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The Las Vegas French Maid Tour

by ElectricCD

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© Copyright 2001 - ElectricCD - Used by permission

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The following story true. It includes self-bondage (directed by a mistress), exhibition and submission and took place in Las Vegas and Arizona while I was attending Comdex more than 8 years ago. At the time I was seeing a mistress on the East Coast and when she found out I was going to be at the show, she planned a special occasion for me at a motel in AZ owned by a friend of hers. Most of our activities to date have been in a confined and controlled environment and focused mostly on straight bondage with minor use of female clothing. This is also the first, but not the last time I was involved in public cross-dressing.


i (because of my station will be lowercase) was ordered by my Mistress to dress as a "French Maid" for her and serve at her party. The following is the story of what happened that blustery November day in Nevada.

i prearranged with a costume shop in Las Vegas to rent a French maid costume for the party. I had also arranged with the manager to support some additional requests imposed on me by my mistress.

i arrived at the costume shop precisely at 9:58 am, 2 minutes before the time they opened. The shop was located in a strip mall and was surrounded by a 1hr. Photo, a drug store and 5 or 6 other small stores. After parking, as required in a row farthest from the shop i headed to the door to wait. This made the walk about 300 feet. i was to discover that this would be the longest walk i've experienced in a very long time.

My instructions were to change into the French Maid outfit in the costume shop and leave the shop fully dressed in the costume. i had to leave my normal street clothes with the lady at the shop as i was to return tomorrow still dressed in the outfit. This way i didn't have any way to change clothes while traveling. The lady that owned the shop let me in and while she was showing me how the costume went on i related my instructions to her. My Mistress asked that she help me with makeup and insisted that she take a roll of photos of me after i was transformed. These i had to drop off next door at the 1hr Photo.

The French Maid outfit consisted of a short sleeve, one-piece low-cut (front & back) costume with a very short skirt, lace wrist cuffs & headpiece. i was not allowed to wear the large bloomers that came with the outfit. Instead she gave me a pair of very small, see-through white lace panties. To complete the outfit, i wore black lace top thigh-hi hose with garters and belt, black bra with padding and black 3" high heels with bows. This costume was worn over my leather strap bondage harness, that i wore to the shop and a black leather collar, both were locked on.

i changed into the outfit in the dressing room. After seeing myself in the mirror, i was very reluctant to come out. While i was dressing, the owner's assistant arrived. Both were very amused at my situation as i came out. Then they sat me down on front of a mirror and the makeup from the kit my mistress had supplied. They insisted that i model the outfit for them, posing and twirling. The assistant started taking the required photos, then i paid for the rental. i gave her the bag with my clothes and left the shop for the 1 hr. Photo next door. This was very embarrassing as i was already dressed in the outfit and the lady in the photo shop didn't know what to think. i told her i just came from next door and that seemed to satisfy her.

It was just before noon and now i had to walk back to the car. With my purse on my shoulder and both hands holding the skirt down i started toward the car. Not being used to the heels caused this walk to be very slow and i was the topic of several stares and comments. This was VERY EMBARRASSING and exciting at the same time. After arriving at the car i had to add a few additional items to my costume. These included black leather wrist and ankle cuffs, all that locked on. The keys for these the collar and my harness were back in the shop with my clothes.

i had to travel more than 150 miles to her party and more than 150 miles back to the costume shop the next day after the party, both during the daylight. i was to discover this was to be a very long drive. She had left the rental car with little gas in it. This was so i had to stop for gas on the way. i was required to stop a minimum of 5 times & get receipts totaling no more than $3.00 each. The penalty for not getting the correct receipts was paddling when i arrived at the party. i didn't believe this would be too much of a problem until i realized most of the stations were also convenience stores. This required me to pump the gas and then go into the store to pay for it. There was no way i was going use a credit card at the pump while dressed like this. i tried to pick stations with no customers and a lady working the counter. i felt this would make it a little less threatening. The first time i stopped, i thought it would be fairly easy, as there weren't any other customers. The pump hose didn't have a handle latch this required me to hold the handle to pump. i didn't realize how short & light the skirt was until the wind started blowing while i was pumping gas and i didn't have the hands to hold it down. During this time the station started to fill up with customers. i couldn't keep the skirt down and gave quite a show.

Most of my other gas stops were just as memorable. This trip was more difficult than i expected. i had to try to cover up whenever trucks passed as i was getting very strange looks and honks from the truckers. Also, the trip across Hoover Dam was a problem as the speed limit was 15mph and the sidewalks were lined with people looking into the car. All I could do was look straight ahead and hope to get through without getting stopped.

At the dam, i passed the Arizona border. This was my signal to stop and complete the next phase of my instructions. I pulled off into an unused parking area past the dam. There i locked on two chains, one 18" between the ankle cuffs and one 12" between the wrist cuffs. i would have to wear the chains until i reached my destination as the keys to these locks are with the mistress.

About 10 minutes later i saw a girl trying to hitch a ride, so i stopped. I wanted to be able to talk to someone and see her reaction. Initially she was surprised by what she saw, but after spotting the cuffs and chain figured i wouldn't be much of a threat to her. She said she was hitching to Texas and it had been quite awhile since anyone had stopped for her. i explained what i was doing and the consequences when i arrived. She seemed amused by this and lifted the skirt to confirm what i had told her about the rest of the outfit was true. i dropped her off at the Interstate in Kingston, AZ and continued to the party.

Well i finally arrived at the party, 2 receipts short. i had stopped 6 times, but the chains increased the difficulty getting gas and i was too embarrassed to stay long enough to get some of the receipts. i had to check in at the office of the motel to find out where the party was. I climbed the stairs in front of the motel with much difficulty (the chains & heels) to the rooms with the party. The activity at the party is for a future story, but suffice to say, by the end i had trouble sitting in the car for the return trip (remember the paddling). Until now, i could open the crotch strap on the harness to go to the bathroom. My mistress decided my trip out was too easy and before she sent me back, added a medium butt plug for the drive and locked the strap with a lock matching my cuffs. i now had to get the keys at the costume shop before i could remove it. This made the return drive seem even longer.

Before i returned to the costume shop i had to pick-up the photos. The girl behind the counter commented on my outfit & photos and insisted on calling the other 2 people out from the back. They apparently had spoken to the owner of the costume shop and knew about my Mistress and me. This was a long stop with a lot of questions. i finally arrive at the shop and was allowed to change back to my clothes. The shop owner got to keep some of the photos of me for the souvenir wall in her shop.

Needless to say the whole trip was very embarrassing (but a lot fun at the same time).


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