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Lakeside 3: Monday-Spread and Stretched

by Don Whosis

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© Copyright 2010 - Don Whosis - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; chain; collar; naked; outdoors; F/m; bond; tease; sex; true; cons; X

continued from part two

Part 3: Monday-Spread and Stretched

We got up Monday morning with nothing particular to do so, after breakfast I had Jane release my hands and lock them in front and then got the grass whip to take down some more weeds around the yard.  I worked on it 'til around noon when we had lunch and Jane said lets take a walk.  We put me on the eighteen-inch hobble with hands locked behind and leash attached and started for the beach.  We kept going to the third cove to see what shape it was in.  It was looking good so we started back to the cabin. 

When we got there Jane commented that I had been in chains for most of the week and maybe I'd like to take them off and stretch a bit.  I asked what she had in mind by stretching and she thought maybe a spread eagle session would be comfortable for me.  I asked whether she had in mind horizontal with stakes in the ground or vertical.  She said, "your choice" so I thought about it for a bit and then went to the boat storage area and got four cargo straps that we use to hold the tarps on the boats, the ones with buckles that tighten but won't loosen unless you push the latch.  I found two trees a little over six feet apart and fastened a strap in each one about seven feet off the ground and another around each tree at the base.  I lengthened them as far as they would go and then locked the cuffs on my ankles to the two on the ground and pulled them as far as I could to spread my feet.  I then locked a high strap to my wrist cuff and pulled it tight.  Then I told Jane it was her turn to fasten my other hand and pull all of them tighter. 

She did and I think she put most all of her weight on the hand straps because I ended up with my feet almost off the ground.  She then kicked each of my feet away from the other one and pulled those straps really, really tight.  And there I was, no chains and limbs stretched to the limit.

Jane backed off a few feet, looked me over and said, "Gosh you really look good that way." 

She then pulled her tee shirt up over her head, an interesting movement, and especially so when she didn't have anything under it.  She undid her shorts and let them drop to the ground revealing she didn't have anything under them either.  She came back to me and said; "You know I can do anything I want to you?  Bite you" and she nibbled my ear, "pinch you" and she pinched my nipples 'til they hurt, "kiss and make well" and she kissed and sucked my nipples, "tickle you" and she ran her finger nails up and down my side, "punch you" and she gave me a medium hard blow to the stomach which I wasn't expecting and it knocked the breath out of me for a little and before I recovered she did it again on the other side, "squeeze you" and she squeezed my balls 'til I thought my eye balls would pop out, and "beat up on you" and she started hitting me on the chest and shoulders with her fists, not hard but I felt it, and then she put a finger on my chest and said, "and you can't do a thing about it." 

By this time I had a raging hardon and she grabbed it and started jerking on it.  She put her arms around my neck and said, "I love you and I wouldn't do any of those things to you."  We started tongue kissing and things started getting hot.  We were acting like a couple of teenagers with raging hormones.  Because my legs were spread wide I was just at the right height to enter her with no help from either of us.  She wrapped her legs around me and we started thrusting at each other.  After about a dozen times I exploded in her, but because I still had my cock ring on I stayed hard long enough for her to come to a climax also.

She unwound herself from me and laid on her back on the ground in front of me with her arms and legs stretched out like she was mimicking me.  We stayed that way a while, looking at each other, and at almost the same time we both said, "Wow, THAT was NICE!" 

She came back to me, put her arms around me, gave me a gentle kiss and said, "Would you like to be loose now?" 

Oh boy! Would I ever like loose and said, "ABSOLUTELY!" 

She put her finger on the tip of my nose and said, "later 'gator" and ran off and jumped in the pond to swim around and get cool and clean.  When she had enough, she got a beach towel off the clothesline and started drying herself in front of me causing a big erection again.  When she was dry she went to the cabin and came back with her comb and brush and started brushing her hair.  Then back to the cabin and came out with her string bikini and started putting it on for me.  She made a big deal of getting the bowknots just right on the bottom.  Then she tied the top in front, again with a big bow, turned it around and threw the ties that should be around her neck over her shoulders and just left them that way.

She got the keys for my locks, came over and asked if I was ready to be free now.  I was but I said, "Not really, I'm good to go again." 

She slapped me gently on my behind and unlocked one of my hands and handed me the keys.  Now it was my turn to jump in the pond and get cooled off and clean.  When I got out, I reached for her towel, but she grabbed it back and said, "No way, you didn't want anything down here and you're not using mine.  Now go put your cuffs on and lets get you back in chains." 

I put my leg cuffs on and said, "Nine or six?"  She said six and then I put on my wrist cuffs and turned to her.  She picked up a nine-inch chain and I figured I was going to have my hands not too tight, but instead she locked my cuffs together and put one end of the chain in the lock also.  She then pulled it between my legs and with another lock hooked it to my cock ring.  If you have ever been hogtied, this is what my hands felt like except my feet weren't involved.  My hands were not going to be getting in any mischief this way.  She clipped my leash onto my ring and said, "let's walk down to the boat dock."  She knows how hard it is for me to walk with a six-inch hobble and with my hands tied the way they were they wouldn't help my balance.  I know I was being teased but I went along with it.

When we got back she suggested we go to town for dinner.  That was fine with me and she changed from her bikini to white short shorts and white blouse, nothing else, unlocked my hands and said to leave the cuffs and chains here.  We hiked up the hill and went in the RV.  She told me to wear my white tennis shorts and white tee shirt and nothing else.  This could be interesting, because when I'm completely at ease I just barely don't show below my shorts, but if she got frisky with me I might be in trouble.  We both put on white tennies, locked up and started for town. 

She picked the little Mexican restaurant for dinner and sat down beside me in the booth.  She's left handed and we sat so that her right side was to my left so we don't end up bumping elbows while we're eating.  After our orders were taken and we were just talking I found out why no underwear as she was tickling my balls.  I returned the favor and we lost track of the conversation subject.  During dinner I was frequently reminded of no underwear and so was she.  Fortunately, by the time the bill was paid and it was time to leave she had left me alone long enough to get back to normal.  Once in the Jeep it was another story.  When we got back to the RV, I took off my clothes, what little there were, and so did Jane.  It was dark so we found the flashlight and started down the hill to the cabin, both of us stark naked. 

At the cabin Jane suggested we get one of the blow up mattresses we use for guests when there aren't enough beds and sleep under the stars.  So we did and got a blanket to cover it, it was warm enough we didn't need anything on top.  I started to put my cuffs on but Jane said, "Why don't we just forget them for tonight?"  We had both had enough excitement for the day so we just cuddled and ran our fingers over each other’s bodies until we fell asleep.  This was only the second time in the over twenty years that I have known Jane that she slept naked.  Many times she would come to bed bare but by sleepy time she always had on PJs.

The next episode of this tale is how we meet the Sheriff again.


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