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Lakeside 1: Tuesday

by Don Whosis

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Part 1: Tuesday - Cop Check

It has been about eighteen months since Jane and I have had a vacation.  My company has been working on a two-year contract that is about to finish.  The next contract will not start to ramp up for about three more months.  In the meantime the company is encouraging employees to take their vacations and any "compensating time off" (unpaid overtime) that accrued while we were trying to finish the contract on time.  I have four weeks vacation and another four weeks CTO and the company is willing to pay for health insurance and retirement plan premiums for the rest of three months.  So I can take three months off and only lose one month's pay.

Our daughter, Janie, is just finishing her bachelor's degree and has a full time job lined up after she graduates.  She moved to her own apartment a little over a year ago and is now wanting to upgrade.  We said we would like for her to stay in the house for the summer and look after it and our mail in return for free rent.  So, with no rent and full party privileges she jumped at the chance.

The first of June we hitched up our Jeep to our RV and took off.  We planned to visit friends and relatives across the country and just take our time sight seeing.  When we visited the Midwest we learned that our neighbors of a number of years had been temporarily assigned to a plant in Kentucky.  When we reached that part of the country we contacted them and managed to meet with them for a few dinners.  They own about five hundred acres on a large lake in the southern part of our home state.  It has a small cabin, a shed for three boats and a dock on one of the three coves that is a part of their property.  They had not been to the lake for a number of months because they were stationed in KY and said we would be free to stop in, stay as long as we liked, and let them know if there were any problems with the place.  This seemed like an ideal rest stop on our way back from the east coast so we took them up on the offer.

In early July we arrived at their place at the lake.  It is a heavily wooded area and the cabin is lakeside at the bottom of a hill on a road that had only seen a bulldozer once when the cabin was built.  On the top of the hill is a clearing, maybe a hundred yards from the road, that has a shed that houses the water pump, a large propane gas tank and plenty of room to park vehicles that we didn't want down at the cabin when it was wet, as the road was slick and treacherous in rainy weather.  The road into the clearing from the highway was straight for about a hundred feet, then a locked gate and a left turn into the clearing for another couple of hundred feet.  Not knowing the condition of the road or the clearing, I just pulled into the straight portion and parked so if we couldn't go further it would be an easy job to back out.

I had suggested that it would be fun to go naked for a day or two while at the lake and Jane had said it would be even more fun if I wore my cuffs and chains.  I have two sets of soft leather cuffs, one for my ankles and one for my wrists, and a number of lengths of chain and padlocks to connect them.  I particularly like an eighteen inch chain on my ankles as that is only about half of my usual stride of thirty inches.  It can also be doubled or tripled to provide a hobble of nine or six inches.  I usually use either a six inch chain, which can be doubled or tripled to provide three or two inches between my wrist cuffs, or padlock them directly together.  As I was getting out to unlock the gate and check the road to the clearing, Jane said, "Aren't you going to strip?"  I had thought maybe I'd wait 'til the RV was around the turn and out of sight of the highway before losing my clothes, but I took her suggestion.  She said, "and the chains!"  So I put my cuffs on and locked the chains at their longest with my hands in front of me.  Then I got out, being careful to keep the RV between me and the road, unlocked the gate and checked out the rest of the way to the clearing.  There were only a couple of small tree branches that I needed to move to clear the way.  I got back to the RV and pulled it into the clearing and unhitched the Jeep so that I could park the vehicles pointing out. 

I started down the hill to determine if it was in good enough shape to take the Jeep down and to see if the cabin was livable.  There were only a couple of small washouts on the road and the cabin would be fine after airing it out for awhile.  I felt kind of funny walking around in the great outdoors, stark naked and with chained hands and feet.  The knowledge that in all the time we had come to the lake the only people we ever saw were ones that came with us didn't lessen my anxiety.  On the way back up I fixed the washouts with some rocks and told Jane we were good to go.  I opened the shed, turned on the electric and started the water pump, checked the propane and opened its valve and made sure the telephone line to the cabin was plugged in.  A number of years ago a bunch of us had dug a trench from the top of the hill to the cabin and buried all the utilities to keep them from freezing or being knocked out by falling trees.

Jane gathered up all the groceries we would take down the hill, linens for the bed and her clothes and I put them in the Jeep.  I would not be taking anything because I was to be naked for awhile.  We took everything down and got the place cleaned and organized and I cut a few weeds leading to the outhouse, while still naked and chained, and then I took the Jeep back up to the clearing.  Jane told me to put on my neck collar and lock my wrist chain to it before I started back down.  With this arrangement I can still do quite a bit, like eat, read, work puzzles, etc. but I can't reach very far down so I'm still pretty vulnerable.  After locking the RV, Jeep and shed I put on the collar and lock and started down the hill.  Jane said we needed to revise my chains and she removed my wrist chain and relocked my hands behind my back with just the padlock on the cuffs.  She then undid my ankle chain and tripled it up so I was hobbled with about six inches between my feet.  She then stood back and looked me over and said, "this is going to be a fun two weeks with you buck naked and unable to cover that big bone (which then grew bigger), but I can play with it all I want" and she gave it a jerk. 

I said "TWO WEEKS? I thought it was two days." 

"Well we don't have to be back for six weeks, so maybe we'll go for four weeks.  And I'm glad you put on your ring so now I can use the leash" she said. 

"OK, two weeks naked and chained with a couple of exceptions.  I don't go out in the boat chained and I don't go to town naked but afterward I'll let you hook me back up with no argument, OK?  And I might need my hands to launch the boat or do some other chores but I'll lock them back, too. And if my shoulders get too sore I'd like to have some slack in my wrist chains occasionally, OK?" 

So we settled that and I very slowly made my way down to the boat dock to see if we had any problems and if we could launch the small boat.  The dock and boats were in good shape, but the path needed to be weeded so Jane unlocked my hands and I chained them in front and when I had finished cutting weeds they went right back to my back.   We decided enough for one day and we'd have dinner and do the boat and try to put out the trot line tomorrow.

One of the advantages of being bound is you get fed by hand and don't have to do dishes.  Jane fixed chili for dinner and spoon-fed me.  Afterward she suggested a walk by the lake to watch the sun go down.  OK by me if she would give me more slack on my foot chains.  She let the chain out to eighteen inches and then attached a leash to my "ring" and away we went.  It was a beautiful sunset and when we returned to the cabin Jane wanted the outdoor light turned on.  There are two lights, one a mercury vapor on a tall pole and the other a gas lamp on a shorter pole.  Experience says the electric one draws bugs but the gas lamp doesn't put out as much light and is harder to turn on and off.  Jane unlocked my hands so I could turn on the gas lamp and I then relocked them with six inches between cuffs, a little more comfortable.  We stayed out until the dew started to fall and then retired to the cabin for the evening.  I was content to just lay on the couch with my head in Jane's lap while she did crossword puzzles. 

A little bit later we heard someone shouting "Hello, in the cabin.  Sheriff's deputy, come out with your hands on your head." 

I yelled back, "OK, but I can't put my hands on my head, they are locked behind my back." 

Jane couldn't undo them either because the keys were hung on a nail on the light post outside and just out of my reach.  The deputy said to come out backwards so that he could see my hands.  I walked out backwards and Jane came out with her hands held high.  He asked us our names and then said for me to come out into the light.  I did and he told me to turn around 360 degrees and then walk toward the sound of his voice.  I did until he said stop.  Then, "Don, you're not under arrest but, for my safety, I'm going to put my cuffs on you until I get everything sorted out."  He then cuffed my hands with plastic ties and told me to get down on my knees.  Then he put plastic cuffs on my ankles and took about a four-foot long plastic tie and connected the ankle cuffs together with about a foot of play between the cuffs.  The end of the four footer then went up to my wrists and was attached there.  He told me that if I tried to stand the plastic tie would tighten on my ankles and pull them tight together, so there was no way I could run away.  He then looked at Jane and asked if she was OK, that I hadn't molested her in any way.  She laughed and said no, she was fine, that we were happily married and maybe he'd better ask if I was OK.  He laughed with her and said OK, what was really going on here.

We told him the whole story, about being on a long trip and our ex-neighbors had said we could stop here for a rest if we wanted to and that I wanted to go naked for a couple of days and Jane said OK if I would wear the chains.  He absorbed that info and asked if we had ID.  I told him mine was at the top of the hill but I could give him the number and vital stats.  Jane went and got her license and he took my info.  He then radioed his dispatcher and ran a "wants and warrants."  It, of course, came back clear.  He then wanted to talk about our ex-neighbors and asked if Roy was OK because he hadn't seen him or King for a couple of months.  I replied that the owners I knew were named Ron and Carol and their dog would answer better if called Princess and that they had been out of the state for about nine months is why he hadn't seen them. 

He said OK, we sounded legitimate and the reason he gave us a hard time was that he saw our light while patrolling the lake.  He knew Ron shouldn't be here and he wanted to check and see if there was a vandal problem.  I said no problem, we appreciated the concern and how about taking these plastic thingies off me as they were a little more restrictive than our own restraints.  He looked at Jane and said let me show you something.  He showed her how if you pulled the end of the plastic tie at my wrists that it would pull my feet together and further restrict how far I could stand up.  Then he asked her if she wanted him to remove the ties. 

She laughed again and said, "Lets leave them on, they're tighter than ours and he should like that." 

He looked at me and said I was outnumbered two to one unless I had a good reason for him to change his vote. 

I said, "I didn't know we were having an election but seeing as how I was not in too good a position to debate let's just make it unanimous."  I then asked him if it was OK to run around like I was and he said it was OK but probably impossible.  I meant was it OK to go around naked with chains.  He indicated that as long as I was on private property that was posted no trespassing, it was legal.  He would suggest if I went out in a boat to stay in the cove and not wander out into the main channel of the lake.  With that he said he had to get back on patrol and for us to enjoy our stay.

Jane went back into the cabin and began working on her crosswords.  I started duck walking to get back too.  I had a little problem getting through the screen door and by the time I was inside my feet were held firmly together.  With the ankle to wrist tie it was impossible for me to get on the couch so I just lay on the floor and went to sleep.  The next thing I knew my feet were being tickled and I was in a very tight hog-tie on my stomach.  I find this quite uncomfortable and managed to cross my ankles and turn over onto my back.  This position, however, puts all my ticklish spots; inner arms, stomach, breasts, inner thighs, balls, between my legs and feet wide open for abuse and Jane immediately took advantage of it.  After some time working me over she finally let me have a climax and went back to her puzzles.  This left me very frustrated until I talked her into cutting me loose so I could go find a tree to water.  She only cut the wrist/ankle tie so I had to hop and jump to get out and then back in.  I spent the night that way.

The next episode of this tale is about how we ran out of cooking gas and I meet the propane man.



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