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by Unknown

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The truth finally got Laura's attention. She didn't know how long she had been struggling with the damned handcuffs. She couldn't get herself out of them! Why had she been doing such a stupid thing? They were too tight and she didn't have a chance, making the key fit in the lock. Oh, what a misery! If it only had been the cuffs, she could have called 911 and made up a story about something, but she had gagged herself with a ball-gag harness before cuffing her wrists behind her back. She thought it would be easy to unlock them, but she obviously was wrong!

She looked at herself in the mirror, and what she saw was quite exciting, after all; Glossy, shoulder long, blond hair, big, round and firm breasts with stiff nipples. Her torso was wrapped up in a tight corset; revealing her hour glass-shaped figure. Her long and slender legs were covered in shiny, seamed, black nylon stockings, held up by garters from her corset. And, of course, she had her black patent-leather high-heels on. She sure was a sight for sore eyes, and that flimsy little g-string barely covering her shaved pussy was already wet, she noticed. This was supposed to be her "self-bondage" night, where she could dream about being a damsel in distress, but she had only made a fool of herself. What should she do now?

She had been into bondage for as long as she could remember. When she was a little girl, she always wanted to be an Indian, tied-up to a tree, when they were playing Cowboys and Indians. And she always got a tingling sensation when she saw movies where people got tied-up or hand-cuffed. Later in her early teens, she discovered that bondage was erotic, and she often masturbated, dreaming about being roped-up by strong male-hands. Her father had been a big and brutal motorcycle-cop and he always used to wear shiny leather-boots and breeches, and she found his outfits very sexy. She knew that her parents were into kinky stuff. She used to sneak up to their bedroom-door at nights, listening to their love-making. The sounds coming from their room, sure made her horny. She figured that her mother was somehow tied-up and gagged, while her father was fucking her and slapping her around.

She guessed that they lived in a b&d-relationship, where her father was the dominant and her mother the submissive. Her mother almost never spoke, unless spoken to, when her dad was at home, and she was always wearing stockings and short skirts. She had also told Laura that women should wear this stuff, always!

So, Laura grew up with the idea that stockings and skirts were part of every girls wardrobe. She didn't mind, because pants were uncomfortable, after all. One day, when she was all by herself, she sneaked in to her father's den in the basement, although she knew it was forbidden, and searched for something that could prove her parents kinky needs for bondage. And she found what she was looking for. Lots of bondage-magazines, films and paraphernalia; gags, cuffs, whips, rope and clamps. She sat down and browsed through the magazines in a dizzy state of mind, horny as hell. She tried the gags and the nipple-clamps and she had her first violent orgasm right there. She then knew that she was a submissive, longing for tight bondage.

Not long after this, her parents died in a car-accident, and she didn't have any siblings, so she collected the insurance-money, sold the house and moved to another city to start a new and exciting life. She was rich and free, and only brought with her all the bondage-stuff, her father's boots and of course, lots of sexy lingerie. She had bought herself this apartment and was actually quite happy with her life as a student. She had no close friends and at the age of 21 still hadn't had a boyfriend, because they bored her. She needed a master, but she was too afraid to end up with the wrong guy, so she mostly stayed home and dreamed instead. She was no virgin, because she used dildoes on herself when she masturbated. She even fucked herself in the ass from time to time. But, she hadn't been fucked yet by the real thing.

She sighed and tried to make some intelligible words from behind her gag, but only these "mmmph..mmmph"-sounds escaped her aching mouth. She had to get some help, but how and where? She didn't know any of her neighbors, but she had been talking occasionally to this guy next door. Mr. Henderson, she believed was his name, and he looked nice enough. Perhaps he could help her out of this ridiculous situation. She knew that he was single, in his early forties, and he was quite a hunk, good-looking and strong, although there was something with his eyes, the way he was looking her all over when they met. It was as if he could see right into her, reading her mind. And this always made her blush and look down.

Well, maybe she was wrong. He probably was a nice guy, willing to help a damsel in distress, after all. She finally decided to knock on his door, but she would have to be careful so that nobody else could see her like this.

Part 2:

Meanwhile, Mr. Henderson, Bob, was sitting in his living-room, watching his new bondage-video. He had a throbbing hard-on in his leather-pants and he loved this new film. The bitch in tight bondage was so beautiful in her lingerie and the sounds she frantically was making from behind her ball-gagged mouth was music to his ears. She also looked much like that bitch next door, Laura something.

He had been dreaming about tying her up since the day she moved in to her apartment. She had that little submissive look you rarely found in sluts today. They mostly were arrogant and snotty teasers who should have been whipped into obedience. He had been a bondage-enthusiast for a long time. That probably was the main reason for not being married. He just couldn't fix the idea of having a bitchy wife running loose in ugly dresses, giving him commands and polluting the air with giggling and stupid talk. He preferred women bound and gagged.

But he hadn't yet had the courage to advertise in his magazines for a slave. Well, maybe it now was time to do something about it, before he went crazy. Maybe he should ask that bitch, Laura, if she wanted to go out and have dinner with him, the next time he saw her. And then, perhaps gradually, tell her about his bondage ideas. Well......What was that sound? He turned the volume down on his TV. and listened. Yeah, there it was again. Someone was knocking on his door. Why didn't they use the bell? For the third time he heard the sound, and with an anger, he went to the door. Fortunately he had installed a peeping-hole so that he could see who was out there, before he opened the door. You couldn't be too careful these days.

He just couldn't believe what he was seeing. Laura in bondage!! That's why she hadn't used the bell; her hands were cuffed behind her back, and she was wearing a ball-gag. And her outfit; stockings, corset, garters and high-heels. What the hell was going on here. Was this some sort of a joke or prank? Well, he couldn't leave her out there. Somebody might see her and call the cops.

He quickly unlocked the door and hauled her in to his apartment, before he checked if someone had seen anything. Nobody out there, good! He locked the door, and turned to take a better look at his unexpected gift. It wasn't a dream, she was there for real. She was trying to tell him something from behind her gag.

She sure was beautiful. His raging hard-on was almost bursting his pants. He didn't want to ungag her, but he would have to, at least for a little while. So, he led her in to the living-room and sat her down on the sofa. Fortunately he had stopped the movie, before he had gone to the door, so she couldn't have any ideas about foul play, could she? He had to act concerned, just in case this was some sort of prank. He had to get some information out of her, so he unbuckled the gag, and it went out slimy and nice with a popping sound.

"Oh, thank you, Mr. Henderson, for doing that. I have been gagged for a long time now, and it sure was good to get my jaws back again. Now, could you please uncuff me too. I have the key in my left hand." Laura said relieved.

"But, how did you end up like this, you poor thing. Is this some kind of joke, or what?"

"No, Mr. Henderson, I did this all by myself, and I thought that I could lock me out of these cuffs, but to no avail. I can explain later, if you want. I'm terrible embarrassed now, and I only want to go back to my apartment, please!"

"Yeah, sure, but tell me, why did you do all this to yourself? Are you some sort of a pervert, or what? Look at you, dressed up like a bitch in heat. Don't tell me that you actually did this alone. Look, you can explain later, I'll just go out in the kitchen and get you something to drink. You must be real thirsty by now, huh?" Bob said with a concerned voice, and went to get her something to drink. (and some rope!)

"Yes, well, thank you, Mr. Henderson, but could you please take these cuffs off first!" Laura said anxiously. Maybe he wasn't going to be so nice after all?

"Of course, honey, I promise that I will remove the cuffs after you have had something to drink. Now, open up that pretty little mouth of yours. Here we go. That wasn't so bad, was it."

"No, that was actually quite good, thank you. Now could you...."

But that was all Laura could say, before Bob Henderson jammed the ball-gag back where it belonged. It was again buckled behind her neck, tightly, and now, Laura really got scared. Mr. Henderson brutally shoved her face-down on the sofa and started to rope her elbows together. She desperately tried to speak, but no real words were uttered. All he said back were "Yeah, sure" and "You're right about that, bitch!" What the hell was going on here?, Laura thought, scared and defenseless.

"Well, that's much better. And I promised you that I would uncuff you. There we go. Ropes are much more fun, don't you agree! You see, a girl has too much freedom in cuffs. Bondage is far better in ropes." Bob said, as he tied the knots tightly between her wrists. He then looped her ankles and knees together, before he wrenched her legs up behind her and created a perfect hog-tie. She was trussed up like a turkey. She tried to move, escape, but of course that was hopeless. Mr. Henderson sure knew his ropes! He slapped her ass and shoved a couple of fingers up her crotch, making her moan loudly through her gag.

"Yes, I can tell that you are one hot little bitch. That shaved cunt of yours is all wet and ready. So, you are a little bondage-slut looking for a man to tie you up and fuck you. Well, you sure knocked on the right door. I have been dreaming about tying you up since the day I first saw you. But I never had the guts to kidnap you, and here you suddenly are, all tied-up and gagged, knocking on my door. It's like a dream come true. And I promise you that I never, ever am going to take these ropes away from you. The gag will also be a part of you from now on, because I hate to listen to female crap. Now, you'll behave and lie still, while I go in to your apartment to check things out. But I will be back, don't you fret, bitch!" he said with a grin, and left her on the sofa hog-tied and ball-gagged.

Laura knew what he would find in her apartment. Lots of bondage-magazines and other stuff. Why hadn't she just said (when she had the chance) that her apartment was filled with her friends, and that this was a vicious prank, then he might would have let her go. But she couldn't lie to a big and strong man. Her damned submissive nature wouldn't let her. Mr. Henderson was into bondage, allright. He sure knew how to tie a girl up. The knots seemed glued. Of all the doors she could have knocked on, she ended up with a bondage-fan. Maybe all men were like this. She probably would have ended up like this any way, even if a woman had let her in.

She knew that she was a beautiful and fresh little thing and the way she had presented herself tonight, dressed up like a slut, sure made her irresistible. This must be destiny, she thought. She had found her master from her dreams, eventually, and her life sure would change from now on. Even though her ropes and gag did hurt, she also was starting to get horny. She had seen Mr. Henderson's bulge between his leather-clad legs and she knew that he was very well equipped down there. He sure would rape her, but the thought about that just made her hotter and wetter than ever.......

Part 3:

Bob went quickly and quietly out in the hallway. He locked the door to his apartment with the safety-key and started for Laura's door. God, what a lucky guy he was! The door to her apartment was not locked, as he had expected, but he tried the door-bell anyway. No answer, good! He went in and closed the door carefully.

Laura was into bondage, alright! There were magazines and video-tapes scattered all over the place. He picked one of the magazines up and browsed it quickly with great interest. It was a HOM-pub. called Kidnapped. It was old too. One of the issues from the seventies. Where the hell had she purchased that . Well, he would interrogate her later. He went to her bedroom, and her closets and drawers were full of fantastic lingerie and bondage-paraphernalia. It seemed as if she liked rubber and nylons a lot, because most of the items were made of these wonderful materials. She also had a huge collection of gags and dildos. She even had nipple-clamps in one of her drawers. On the walls were large posters of various females in tight bondage. This was getting better and better, Bob thought happily. He found a large bag and started to collect as many of her items, both lingerie and paraphernalia, as he could get into it, before he at last checked the rest of her apartment, turned the lights out and closed her door with a key he had found in the kitchen.

What should he do now? Luckily he was on vacation for three weeks now, but he couldn't keep Laura here in his apartment that long. Fortunately he owned a cabin in the woods. It was very secluded, and was only a 2 hour-driving from here. Nobody would miss Laura for these three weeks, from what he had seen in her personal papers. The problem was to get her to the cabin without anybody seeing her.

Suddenly an idea popped into his mind. In one of her "Kidnapped" magazines there was a story about a girl being trussed-up and put inside a wooden-box for transportation. He still had the big box from the giant television-set in his store-room. If he tied her tightly into a ball, she surly should fit in there. He just had to drill a couple of holes into it, so that fresh air could leak in. From what he had seen in her apartment, she would have no problems with two hours in that uncomfortable position. He just had to make sure that she stayed properly mute during the trip. A totally tight rubber-hood with only openings for nostrils should take care of that. Of course, the gag-harness would stay on underneath the hood. The wooden-box could be transported on the little trolley he had, down to the garage in the basement. And once inside his van, she would disappear forever. His cabin was equipped for bondage, and once there, he finally could get some release from his built-up bondage-fantasies.

Part 4:

He unlocked the door to his apartment quickly and hurried inside, before he locked the door properly again. Nobody had seen him being in the slut's apartment. He was so excited that he could feel his heart pump faster and harder than ever before. He had a raging hard-on in his leather-pants, but that would have to wait for later. He had three weeks at least to abuse this hot little bitch, so he had to cool down now. A beer would be terrific. As he went in to his kitchen, his nose picked up faint scents of Laura. Perfume mixed with hot sweat and musk cunt. God! It smelled great. He heard her moaning from behind her gag. He bet she was anxious to find out what was going to happen to her now. He gulped down the beer, and then started the preparations on the wooden-box.

First he drilled holes in it, and put a blanket and a pillow inside it. Then, he dragged it into the living-room, on the carpeted floor, next to where Laura was laying in her hog-tie. Her eyes widened in fear when she saw the box, and she started to shake and twist violently, moaning and screaming behind her gag, as she realized what was about to happen.

"Yes, bitch. We are going on a trip, you and I. I can't risk having you scream and drawing attention, so you will stay in this box till we get to our destination, my secluded cabin in the woods. Once there, I will take you out of this little prison, but not a minute before. The drive out there is only for two hours, and from what I saw in your magazines in your apartment, I guess you have been fantasizing about things like this before, huh! I brought with me lots of nice stuff from your apartment. This bag is filled with your lingerie and bondage-paraphernalia, including some exciting magazines and video-tapes that I haven't seen before. It seems like you have been into bondage for a long time, and I can tell from that wet and hot pussy of yours, that you find this very exciting".

"I have three weeks of vacation now, starting from today, and from what I saw in your papers, nobody will miss you, since you are a student just started your vacation, as well. It doesn't seem that you have any close friends or relatives either, It seems like you are the perfect victim for kidnapping. So, we are going to get to know each other well during the next three weeks. When we return, I'm sure that you will never be the same girl as you are now. I will train, fuck and discipline you so well in tight bondage, that I am sure you will move in here with me, when we return, as my permanent slave. Say goodbye to freedom...." Bob said as he started to wrap the black rubber-hood over Laura's desperate head.

Laura panicked, as she felt the hot rubber encasing her head. All went black as her vision was cut off, but due to small openings for her nostrils, she could breath normally, if she forced herself to calm down. She felt him cutting her hog-tie. It was good to be able to straighten out her legs again. But how long was she to be in paradise. She hoped that he would cut off the elbow-rope as well, but he had no such plans. He rolled her over on her back, so that she was resting on her tightly tied arms. Then he wrenched her legs up, so that her knees were almost touching her breasts, and tied them tightly there with a rope under her back and arms and over the backsides of her knees. Then he tied her ankles brutally tight back the other way, so that her heels were touching her ass. She knew that he had ball-tied her, so she could get into the box. Then he lifted her up and gently lowered her down into the box. He had placed something soft on the floor of the box to make it a little bit more comfortable. Thanks for small favors-Laura thought, as she heard him screwing down the lid. Two hours in this position! Laura started to cry and she thought she was the most sorry girl in the world.

Part 5:

Laura felt the box being moved. It felt as if she was being carried onto a trolley or something. It had wheels. He actually was going to bring her down to the garage and into his car. She could barely hear him closing the door to his apartment and bring her in to the elevator. After a little while he had her lifted inside his van. She could hear the engine start up and then the car drove off to its destination. Laura was almost panicking. He actually was going to do this. She had been hoping that he was joking about all this, just to scare her a little. Three weeks of rough slavery was what awaited her, if she survived this menacing prison in the car.

He was right about nobody was going to miss her. She had just ended her studies at the university, and she hadn't signed up for new classes after her vacation. She had been planning on taking a year off, do some traveling; see Europe and things like that. And he was also right about she not having any close friends or relatives. She had been so addicted to her bondage-fantasies that she hadn't had time for making friendships. Right now, cramped inside this little box, she strongly regretted that. But, wasn't this what she had just been dreaming about. Being grabbed and abducted by strong male hands.

She had been reading about damsels in distress for many years now, imagining how it would feel to be tied up for real. And it always gave her a big kick to watch girls being forced into bondage by hooded, vicious males. She had the complete collection of HOM's "Bondage Classics"-series. The violent 70's bondage, so well captured by HOM, was her favorite. The things she was going through right now, could have been taken from these lovely movies. But dreaming was one thing, and the harsh reality was another, unfortunately. This actually wasn't so romantic as described in fiction. As her tears and saliva leaked into her sweaty rubber-hood, she tried to ignore the horrible pain from her outrageous bondage-position. But, the pain was one thing; what scared her most was the reality that nobody, not a single soul in the whole wide world would miss her. This guy, Mr. Henderson, could actually keep her tied up for the rest of her life, and nobody could care less. Horrible news. She owned her apartment, and all of her bills were automatically taken care of, by her bank. What a fucking mess! Laura thought in her utter despair.

Mr. Henderson had promised her three weeks of tight bondage, training and fucking. Her mind was racing about that. How would it finally be to suck on a big, fat cock, or to get ass-reamed by this huge guy. He seemed to know what he was doing. And despite of her cramped position, she started to get horny. She could feel her pussy-juices leek into the crotch-part of her g-string. If she only could have touched herself, things wouldn't have been so bad. All she could do was to wait, in pain and sexual frustration.

Part 6:

Bob Henderson thought he was the luckiest guy in the world. He still couldn't believe why Laura had showed up at his place. It must be destiny, bringing two bondage-enthusiasts together, he thought happily. He just couldn't wait to get to his cabin. He had been building a well equipped dungeon in a secret room in the basement, completely sound-proof and air-conditioned. That was where the slut, Laura, would be spending her next three weeks. He had built this dungeon for fantasizing primarily. He had spent a lot of time in there by himself, drinking beer and doing some treatment on imaginary slave-girls. But now, he was actually going to use it for real. For the first time in his life he had tied up a living person, but he considered himself quite skilled after all, because he had practiced a lot on inflatable dolls and mannequin dolls. He sure knew his ropes!

There would be no escape for Laura, ever! He watched the clock on the car's dashboard. Only one more hour to go. He just had to quench his desire to ride any faster, because he couldn't afford being stopped by a police-car or having an accident or anything like that. Keep the speed limit, he said to himself, as he constantly was rubbing his moist leather-clad crotch. Finally they reached their destination. The secluded cabin came into view. Bob parked the van inside the garage, and started to carry all of the bags and stuff he had brought with him in to the cabin, through a door directly from within the garage. Very convenient when you have a slut tightly tied up inside a box, Bob thought with a grin. Although the place was secluded, you never knew what creeps could be sneaking around out there. He turned the lights on, and shut the blinds all over the place.

Luckily he had installed an advanced alarm-system, so if anybody should show up, he would be notified. He also kept loaded guns scattered around the place, so he felt quite safe. Bob picked up the remote-control to his television and hurried down in the basement. He pointed it to a spot above the washing-machine and pushed a button. There was a little humming sound, and suddenly a hidden door opened; his dungeon. After some preparations, he quickly went back to his van, and fetched his treasure. He opened the lid of the box, and dragged Laura out of her cramped prison. She moaned delightfully from behind her hooded and gagged mouth as Bob carried her down to the dungeon.

He cut off the ropes keeping her in the horrible ball-tie and placed her in a chair, especially designed for bondage. He tied her ankles to the chair's legs, before he cut off her elbow-rope and retied each of her wrists to the chair's armrests. Good, now she was completely safe again. There was no way she could get herself out of this position, Bob thought happily, as he started to wrench the soaking rubber-hood off her lovely face. It took a while before Laura could see properly, due to her visions being cut off by the hood for such a long time. She felt stiff and sore all over, but this bondage-position was not so bad. It was good to almost have her arms back again. Her elbows still hurt, but she could live with that. Finally, she saw where she was. In a dungeon of some kind. Her eyes were now adjusted to the light and she started to explore the room. Cuffs, gags, whips, enema-stuff and other paraphernalia were decorating the walls along with mirrors and pulleys and other things she had only seen in videos and magazines before. The things she saw were sending shivers up her spine, and she moaned loudly from behind her gag.
She tried to get out of the chair, but to no avail.

Bob Henderson was nowhere to be seen. So she settled down and started to fantasize again about what he would do to her. The bondage-position wasn't bad, but she would do anything to get rid of her gag. Her jaws were aching a lot and her damned saliva kept drooling out of the corners of her mouth. Finally, she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Laura turned her head and saw Mr. Henderson appear. She made frantic noises from behind her gag, when she saw him.

He had changed his clothes, and the things he was wearing made her almost pass out of excitement. His muscular and hairy upper body was only covered with a leather harness, making his heavy biceps protrude. It had various straps, coming out from a ring in the middle, placed to accentuate his torso muscles. One wide strap went directly down his flat stomach and disappearing inside his trousers. He had short black rubber-gloves on his hands, making his hairy arms look enormously sexy. His lower body was covered in tight black and shiny rubber-breeches, designed to accentuate the giant bulge between his legs. On his feet were shiny, black leather riding-boots, just like the ones her father had been using. Laura couldn't take her eyes from the bulge between his legs. God, he must be equipped like a horse, she thought, making unintelligible noises from behind her gagged lips. He was the most powerful man she had ever seen, a dream come true from her bizarre fantasies.

"You like my outfit, bitch?" Mr. Henderson said, with a grin. "This is only one of many master's uniforms that I possess. Well, I think it is about time that we have a decent conversation now, so I am going to remove that delicious gag of yours for a while. But, I have to remind you that you will only speak when spoken to, and always answer me with master in the end of each answer. Yes, I am your Master now, and you from now on will be referred to as slave, slut, bitch or whatever I prefer to call you. If you forget to answer me back with the right answers, you will be punished. Do you understand, bitch!" Laura nodded eagerly, she couldn't wait to get her jaws back. He was standing so close to her, that his powerful and masculine pungent odors could be smelled. She had never smelled or seen anything so exciting in her whole life, and she whimpered like a bitch in heat, when he finally removed her gag.

Part 7:

Laura had been gagged for such a long time, that she had problems getting her jaws back again. Her Master, Mr. Henderson, had left her ball dangling around her neck, just as a reminder of what would happen if she didn't give him the correct answers. He had positioned himself right in front of her, just inches away with his rubber-clad legs spread wide so that his bulge should look most prominently. Laura couldn't take her eyes away from that bulge. Her Master noticed this with a grin. "You want that cock so bad, don't you. Well, I'll give it to you later, don't you fret, bitch. We are going to have a little conversation, you and me, now. But first, I guess you're thirsty from being gagged for such a long time, so here's a glass of orange juice to cheer you up." Laura accepted the drink eagerly, it was delicious! "Thank you, Master!" she said, smiling, seeking her captor's eyes.

"Good girl!" her Master replied. "So, you're into bondage, huh? Tell me why, when and how you came in touch with it." Laura thought about it for a little while, before she replied back. "I've always been into bondage. I guess that it is in my genes. You see, my mother and father were having a b & d-relationship. My mother was always very submissive towards men. My father was a big and rough police-officer, a motorcycle-cop, always wearing breeches and high-polished boots. He was my mother's master, I guess. I used to sneak up to their bedroom-door at nights, listening to their love-making. And from the sounds, I could tell there wasn't any usual soft love-making going on. I figured that my mother was tied up, while my father fucked and slapped her around quite heavily. I guess she was gagged too, from her muffled sounds. They were very happy."

"Unfortunately they both were killed in a traffic- accident some years ago. I collected all their bondage-paraphernalia and films and magazines, sold the house and came to live in my apartment, next to yours, Master. I don't have any siblings, you see. I never could leave my bondage-fantasies behind. I guess my submissiveness comes from my mother. She also taught me to wear stockings and garters. I've never owned a pair of jeans or pantyhose. That was forbidden in our home. I remember sneaking down to my father's den in the basement, searching for some answers. Although I knew this was not allowed, I had to browse his magazines and dream about being tied up by strong male hands. He never touched me, unfortunately, although I wish he could have done that. He always played a part in my fantasies. I wished he could have discovered me in his forbidden den, tied me up and punished me for it. It always gave me a heavy orgasm to think about it, Master."

Bob Henderson found her story very interesting. His cock was starting to grow hard, and the bitch kept staring at his crotch. He couldn't wait any longer. He just had to fuck her right now. "OK, we'll continue this chat later", he said as he stood up and unzipped his breeches. Out came the longest and fattest cock Laura had ever seen. "Now, open your mouth, bitch. I want you to suck on my meat" he said as he pushed his monster-tool up to her mouth. Laura was only too happy to oblige! Finally, a real cock to suck on.

She had been practicing on dildos, but this live monster was bigger than any of hers. Luckily, she was used to being gagged with big rubber-balls, so she had no problems accepting his cockhead. The smell and taste of rubber, male sweat and cock almost made her pass out of excitement. Her cunt-juices were running freely and her nipples were straining to break out of her bra. The cock was so long that she doubted she could take it all the way down, but her Master just kept pushing it down her throat, relentlessly.

"That's it, slut. Open up wide now and accept my tool!" Mr. Henderson said, as he forced himself down her throat.

Laura panicked. She couldn't breath and tried to get away, but to no avail. Just as she was on the brink of passing out, he withdrew a couple of inches, so she could breathe, before he again pushed himself further down. This ceremony was repeated for a long time, until finally he withdrew completely. Laura gasped for air, her eyes tear-stained and her mouth filled with cock-tasting saliva. She was shivering and frightened. This was almost too much! She kept staring at the monster-cock; glistening and heavy, just inches from her mouth.

"Well, that wasn't so bad, was it? You suck pretty good. You actually accepted more than half of my cock on your first try. We're going to practice a lot of this during the next days, so that you'll learn to swallow all of it, including my cum! But right now, I want to get a taste of your shaved and juicy cunt. I'll just have to rearrange your bondage first" The Master said, as he jammed the gag back where it belonged! Laura hadn't had a chance to protest. This man sure knew how to treat a woman. She was being mastered, that's for sure. Her mind kept telling her that this was rape and awful, but her cunt continued to leak juices, wanting that cock so bad.

The Master roped her wrists together behind her back again, and he also applied the elbow-rope, making Laura protest wildly from behind her gag. Bob Henderson didn't give a damn. He was going to rope this bitch up every way he liked it, no matter, and he certainly didn't care if she didn't want it!. He then cut the ropes holding her ankles, and dragged her across the room to a mattress in one of the corners. A pulley hung above it, and he secured her arms to a hook and hoisted her up so she was standing bent forward on her heels, with her arms way up in the air behind her. He then secured her stocking-clad ankles to a spreader-bar. Her bondage was complete! And, the best thing; she was ready to be fucked!

Laura couldn't do anything to release the strain on her shoulders. This bondage-position was awful. She had seen it performed on videos before, and she always wanted to try it out, but this was torture. She saw her Master appear in front of her, stroking his powerful cock. "Are you ready to be fucked, bitch?" he said, but all Laura could reply back was "mmmphh".

"Good, I take that as a yes" he chuckled and went behind her, ripped her soaking wet g-string off her and inserted a couple of fingers up her wet cunt. "Baby wants cock so bad. You're hornier than a bitch in heat" he said as she felt the big cock-head press against her nether-lips. With two brutal thrusts he was in.

It wasn't as bad as Laura had thought. Maybe it's because my cunt is so wet? She really felt stuffed, praying that she wouldn't be ripped in two. He fucked her with hard and slow thrusts, and it was heaven for both of them. Laura moaned heavily from behind her gag as her Master fucked her harder and harder. She had completely forgotten her painful bondage. Only his cock mattered. She finally came violently, again and again, but her fucker kept on exploring her fuck-channel. Laura was on the brink of passing out, when he finally emptied himself inside of her, filling her with huge amounts of cum, and he held himself inside of her for a long time after, before he withdrew with a popping sound.

He cut the rope attaching her to the pulley, and she just collapsed before his shiny boots. His semi-erect, yet powerful cock glistened with cum and cunt-juice as he bent forward and ungagged her. Laura was totally soaked and tired, but she soon got the idea as her Master pushed his fuck-tool against her lips.

"Clean me up, slut. That was the best fuck ever. I know you enjoyed it too, from your multiple orgasms. Great." He said as Laura sucked and nibbled and cleaned up his cock. It tasted good, cum and cunt, yummy! Finally he was pleased with her work, and stuffed his meat-pack back into his breeches. He then cut the elbow-rope and took away the spreader-bar and once again had her sit in the chair. In a minute he had her fixed again, but he left the gag dangling around her neck.

"Time for dinner. Now, you be a good girl and sit tight, while I prepare something to eat. OK, bitch!" he said as he started to walk upstairs to the kitchen.

"Yes, Master" Laura replied back, smiling at her captor. She felt as the luckiest girl in the world. Finally she had found what she had been looking for.

She was home!

Part 8:

The days passed slowly for Laura. She had been in bondage for more than a week now, the ropes were as tight as before, and the gags as mouthwatering as ever. She hadn't been free for a second. Bob had kept her as a bondage-pet, as promised, and she had enjoyed his huge fuck-tool in every hole. Even her tight asshole had been abused repeatedly. He had used butt-plugs of increasing size back there, to widen her up for his enormous cock. Laura didn't mind. She had been dreaming about things like this for years and she had settled down and resigned to her fate. She only wished they could stay here in the cabin forever, but she knew it was impossible. She would move in with Master and sell her apartment when they returned in two weeks. From now on, only Master and bondage mattered. She was proud to call herself slave.

Right now she was suspended by her wrists to a pulley. Her toes on her high heeled shoes were barely touching the floor. She was wearing black, shiny rubber-stockings, a rubber corset laced tightly behind her back, making a perfect time-glass shape of her beautiful body. Her full and firm breasts were forced up by the corset, making her tender nipples hard and ready for play. Her arms were also encased in black rubber; Opera-length gloves had been added to her costume, by her master, before her wrists had been shackled. She loved rubber!

The tight and clinging material both felt and smelled good. It was like a second skin on her body. A harness ball-gag encased her head, and it was locked to her slave collar with a padlock. Ropes had been added to her legs at ankles and above and below her knees, making a nice contrast to her black legs. She moaned loudly through her gag, to get her master's attention. She was so horny! Her shaved pussy was leaking juices. Master hadn't yet fitted her with the chastity-belt that had two solid rubber-dildos attached. Her aching body was waiting for them to enter her.

Finally, Master Henderson entered the room. As expected he held the chastity-belt in his hands as her approached her. But, why was he dressed in ordinary clothes, and not rubber-breeches as usual?

Laura was puzzled. "You are wondering why I'm dressed like this? I have to go to the village for shopping, today. There's almost no food left. It should only take a couple of hours before I'm back. Meanwhile; These two fellows should keep you busy." He said as he shoved the dildos home. The belt was finally locked onto her, and he stuffed the key in his shirt-pocket. He kissed her gently on her left cheek, patted her ass and left.

Laura was confused. She didn't mind her bondage, or the twin dildos, but something was wrong. She was sure about that, but she couldn't find out what it was. Then, suddenly, she got it. He hadn't activated the alarm! She screamed into her gag, but of course he couldn't hear her. The sound of his car fading away, meant that he had left. God! The door was locked, but no alarm was active. Laura just hoped that nobody was sneaking around out there...

Laura tried the best she could to enjoy her bondage, but she was too anxious about the alarm. How could he forget! Then, she heard a car approaching. He's back! she thought happily. A moment passed, and she heard noises. Two men at least were out there. She stiffened and her heart almost stopped. Oh, my God! She heard glass being shattered and suddenly she knew that they would find her. Where's Master?

She heard them speaking together out in the hall. "I knew we would get our chance, one day. It was smart to keep this place under surveillance. I bet he's got lots of useful stuff here that we can sell later, but, let's hurry. He could be back in any moment."

"Yeah, I don't like this. You see, the alarm-system hasn't been activated. Let's get some stuff and get the hell out of here." the other guy said. Then, they entered the kitchen, where Laura was tied up, helpless and heavily gagged...

The burglars were all dressed in black. They even had stocking-masks over their heads. Laura was so afraid that she almost passed out. They looked very dangerous and mean.

"Well, look at this; A bitch in tight bondage. She's gorgeous. Look at her outfit! Man! Are we lucky. Let's get her out of here in a hurry. This bitch really could make us rich!"

"Yeah, the guy who owns this place, really is a man who knows how to treat women. Quick! Let's cut her down and let's get out of here." the other thug said, as he approached Laura with a big knife in his hand. She didn't have a chance as they hog-tied her and carried her with them to their van. She was dumped on the floor and one of the guys sat down beside her and started to fondle her tits.

"Hey, this bitch is the hottest thing I've ever seen, can't wait to rape her. But, she's wearing a chastity-belt and it's locked onto her. We'll get rid of that shit in our garage, back home. Let's go!" the bastard said, as the van started to move.

Laura was crying and for the second time in a week, she was tied-up in a van. She didn't know what fate awaited her this time, but she figured it would be bad. What a misery! If only Master could have activated the alarm. That would have scared these thugs away. They sure would rape her and maybe sell her, kill her or something. They definitely wouldn't set her free. I only hope that Master will come after me, before it's too late.. Laura thought in her utter dispair, as the van brought her closer to her unknown destiny.

Part 9

Bob Henderson was just exiting the post office, where he had picked up some new and exciting bondage gear for Laura. It was a surprise-gift for her. A trainer ring-gag and a heavy 8 buckle Bishop-gag were just waiting to be placed on her beautiful face. Master Henderson wasn't pleased with her deep-throating skills, but he would teach her. This new ring-gag had been fitted especially for his cock, and once buckled onto her, she sure would learn to take his enormous meat all the way down. He was so excited about this, that he hurried into his van, before his pants burst! He kept thinking, as he started on the way back, what a lucky guy he was. A willing, little bondage slut had entered his boring life. He couldn't lose her.

He had decided that she would be kept in bondage for a very long time. Women belonged in tight ropes. They didn't need freedom. Once free, too many stupid ideas popped into their little heads; Female liberation, shopping malls, chatting with friends, phone talking and so on. Master Henderson shook his head, when he thought about all these ugly things. God! How he hated talking, giggling women! No! Rope, gags and some flimsy lingerie were all bitches needed. Sure, that's the way Laura would spend her life; Bondage life.

He kept imagining the bondage-position he had left Laura in today; All rubberclad, harness-gagged and the twin dildos. She sure would be sweaty and horny when he returned. He was glad that he was almost back now, because his cock was very angry and ready for abuse. He fondled the ring-gag as he was driving the last few meters up to his cabin. Something was wrong, very wrong! He saw shattered glass on the patio. Then he remembered; The alarm! He had forgotten to activate the alarm. That's why he hadn't been notified on his mobile-phone, as he usually would have, if someone tried to break in. Shit!

He ran into the cabin, in search for Laura, but she was gone. The poor thing. Someone must have kept this place under surveillance, just waiting for a chance. Bob Henderson searched the cabin for clues, but all he found were tracks from a van's tires and footprints from two men. They must have moved fast, because he hadn't seen any other car on his way back. He had been gone for two hours, so they already had quite a lead on him. He had to track them down, and rescue Laura. He couldn't live without her now. Bob Henderson was a former Navy Seals, so he was no stranger to violence.

Fortunately he had all the gear he needed right here; Guns, ammo, surveillance-gear, hi-tech equipment and a very determined mind. Fortunately, he had placed the harness-gag on Laura, that had a little radio-transmitter hidden in the rubber-ball with antenna's running within the face-straps. Because he had locked the harness on her with a padlock, he hoped that she still was wearing it. He turned on his computer, the radio and started to search. Yes! There it was. A faint signal. She was on the move. He placed a CD-ROM with detailed maps of this state into the lap-top, and began to track her location. They were heading towards Somerville, 60 miles from here. He took the lap-top with him, connected it to his cellular-phone and the radio-transmitter. The last thing he did, before driving off, was to change into his combat-gear. He was ready. Those motherfuckers who had kidnapped Laura sure would be sorry when he tracked them down......

Part 10

Laura was lying on her back with her legs shackled to a spreader-bar that had been attached to a pulley and hoisted up in the air. All of her body was suspended in the air, except her back that was resting on her painfully and tightly tied arms. The men had added rope to her elbows, commenting as they did so, how sexy it looked. She had been brought to this room after her long and terrible ordeal in the van. It looked like dungeon of some sort. It wasn't as well equipped as Master's, but there sure were enough items here that sent shivers down her spine. She was wondering if all men had dungeons. The thugs had easily clipped off her chastity belt, and her shaved crotch felt very vulnerable and exposed between her rubber stockinged legs. She knew she was about to be raped.

She was still wearing her harness-gag, but not for long, because one of the captors were now about to break the padlock on this item as well. "There we go. Now don't you say a fucking word, bitch! Just keep your slut-mouth open and welcome this new gag. Think of it as a safety procedure. We can't risk having you bite our cocks off, now can we?" The vicious man said with a grin as he held a ring gag in front of Laura's desperate face. She knew she had to submit. There was no way for her to fight back. The gag was placed on her face, as tears started to run down her cheeks. Now, they could stuff their cocks into her mouth without problems. I only hope that they're not as well hung as Master, Laura thought in despair.

Although she was in physical pain, humiliated and about to be raped, Laura couldn't help, as shockingly as it was, getting aroused by the whole thing. Her nipples got erect and very sensitive and her moist cunt was slowly starting to leak juices. She didn't know what was turning her on, but she figured that one of the reasons was the fact that her captors still were wearing their stocking masks. She had watched scenes like this on her lovely videos again and again while dreaming about the real stuff. Masked and brutal men forcing beautiful girls into bondage and discipline. Her subconciousness was waking up, although she tried to fight it back. She was helpless to it's cunning whim. It told her that this was what she really wanted. The men were noticing this too.

"Look at that cunt, man. This little slut really wants it, huh?"

"Yeah, told you she was the hottest thing I've ever seen!"

Their brutal hands found her weak spots and she moaned loadly into her gag, drooling heavily.

"Well then, bitch, it's feeding time. Daddy's got some hot meat for you." One of the thugs said as he opened his fly and held a thick and pungent cock in front of Laura's mouth. It soon was inserted into her mouth, and Laura accepted the heavy salami eagerly. What's happening to me? Laura thought, as her slut-instincts started to take control over her abused body.

Part 11

Damn! Bob Henderson cursed. He was so angry. He'd lost track of Laura and her captors. The tracking system didn't work properly in this area. He was so close. He'd seen on his monitor that they had stopped a while ago, but now the system had broken down. She couldn't be far away, but where should he look? The captors had surely put their car in a garage somewhere, and he bet that they were in a secluded place. Shit!! He got out of his car, and started to search the area randomly...

Part 12

Laura was laying spread-eagled on a bed. After all the abuse her captors had put her through, she was very tired. They had showered her, in her rubber-outfit! Fed her through her ring-gag, and she had been tied down to this bed for relaxation. Her ring-gag had been replaced by the harness ballgag, but she didn't complain. She had tried to sleep a bit, but her mind was in turmoil. Although she had been raped repeatedly, she still wanted more. She wiggled her toes, wet and sweaty in their rubberstockings, she had been wearing her rubber for a very long time now, and moaned through her gag. What are they going to do to me next, she thought with a smile on her stretched lips. She finally fell asleep in her bondage.

She was awakened by the noise of men talking loudly in the room next to her. There were more than two of them there. They soon entered her room, all four of them. Laura was curious and she mmphhed through her gag, what are these two guys doing here? Her captors were still wearing their masks, but the new guys didn't. They looked foreign, Arab or something, big and mean.

"So, this is the little bitch?" One of the Arab-looking men said.

"Yeah, she's the one. She's so hot, you can't believe it." one of her captors replied.

The Arab walked towards Laura and touched her rubberclad legs. "Nice lingerie. She's perfect. Just what sheik Abdullah wants. It's a deal. Mustafa here will pay you 500 thousand dollars, once she's secure in the box. You're sure that she's not going to be searched for, huh?"

"No. As I told you over the phone, she was grabbed while in bondage, and according to her reactions when we browsed her body, she sure didn't react like no victim of foul play. She's completely into bondage, totally!" one of her captors answered.

"Well, I believe you. You have provided us with hot sluts before, and we have never had any problems with investigations on these matters. Well, then, bitch. It's time for you to leave now. Mustafa here will have you secured in the box within minutes, and then we'll be on our way to the airport. You will spend the rest of your miserable life as a slave in sheik Abdullah's bondage harem in The kingdom of Yemenistan. Once there, you will join your bondage sisters from all around the world. The harem consists of nearly 40 slavesluts, of every race and size. We are highly professional slavers, and we break females every day. You see, bitch, that in our country, females have no rights, they're just playthings for us. If a man wants to buy a slavegirl, well, that's no problem, and remember that there will be no freedom for you anymore. See you later, sweetie. OK, Mustafa, she's all yours" he said with a vicious grin on his face.

Laura was shocked. I'm sold to an Arab sheik? They can't do this to me. Oh, please, no! Help me somebody! She screamed uncontrollably through her gag, but the men were all laughing at her futile attempts of escape. Mustafa walked towards her and slapped her face twice. "Shut up, bitch! If you don't behave, I'll see to that you'll be wearing the worst nipple-clamps ever made on your journey to Yemenistan. Is that what you want?"

Laura shook her head in resignation.

"Good. Your gag will stay on, so will your rubber-lingerie." he said as he cut her loose from her spread-eagled position. " OK, bitch. Turn around! " Laura did as she was told, on shaky legs. Mustafa placed rope on her wrists, and cinched her elbows tightly together, before lacing an armbinder of solid leather, tightly over her already useless arms.

Next came the hood. A rubberhood with only openings for her nostrils. It was the same kind of hood as Master had placed on her head three weeks ago in his apartment. Laura fought back her fear of suffocating inside that warm head-prison. Within moments she was ball-tied and carried to a box, lowered down inside, and then the lid was screwed down carefully. Laura was in great pain, but she would have to try and relax, difficult as it was, if she was going to survive this ordeal. How long will I stay inside the box, this time? Laura fought back tears, as she thought about her inhuman fate.

Part 13

Bob Henderson was about to give up. There was no sign of Laura and her captors anywhere. God, was he angry. As he was about to leave, he noticed a black van, with sinister looking guys in it, driving past him. Well, well, perhaps here was something to investigate after all. He followed the vehicle as it suddenly turned left on a well hidden dirt-road. Why had he not spotted that road before? He ran behind the car on a safe distance. This was definitely interesting. The car stopped outside a wooden shack well concealed in a little forest. It was impossible to find the place without a hint. Bob Henderson watched as the two men , foreign-looking went into the house. He was suddenly sure that this was the place where Laura was being kept. He hurried back to his car and fetched all the equipment that he would need to rescue her.

A few moments later he was ready. He entered the house, quietly. He was trained for moments like this. The house was unlocked, and he entered the building without a sound. No one was to be seen, but he heard faint voices from the basement. In the kitchen he spotted some bondage paraphernalia, and very determined he headed for the basement. Suddenly, he saw four men discussing the fate of a young girl, Laura. She was being carried into a box, balltied and hooded. He was sure that she was Laura, because of her rubber outfit. He waited until she had been placed inside the box, before he made his entry.

"Well, then gentlemen, what have we got here, then? I think that the lady belongs to me." He said with his automatic weapon pointed towards the surprised men. "Move over here, hands up, on your knees!" The men did as they were told, reluctantly. Bob Henderson had them cuffed in seconds. He then added rope to their feet, and hog-tied them expertly. "So, you guys like bondage. Well, then I guess that you'll love this treatment, huh?"
He unscrewed the lid from the box, and carried Laura out of it.

Then, he wrenched the hood off her head, and Laura was shocked to see Master rescuing her. He made it! I knew that he would come after me, she thought happily. "Are you allright?" He said, and Laura nodded vigorously. He made no effort to remove her gag or bondage, but Laura could wait. "I'll get back to you in a second, but first I'll have to deal with these assholes."

He stroked her pussy, and was surprised to find the wetness inside. "So, you really liked this treatment, these thugs have been giving you, bitch. Well, I'll punish you later for that, you stupid slut." He slapped her face in anger as he again faced the four thugs. "Guys, I'm sorry, but you'll all have to die, quickly. I can't take the risk of having you walking around alive, making another pass at Laura here." He grabbed the suitcase with all the money inside and started to gag the men with duct tape.

Once finished, he placed a bomb with a timer set to 5 minutes on the floor beside the men. "I'll take the money as a reward. Goodbye, then.." The men were frantically trying to get loose, but to no avail. Bob Henderson grabbed Laura and hurried for the car. Once inside, with Laura in the back, still bound and gagged, he took off, in a hurry. The explosion was faint, but he saw the fire in the rear mirror. Laura cried, thinking about her captors and their gruesome fate....

Part 14

Laura was again in tight bondage. She was laying on the carpeted floor of their new home, ballgagged, hog-tied and nipple-clamped. Master was in the kitchen, making something to eat. It was two months since the terrible event in the woods. She had been punished a lot, since then, because of her sexual reaction to her kidnapping. Master had given her a lesson. And she had learned it the hard way.

He had sold the cabin and their apartments and used the money from the Arabs to buy this new home for them, secluded and in a different state than before. Nothing had happened to them after the event with the bomb. The police were certain that it had been a drug showdown, and no traces could be led back to them. Laura was happy in her slavery, although Master was still angry with her. She dreamed in her bondage, thinking about his enormous cock and his skills as a real master of pain and pleasure, but she couldn't help dreaming about what it would have been like, to be a slavegirl in the hands of a merciless Arab Sheik............



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