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La Cage Au Fille

by Jo

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© Copyright 2011 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; D/s; cuffs; cage; plugged; stuck; enema; mast; climax; cons; X

It wasn't that she was obsessed with masturbation, it's just that when Master was away she was forbidden to touch herself and so, naturally she could think of little else. At least she would get some relief tonight ... or not. It depended on Master's mood.

The mantle clock began to chime. 10:00, time for Master's e-visit. Lisa checked the webcam, positioned the chair and settled in. She slouched a bit, draped her legs over the arm rests, reached her hands between her legs, spread her pussy lips, lay her head back and closed her eyes.

Sometimes he'd be there immediately, other times she'd have to wait an hour. Sometimes he'd allow her to touch herself, to achieve some level of relief, sometimes not. Lisa waited.

"Hello, slave."

"Hello, Master."

"What are you?"

"I'm your slave, if it please you Master. Please keep me and use me for your pleasure."

"Caress yourself."

It was s good session. He'd allowed her five orgasms. Not enough to satisfy her (masturbating never did), but it took the edge off and he'd be home tomorrow.

Lisa poured a glass of wine and headed into the bathroom. Tonight, more than ever, she'd need the sleeping pill. The combination would knock her on her tail, keep her hands from wandering. But tonight she had other, more pressing worries. She went over her plan. The dry run had worked perfectly, well almost. Everything was ready and in place. She went over the plan again, and a third time. Her head began to spin and she realized time was running out. She filled the enema bag.

She selected the thin nozzle, not the fat plug he preferred, and pushed it into the brown pucker of her anus. She flicked the clamp It didn't bother him when a dildo came out messy. In fact it was part of her "training." But if she could avoid it she would and Lisa was determined to be empty when the time came.

She thought about tomorrow, what she would do, the thing she didn't have the courage to do during her practice run, but she promised herself she would.

Friday dragged. Lisa felt a bit hung over from the wine and the pill, but finally noon came and she clocked out. She always worked only half a day when Master was coming home. As she stepped through the door the clock chimed one. His plane was due at three, he'd be home by four. That gave her an two hours to get ready and an hour, more or less, of waiting. After yet another enema and a hot shower, she was ready. Naked except for her collar, she went into the living room.

The cage looked impossibly small. She knew better, of course. Master had locked her inside several times. But it was a tight fit, with her ass pressing against the bars at the back, her nose touching the bar in front, her hips squeezed against the sides and her back against the top.

Lisa had taken to having a little surprise for Master's homecoming. Usually a treasure hunt with her as the prize. The first time she'd simply stripped, fastened her ankles to the bedposts, gagged and blindfolded herself, and locked her wrists to the headboard. Once she had fixed herself in the trunk of her car. Another time she'd locked herself in the freezer. She'd felt a moment of panic when the lid closed and the latch snapped shut, but Master had modified it somehow, she didn't know how, but she'd spent hours inside with no ill effects. Still it had been one of her scarier ordeals.

This time, however, the cage was right in the middle of the living room. She walked around it one more time, getting her courage up. She imaged the scene when he stepped into the room and found her there. He'd pull out his camera, of course. He'd caress her, tease her, maybe make her come. He would likely pour a drink, settle in and just look at her for a while, maybe take a shower, basically stall, knowing it was driving her crazy, having him there and yet not having him use her the way she craved.

It was a real cage with metal bars, not one of those pet cages made with wire. Handcuffs were locked to the sides near the back. Another set was padlocked to a bar on the floor. A lock hung from the ring near the door. The hood and tiny padlock lay on the floor. And the shafts. They were made from a mold of Master's own cock. The longer one, a full eight inches, was fastened to a bar at the back of the cage. The shorter to the door.

She'd been staring at the long shaft when the clock chimed the quarter hour and she realized she'd been stalling.

Lisa grabbed two vibrators, a thin one barely an inch thick and larger one, half again as thick as Master's cock. She worked the thin shaft into her ass. It took time, but eventually her sphincter relaxed and the shaft slid in. She worked it in and out of her ass several times until it moved effortlessly. She picked up the larger, took a deep breath, and pressed it against her.

She was able to force it in on the first try. It was distinctly uncomfortable and she had to resist the urge to remove it. Eventually she found the courage to work it in and out of her. It didn't slide as easily as the smaller vibrator, but there wasn't a whole lot of resistance, either. She had had larger objects in there, but at the moment only her ponygirl tail came to mind.

Again she caught herself stalling. Deciding that she was as loose as she was going to get, Lisa set the vibrator aside, settled onto her knees, scrunched down, and backed into the cage. The long shaft slid between her ass cheeks. She reached between her legs and slid it into position, and, before she could lost her courage, or more importantly, before her anus shut down, she pushed back, impaling herself. She gritted her teeth and kept pushing until her ass pressed up against the bars of the cage. The clock chimed again.

Working quickly, Lisa reached back and cuffed her ankles to the sides of the cage. She was now officially stuck. She had no keys to any of the locks, nor to the handcuffs. There were three locks in the house: medium padlocks, small ones, and the handcuffs. Master kept three keys on his keychain. Lisa knew others were hidden, but she didn't know where. Freedom was no longer an option. She moved forward.

She picked up the hood. Inside were two ear plugs. She pressed them into her ears. She tugged the hood over her head, zipped it, then locked the zip toggle to her collar with a small padlock. Almost done.

Lisa fumbled the lock from the ring and pulled the door. The second shaft nudged her nose and she lifted her head an inch, opened her mouth, and pulled the door until it clanged shut. The shaft was a mouthful, but not so long as to make her gag. Still, breathing was a chore. She checked that the ring was through slot in the plate and clicked the padlock shut.

Lastly, she reached between her legs and snicked the cuffs to her wrists.

There. It was done.

Lisa knelt in the cage, locked, impaled, blind and deaf to the world. She didn't hear the clock's chime. Didn't hear the phone ring. Didn't hear her own voice saying that she couldn't take the call and to please leave a message.

"It's me. I have a surprise for you. How do you feel about Phoenix? This morning McCormick asked me to hang around a while. I sent the team home and he invited me for a round of golf. When we finished, we were in the clubhouse and he popped the question. He offered me a job. It pays almost twice what I make now. Long story short, I accepted. As long as I'm here, I'm going to hang around a while and do some house hunting. I rebooked my flight to the same time Sunday, so I'll see you then. Have a good weekend. Try not to get into any trouble. Bye."



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