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Late Night Adventure

by slut_jennie

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© Copyright 2002 - slut_jennie - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; lingerie; latex; hobble; outdoors; true; cons; X

I had some work to do late at night so I planned it so I had the entire office to myself. When I felt the time was right and I had finished most of the work I went to the restroom and stripped off my clothes. Before I put my chosen clothes on I took a 3 foot long thin rope with a steel ring tied to it's centre and tied it around my scrotum so that the ring was placed behind the scrotum. 

Now I could put on my open crotch panties, black latex stockings, black lacy bra and my black corset. I put my jeans and my t-shirt back on. And went back and finished my work. I had to walk quite a long distance in public to my car so I could not change all my clothes at once. I got into my car and drove for almost 4 miles until I found a suitable place to stop and change the rest of my clothes.

I put on my black latex skirt, red satin blouse and slipped my feet into my 3 inch heeled boots and locked them on and locked an 8-inch chain between them, hobbling me. I also locked a short chain between the centre of the hobble chain and to the ring behind my scrotum. It was short enough to prevent me from standing straight unless I had my feet really close together. I put my jeans and t-shirt into my backpack and got back into my car and drove off. I had 20 miles to drive until I got to my destination. It is a nice feeling to be driving through villages without anyone knowing what I'm doing. 

When I got to my destination I turned off the main road and parked my car. I had been there this morning and hid my key. I had put it under a rock about 600 yards in on the dirt road. I stepped out of my car and put my Japanese clover clamps on and put my falsies in my bra and buttoned my blouse up. I took a chain and locked it around my waist and locked my handcuffs to the chain.

Almost ready, I only had to add my posture collar and my ball gag harness. I had put the keys in the backpack together with my clothes and locked it with another padlock. This was the padlock to which the key under the rock fitted. I had an emergency envelope on the floor behind the driver seat of my car containing a complete set of keys, just in case. I had promised myself not to use it unless I really needed. I locked my hands in front of me with the handcuffs and held my car keys in one hand and a flashlight in the other since it was really dark outside. 

When I started to walk I forgot about the chain up to my scrotum and got a real good painful jerk that made me moan into my gag. I started to hobble up the dirt road and I knew it was three small hills to climb. After a lot of grunting and panting I realized I had climbed hill number 3 so I started to look around for the large boulder which I had my keys hid behind, but I couldn't find it. I looked for at least 15 minutes in the cold night.

I realized I wouldn't find it so I had to hobble all the way back to my car and the defeat of needing my escape envelope. I unlocked the car and retrieved the envelope from the floor and opened it up and unlocked my chains and felt really angry with myself. I'm a trained scuba diver with several night dives in my logbook so I should have known better, I should have realized that everything looks totally different in the dark and that it is really hard to orientate yourself when all you see is what your flashlight shows you. 

I started to walk back up the dirt road determined to find that d****d key. I had my flashlight pointing to the right all the time and I counted the hills but I missed it again. After having walked for a mile I gave up, turned back and jogged back to my car. Just when I saw my car through the trees I saw the boulder to my left and walked in and got the key. After I got back to my car I changed back to my jeans and t-shirt and drove home. The funny part is that I got the biggest kick from running in high-heeled boots wearing a tight skirt and a tightly laced corset. It was a nice feeling to have it rise up and having to pull it down, so I at least could feel more covered.

The moral of this story is that you can never be too careful and you can't afford to take anything for granted. I think it's important to learn something when you screw up and get away with it. I've always been quite careful when doing my sessions and this was the first time I really needed the backup. I could probably have driven back into town and got some help, but it wasn't an option I wanted to try as I live in a small town, where there is very few secrets.


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