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Last Night

by Mrs. Locks

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Author's Note: The following story is 100% true. Last night, I went to, an online chat where you talk with random strangers about anything. I was at one point connected to another user who also enjoyed bondage, and we discussed just that for some time. I told him that I was currently dressed in a tight outfit that included corsets and had expressed interest in doing some self-bondage that very night, but I wanted to make it fun and have a total stranger decide what I should do to myself. I gave him a list of scenarios and ideas and he'd choose the best one. I followed his instructions and what follows is the email I sent this user this morning.

* * *

After I got off the computer with you, I began my preparations. Like I stated before, I was already wearing a corset, so I'll try to describe my entire outfit. Earlier in the day, I put on some compression clothing (it's like workout gear, very stretchy but very tight clothing), first a T-shirt, followed by shorts. I love the feeling of compression clothing because it does just that, compresses all over. I then put on my waist cincher corset. It's a very stiff under bust corset with steel boning, and it starts just above my hips and ends right below my breasts. I tighten the laces and tie them off. I think I lose about 3 to 4 inches with this cincher, but I'm not really happy with the full form I get with it. So I follow with another compression T-shirt and another pair of shorts, holding the corset on and compressing my breasts.

Next comes my over bust corset. This one is not as rigid but still holds a shape very well. It has Edwardianstyle straps that go over the shoulder and as I tighten it down, it compresses my breasts even further and pushes them together. I tighten this one as much as I can, it has boning, but it's spiral boning so it's more flexible and it blends my body shape in with the waist cincher already on. This, in effect makes me feel like I have one very large corset all the way from my shoulders down to my hips. The next thing I put on is a tight biketard catsuit. It has a tank top style top, and the legs are only shorts-length, but it is very tight. It's not very stretchy at all. I zip up the back and it holds everything secure.

For good measure, I add one more compression T-shirt and then put on another biketard. This one made of supplex, it's more like fabric than the other almost-leather biketard, stretchy but still tight. With this last piece of clothing on, I secured it with a padlock. There are small holes in the fabric by the top of the zipper that I loop a tiny luggage lock through and then feed it through the zipper pull as well making it so I cannot remove any of the clothing, biketards, or most importantly the corsets. I am secured in all of these for the day. I always keep this key frozen inside the freezer ice cube tray at all times. When I want to release myself, I have to pull out the ice cube and wait for it to melt, making it so I have no immediate release. Over top of this outfit, I had a catsuit on. Another pleather-type fabric with a turtleneck, short sleeves and a flare pant leg (for wearing over top boots). This is the outfit I was wearing the entire time chatting with you on Omegle.

To begin my preparations, the only clothing I removed was the outer full catsuit. So I was down to my locked-on biketard. I began by setting up the bed. I don't have any bedposts so I have to attach the rope to the feet of the bed and make a sort of anchor point. I've done this only a few times in the past, but it works. I basically tie a rope around the two feet of the bed and then tie a knot in the middle, feeding the rope up between the mattress and frame up the middle and up on top of the mattress. I can then use this anchor point to tie whatever I want. I do the same to the head of the bed so I now have rope in the middle of the foot of the bed and the middle of the head of the bed. Ready to tie my ankles and wrists.

But first comes the new outfit and punishment test. I put on a long sleeve compression shirt (to protect my arms when I tie them together), followed by a long-leg compression pants. This essentially makes a catsuit out of the compression clothing with just my hands, feet, and head free. Next I put on a pair of thick knee high socks because my boots sometimes fit a little loose. I then put on the posture collar. A 4" wide collar that makes it hard to move my head. I still can, but the range is very limited. I get another small luggage lock and put it on the loop to secure it on, but I don't close the lock yet.

Next came the full body catsuit. The only openings on this catsuit are small holes for the eyes and mouth; my feet and hands are all covered. It's a completely fitted cotton stretch fabric so it doesn't compress, but it's secure and fits snug. It has a long zipper up the back, one pull that starts at the top of the head, and one that starts down by my butt. I close the two zips so they meet at the back of my neck where the collar is; I pull the luggage lock around the two zippers and close the lock. I am now secured in my corset attire even more with more compression clothes and a full catsuit all locked on. This key is only in my dresser so there's no game to try to get out of this part of it, but it prevents me from attempting to remove anything while I'm in my bondage.

My punishment test now begins. I put on my 5½" knee-high boots and zip them on and tighten the laces. With the thick socks on these are very snug. I sit on the edge of my bed and get my two elastic belts. They're thick elastic that don't really stretch very well, but provide just enough movement so I can squeeze in and out of them. I take one belt and loop it around itself twice and secure the end. This one, I will pull around my arms and move up above my elbows. I take another belt and loop it around itself three times and secure the end. This one will hold my wrists. I grab hold of the bigger belt and move it up my left arm to go above my elbow and then move my arms around my back and loop in my other arm. It's very difficult to squeeze into it as the belt itself doesn't stretch much even though it's elastic and then because it's doubled up, it makes it twice as hard to stretch, but it does stretch. It takes a lot of repositioning so that there aren't any pressure points but I finally get both elbows wrapped in the belt. They are not pulled completely together because that would be nearly impossible to do on my own, but they have constant pressure pulling them toward each other.

The next step is my wrists; one wrist goes into the other belt, and I squeeze my other hand in. It's a very tight squeeze to get my hand through but once it's made its way down to the wrist there's a little bit of play in it. Not tight, but will take some effort to remove it. Now for the hard part. With my arms secured behind me, my corset on and all my compression clothing and catsuits and boots and collar on, I slide off the edge of my bed, leaving my arms extended onto the mattress behind me. It's a tall bed (it used to be a waterbed frame), so my arms are practically at a 90º angle behind me as I reach the floor. My arms sticking straight out like an upside-down L behind me. I look at the clock. 1:22am. Per our agreement I am to stay this way until 1:52am. If I do not make it the entire time, I will have to secure a vibrator between my legs all night I am tied to the bed. And I hate doing long term vibrators because it eventually makes the entire area become totally numb and extremely uncomfortable. I hoped I could last the full 30 minutes.

At first it is easy. But my arms started to become tingly almost instantly. This was very unexpected as normally when I do this position, it takes at least 5 minutes or so for the tingles to begin. I must have made the elbow belt slightly tighter than I normally do. But that's ok, I'm used to the tingles. 5 minutes go by and the "asleep" feeling already went away as it normally does. Now just comes the slight numbing sensation all down my arms. I can still move my hands and fingers easily but I know that will change soon. By the 10th minute (which is normally easy to get to), I start to get uncomfortable. It's already difficult to move my fingers and hands as the blood circulation fades. This is happening quicker than usual. I really must have made something tighter than I usually do. But I press on. I know I've done much longer before (45 minutes), so I stay strong.

Watching the clock as it ticks away I make it to the 15-minute mark. By this time I've lost most of the feeling in my hands and fingers. I can move them slightly, but it's as though they're not mine. I can barely feel the fingers brush against each other as I try to struggle. I have another 15 minutes of this? I'm not sure I can do it by this point. But again, I try to stay strong. This is an endurance test and I must try to overcome the urges to escape. 20 minutes pass and I now no longer think I even have any hands or fingers. The feeling is completely gone and my arms are totally numb. The level of comfort has plummeted. My body WANTS to feel my hands and arms but even if I try to move them I have no idea if I'm succeeding because I can't feel anything. There is no pain, just a lot of uncomfortable urges. But again, I think that this feeling is nothing compared to the area between my legs losing all feeling so I try to last the entire 30 minutes. 10 more minutes, I have to stay strong. I make it to minute 25.

By this time, my hands and arms have had no feeling for at least 5 minutes and I'm in near agony. My mind starts to play tricks on me to try to release myself early. It starts to picture hands that will no longer work because they've been without blood for so long; like a tourniquet. I start to picture life without limbs. Hands that have gone all purple and fallen off. Gross images as the discomfort grows and grows exponentially as each second passes. But I know none of this will happen. I've done much longer periods before. Everything is just happening quicker than normal. I've had this feeling before and I know all function will later be restored, but the discomfort has grown past my boiling point. 27 minutes in, my legs are writhing, shaking. I start to rock back and forth. How can I make it 3 more minutes, I keep thinking. I've made it 27 though and what's 3 more? 28 minutes. This is agony. I can't feel a thing behind me. My body wants out. But my will is strong, I try to hold out.

Why couldn't the agreement have been 25 minutes? 1:51. My last minute. I'm staring at the clock. And I know what comes next. I close my eyes tight and begin counting in my head from 60... 59... 58... and then I follow the last step of this endurance. I push against the bed and slide my legs further away, forcing my body to slide further down toward the floor, in turn lifting my arms even further up, putting much more strain on my shoulders. It is the final test I give myself in order to feel accomplished during this trial. This is now pain. The burning feeling in my shoulders as they are stressed to their limit. No feeling at all in my arms. I still count... 30... 29... 28. I don't think I can make it. I make a move to release myself; the pain is finally getting to me. But my mind snaps back "NO" and I punish myself further.

I'm only 25 seconds away; I can't quit now. So I slide my legs even further away. Even more stress on my shoulders. My back isn't even against the bed anymore. The full weight of myself is on my arms and shoulder. I groan loudly and continue counting... 20... 19... I open my eyes. 1:52. It's time to release. I've made it 30 minutes. But I continue counting. The countdown hasn't finished so I must stay or I'll feel like I cheated. 10... 9... it hurts so badly by this point. Even my entire body has not stopped moving. It wants release so bad... 5.. 4... I don't even think I can last the final 3 seconds. I want to remove myself so bad. But finally I reach 1. and 0. I've done it.

A huge sigh of relief and I move my body forward more until my arms fall against my back with a thud. They feel like dead weight, as if they are not mine. But I immediately begin to feel blood flow return as slight temperature can be sensed. I stand up in my boots and try to wriggle my shoulders and arms enough to remove the belts. Nothing is moving. How am I going to remove the belts? I can't move my arms at all and my normal technique isn't letting my arms out of them. They really must be tighter than normal. But I don't panic. I've thought about being stuck before, but it's never happened. I have a plan. I move to the door and lean down, feeling my way until the doorknob hooks the belt around my elbows and stand up straighter. It takes 2 attempts but the doorknob eventually pulls off my elbow belt and it falls to the floor.

I start to regain much more movement in my arms since the elbows aren't being held and try to lift my wrist out of the other belt but it doesn't come out right away. I look behind me and I can see the wrist bend as I try to pull instead of staying straight. I still have zero feeling in my wrist and fingers so this is all pulling of the arms. I tug and tug and eventually my wrist comes free of the belt. My arms fall to my sides as lifeless limbs that still don't register as being my own. My wrists flop around as my arms dangle. But I know what comes next. The blood begins to flow. I have to lie down. Feeling slowly restores itself to my arms and with that comes the most painful feeling I have ever felt before. Pure agony worse than anything I felt by the bed starts as my nerves and muscles begin to get their blood back. I can feel the random twitches of muscles I didn't even know I had in random places around my arms, hands and fingers. The tingling begins on top of this pain. It feels as though both arms are being crushed by some huge force. Minutes pass, and I can eventually move them on my own. It is painful but it's subsiding. I can finally function and I no longer have to sit on the bed. But most importantly, I did it. I completed my trail and I don't have to punish myself later. My will was strong.

While my arms are repairing themselves I take the moment to go into the bathroom and look in the mirror. I turn on the light with my still tingling hand and look at myself. I love the look of myself in this outfit. The curves of the overlapping corsets accentuating my breasts and waist. I feel like a goddess. My arms and legs are all covered in the black catsuit. The only skin I can see are my eyes and mouth. I reach around back and tug at my padlock that holds it all on. I am secured. I begin feeling my waist and how cinched it is, and rubbing my hands back to my breasts and how compressed they are, my hands moving like wild, still tingling. They reach between my legs and I start to rub. This entire ordeal has me feeling amazing. I want to orgasm right here in the bathroom in front of myself. But I resist. There is still more to do.

I go to my dresser and pull out another catsuit. My final one. This is another made of the snug supplex, but it's full body instead of just a biketard. It covers my arms, but leaves my hands and head free. The legs are a flare leg boot cut so I pull it on over my exposed boots. I smooth the fabric out and I now feel like I'm ready to go out on the town. I feel gorgeous. The way the tall boots make my legs and butt feel, the way my corsets hug my entire body, the way the catsuits hold everything on, and the way the final catsuit falls around my boots loosely but grows tighter around the rest of my body. My thighs tightly held, between my legs, my waist, my breasts, my arms, the tall neck. I could stay like this forever.

But it is time for bed. I turn off the lights and climb onto the bed. I undo one of the elastic belts and wrap it around my ankles and slide them to the foot of my bed. I use the ropes that are anchored to the feet and first wrap them between my ankles around the belt and then wrap my ankles together. There's a lot of extra rope, so I wrap the ropes around my feet between the heels and then back up to my ankles and then up my legs. Just over the knee, I wrap 2 extra times and then between the legs to cinch it down and tie off the ropes. I test my bonds and find my legs securely tight together, but my feet can still move a little bit. But this is expected. I slide further up the bed and the rope holds my ankles in place. I try to slide even further but I am held taught. Perfect.

Next I grab a pillow and place it under my head and neck. Then I reach for the belt I used earlier to secure my wrists. I slip it through the loop knot I made at the head of the bed and then try to squeeze my hands into the belt. After a struggle, I get them in and then pull on the loop knot, cinching the belt around my wrists. But as I pull, I realize that I am not stretched. I can actually reach my face with my hands in this position. This simply will not do. So I wriggle my hands and pull them apart which stretches the loop knot. I pull my hands out and then reach further down the rope and make another loop knot. This one is barely within my reach. I try to feed the belt back through this new knot but it is so far that I have stretch even more in order to get enough of the loop open to get the belt through. I'm straining myself to stretch but I eventually get it in, as well as one wrist. The other wrist goes in with some difficulty. Each time I pull the belt closer to make my hand able to go into the loop, the knot closes making the hole smaller to fit through and I cannot get it. It takes three attempts but I finally stretch as far as I can and pull my hands into the belt and then pull on the slipknot. I am cinched. I am not fully stretched now as the slip knot gave me more slack. But I cannot even reach the top of my head. I'm pulled at both ends.

I am now in my sleeping position. But I first try to resist my bonds. I pull at my arms, I pull at my legs. Everything holds strong. Being stretched like this is a somewhat new feeling. I am used to having my arms down by my sides, tied to the sides of the bed or tied to my waist. The feeling is amazing. And the way it stretches my body underneath the corsets and clothing is wonderful. I almost feel like I could wear an even tighter corset in this position. My body feels like a rubber band. It is by now I realize just how exhausted I am. After the test and the struggling to get my arms attached to the bed, I'm extremely tired and decide to attempt sleep. I look over at the clock. 2:24. I'm ready for sleep and I close my eyes. I start to think about what it would be like to be completely helpless in this position. I know that I can release myself at any time but I make myself believe I'm at the hands of a captor. Imprisoned for some crime against a King or other royalty. Sentenced to a lifetime of strict captivity. My mind starts to drift and I think it was only minutes before I was sound asleep. I remember dreaming heavily but cannot remember what any of the dreams were by now.

I remember waking up around 4:30. I looked at the clock and it felt very early. My arms hurt for some reason and I wanted to go back to sleep. I made a move to roll onto my side. The immediate panic set in. I can't move! It's then I realize my arms are tied above my head and that's why they won't move. My legs are attached to the foot of the bed and won't move either. I smile wide. It's an amazing feeling to wake up in bondage. But that feeling is only too quick as I realize I've done this to myself. My arms really do hurt so I stretch against my bonds but realize I can't get my wrists out. I must have slid downward at some point during my sleep and my arms were too far to be able to open the slipknot. I try to wriggle further toward the head of the bed but my legs feel like they stay in the same spot. My arms felt like jelly so I couldn't do much with them. I bounce around for a bit but only gain an inch. I just can't make purchase with anything to move myself closer.

Then I realize what I must do. With all my might, I grab hold of the ropes at the head of the bed and pull with all the strength left in my arms. The knot around my wrists becomes incredibly tight but I can feel my body sliding on the bed ever so slightly. I pull as hard as I can and I finally feel my body stop when my legs are pulled tight. I let go with my hands but the knot is very tight around my wrists from pulling. I try to stretch and stretch the belt but it only moves a little bit at a time. It takes a few minutes but I'm finally able to release myself. I put my hands to my sides in a flop. My shoulders don't want to move. I take the belt still attached to my one wrist and undo the wraps around itself. I then wrap it tightly around my waist twice and secure the end. I still want to sleep but don't want to be out of bondage so I stretch the belt enough to pull my arms inside it, pinning them to my sides. I then bend my elbows and insert my wrists back under the belt to hold my arms closely in front of me. This is much more comfortable and I try to drift back to sleep again.

I awoke around 7am, this time without the panic of feeling I was in bondage, but instead to the ache of my toes. Having the boots laced tightly all night made some of my toes lose feeling and I had to release myself. I pulled out my arms from the belt, leaned forward and released my legs from bondage. I got up and took the boots off. What a relief! My toes can move again! I then begin removing my outfit. I take off the outer boot cut catsuit, get the key from my dresser and undo the masked catsuit and posture collar, and take off the long compression clothing. I'm now down to just my locked-on biketards over my corsets. I am to continue to wear this the rest of the day I hope.

I am still dressed in it right now, but my sides are beginning to ache and I think I might have to remove it. But as I woke up, the feeling of the tightness and corsets is pure bliss. I am locked in my partial cocoon with no chance of immediate release. My hands slide over my body. My secured breasts, my small waist. I go to my dresser again and get my vibrator. I'm overcome with the need to release. I rub between my legs. I want to rip open every bit of clothing there and fuck my vibrator all morning but I can't. Everything is locked on almost more securely than a chastity belt. I rub the vibrator as hard as I can against me and rub it. It's working. I can feel my already flowing juices and my need for more grows. I try to push harder and rub deeper but I can't.

I roll over to my stomach and lie on top of my arms and vibrator and rub against the bed. I'm usually a quiet person but I begin to groan into my pillow as I think about everything the night before. The feeling that it was almost as though another person was locking me up because it was on their terms. The feeling of my arms completely motionless and how they looked like foreign beings once they were released drooped to my sides. Rubbing and pressing further, my thoughts then moved the feeling of my bondage as I woke in the middle of the night. That too-quick feeling of complete helplessness and confusion. The way I wanted to stretch as I awoke and then curl into a ball but couldn't. Not knowing why I couldn't move. It was total bliss. And that's when it hit me. My entire body started shaking and convulsing. I pushed deeper into my bed and panted and then screamed into my pillow. The best orgasm I've had in months.

I was sweating all over and the feeling of pure joy overtook me and I had to just lie there for a moment to catch my breath. This was definitely a moment I wanted to cherish. After a few minutes, I got up, fixed my hair and put on my catsuit from the day before and locked it back on, went into the living room and did some work on the computer. And that's how I am still now. I can smell the juices from this morning and that's enough to keep me locked up. The corsets really are starting to ache though. I might have to take that key out from the freezer and let it thaw. I'm going to have to take it off soon. And then shower and resume my normal life. It's a pity the weekend has to end.

Thanks a lot for reading this. . This is the first time I've ever written down my experiences for one of my bondage sessions. I had no idea it was going to be so long. Thank you so much for giving me ideas and tips on how to spend my evening. You were a great addition. It's as though you were there in the room staring at me so that I wouldn't cheat and let myself out of my bonds early. Last night and this morning was wonderful!

Talk to you again!

~ Mrs. Locks
(I’m married only to bondage)

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