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A Long Walk To Freedom

by Brianna Leigh

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Storycodes: Sbf; ballgag; chastity; cuffs; heels; park; outdoors; caught; climax; toys; cons; X

I sit at my desk staring at the clock waiting for my time to get off. It’s 4:45 and I get off at 5. I have had my night planned since last weekend!! My name is Amber. I am somewhat fit, brown hair and blue eyes. I work a job as a secretary with a secret that no one knows but just the thought of someone finding out intrigues me. 

The timer hits 5 and I’m excited so I grab my purse and head for the door!! I head home and grab my bag of goodies for my adventure. I get in my car and drive for about an hour to a well-lit hiking trail! It’s almost dark so I open my trunk and start to get ready. I take off my blouse, skirt, and heels and put them in a box in the car. I am only wearing black stockings and a bra. I reach into my goodie bag and put on a black body stocking. I shove a vibrator in my pussy and one in my ass. I set the mode to random vibrations and set the timer for 10 minutes from now.

“Better hurry I think to myself. I pull out a chastity belt and lock it in place so that the toys don’t fall out. I put on 6 inch closed-toed heels and use heel locks to lock them on. I put a ball gag in my mouth and lock it in place. I then place my car keys in the box in my trunk. “Last chance to back out” I think to myself. I close the lock box and then my trunk. “Nothing to do but see this through” I think to myself as I get vibrated from both ends.

I take the cuffs hanging from the sides of my chastity belt and cuff them to each wrist. Now everything is locked on / in. The key to unlock everything is 5 miles away at the end of this well lit trial! The vibrations stop for a minute and I start walking. “Might have been a bad idea to do 6 inch heels for this” I think to myself walking at a fairly brisk pace. A few minutes into the walk, both vibrators go off at full power. They are not only powered by themselves but also a few battery packs that are locked under my chastity belt. I stop and moan as loud as I can in the gag as I fall to my knees. Orgasm after orgasm hits and there is nothing I can do to stop it. “I just have to make it before the sun comes up” I think to myself. The vibrations stop and I get back up. I look around to make sure no one heard me moaning. There is no one around as far as the eye can see. I continue to walk.

I never thought about the energy I would consume walking in 6” heels nor having orgasm after orgasm through the whole trip. The vibrators are going off at a low speed the entire time until it randomizes. I walk for what seems like miles. Step after step the vibrators filled my ass and pussy with nonstop motion. “Fuck!” I yell as the vibrators hit full power again. I moan with every orgasm back to back to back. I try everything I can to get the chastity belt off to get them out but there is no movement at all. I did my job at making sure everything was a perfect tight fit. “This is what you wanted Amber” I think to myself hoping for the vibrations to stop. I am paralyzed from the intense orgasms. Cum is soaking my pantyhose down my legs. I look up and see someone coming down the path. I try to move but the vibrators won’t stop. I moan trying to stay quiet. The person I see turns around and goes back. “That was too close” I think to myself, scared and excited at the same time!

The vibrators go back to small vibrations. I stand back up and continue walking. I finally make it to where I put the lock box. I start to look for it, but it is dark. “I would have sworn it was right here,” I think to myself. I finally find it and open the box with the code. I pull out a key that opens my trunk. I dig around the box looking for the other keys. “I did put them in here I swear I did,” I think to myself. It was at this point I remembered that I forgot to put the spare keys to all the locks in the box. “Ugggg now I have to walk 5 miles back to the car,” I think to myself, sad and tired. I start to walk back and as soon as I hit the light, the vibrators go off at full power. I fall down on all fours moaning in both pleasure and pain. This was far too much. I only expected 5 miles, not 10. They continue to go off as I look up in the sky. I have about 1 hour before the sun starts rising. I try to get up but the vibrators won’t let me. 

I start to crawl the best I can, leaving puddles of drool and cum as I move. I crawled for about a mile and the vibrations finally slowed down. I stand back up and start to walk again. I try to walk fast but the 6” heels make it impossible. I have about a half a mile to go and the sun is starting to crest over the hill. “I need to hurry, '' I thought to myself. I get to the point where I can see my car. “Almost there!” I think excitedly! As I get closer, I notice another car parked next to mine. I slowly creep up to my car. As I get to the hood of my car, the vibrators paralyze me with full force vibrations. “Not like this” I think to myself. At this point, I am too tired to care about being seen. I am on my knees trying to hold back the powerful orgasms I inevitably have over and over again. The vibrations finally stop. I stand up and gather myself. “So this is why you were in such a rush to leave work!! Interesting!!” The man says. I turn around to see Jeff looking me up and down.

“Mmmmppppphhhh,” I scream.

“Oh no need to say anything doll. I know exactly what this is. Your secret is safe with me” he grins.


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