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by DarkShadow

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© Copyright 2001 - DarkShadow - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; caught; F/f; bond; gag; toys; cons; X

Lacey lay on the bed bound hand and foot - well, not really completely bound, not tightly anyway. She had tied ropes around her ankles and knees but she had to use handcuffs for her wrists behind her back. The key was on the night table within easy reach, just in case. This was, after all, her first self-bondage session and she wanted an easy out if something went wrong. 

Since moving to Denver six months ago, she had not had any bondage time with a playmate. She left Chicago because her boyfriend had dumped her for some sleaze-ball hooker. Lacey loved bondage, especially tight bondage where she had no control at all. Since moving, she was now at the point that she needed to do something, anything, to relieve the tension, even if it was this simple form of self-bondage. Well, she would enjoy her situation much more if she could just get her hands on that vibrator. Where did it go?

She was trying to scoot around on the bed to find it when she heard the front door close. "Oh no, she's home!" Karen, her roommate wasn't supposed to be home this weekend. She had gone on an overnighter with her boyfriend. "This will be so embarrassing if she finds me like this!" Lacey was desperate to get out of her bondage but was unable to get to the handcuff key before Karen walked into her room.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" said Karen with a smirk on her face. Lacey stared at Karen stammering for an explanation. But the only thing that was happening was her face turning red. 

"Karen, you are supposed to be gone!" Lacey said. 

"Well my plans changed when I found the jerk with another woman last night! And now I come home and find you all tied up like a pretty little package. Are you having fun yet?" Lacey started to stammer again when Karen said, "I guess not" as she picked up the vibrator. "Looks like I interrupted your fun - sorry."

Lacey was wiggling toward the edge of the bed to get the key to the handcuffs when Karen came around the side of the bed and picked it up saying " I think you should stay this way for a while!" and she walked out of the room.

Lacey was shocked. She lay on the bed for awhile wondering what was up. She heard the shower running and Karen moving around the apartment. She was about to call to her when Karen came back - dressed only in her sexiest panties and bra and carrying a small bag. Lacey's eyes went wide with surprise and she started to stammer again "But, But, I, What are you ….".

Karen ignored her and started by saying "If you're going to do bondage, you must learn to do it right! You must always be gagged. Bondage is not good without a gag." As she said this, she knelt beside Lacey and stuffed a pair of rolled up panties into her mouth and then inserted a ball gag that she had taken from the bag.

Lacey was trying to say something but it came out "mmmphhh mphhh".

Karen pulled the gag straps tight and then, looking Lacey straight in the eyes, she smiled and said "and its gotta be tight." With that Karen pulled the gag straps two notches tighter stretching Lacey's mouth and firmly embedding the ball behind her teeth. Lacey closed her eyes and moaned quietly. It was clear to Karen that she was beginning to enjoy her situation.

"Now, let's look at what else you need to learn." Karen rolled Lacey on to her tummy, straddled her, and placed a leather strap around her elbows saying, "You must be committed to bondage. Bondage is not just a game to play - it's a life style, a deep personal need requiring proper fulfillment. Always do it right and make it tight. Look at these silly handcuffs, they are so loose that you could slip right out of them!" And with that she tightened the elbow strap bringing Lacey's elbows together. She then removed the cuffs and tightened another strap around her wrists. Lacey found that she could not wiggle her arms or move them easily. She also realized that she didn't care as she moaned again. 

Karen continued her corrections to Lacey's self-bondage attempt. She removed the rope around her thighs and replaced it with a 2" leather strap buckled tightly above the knees. She also added one just below the knees. Karen then replaced the ankle ropes with another leather strap. With each new strap, Lacey could feel her excitement rise and she could feel herself getting wet. She had never been involved with another woman sexually and she had never considered it. But the emotions and tensions of the situation were carrying her away. Even if she could speak - which she couldn't with the panties and ball gag secured tightly in her mouth - she would keep quiet just to see where Karen would go with this opportunity. Besides, the tight bondage felt marvelous after such a long time of being without it.

Lacey came out of her reverie to hear Karen saying "… and you must add some personal touches so that you feel the intensity in every fiber of your body." Lacey could feel Karen tying something around her two big toes. When Karen rolled her over on her side Lacey could see that it was a pretty red ribbon with a big bow. She was definitely gift wrapped now. She lay there waiting for Karen to make her next move - after all what else could she do? She was tied hand and foot tighter than she had ever been bound before. All she needed now was some relief from the sexual frustration that was building in her.

But apparently it wasn't going to happen - Karen walked out of the room without saying anything to her. Lacey lay on the bed testing her bindings. Each one was tight. There was no room for movement. She was begining to wonder what was next when Karen re-entered the room saying "Oops - forgot a couple of things." Karen then positioned Lacey on her knees with her head on the bed. Taking two small leather straps she buckled them securely at the base of each of Lacey's breasts. When Lacey was once again lying on her side, she could see how big and round her breasts looked. The tightness of the straps ensured that each breast would stay round and very firm. She could also feel the heightened sensation in her nipples whenever she rolled on her tummy. The sensations were marvelous. Everything about her bondage was marvelous. She began to see Karen in a whole new light.

Karen then wrapped a scarf around Lacey's head as a blindfold. It too was tied tightly at the back of the head. But there was a slight twist. Karen brought the loose ends around the front of Lacey's neck and tied them off. Lacey soon found that this prevented her from removing the blindfold when moving around on the bed. This time when she left the room she said, "I'll be back in a few minutes, don't go anywhere without me." 

"Ha!" Lacey thought, "Very funny! Here I am laying here trust-up like a gift wrapped package, unable to move hardly a muscle and horny as hell and she wants to be a comedienne." Lacey wiggled around on the bed to see if she could loosen her bonds. With each move she would emit a small wimper, sigh, or groan. She tried moving her arms - nothing. She tried moving her legs - nothing. She tried to remove the blindfold - still nothing. She rolled from one side to the other and tried again - to no avail. Lacey could see that Karen certainly knew her bondage. It was clear that she was not about to escape.

Meanwhile, Karen stood quietly out side of the bedroom door watching Lacey - admiring that beautiful body of hers as well as her own handiwork. As Lacey wiggled, squirmed, and moaned Karen caressed her nipples through her bra with her right hand. They were standing erect and sent electrical shocks of pure pleasure through her body. With her left hand she stroked her mound under her panties. She was getting wet and weak in the knees. She wanted to cum but refused to. She had other things in mind for this evening.

Ever since Lacey moved in, Karen had dreamt of touching and sharing pleasure with her. Her bisexuality had caused an immediate attraction to Lacey. But, Karen hadn't made a move because she was not sure where Lacey stood on sexual encounters with a woman. Finding her tied on the bed was all that she could stand. Karen loved bondage and was fully prepared to take total control. For Karen it was act right then or give up the chance of a lifetime. She acted. Now all she wanted to do was cum over and over again while Lacey squirmed and moaned. Karen understood that she must proceed easily for fear of scaring Lacey. Although she must admit that Lacey looked like she was enjoying herself too much to be scared. After a few more minutes, Karen couldn't stand waiting any longer. She made her move.

Returning to the bedside, Karen picked up the vibrator and placed it against Lacey's mound. As she started it, Lacey moaned and moved her hips in small circles. Karen continued to fondle herself while buzzing Lacey. She could see that Lacey was definitely excited. In addition to her hip movements, she constantly moaned and whimpered, her nipples were erect, and she was getting the vibrator all wet. When Lacey sounded like she was about to blow, Karen moved the vibrator to Lacey's nipples. The shock caused Lacey to bounce on the bed and groan loudly. She obviously wanted to cum - and right now! Well, it would have to wait for a few minutes.

Karen stopped teasing Lacey long enough to get her toy bag from her bedroom. To keep Lacey occupied while she sorted through her toys, Karen inserted the vibrator in Lacey's pussy. "Hold this in," she said, "I'll be ready for you in a minute." Karen decided to go for broke, especially since Lacey was so willing to cum with Karen teasing her.

Karen selected her special crotch harness and removed her panties. Made entirely of leather with roller buckles, it had cost her a fortune. She fitted it with an eight-inch vibrating dildo for her pussy and a six-inch dildo for her rear. She wanted to be plugged completely when she had her orgasm. Inserting each dildo into her openings carefully, Karen strapped on the crotch restraint - tightly. She removed her bra and attached a pair of nipple clamps after adjusting the tension as high as it would go. She then attached an eight-inch vibrating dildo to the strap-on position of her crotch restraint. She was now ready to pleasure both Lacey and herself.

Karen stood next to the bed and removed the dildo from Lacey. "Now it is time to have some real fun." She moved Lacey into a kneeling position, turned on her own vibrator, and started to tease Lacey with the other one. Karen savored the feel of the pulsations in her pussy. As she moved the vibrator in and out of Lacey, Lacey responded with more moans and hip movement. Karen couldn't wait any longer. It was time to bring this session to a climax - for both of them.

Karen knelt on the bed behind Lacey and inserted the vibrating strap on into Lacey's wet pussy. Lacey groaned loudly and pushed back hard to meet the entry. Karen began to perspire as her breath shortened. The vibration in her pussy was driving her wild. Lacey's scent was intoxicating her. She wanted to cum! She wanted to make Lacey cum!! She rolled her head and moaned " Oh God, I want to cum!" She could feel Lacey squirm as the dildo plunged in and out of her pussy over and over. Karen maintained as much control over her orgasm as she could. She was desperately trying to bring them both to climax at the same time. 

Lacey began to growl behind her gag, her body was beginning to shake violently. Karen grabbed Lacey's hips tightly and plunged the strap on deep into her. She began to moan "Oh God, Oh God, Ohhhhhhhhh Gooooaghhhhhhh." As Karen's orgasm ripped through her body, Lacey wailed through her gag while humping the dildo hard. As their tremors subsided, Karen let herself fall sideways on the bed, pulling Lacey with her. Both lay there weak from their pleasure and cuddled for a few minutes while they rode the final waves of their orgasms.

After a few minutes, Karen released Lacey and removed her crotch restraint. Both were very quiet. They sat beside each other with faint fleeting smiles and glancing at each other out of the corner of their eyes. Suddenly, Lacey began to giggle. She tried to restrain it but couldn't.

"What?" said Karen looking at her.

Lacey jumped up, pushed Karen down on the bed, straddled her while pinning her wrists, and said " Now its your turn to find out how well I learned my lesson." And with that Lacey gagged Karen tightly…..


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