foreign country and speaks with the most wonderful accent, it is always a pleasure to hear her talk, yet there is so much more to her. Lana is about 5”5 and 110 lbs, she is always well dressed in heels and dresses and presents herself as a very strong and accomplished doctor.

Lana is confident and is quick to help others when they ask, I had even heard of her helping some of the nurses with what they were going to wear out on a date and what hair styles they should use, in other words, Lana had the respect of her co-workers and the many staff which have come to rely upon her and her skills not only as a doctor, but as a woman who is respected in her community.

As you can guess by now, I pulled Lana’s name from the hat and I was her Secret Santa, and she never knew. This would have been a daunting task as to what kind of gift to buy her, except that since she had drawn my attention from the very first time I had the opportunity of contact with her, I had waited a few months before I introduced myself and we seemed to have hit it off well with each other since then.

I also have very good skills at reading people, and although in my previous employment this was an essential part of my work, I usually didn’t apply it to my personal life, yet for Lana, I could not seem to stop myself. I used those skills to casually observe her while interacting with others, I would watch her behavior and her body language. It is often amazing that people don’t realize they express so many things through personal interaction which is for the most part involuntary and they are not even aware of it, there are always the exceptions to the rules though as you will soon see.

After having met Lana, and having heard she was single and was not involved in any relationship, even though she had a previous one for 5 years which didn’t work out due to her drive and commitment to her work.

My volunteer time was increased which I enjoyed, for it helped with the boredom of not knowing what I wanted to do when I grew up and allowed me greater opportunities of just saying hi to her. I had many chances to see her doing her job and helping others, and this is where I stumbled into something which I was not expecting.

Lana was hiding something, something deep down which she tried to protect at every cost, I could see her struggle and she really wasn’t very good at hiding her red face from time to time. I also noticed a pattern of this happening as well and other than those couple of occasions I zeroed in on, no one would have ever known. Lana was a professional through and through, yet something would cause her to take a step back while she conducted her duties and then afterwards, her face would turn red when others couldn’t see her. I saw this on more than one occasion, even when she was alone walking down the hall, her face would grow into a slightly brighter shade of red. I wondered what she was thinking at those moments, yet knew I was not in any position to ask, I hoped that at some point I could.

The situation which had caused the reaction for me was quite normal for my previous work, yet I can understand the challenges one would find themselves face to face with a handcuffed person being brought to a hospital to be looked at by a doctor for whatever reason.

I watched Lana as the person was being brought into the hospital, for whatever reason she was always observing this in what appeared to be more than just a passing interest. I saw her closely looking at the way the person was handcuffed, whether it be with their hands behind their back, or if they were handcuffed in front, and even those times when the hands were handcuffed to the side with a belly chain and ankle cuffs. Lana always seemed to take an interest in this process and would then later her face would turn red.

I started to wonder if Lana had an interest in the inmates, yet realized these were both men and woman so that wasn’t it, it must have been the Handcuffs. I then paid attention to her when she did her examination of the inmate and again realized for sure that it was exactly that, the handcuffs. Lana would repeatedly look at the style of handcuff and although be paying attention to her duties, she always would be taking another look, and then one last look at the handcuffs.

Lana likes handcuffs and I for one can appreciate her dilemma, how can such a professional woman be thinking such thoughts while performing her role as a doctor? I would love to know what she was really thinking, you see, like I had said before, she would be so subtle, that other than me, no one would ever know. This I knew was something which I would want to explore more with at a later date. I doubt there could be a better conversational piece for us to discuss for I unknowing to her had a very large handcuff collection, one of the largest actually and this would be great to share with her if she had an interest as it appeared to me she did.

So as you can see for me to have had pulled Lana’s name from the secret Santa’s hat has also been a Christmas present for me as well, for I do believe that I have the ultimate present to give to her, all the while Lana not knowing who it was that she has received it from.

I started to think of how I was going to do this, I had to make sure that I was respectful of her privacy, that what I was about to do would not allow anyone else to know about what it was that I had secretly found about and that I was completely respectful of her not only because of her interest, but because of my respect for her as a woman. I concluded the following plan and it was put into action and the results were more than I could have ever realized.

The day came when the staff meeting occurred just before Christmas and everyone was exchanging gifts, it became apparent that Lana was quite excited and then disappointed when she did not receive hers, it was hard to watch, yet I knew she would be very happy later. It was stated that not all staff were present and those who did not receive their gifts would be receiving them on the afternoon shift when those staff came in to work, it could not have worked out better.

I knew Lana always had a nurse present with her while she went about her duties of examining patients, this meant that her purse was placed into her desk and this would mean all I had to do was to place her gift inside her purse for her to find later. I went into her office which was always open and opened her desk and placed her wrapped present inside her purse and closed the drawer, this was risky, yet knew that I would not be looked at for it was not unusual for me to be in and out of different offices during the day.

The morning went as usual with no upsets about her normal routine, I observed her going to her desk and take out her purse before going to the staff lounge, where she would normally have her lunch. It was when she picked up her purse, I could see the strange look on her face as if her purse was heavier than normal, and at any rate she slung it over her shoulder, closed the drawer and left her office. She walked by me and said hello, I smiled and said have a good day.

I wondered if she could have ever thought that she would be walking around the hospital with handcuffs in her purse. Oh the shock she is going to have upon realizing that she has her very own handcuffs now, from Santa at that. I wondered why she had just not looked in her purse when she opened the desk, it definitely was heavier for sure, I had placed a wrapped gift with 3 pairs of handcuffs in it, well actually two handcuffs and one set of ankle cuffs. 1 set of regular style handcuffs with a chain and swivel another pair which were hinged and the ankle cuffs, all different and for different purposes, yet a gift to be given it was, I hoped she liked them although it not being the usual present one would give someone.

Lana decided to sit at a table in the Lounge and it was probably a good thing that she sat away from everyone at side table by the large window. Lana put some paper work down on the table and it appeared to be as though she was going to be having a working lunch, which is not surprising knowing her, from time to time she does this and it usually means for others that she is busy and they are respectful of this and give her the room to work without being interrupted. Lana was obviously concerned when she placed her purse down next to her as she slid into the booth and heard the thump on the bench seat. She picked up her purse and placed it down again to hear the thump again, she looked around the room to see if anyone else had noticed which they had not and then sat down.

Lana took a minute and appeared to be processing the thump in her purse with a blank look on her face, she then turned her body and unzipped her purse. It was obvious she could see the gift wrapped and with the red bow on the top of it, there was also a note attached to the gift which she took out of her purse and started to read.

It read “Santa knows what you really wanted for Christmas so open this when in private, Merry Christmas”

It was obvious that Lana was not impressed with this, her body language was very rigid and strict, she did not like surprises, especially at work, yet she still had a slight smile knowing that she received a gift, even if it was to be secret, what that must have meant to her to be told to open in private.

Christmas was looking up and it was obvious that Lana wanted to know what was inside the gift. Lana shifted her body to cover what she was doing in her purse and right there opened the package and placed the wrapping on the table in front of her, there was a long pause and Lana looked around the room with the brightest shade of red on her face I had even seen to that date. It was clear she had opened the package and saw the 3 boxes with pictures of the handcuffs on the side of them, she clearly knew what she had received and cannot avoid the moment that Santa has given her, her very own handcuffs, not just any handcuffs, but official police handcuffs and leg irons.

I wondered what she must have been thinking at that exact moment as she sat there after turning her head to look into her purse and pick up the different packages holding her new handcuffs. I hope she is happy with her gift, for she is truly a special woman who deserves so much to be given to her for a change.

Lana sat there for some time wondering about who it was that must have placed the package in her purse, she wondered and then gave up trying to figure it out, she thought to herself that at some point maybe she would know, if not she did not care because this was an excellent gift for her to have received.

After having spent much time on this, Lana knew that she would have to get back to work and she had a particularly busy afternoon before the special wing of the hospital she worked in shut down for Christmas. The afternoon was spent in managerial meeting with administration and seeing the last couple of outpatients that came to see her before leaving for the 48 hour Christmas shut down. All afternoon Lana carried her purse with her so she could feel the weight of her new handcuffs and didn’t want to let them out of her sight.

Lana finally returned to her office and started working on finalizing the last reports of the day, yet she could not stop thinking about the handcuffs. Lana also knew that many of the staff had been given an early day and had started to head home around 3 pm, this meant that her section in the hospital had minimal people in it so she closed the door thinking that if anyone thought she was there would see her door closed and think that she had also headed home for Christmas.

Lana opened her purse and first pulled out the boxes and placed them in her drawer, one by one she opened each box and took out the handcuffs. The first box which was larger than the other two boxes held the ankle cuffs. They were heavy and cold to her touch and she just could not get over the weight of them as she held them in her hand. Lana pushed at the single bar and they swung through the body of the cuff quite easily, yet seemingly difficult at the same time. They were very loud and this startled Lana somewhat yet she just kept pushing them through.

Next Lana found the keys to the ankle cuffs and used them to unlock the cuffs, she then put the ankle cuffs and keys down and picked up the owner’s manual and started to read. This was very surprising to Lana that there would be included a manual for the use of handcuffs with diagram’s showing the proper handcuffing technique’s for their application and double locking function. Lana picked up the ankle cuff and the key and pushed in the little pin on the side body of the ankle cuff double locking it, she then used the key to unlock the double locking mechanism and pushed the single bar through.

Lana was starting to have a pretty good understanding of the function of the ankle cuffs and how the keys worked so she decided to try and put on the ankle cuffs. There was a clear nervousness present in Lana’s actions as she crossed her leg after having slid her chair a little away from the desk. She thought that if she tried them on and someone was to walk in, she would have her feet under her desk and no one would be able to see that she had actually handcuffed her own ankles, and then she remembered that her section was virtually vacant of any other person, so Lana went ahead and locked both ankle cuffs on.

It was an amazing feeling to have heard the ratcheting sound of each ankle cuff closing tighter and tighter on her ankles and then the feel of the cold steel as is encircled her ankle, locking it so that it could not be removed without the key. Lana loved the feel of this and tried to spread her legs as far as she could, yet the cold steel only allowed her legs to be apart about 18 inches. This she knew would allow someone to be able to walk, yet not run, Lana was proud of herself so far, it was now time to open the other boxes.

The next box to be opened was the chain and swivel style handcuffs, having just used the ankle cuffs, it was easy for Lana to push through the single bar of the handcuffs to make them open. Lana spent some time looking at the cuffs in great detail, acknowledging every piece of manufacturing that went into them, the shape, style, rivets, ratchet teeth and swivels, these all amazed her and she enjoyed the weight of them in her hand.

Lana again picked up the keys and worked the locking mechanism, opening and closing them several times, double locking them after swinging them through and listening to the ratcheting sound they made. They sound incredible to her and she liked this, it was like the more they clicked the more interesting they became to her. Lana just had to try them on, this was going to be the very first time in her life that she was able to try on steel handcuffs and she was nervous and scared.

Lana having been educated and an emotional controlled woman, at least up until now, went through in her mind the safe guards she could call upon if needed and with this she pushed the first handcuff open and allowed the double bar to touch her skin. This was electrifying for her, it felt cold and unforgiving, yet she had to know how tight the handcuffs could close around her wrists, so she with determination and purpose started to slowly ratchet closed the handcuff.

Each click sent a shock through her and she counted each as the handcuff went tighter and tighter. Lana kept trying to pull her hand out at each step of the tightening process until she was unable to remove her had comfortably. At this point Lana picked up the keys and placed it into the locking mechanism and turned the key to unlock the handcuff. It opened easily with the key and this drew further confidence in Lana that she was in control and could remove the handcuffs should she choose. The process was repeated and Lana closed the handcuff much quicker and tighter than the previous time, now her left wrist was completely locked inside the handcuff and it was time to apply the second cuff to her other wrist.

Lana raised her arm with the single cuff locked to it and she could feel the weight and was impressed with how heavy it felt on her slender wrist, she then lowered it back down and took the second cuff and quickly swung it through locking her wrist inside it with no hesitation. There it was finally done she thought, she was now handcuffed and could not remove them without the use of the key. Lana pulled and tugged on the handcuffs testing their resolve at keeping her as she was restrained and unable to remove the handcuffs at her desk.

Lana sat back in her chair and her mind recaptured the events of the day and her current position being handcuffed in her office at work while everyone had left for Christmas. This is good she concluded and again pulled the handcuffs and her legs feeling the full effects of the steel restraints holding her. After a few minutes Lana picked up the keys and placed them into one of the keyhole locks of the handcuffs and opened one cuff. She then placed her hands behind her back and locked the Handcuff back onto her wrist, now she was completely cuffed as she had seen so many others.

Sitting back again in her chair Lana imagined what it was like to be handcuffed and unable to remove them under someone else control, her mind wandered at such thoughts and as she tugged and pulled to get free of the handcuffs she realized that she was getting herself very excited and aroused. The thought of getting caught was a calculated risk and this only further added to her situation. Lana was actually enjoying herself and being handcuffed even under her own actions was very exciting for sure. Lana decided it was time to try and remove the handcuffs and she turned her body and picked up the keys off the desk and sat back down. After a few minutes and learning to move her fingers properly Lana was able to undo a cuff and place her hands back in front of her where she proceeded to lock the handcuff back on.

Lana then picked up the third box of handcuffs and opened them, these cuffs were different than the ones she was wearing and had solid bars through the middle and not a chain. They also felt heavier and folded together, this was so different from the pair she was currently wearing, again Lana thought, she had to try these on. Lana picked up the keys and easily now being the professional handcuff remover she was took off the handcuffs she was wearing and placed them onto the table. As with the other two pairs of cuffs she placed the key inside the keyhole and opened and closed the cuffs a couple of time ensuring they worked properly which they did.

Having the handcuffs in her hand Lana pushed through a single bar and placed the handcuff over her wrist and closed it shut enjoying he sound of the ratcheting these new cuffs made, which sounded different that the last pair she had just been wearing, not to lose her new confidence Lana closed the second cuff onto her second wrist and again she found herself locked in the handcuffs. These handcuffs were different for sure, they didn’t allow the movement that the previous pair did and were much more restrictive, this was very interesting to her and again she sat back and enjoyed the feeling of the handcuffs as she tugged and pulled on them.

After a few minutes Lana picked up the key and placed it into the keyhole and removed one cuff to place her hands behind her back and handcuff herself again. This time it was more difficult to sit in the chair with her hands she found, if she turned one wrist she was able to almost cross her arms so to speak yet she found that this was more comfortable, Lana also realized that she was unable to reach in front of her as she had done with the other cuffs and concluded that these handcuffs were meant for a much more dangerous person and this only added to her enjoyment and frustration of being handcuffed. It was now time and Lana stood up and turned her body to pick up the keys and sat back down and with more effort than before she found the keyhole and placed the key into it and unlocked the handcuff.

Lana brought her hands in front of herself and removed the second handcuff pondering which set of cuffs felt better wearing? Lana decided she would again try the other cuffs on and proceeded to apply them quickly and easily trying to figure out what pair she liked more. It was difficult for Lana, both handcuffs appeared to be the same, yet so different, one had lots of movement while the other pair restricted her movement. Lana unlocked one handcuff and placed her hands behind her back and again locked on the second cuff on her wrist. Lana sat there for several minutes like this and compared in her mind what movement or lack of movement she had in these chain and swivel style cuffs and then the idea came to her, why not just try the other pair on as well, that way she can feel the difference first hand.

Lana stood up and turned her body and picked up the second set of handcuffs, the hinged style and looked at them with her hands already handcuffed behind her back, she turned them over and twisted them to get a better view. Lana had already worn these and was confident of the keys and thought it would be fun to remove two pairs of handcuffs and she would know which pair felt more comfortable.

Lana sat back down and with her hands behind her back she ratcheted the second set of handcuffs open and with some effort she placed her wrists inside both pairs of open cuffs and proceeded to lock each of them onto her already handcuffed wrists. She could feel the cuffs getting tighter and Lana ensured that when they felt snug, she closed them a couple more clicks to make sure they were properly applied and she absolutely could not slide her wrists out of them.

This was so incredible for Lana, she pulled and struggled as best she could inside two pairs of handcuffs locked securely onto her wrists behind her back by her own actions, Lana was very pleased with herself and the feelings she was having. She did not want this to end and imagined herself as the damsel in despair or that dangerous felon who was just arrested by the police. The reality of this situation one would never have believed that Lana the professional could have done this to herself.

Lana was lost in herself for quite some time and didn’t realize that although she had spent much effort on trying to get out, it was impossible without the key. The struggling and pulling on the handcuffs didn’t do anything except allow Lana the full effects of high quality handcuffs and the realization that she was stuck as she was until she removed them. Lana had no idea what she had done to herself and this was about to become realized as she looked at the clock and noticed that almost two hours had passed since she had entered her office with her boxes in her purse.

Lana had been confident in her abilities and exercises in applying and removing the handcuffs since she first touched them and opened them. The ankle cuffs had been a secondary thought for her ever since she locked them on her ankles almost two hours before and she was surprised that they never hurt her ankles, they still felt comfortable and this was good, Lana imagined wearing them at home for several hours, and perhaps maybe even sleeping in them. Lana decided it was time to remove the handcuffs and start to make her way home, considering that everyone now must be gone and the this section of the building would definitely be abandoned for the next 48 hours due to the Christmas Holiday.

Lana turned herself and stood up reached towards the her desk where the keys were right in front of her and after a second attempt picked up the keys and had them in her hand. She then sat back down and using her fingers as she had done previously tried to place the key into the keyhole. Lana focused and moved her fingers with the keys in them a couple of times and started to wonder why they key had not gone into the hole yet, she took her finger and felt where she thought the keyhole was and didn’t find anything but smooth steel. Lana and her intellectual mind thought that she was doing something wrong and this was strange, she had these cuffs on before and easily removed them, what is going on?

It was apparent that something was different this time and yet Lana could not stick her finger on this difference. She was perplexed and decided she would just look to see what was going on so she moved her arms to one side as best she could and looked down at the handcuffs behind her back, she was shocked, she couldn’t even see a keyhole, then it struck her, those handcuffs were facing downwards and all she had to do was twist her wrists and she would be able to see what was going on. This additional thought and effort were not rewarded as she realized that she could not twist her wrists due to the hinged handcuffs. Lana was shocked at her position and tried to keep herself emotionally controlled and she rationally went through a number of potential actions in her mind to remove the handcuffs she had locked onto herself behind her back.

Lana decided to relax and think her way through this situation, there must be an easy explanation here and leaned forward and then sliding her chair forward started to read the open brochure provided in the box of the handcuffs. The pictures said it all, and in this brochure it explained about the keyhole placement of the hinged cuffs while using them for maximum security and officer protection from unauthorized removal. The brochure explained when the keyholes are facing the body it would be virtually impossible to remove the handcuffs even with a key and this feature should be used at all times when applying handcuffs to individuals.

Lana could not believe what she was reading, she was actually feeling overwhelmed at the thought that she had placed the handcuffs on herself as though she was a dangerous offender. Lana thought she could explain this away as if someone could hear her as she said in her mind that this was an accident and she wanted to take the handcuffs off.

The full realization hit her and she pulled and struggled to get her hands free of the handcuffs, yet they held her as she had always wanted to be held, tight and stuck, unable to get free and locked by her own hand in Handcuffs she could not remove, Lana was becoming an emotional mess as she could not remove herself or the handcuffs. After several minutes Lana sat back in her chair with complete abandonment of getting the handcuffs off without any help.

Lana was reacting in a way she could not control and for her control was everything in her life up until this moment, her choices and decisions had all been calculated and thoroughly thought through, she was now a victim of her own desires and actions and this made her scared and excited and very aroused. She was actually stuck like this, but then she thought that she could get out, there must be a way for her to remove the handcuffs and after some quality self-talk Lana devised a plan and would implement it immediately. The first thing she had to do was figure out for sure that the keyhole was facing down, she couldn’t feel it, yet in her mind that didn’t mean it wasn’t there, she just had to find out if it was and to do this, she needed a mirror. One which she could just raise her hands and see if she could see the keyhole and that would assist her in the next step, now all she had to do was find a mirror.

Lana considered her options, and concluded that the woman’s bathroom down the hall and around the corner would be the easiest place to go and see about the handcuff keyhole. Lana also calculated that due to the time of day it now was and the usual departure of other workers, not to mention this holiday season and early departure of co-workers, this was an attainable goal with limited risks of getting caught and she was going to do this.

Lana stood up and felt the full effects of the ankle cuffs and handcuffs, she stood there for a moment and her brain caught up to her current circumstances, she paused and realized that although her thoughts had just formulated a plan, she was physically restricted in this action and this would take some effort to move in handcuffs and ankle cuffs, yet there was no other option for Lana and once she gained her confidence that she could do this, she started for her door.

The first task was to check and see if she could hear anyone who may still be there in her section, and Lana found even opening the door wearing hinged handcuffs was not as easy as she thought, she had to hold the handle and turn her body to open the door, this was challenging considering her handcuffed hands behind her back yet she completed this.

Lana peered her head out her door and looked in both directions as if she was about to cross the street looking to see if there were any cars coming and listened attentively for any sound, she did not hear any and after a few minutes she decided it was time. Time to proceed. Lana stepped into the hall and let her door close quietly behind her, listening if she could hear anyone or anything which she couldn’t and then she took her first steps towards the washroom.

Lana was surprised at how difficult it was to walk, it was made worse by her high heels she had decided to wear to work that day and having ankle cuffs locked onto them didn’t make the matters easier, it in fact restricted her normal comfortable walk to more of a controlled shuffle, Lana thought to herself it would take some time before she would be able to walk comfortable in the ankle cuffs and then pushed the thoughts from her mind saying to herself, that is for another day, back to the task at hand, the washroom.

Lana made it down the long hall trying to walk as normal as possible even with her hands locked tightly in two pairs of handcuffs behind her back and ankle cuffs on her legs, somehow she thought if she looked natural it wouldn’t be so bad if she was caught, yet she made it to the end and found a set of double doors closed. Just on the other side of these doors was the bathroom, Lana thought for a minute, she had never seen these doors closed before and it was odd that they now were, yet they had to be overcame to get to the bathroom and more importantly the mirror. Lana without hesitation pushed on the door bar and the door proceeded to be moved forward and opened slightly. Lana peered through this door and listened to hear if anyone coming and proceed to exit the door and walked quickly to the bathroom door.

On the way to the bathroom door she heard the door behind her close and thought nothing of this. When she arrived at the bathroom door she pushed it with her shoulder to open it and nothing happened, the door was locked. She couldn’t believe this, who locks a bathroom door? It is just a bathroom. Shock settled very quickly into Lana and her mind began racing again, what was she going to do? Now what? She needed a mirror and she needed out of these handcuffs she had locked herself into.

Lana immediately thought, get back to her office and come up with plan B, and she turned and started walking back towards the door she had just came through, the door which was never closed which now was, the door which has no handles on the outside of the door, this door was a one way opening door and there was no way of opening it from where she currently was, another wave of shock and realization hit Lana and she was now starting to fully regret the position she had placed herself into.

Lana turned and leaned against the door she could not open, with her cuffed hands behind her back she tried to open the door by trying to pull it open at the seam where the two door met, this was of course impossible and she had to reconsider her options, quickly, before she was caught, this risk was growing exponentially, she had to do something.

Lana remained frozen in her spot, thinking of her options and the realization that this was terrible set of events which has occurred, all over that deep interest to explore the gift which was so freely given to her. She never had to open the boxes when she did, she could have waited until she got home, or later, why the rush? All of this thinking was not assisting in freeing her from the steel which clearly held her firmly in its locked grasps.

Lana knew there were other doors to which led back to her office and decided that was the only way of removing the handcuffs and feeing herself, so she forced deep inside herself the will to move away from the double locked door towards the main entrance of her office. This was difficult now, the confidence and plan to which she had executed thus far was all for nothing, Lana was not accustomed to making poor decisions, or at least ones which failed so blatantly at her efforts, this was clearly a new set of emotions which she had never experienced and perhaps it was this that had her feeling very vulnerable, even more than the handcuffs that held her so firmly against her will.

Lana had made it down the hall and without even thinking in her quest to get back to her office failed to check and see if anyone was there, even though she did not hear anyone. As she turned the corner and the jingling of chains was apparent and clearly heard, she stopped and froze in her tracks, sitting about 10 feet away in a chair was a man who was reading a magazine and it appeared to her that she had not been seen. Lana froze in fear and thought if she could just reverse backwards quietly, this man who she couldn’t see would not hear her and she could come up with another plan.

Luck was again not going to be on her side, for as soon as she started moving her feet backwards, the chains echoed in the long corridor and were loud enough for even a hearing impaired person to pick up, this was to be Lana’s undoing, for no sooner had the large sound occurred, the man, put down the magazine and looked straight into the eyes of Lana who was a few feet away.

The man smiled a large expressive smile towards Lana and then said, "What took you so long? I have been waiting for your arrival". Lana as best she could tried instinctively to cover her blushing red face with her hands, yet all she did was pull the handcuffs to clearly show she was cuffed and was unable to reach her face, Lana thought what a rookie move to try and cover her own face, yet what else what she to have done?

Lana after a what felt like hours realized that she knew this man, this was the man who she had talked with several times and was always helpful, Lana’s mind raced to figure out what he had meant when he said he was expecting her? She had to know.

Before Lana could even ask, I posed the question to her directly, "Do you need help?" Lana was taken aback, what she was going to say to explain her situation and have me help her, Lana clearly looked stumped at answering.

I realized the clear and evident position Lana was in and took it upon myself to ask again, yet this time I worded it differently. I said, "Lana, I am not asking how you got yourself into this situation, I am asking if you want my help?"

Lana immediately broke down and started crying, she was so overwhelmed with emotions that she could not contain herself anymore.

I immediately got up from where I was sitting and proceeded to where Lana was and placed my hands on her shoulder and suggested that she come and sit down for a minute until she was able to tell me what was going on. Lana allowed me to guide her to the seats where she sat down, and then I proceeded to sit beside her.

It took a few minutes and after I wiped the tears from Lana’s eyes she looked into mine and asked me, "Can you help me please, I am stuck in these handcuffs and cannot get them off."

I asked Lana how this happened and she became very silent and looked away, as if she was trying to find the answer on the wall, ceiling or floor.

I then asked again except this time I stated I would not help her unless she was totally honest, or perhaps I should just call the police and let them deal with her, after –all isn’t it only people in trouble with the law who are handcuffed in such a manner?

Lana asked me immediately to not call the police and she would tell me everything, which she proceeded to do without leaving any details out. For whatever reason, it occurred to me that Lana for whatever reason appeared to be becoming more comfortable while talking, her voice quite cracking, her tears had stopped and in a matter of frank sort of way, she proceeded to explain the events in an almost erotic sort of way.

Lana stopped talking and looked at me and said, "Michael, how did you know I would be coming this way?"

I smiled back at her and said that I was just more than a volunteer, I was responsible for setting up the hospitals security, and had been watching her on closed circuit cameras since she had started her late afternoon process.

Lana responded and said she had known of my companies work and my position in the company and always found it funny that why would anyone claim to just volunteer on such an important security task.

It was clear, she knew as much of me as I did of her, and looking at her situation it was clear there was something more here than I could have imagined.

Lana then asked if I was going to help her out of the handcuffs or did I plan on keeping her a prisoner, both of her own actions and the obvious of not being able to remove the handcuffs without help.

I knew it was an interesting place to be, sitting in a hall on a bench in a hospital where all the staff had left, with Lana, handcuffed behind her back and asking me what I wanted to do.

I then turned to Lana and looking her in her the eyes and said, "It is more about you and your learning process than mine, what would you like for me to do with you?"

Lana replied and said she knew it was I who gave her the gift today and was happy with receiving it, surprised at the time, yet not surprised knowing that she had made those subtle interests of handcuffs only while she knew I was watching her.

I asked her if this is what she thought would happen when she had received the gifts and Lana replied it was as good as she had imagined it would have been.

I asked her what she wanted to do and if we should go back to her office and unlock her handcuffs, Lana surprised even me and replied that she would like to get her purse and we should continue with this journey as long as I take the keys and not give them back to her.

Lana continued with saying that she always wanted to be handcuffed in public and not get caught, a car ride handcuffed would be great and asked if I had any plans for the next couple of days over the holiday?

I got up and stood in front of Lana helping her to her feet and she leaned into me while I gave a hug and was pleased to hear her say, "Michael, I have waited a long time for you, can we go now? I look forward to having some quality time in these cuffs".

With that we walked to Lana’s office after I opened the doors to which she would never have been able to on her own, placed her jacket over her shoulders, grabbed her purse for her and we proceeded to leave the hospital to the upper level car park where I had my car parked.

This was clearly the start to a wonderful new life and shared enjoyment of handcuffs and everything which goes with them, I am very happy and look forward to the next chapter of this story and life.

The only thing Lana said to me while helping her into the car was, "What took you so long? I was waiting for you, and now I am more than happy, thank you Michael".

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