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The Jacket

by Rupes

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© Copyright 2014 - Rupes - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; straitjacket; stuck; discovered; F/m; padlocks; cage; handcuffs; leg-irons; toys; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Some time ago my partner Vicki had bought us an all leather strait-jacket. It was custom made in Pakistan and we had now been waited a few weeks for its delivery. We had asked for a few extras such as replacement of the standard lining with a high quality leather. Additional straps down the arms both above the elbow and at the wrist, all the buckles were locking so they looked like a normal roller buckle but had a little eye at the end of the prong that once fastened would accept a padlock so the jacket could be locked on.

Vicki was away for the next two weeks as she had been selected to take some pupils on a school trip, she had only been away two days. I arrived home from work to find a card on the doormat letting me know that we had a package waiting at the post office “too big to fit through letterbox”. Plonking down my laptop bag, and other bits and bobs I turned around and headed out the door to the local post office as I had just enough time to catch them before they closed.

The local post office was in our village and quicker to walk to than take the car. I was stood at the counter looking at Mrs Grandville who managed the local branch. I handed her the card after the usual pleasantries and discussions of the weather and what those at number 23 were up too, if only you knew I thought to myself whilst timing my laughter to coincide with something funny that she said! She disappeared into the back office to find the package.

“I see it’s your friend in Pakistan again but it’s been slightly damaged in transit,” she said before bringing out of the office, she added, “Should I open it to check it for you?” I thought to myself shit, shit, shit, and then tried to calmly reply, “No don’t worry, it’s not particularly fragile, thank you” hoping that the contents were not obvious or word would be around the village in no time!

Eventually she appeared from the back carrying a large cardboard box the end ripped off, but thankfully the contents were sealed in black plastic liner. I quickly signed the card took the package and walked home. Why is it when you are trying to get somewhere everyone you know appears and wants to chat? Five people one after the other from the door of the post office and along the 2 minute walk home stopped me for a chat. Mostly about how I was coping without Vicki, was I ok for food, do I need them to cook for me. Seriously, come on get your nose out and bugger off I thought to myself each time. Eventually I made it home and immediately thought it best to pop the car into the garage in the hope that people would assume I was out. My car is always on the drive and Vicki’s is in the garage, but Vicki had taken hers to work and it would be out the way for two weeks.

I locked the front door, grabbed the package and ran to the kitchen to unbox it. I carefully slit the tape with a knife then ripped open the black plastic bag inside, sure enough there was our new straitjacket, complete with all the modifications we requested. The quality of the product was as good as the previous items we had ordered. The leather had a proper smell to it and was very thick, but still soft and supple. I had to try this on. I stripped naked and slid it up my arms it felt amazing but there was simply no way I could get any of the buckles or the zips done up without help. I slid it off and put it back in the box.

After some dinner curiosity got the better of me again. I laid the jacket out on the floor of our basement playroom, I took some leather shoelaces that we had in the drawer and fed them through the zip to form a longer pull that I could grab. Then did up the zip half way, did up the crotch straps and the first three buckles up the back, leaving just the collar to do. I stood with my feet through the crotch straps and managed to slide it on after slipping my arms down the sleeves, working it both up my legs and over my head at the same time. I managed to get my head out the head hole after a long struggle but found eventually by simply straightening my legs the crotch straps pulled firm pulling the jacket down over my head. There I was in. I ran my fingers over the leather.

My hands encased in two layers of thick unbroken leather, they were little use, but after a few minutes I found that I could with some difficulty just about manipulate things. I put my arm behind my back and after several attempts found the zipper pull, which slipped up easily to the top. I tried for the next 45 minutes to buckle up the collar strap but found that I simply was not dextrous enough to do. But with the zip done up the effect was just as good.

Right now how the hell do I get my arms through the strap at the front, through the side straps and then buckled up at the back. I had one idea but did not know if it would work. I had plenty of time so I thought I would try. I grabbed one of our bondage belts, these were made from soft leather with a small buckle at one end and holes at the other. I threaded the buckle onto the sleeve with the strap effectively making the strap 4 times as long.

It took me another 45 minutes or so of trial and effort before I had managed to get my first arm through the front strap of the jacket, I then had threaded the lengthened strap through the first side loop, around the back which I did by standing on the strap and turning around, high tech huh? Then through the other side loop. Now all I had to do was put my other arm through the front strap, easy. I then pulled both arms out so that the strap remained in position. I threaded the end of the strap through the buckle on the other sleeve and pulled it so that about 60 cm of the extended belt was through the buckle. I then slid the free end through the side loop again.

Now all I had to do was use a small clip to fasten through one of the holes in the end of the long strap to a fixing point on the wall. This sounded simple but again took another 20 minutes. Now all I had to do was simply walk away from where the strap was fixed and this would pull my arms through all the loops and around my body. I walked and the straps started to pull tight. Then they stuck fast, they would not fully tighten and as soon as I walked backwards they loosened. I walked back and placed a mirror so that I could look over my shoulder to see what was happening.

It was the first buckle where the two straps joined, it was getting caught as it went through the buckle on the sleeve of the jacket. I tried again and again, each time the buckle got caught. I tried feeding it slowly, it caught. I walked quicker to tighten it fast, it stuck. Eventually I got it to the point where it stuck and carefully kept increasing the pressure on it until with quite a loud pop it suddenly went through. I could now carry on walking forward and sure enough my arms pulled tightly around my body. Now could I manipulate the prong to find one of the holes in the main strap?

I kept walking backward and forward, holding my body at all sorts of different angles, I was about to give up when it suddenly slipped into quite a loose hole near the end of the jackets strap. So it is possible I thought. Now all I had to do was walk forward a bit and the strap would pull though and the prong would come back out the hole, I walked forward one pace and then back, sure enough the strap loosened so that was my release method working great. I had walked back far enough the troublesome first buckle had now stuck again. That’s fine I know the answer to this.

I gathered my thoughts and once I was ready I got the buckle as far as it would go and then slowly started to lean forward. It seemed to be taking a bit longer to pop though again. I leaned a bit more, nothing. I stood upright and shuffled forward a bit more. I lean forward nothing, I leaned forward a bit more, all of a sudden there was the loud pop and I fell forward, the sleeves pulling very tight. I got back to my feet and found my arms were pinned around my body. I looked back to see the strap I added hanging down from the wall with a broken buckle at the end.

Instinctively I struggled but was completely stuck the buckle prong ironically must have settle in a hole! I now could not reach the strap to undo it, and my release mechanism was hanging from the wall. Shit, ok I thought, these are designed for mentally ill patients. I am quite sane, apart from appearances so I should be able to think my way out of this. I spent the next four hours trying everything I could, I had even gone up to the kitchen to try and get a knife which I thought I could trap in a door somehow and use to cut the strap. However I could not even open the drawer! Let alone manipulate the knife.

By now the jacket was beginning to get hot inside and I could feel sweat pooling at the ends of the arms. It felt amazing, and I had to admit now that as far as I was concerned it was escape proof, despite not even having the arm straps or the collar even done up. I sat at the kitchen table trying to gather my thoughts. As with most things when you think it can’t get worse it does. I heard a knock at the door. I panicked at first, then thought maybe I would have to ask for help.

There was another knock. I walked up cautiously behind the door and looked through the spy hole. Tanya (Vicki’s sister) great that means that at least I don’t have to explain what I was doing as she knows all about our kinky activities, in fact she has played with us, we have a bit of an open relationship when it comes to her sisters, so I have had sex with Tanya a few times.

I tried everything I could to unlock the door, but I just could not pick up the key off the cabinet. I tried again using my mouth, but dropped the key on the floor behind the cabinet, shit. That’s just bloody typical I thought. I looked through the spyhole and could see Tanya walking away and getting into her car. Shit.

I slid down the back of the door into a sweaty heap. I was just getting to the point where it is no longer fun, and was now looking a bit dangerous when I heard a key in the door. I quickly moved out the way as the door opened, and Tanya being confronted with the sight of a manic in a straitjacket with his hair all over the place covered in sweat and naked from the waist down did what most unsuspecting people would have down, she screamed, and slammed the door.

I quickly shouted, “Tanya, it’s ok, it’s me!” I heard the key turn again and the door open.

“Jesus, you frightened the life out of me. Don’t tell me Vicki left you like that?” she said.

“No, actually it’s a long story” I said sheepishly adding, “What are you doing here?”

“Vicki told me she was away and thought that you could use some company and a friendly face so asked if I could pop over, I brought Indian” she said.

She let me out, but only after she had got the food ready on the table. I quickly threw on some jeans and a top and we sat down to eat.

There was no way around it Tanya was the sex kitten of the family, not the best looking one of the three sisters but something about her certainly made her the sexiest. We finished our meal and retired to the living room, it was now around 11pm. Tanya looked at her watch and said, “Too late now to go back to the flat, would you mind if I stayed?”

“Course not princess, your always welcome here,” I quickly replied. “But I am going to run up and quickly have a shower, you know where everything is,” I said. “Sure, see you in a few minutes”.

After a hot shower, and feeling like a human being again, I put on some aftershave and clean clothes and went back downstairs, both me and Tanya are night owls and often chat until the early mornings when she stays over. I walked back in to the living room, but there was no sign of her, I had not heard her upstairs, so went to check the kitchen, nothing, but the jacket was missing. I went down to the play room, and Tanya was stood naked with the jacket on, still open at the back and her arms hanging down by her sides, “Sorry just wanted to feel it?” She said.

“Hey you know all our kinky little secrets, no problem, would you like me to help you out there?” I said hopefully.

“No thank you, but would you let me put you back in it? I am feeling kinda dominant and unpredictable tonight.” She said. My heart was racing, I could try it properly. I stripped off my clothes, and stood there naked in front of her.

Slowly she slid the jacket off and walked over to me sliding it up my arms. There was the overwhelming smell of leather, but now mixed with Tanya’s perfume. She walked behind me and I felt the zip going up slowly, the jacket slowly pulling tight around my body again. She was now working on the three straps up the back, then the collar which she pulled tight. It now felt much more secure than before. Next she buckled up the straps down the arms, again these she did tight. Next she slowly pulled the straps from the ends of the arms, around my body and slowly pulled them. She stopped three times, buckling the strap, and then saying, “Nope, I think we can do better” and then pulling them tighter. It felt much tighter than before when she was finally happy.

She walked around the front and inspected her work. She could now see the two crotch straps dangling down the front. Slowly she lowered herself to her knees, and without warning took me in her mouth. She was blowing me slowly and tenderly, my god she was easily the best at this. All the time she was using her hands to do up the two straps, I felt the first one pull tight, followed by the second one. As soon as they were buckled tightly she abruptly stopped, stood up and walked over the small cabinet where we keep all the bits and bobs we may need.

She hunted around and then ordered me to turn around and face away from her. I did as she asked. I felt her walk up behind me, she was fiddling with the buckles again, click. Padlocks, god she was going for it. 9 more clicks and each buckle now was locked. If this jacket was inescapable before, it’s even more so now. “Before you get any ideas, I am not letting you out until the morning!” she said quite abruptly. I pretended to struggle a bit, which she seemed to like.

She walked me across the room and positioned me under some eyebolts in the ceiling. She took two lengths of chain and padlocked them to the eye bolts, she then padlocked them to the suspension D-rings on the shoulders of the jacket. She took a pair of rigid speedcuffs from the display and fastened them around my ankles, she stepped back, “that should hold you” she smiled.

In front of me about 6 feet away was our puppy cage about 3 feet high and cubed in shape. She walked over to one of the wardrobes, she pulled out a tight leather mini dress, some leather platform thigh boots with an 8” heel. She proceeded to put on the dress and then slowly zipped up the boots. She walked back towards me picking up a large vibrator on the way. She turned away from me and bent herself at 90’ over the top of the cage. I could now see that cute bum, and everything else. Slowly she massaged herself with her finger, it was clear she was already turned on. She then slowly turned on the vibrator and slid it home, now using her finger to play with her bum. After a few minutes she was frantically moving bringing herself as close as she dare without cuming.

She must have peaked herself about 6 times before she stopped, put the vibrator on the side, walked over and unlocked the padlocks from the ceiling, leaving them and the chains hanging down the front of the jacket, she turned around and put her arms over her shoulders grabbing the chains and pulling me close to her, she then walked forward and we both bent over the cage, I slipped directly inside her, she threaded the padlocks through the bars of the cage and locked them shut, meaning that until she undid them we were both held fast to the cage, me bent over her. Within a few minutes we were both coming hard. I could feel her tiny body shaking wildly underneath me, this is Tanya’s give away sign that she has had a mind blowing orgasm.

We were there about five minutes me still in her, she eventually unlocked the padlocks and we both stood up. She walked over to the larger cage that was bolted to the floor in the corner of the room. She slowly opened the cage door which was also the top. She reached over to the rack and placed some leg irons on herself around the boots. She closed them tight and then double locked them. She now carefully sat on the edge of the cage, and threw her legs over into the cage, “Coming” she said, I walked over, “Get in” she ordered.

I stepped over the edge onto the cool metal floor of the cage. She pushed me down to the floor, and then grabbed a pair of hinged handcuffs and put them on the floor of the cage. She then arranged herself with her legs flat on the bottom, with her back to the bars on the side, she lowered the cage door it was just about tall enough so that she did not have to bend her head to sit there. She grabbed and slid a large padlock through the lock on the cage door and clicked it shut.

Grabbing the chains on my shoulders she pulled me down to a bent position and padlocked the ends of the chains to the lower bars so that I could no longer sit upright. She slid forward so now her crotch was right in my face. Instinctively I got to work knowing exactly what she wanted. I am so horny, and I can feel this hot girl having small orgasms one after the other. I hear the handcuffs close, her legs start to shake wildly again and she starts screaming as a huge orgasm washes over her.

I hear a faint metallic noise followed by another and then another. She recovers and says softly, “that was amazing”.

“Glad to be of service” I said confidently.

“When is Vicki back?” she asks again quietly.

“Another 10 days yet why?” I asked.

“In that case you have ten days to give me as many orgasms as you can, I threw the keys to the straitjacket, cuffs, padlocks and cage over to the other side of the room, and then handcuffed myself to the bars of the cage, and yes before you ask, keyholes up, palms out” she smiled a big smile, shook her hips and said, “What are you waiting for bitch get on with it!”

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