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The Lake House

by ORION1701

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© Copyright 2015 - ORION1701 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cabin; cuffs; nude; gag; bfold; caught; F/f; tickle; tease; torment; denial; machine; insert; climax; cons/reluct; X

Joan arrived at the lake house after a two hour drive. They have been meeting out here without Ken's wife knowing for almost two years The dark haired woman smiled at the thought. She did notice the absence of his car. Digging out her cell phone Joan sent him a text.

"I'm here"

The reply came a minute later.

"I'm in town. Be there soon. Go inside."

Smiling Joan went into the lake house. She had been meeting Ken out here once a month for the last year or so. His wife never came out here so it was really safe for them to meet. Entering the "Play Room" as they called it Joan saw several things laid out for her on the bed. The bed was a youth bed, slightly shorter in length and a bit wider than a twin. It was made of metal with solid bed posts just the right size for handcuffs. There was one set of handcuffs attached to each bed post and she knew from experience that they would hold her securely with very little wiggle room.

Joan sent out another text,

"I'll be ready in 10 minutes."

His reply came back,

"Be there in 30"

That's perfect, she thought. A little solo time before he arrives.

Moving back to the door Joan took her time removing her clothes. Carefully folding each item and placing them on the low table. She walked boldly into the sun light streaming in from the french doors leading out onto the raised deck. Stepping out she stretched in the warm sun feeling the hot wood of the deck on her bare feet. A gentle breeze caressed her bare flesh making it tingle with anticipation.

The lake sparkled in the bright sun light, "I really do love it here", she said. With a sigh Joan returned to the bedroom closing the doors as she entered. Sitting on the edge of the bed Joan picked up the ball gag and pulled the strap tight before buckling it. Swinging her legs up onto the bed she stretched out on the firm surface. Reaching down she circled her slender ankle with the handcuff and closed it. This one cuff was enough to insure that she stay on the bed, helpless and naked until Ken arrived.

'He'll be disappointed if I don't finish before he gets here', she thought. Reaching out she closed a cuff around her other ankle. Laying back she checked the distance to the other cuffs. It was perfect as usual. The padded leather sleep mask came next placing her in total darkness. Joan wrapped a cuff around her left wrist and closed it trapping the hand.

Using her one free hand Joan caressed each beast teasing her nipples. She moaned softly through the gag. Joan's hand moved down her stomach to slip between her thighs. She gasped as her hand slid over her bare flesh.

'Not too much', she warned herself. 'Just a little warm-up while I wait'. Joan drew her hand back, 'If I don't stop now I'll never stop'. She needed all of her will power to take her hand away. Fumbling with the cuff she worked it over her wrist. By pulling and pressing the cuff into the mattress she heard the clicks as the cuff closed.

'I did it', she thought. A dream come true. Laying naked and helplessly chained to the bed in a lonely lake house miles from anything or anyone. Her only hope for escape and the only one who even knew she was here was Ken. The gag made screaming impossible and the blindfold freed her mind to more fantasies. He could keep me here indefinitely or even turn around and go back to the city and no one would know what happened to me.

Joan writhed on the bed moaning softly as the fantasy played out in her head.This is almost like the Steven King story about a woman handcuffed to a bed in a lonely cabin.The difference being that the woman in the story wasn't consumed by sexual desire or wearing a gag and blindfold. Also her feet were chained to the foot board and the woman in the story was not. Maybe if the woman was chained down better her husband would not have had his heart attack leaving her handcuffed to the bed in the middle of nowhere. Joan pulled at her restraints in a vane attempt to escape. If only I could touch myself just one more time, she thought as her need to be touched grew steadily.

The bound woman heard the sound of a car pulling up to the house. She heard the thump of the car door and the small squeak of the front door opening. A few seconds later there came the soft sound of the bedroom door opening. Joan moaned and writhed on the bed arching her body, reaching out for his touch.

A hand lightly brushed the sole of her left foot making her giggle. From there it glided up the inner curve of her leg avoiding the one place where she wanted to be touched. Joan thrust her hips up begging for that touch. The soft touch was already sliding over her stomach forcing more giggles out of the helpless woman. The hand caressed her left breast teasing the nipple that responded with a will of it's own. The fingers took a firm hold and clamped down painfully.

Joan screamed as she wildly struggled to escape the tight grip on her very sensitive tip. She twisted but the hand didn't slip off. Instead it twisted her nipple making the pain increase. The hand released at last allowing Joan to settle back on the mattress. Finger nails scraped lightly over the breast sending shivers through her body.

The thought struck her like a hammer. Finger Nails?

Drawing in a deep breath Joan realised that what she was smelling was not cologne, but very expensive perfume. The person in the room with her wasn't Ken, it was a woman! She felt the bed shift as that someone sat on the edge of the mattress.

Joan shook as a hand began to gently toy with her right breast. The blindfold lifted away blinding her with day light. When she could see Joan was looking at a beautiful woman her own age wearing a dark green silk blouse and leather skirt with dark auburn hair.

"Hello", the woman said, "I thought it was time that we met".

"I know all about you Joan thanks to my investigator".

"I'm Luna Morton, Ken's wife".

Joan exploded into frantic motion as she tried to escape the cuffs holding her to the bed. Bouncing wildly she fought the restraints desperate to escape and run away from the one woman she most feared. The wife of her married lover!

Luna watched patiently as the other woman struggled uselessly to escape. It took almost three minutes for Joan to exhaust herself and collapse on the bed. She lay on the bed shaking her head and mumbling behind the ball gag. Her small hands curled into fists and her body stiffened in anticipation of the punishment she expected to follow.

The gentle hand returned to caress her right breast. The hand cupped her breast while the fingers deftly teased the nipple. Joan tried to turn away but the hand never wavered.

"SHhhhhhh", Luna said softly, "It doesn't have to be that way, unless you want it to be".

Joan looked to her captor and shook her head once again.

Luna placed her hand over Joan's clit palming the tender flesh. The helpless woman looked down to the hand touching the most sensitive of places. The hand rubbed lightly at her sex making Joan drop her head and purr softly. Her hips shifted trying to increase the touch.

"This can be gentle and fun for both of us", Luna said, "or hard, for you. The choice is yours".

"You have been screwing my husband for some time now", she added, "I think it's only fair that I get my turn too. Or I can spend a couple hours convincing you", she said pinching the nipple as an example.

Looking up with half closed eyes Joan nodded her agreement.

Luna smiled, "I knew you would be reasonable". She stood opening the buttons on her silk blouse. As the soft fabric slipped to the floor Joan saw that she did not wear a bra and her firm gravity defying breasts stood out. The woman kicked off her shoes and unzipped the skirt letting it drop to the floor as well revealing her total lack of underwear. Her dark tan and lack of any tan lines showed off a wonderfully toned body that any woman would die to have. Looking at the beautiful woman in the room with her Joan wondered, Why would Ken be cheating on her at all, let alone with me?

Slipping the blindfold back into place Luna moved around her captive. She raked her finger nails over the bare soles of Joan's feet. The girl squealed as she thrashed helplessly. "I'm not saying there won't be any punishment for what you did", Luna said, "but it doesn't have to be all bad".

Joan kicked and squealed as the tickling went on. The short chain on the cuffs held her in place perfectly. At long last the tickle attack ended leaving her gasping for breath. The bed shifted again as her tormentor strattled her settling across Joan's hips.

This was a first for Joan. She had never been so intimate with a woman before. Never even thought about it. Yet here was the wife of the man she was sleeping with and she seemed right at home pressed up against a naked woman's body.

Leaning forward Luna began to tease both breasts at the same time. Gently caressing the soft flesh and sliding up to pull at her nipples. Gasping the bound woman arched her back pushing herself closer to those wonderful hands.

'Oh my God', Joan thought, 'Ken had never been like this!' Oh he was good fun and all, but nothing like this soul stealing teasing she was getting right now. Sure Ken was good at fucking her brains out but not really up on teasing a woman's body like his wife is. Joan shuddered as her nipples were teased into firm cones by this wonder of a woman.

Without warning the fingers suddenly raked down over her ribs and stomach. Joan screamed thrashing wildly as the tickling resumed. She bucked and twisted trying to escape but with the handcuffs and the naked woman sitting on her bare pelvis Joan could hardly move, and the other woman's hands seemed to be everywhere.

Suddenly the attack ended leaving Joan giggling. The tickling turned to a soft caress gliding over her body. Firm breasts pushed into her stomach as a tongue flicked playfully at a nipple. Joan wanted to resist but her body betrayed her as the nipple puckered in response. She writhed on the bed as her other nipple got the same attention.

Joan strained against the cuffs and the naked woman on top of her. She thrust upward with her hips but nothing was there but empty air. The woman shifted again to nibble gently at the side of her neck just below the right ear. Joan rocked her head to the side moaning as every muscle in her body strained against the restraints.

Helplessly moaning and writhing under the other woman's body Joan wanted to scream. Her need was so close. The woman moved again allowing her long hair to trail down Joan's naked body. The gentile softness caressing and tickling as it slid down her body like a wave. Hands gripped her thighs and the hair played across the bound woman's hips.

No,... she wouldn't, would she?

Luna did. In all her life Joan never imagined that another woman would ever Kiss her,.... There. A soft tongue came out probing and teasing her clit. Arching her back Joan cried out from the pure pleasure of it. The soft gentile caress fanned the flames consuming her body as she squirmed. No man had ever taken her in such a way. No man ever got her so hot so fast.

The tongue and lips drew back and a hand patted her stomach.

"Not yet little lady", Luna said. The woman climbed from the bed. "We have all weekend so there's no need to rush. Besides this too is part of your punishment for screwing my husband. I plan on doing this to you several more times before you get to orgasm".

No, she can't do that! Joan wanted to scream but the gag held back the words. Joan thrashed and screamed at the sudden abandonment but again the cuffs held her perfectly.

I'm at the mercy of a crazy person. She can't keep doing this, she'll kill me! Joan slowly realised not only could she keep tormenting her but Luna could do it all weekend long if she wanted. For that matter she can keep me chained here indefinitely.

Luna returned half an hour later. Reaching into the glass she removed an ice cube. Holding the ice in her wet fingers she dangled it over the bound woman's breasts. Cold droplets sprinkled down onto her breasts making Joan cry out. She struggled to escape the cold water but it followed every move. After a minute she moved leaving a trail of water down Joan's stomach and hovered over her pelvis.

Joan screamed as the icy water dripped onto her hot flesh. So frustrating slow it dripped into her exposed clit making the bound girl squirm. Cold fingers probed her opening as Joan moaned loudly. She felt her lips being spread then an icy touch inside of her.

'The bitch shoved an ice cube into me!' Joan realised. The ice seemed to freeze her most sensitive of places but at the same time the lump pressed on just the right spot. Straining against the cuffs she tried desperately to apply just a bit more pressure to that spot, but the heat of her body melted the ice before she got her release.

A second ice cube followed the first. The ice was quickly numbing the area, making her loose the sensation. At the same time the frozen ball filled her in just the right way. This one too melted before it could do any good other than to bring her to the edge of denial, again.

"Muummm,..muummm,..." Joan tried to beg as a third ice cube slid into her. Throwing her head back she moaned as the cube did it's dastardly deed. It was right there, right where she wanted it, needed it! The numbing cold denied her the push she needed while her body heat robbed her of the frozen ball of torment. Joan lay thrashing in her helplessness for several minutes before realizing that a fourth ice cube did not follow. She was alone again with her torment and frustration.

Time passed allowing Joan to relax but the frustration refused to fade. She squirmed in helpless torment waiting for Luna to return. Maybe this time she'll go just a bit too far, Joan hoped.

After another break of half an hour Luna returned to find her captive still writhing and desperate. "You really are a sexual creature aren't you, no wonder Ken liked you so much". The bound woman shook her head moaning through the gag then she squealed as her tormentor ran her finger nails the length of her bare feet. The tickling seemed to go on forever as Joan thrashed wildly on the bed. Joan was still laughing helplessly when she heard the bed room door close.

To Joan's astonishment she seemed to be even more excited than before. The heat and frustration was somehow fanned to greater heights. Instead of curbing her frustration her need had grown to the point where Joan thought it would kill her. Tilting her head back she screamed in helpless frustration.

Luna returned to check on her captive. Joan lay helplessly across the bed her small hands curled into fists. Writhing in frustration she moaned softly. Her body gleamed in the afternoon sun showing off every well toned muscle. The bound woman quivered with helpless need balancing on the very edge of orgasm but unable to tip over.

This was the moment Luna was waiting for. Brushing her fingertips over Joan's clit she decided that it was time as the bound woman shuddered at the fleeting touch. Time for her to learn the errors of her ways.

Luna went to the closet returning with the black box. She sat it on the bed between the helpless woman's knees. A short shaft attached to the box pointed to the woman's sex. Luna took out an attachment connecting it to the shaft. The attachment was a ten inch long, one and a half inch wide, very real looking latex penis.

Joan was wet enough to allow penetration but Luna still gave it a liberal coating of lube. Extending the shaft she pushed the probe into the bound woman. Bucking and moaning Joan felt the penetration pushing deeper and deeper. Damn it felt so good. It wasn't enough to give her the release she needed but it came really close.

She heard a click and felt the faintest vibration. Straining Joan tried to draw the sensation from it but it was not nearly enough.

It moved!

The what ever it was moved sliding deeper into her body so slowly. Then it reversed pulling back to it's starting point taking several seconds to travel it's length. It started in again pushing oh so slowly back in filling her then pulling back again. Pulling at the steel cuffs holding her down Joan screamed in frustration.

The speed increased as the shaft penetrated into her. Faster and faster it moved as Joan writhed helplessly. The orgasm was so close, she hung on the edge. The speed increased again pushing her over into ecstasy. Every muscle in her body tightened as she felt herself explode and the world faded into mist.

Joan returned to herself a short time later. She was still bound spread eagle on the bed. The gag and blindfold were still in place. That damn what ever it was still moved slowly in and out of her sex. Despite her orgasm Joan could feel the need starting to grow again.

'This could go on all day', she thought. Deep down Joan didn't know if that thought scared her or not. The speed of the thing increased. Not nearly enough to be fun but just enough to frustrate the hell out of her.

A hand cupped her breast playing with the nipple. "Are you enjoying yourself?" Luna asked.

Joan nodded.

"I have a proposal", the woman said. "You can still play with Ken but I want my turn too. Only I won't make you drive all the way out here. One weekend a month you come to my house for our time together. Don't answer just yet, think about it for a while".

Luna increased the speed by three clicks making Joan squirm.

"I'm going to leave you with my toy here for a couple hours while you think it over".

Think it over?

A couple hours!

Joan gasped. Who can think with this thing fucking me like this? But she already knew the answer. It may take hours or even all day but eventually the gag will be removed and she could say, YES!

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