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Late Night Drive

by slut_jennie

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© Copyright 2004 - slut_jennie - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; corset; boots; chains; outdoors; true; cons; X

Hi! My name is Jennie and I am a closet transvestite. I want to tell you about a little adventure I had a Wednesday night little over a week ago. It is 100 percent true.

I had driven along a country road earlier that afternoon and left seven envelopes, at different places, containing keys to various locks. When I got home I had a shower, a close shave and started to get ready. I stepped into a black lacy g-string and started with my makeup. I quickly put foundation on and then dark red lipstick, blush, blue eye shadow, eye-liner and mascara. Even though I liked the result there was no way I would be mistaken for a woman. 

Next was the rest of underwear. I put on white stockings and stepped into my three-inch boots. I threaded padlocks through the holes for the laces and locked them on. Next I put on my black corset that I laced tight and a black lacy bra. I slipped in my falsies and locked a chain around my waist, making sure the very tight corset would not come off until I found the proper key. I put on a white blouse and my black pinstripe short skirt. I slipped a chain through the loops of the skirt and locked it on as well. A collar around my neck on the outside of the blouse was locked on as well. 

Now it was time to lock my leather cuffs on my arms and legs, I would lock chains between them later. I locked a three foot chain to my collar hanging down between my breasts and locked a spare car-key to it. Lastly I glued on dark red false nails. They were not too long, the only extended my nails with little over half an inch. All I had to do now was to wait for my neighbour to go to bed so I could slip out to my car, without being noticed. I had already packed a bag that contained the chains that I would use and a pair of four inch stiletto pumps along with some water, a coke, a flashlight and my safety keys. 

A few weeks ago I had set my combination lock to a random number, written the number down and it was in one of the envelopes. The bag would be locked to the inside of my trunk as well as the pocket that contained the safety keys with my combination lock, to which I did not know the number. I surfed the web until my neighbour’s lights went out and after another half hour I felt ready to start getting my keys. I turned off all my lights and took my bag and slipped outside. I quickly locked the door and walked the 15 feet to my car and got inside and drove off. 

As soon I had left the little town I live in I stopped at an empty parking and quickly pulled out the locks and chains from my bag and got out of my car and locked my bag to the inside of my trunk. I heard a car coming so I got back into the car and started to lock the chain between my legs. It was only 12 inches long so it made for a good hobble. Next came the chain between my hands. It was 18 inches long as I wanted to be able to drive without any problems. This is where I learned my first lesson of the evening. When I put my seat belt on, the shoulder strap caught the chain between my hands and while it was not a serious problem, it was something I had not accounted for. I drove off and had 6 miles to go before I reached the first key. 

Wise from earlier adventures I had taped a white tape to the signs where I had put the keys. It can be a serious problem because everything looks different in the dark. The first key was in a place where it was very easy to find, but it meant a short hike of two hundred feet in the dark on a trail so I was really glad I brought the flashlight. There are no streetlights until the last key. It is taped to a sign right under a streetlight in an intersection. I parked the car, got the flashlight and got out of the car. The night was cool and nice, but it was pitch dark. I made my way as fast as I could, being hobbled and only going by a flashlight. 

The keys were all in white envelopes inside a clear plastic bag, taped to the base of signposts except three of them. This one was taped to the base. I crouched down and reached for the bag. I had to steady myself with the other hand so I didn’t fall. When I tore the bag from the post I made sure I didn’t damage the envelope so I wouldn’t loose the keys, or the combination. When I got back to the car I discovered another bonus. The nails made it a lot harder to tear the bag. When I opened the envelope and started to try the keys in various locks, it fit in the first I tried, my hands. So I unlocked the chain between them and drove off. 

The next key was on the other side of a small village which was asleep when I passed. As soon as I reached the outskirts of the woods I slowed down for two reasons. First so I would not miss the signpost with the white tape on it and second, I definitely didn’t want to get into an accident with a deer, elk, fox, rabbits, cats, wild bore, or worse. I spotted the marking quite easily as I was going so slow. I got out and retrieved the bag from the base of the post and got back into my car. I started to try it out and it didn’t fit any of those I could reach, so I figured it was for my corset. I put away and drove for almost two miles before I saw the next white tape. 

This post was in plain sight of a farm but it was several hundred yards away and it was all dark so I snuck out and got the bag. This key fit in my boots. Not that it mattered since the only other shoes I had was four inch stilettos, locked into the bag, locked to the inside of my trunk. I unlocked the boots anyway and put the key away. The next key would be a little more difficult to retrieve, since it was up on an exposed rock next to the road. I had hoped I would have been able to unlock the hobble chain before but no such luck. I parked the car so that I had some help from the parking lights of the car to see where was going. I only had to make my way up the slant seven feet or so until I reached the plastic bag. I slowly made my way back down and to the car. 

When I tried the key it fit into the locks hobbling my feet. It made things a little easier. The next stop was another mile ahead. This key was taped to a signpost close to a boy-scout camp. I didn’t know if there where any boy-scouts there, but it is in the middle of the summer so it was very possible. I just hoped they didn’t have any tracking exercise tonight. I stopped and retrieved the key really quickly especially as the hobble chain was gone, even though the skirt was a bit restricting. I drove for another couple of miles before stopping to open the plastic bag an opening the envelope, just in case the boy-scouts were out. 

It was the combination lock. I retrieved the bag from the trunk and now I had the means to release myself. I had already decided that if this scenario would occur I would change my boots for my stilettos, so I did. I still had to retrieve the keys since I didn’t want to loose them. So I got back into the car and drove to the next key. They were taped to the railings of a bridge. I parked my car and now I had to walk for 100 yards to get the keys and 100 yards back to the car. Four inch stilettos are a little too high for me but a girl has got to practice so I started off, hoping there would be no cars since I was sure my black underwear and corset would be really visible through my white blouse in the headlights of a car and so would my white stockings. To make it even scarier, my cousins lived a few miles up along this road. I would pass their house later. 

Everything went fine and it was not quite as difficult as I thought it would be to walk on paved roads in stilettos, even though I felt a little bit tired in my ankles.  Guess I need more practise. This key I didn’t even bother trying out so I got back into my car and drove off to the last envelope. Before I started driving I made sure I had everything packed away in the bag so when I had retrieved the last key I could go directly home and go inside. I had just started off, when I saw headlights behind me. I almost freaked the last thing I wanted was a car behind me when I had to get out and retrieve the last key, so I slowed down even more, trying to get them to pass me. No such luck. They stayed about a hundred yards behind me. I crept on and started to get a bit paranoid. 

Luckily I didn’t only look in the review mirror but I also managed to keep an eye forward since after a mile and a half a deer jumped out in front of my car. I hit the brakes and hit the hazard lights, wanting to let the other car know there was something ahead on the road. They stopped as well and when the deer had disappeared into the night on the other side of the road I drove off again, now even more alert and with even higher heart rate. After another five hundred yards or so there was another deer and I once again hit the brakes and the hazard lights. The other car stayed behind me. When this deer also had disappeared into the forest I started off again and arrived at the intersection with the car behind me. I decided to turn left and to go even further out into the woods instead of going to the right and into the town where I live. The car behind me followed as well. 

The streetlight let me see the other car and it was not a cop car which was only one of the scenes that had gone through my mind by now. The next intersection was only a mile ahead and this time I decided to turn right. This would take me to a roundabout a mile away and that would make it easier to drive back to the key. The car behind me also turned right. Now I had had enough. I stepped on the gas and accelerated away from them. They never had a chance. My turbocharged engine made sure of that. 200 bhp is nice to have under the hood. I reached the roundabout well ahead of the other car and made a 180 degrees turn. I had started back the same road I came and I had hit my fog lights so they would see a different looking car before I passed them. I kept the speed up and turned back the same road. 

I came and stopped at the intersection to get the last key. I only had to stop the car, step outside, pull the bag loose from the post, get back inside the car and drive off. I only stopped for ten to fifteen seconds. The next stop was home. I parked the car and quickly went inside. I don’t think I ever have been so aware of the sound of high heels clicking against the concrete. When I was safe inside I locked the car with the remote and saw the light flash to signal that the alarm was activated. I unlocked all the locks and removed all the chains, slipped into a lacy nighty and went to bed. It was very late and I was really tired, but I was very satisfied with my adventure and I was sure it was not the last one.


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