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1950’s Night

by Rawn

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© Copyright 2009 - Rawn - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; tight; public; gag; cons; X

An unfamiliar sound echoed down the quiet street, bouncing off the closed storefronts; the distinct rap of high heels on sidewalk cement. Quick short deliberate steps created by a smartly dressed woman in her mid twenties. The dark seams of her nylons quickly disappearing under the over the knee tight skirt-suit that showed clearly, her curvaceous body. From the pill box hat to the high gloss black patent high heels, she looked every part the modern 50’s woman.

With her head held high she hastened down the street, her breath coming out through her delicately upturned nose in shortened puffs. Obscured by the thin dark veil of the hat one could all but make out the china like details of her dainty face, and the flash in her crystal clear blue eyes defying anyone to detain her. And she revelled in the confinement; her restrictive clothing offered her. From her tight long line bra and high waist girdle to the hobble of her long wool skirt, Katherine delighted.

Few people were on the streets now, the movie house had let out earlier than she had expected and with time to burn she had wandered down the street peering in the windows of the closed shops. While she looked she kept a watchful eye on the front of the movie house, waiting for her ride to appear. She laughed to herself as she also kept an eye on her young knight in shining armor. He had very cleverly interfered when she had been propositioned by a large arrogant looking man. He had stepped in front of her and started gesturing wildly with his fingers in an incomprehensible attempt he appeared to be talking to her in sign language.

Katherine almost panicked, daring not to run but fearing for her safety. She stood rooted in spot by his firm friendly gaze and his chivalrous charm. He babbled while he moved his fingers explaining some nonsense about how good the movie was. It had worked and the large man had turned away and not bothered her, after which she signed her thankfulness of his intervention and after confirming the big man was gone she excused herself and wandered down the street.

The young woman picked up her pace as she watched the black 1953 stretch Cadillac limousine pull to a stop in front of the theatre. As she neared the car a tall uniformed man stepped out of the driver seat and walking quickly around the automobile opened the back door for her. Her strict skirt forced her to seat herself and then swing her legs in with a grace not lost on her young knight watching from the shadows. Again she smiled to herself; the handsome young man had kept a very watchful eye on her until the limousine arrived. Before the driver closed the door she handed him a note instructing that they needed to stop by the house to retrieve some items before heading to their final destination.

In the cool darkness of the back seat the willowy woman relaxed into the luxurious leather. She watched quietly as the lights of downtown slid by in silence. Much of the city was asleep now; occasionally they would pass an open bar. Traffic at this time of night was light and they made good time to her house. After retrieving what she needed from her house they continued on their way. Frank Sinatra’s voice carried from the state of the art stereo system offered by the luxury car and Katherine took enjoyment in the music.

The drive took almost 2 hours and the young woman was becoming increasingly impatient. Anticipation of that to come and the strain of the day were becoming unbearable. Although the music and clothing had done wonders to her outlook, as they pulled into the driveway of the summerhouse she realised it was time to return to the present. With casual efficiency the driver assisted her from the car and carried her luggage into the house. With practised movements she assured him via hand motions that his services were no longer required. Reaching into her tiny purse she pressed some cash into the drivers hand. He gently tipped his hat as he bowed and disappeared out the door into the waiting automobile.

Katherine busied herself after she locked the door. She needed to confirm she was truly alone and the driver was not returning. Placing one of those guaranteed to burn fire logs in the fireplace and put a match to it. The house was cold and required a fire to generate some heat. She pulled a blanket off the back off the sofa and draped it over her tiny shoulders to ward it off. Dragging one of the coolers into the kitchen she unloaded its contents into the refrigerator. The second cooler actually stored dry goods and she placed its contents into the cupboards.

Satisfied she was alone the small lady set a kettle to boil on the range. She could not take the strain any longer and her fingers sought out the edges of the tape covering the lower half of her face. Gently, painfully she peeled the layers away, taking the tiny invisible hairs along her tender skin with it. It was no easy task, as she had anticipated in applying the well-designed gag. Having been a long time fan of the immortal “John Willie” she had decided to try the gag and force herself to wear it for a long time by going out in public.

She had discovered the gag in a book she purchased off the Internet. It was simple and extremely effective made from 1 inch wide white medical tape. The tape was pulled between the teeth pinching out the bottom lip as it is applied. Next you stuff panties, (preferably recently worn and damp from excitement) in the valley made by the tape then you secure the panties in place with more tape covering the lower half of the face. This makes it impossible without hands to expel the panties and quite effectively silences the wearer.

Katherine had got the idea of using make up to blend it to her skin tone from “The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline” another John Willie production.

It had taken her a long time to get the mixture just right. Many times she had to remove the gag and start again. That had been a trying day! Finally with perseverance and patience she had succeeded. She kept careful notes in order to reproduce her desired effect when she was ready to put her plan into action and tonight had been that night.

By staying to the shadows and covering her mouth with a gloved hand at convenient times she believed she could keep people from realising she was gagged. The tiny blond had carefully choreographed the entire evening. Including making sure the limousine driver knew sign language. She thought it clever to act as if she had no voice at all. At the movie theatre she had simply pointed to the movie she wanted to see and just as simply sat near the back of the theatre in the dark keeping a low profile.

When the movie let out she had surged out with the crowd and once outside slid off to the side into the shadows. What she had not counted on had to fend off aggressive men. Thankfully that handsome young manager had intervened. Katherine finished pulling off the last of the tape as she pictured his confident face assuring her of her safety. She added the tape to the fire and threw on a couple of more logs. The fire popped and hissed as the flames leapt at the new fuel.

As she poured the boiling water into the mug over the tea bag she remembered how only a few people had really stared at her attire. Even now she had no desire to remove the clothing. For as restrictive as it is she really enjoyed the tightness and strict control they offered. With tea in hand she curled into the overstuffed chair tucking her still heeled feet onto the seat under the blanket. It would take a little while for the house to heat up. Cradling the tea in one hand she messaged her aching jaw with the other.


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