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Laura’s Christmas

by Orion1701

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© Copyright 2001 - Orion1701 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; rope; gag; bfold; handcuffs; caught; F/f; tickle; tease; mast; climax; cons; X

It all started innocent enough. It was christmas, and I was alone. I'm Laura by the way. I was living alone for the first time and really enjoying the freedom. I had finally worked up the nerve to try something that always intrigued me. Bondage, or rather selfbondage. You see nobody knew of my fantasy's except for my friend Pat. She went with me to buy my handcuffs. I told her they were for a joke gift to a friend but I don't think she believed me.

The tree was decorated with colored lights and ornaments. All other lights were turned off. The tree would supply all that I needed. I sorted out the things I wanted to use for tonights adventure. Leather belts, blindfold and leather gag with a stuffed pouch to fill my mouth.

After setting my bathrobe on the sofa I sat on the carpeted floor wearing only red thong panties. I wrapped the belts slowly around my ankles being sure to loop each one separately. Then I went above and below the knees with more belts. My legs were now secured and I couldn't slip them free without my hands which were soon to be out of the way.

Next I placed the gag in my mouth and buckled the strap tight. In the spirit of christmas I added red and green stick on bows to my boobs. The blindfold slid into place completely cutting off the dim light. Almost done, I need to hug my thighs and reach the cuffs that are attached to my ankle belt. With several loud clicks that I am sure the neighbors can hear my hands are now secure.

This puts me in a sitting position with my hands trapped under my bent knees. I can move some but that would mean scooting along on my unprotected ass. Instead I choose to relax in front of the tree and fantasize.

I didn't even hear the door open. The keys were on the floor near by. I didn't even know someone took the keys for my cuffs, I was too busy with other sensations. Like the restraints and the thong between my legs. Neither of which was enough to bring me to orgasm, no matter how much I wiggled and rocked on the floor.

Finally with frustration getting the better of me I went for the keys. I twisted to my left. The keys were only a foot or so away. Only they weren't there. I turned some more, still no keys. I scooted forward and searched again, but no luck. Now I panicked, pulling and kicking, trying to get free. I screamed and thrashed about until I toppled over onto my right side.

'Oh shit am I screwed!' I thought. That's when something brushed my foot. My barefoot! Softly it came again, brushing my feet again. On it's third pass I giggled despite myself. I have very ticklish feet. Again and again it came, feather soft making me laugh softly.

'Who is doing is I wondered? Who is here and why?'

The feathery object moved up my legs and brushed my sides and back. Fingers replaced the feathers on my sides. I was really struggling now. I thrashed wildly hoping to escape this attack, only to have another part of my body tickled.

The assault stopped suddenly. I sat trying to regain some composure and wondered at how excited I was. In fact I was more frustrated than ever and wanted more! The blind fold was lifted away and I saw Pat kneeling before me. She had the biggest smile on her face.

"I thought this is what you were going to do," she said, "after buying handcuffs and saying that you wanted to be alone tonight!"

A weak hum escaped my gag in response, as I pulled at my bound wrists.

"Oh no, christmas packages can't be opened until morning!" Pat said. "But I'll see if there isn't something I can do with it until then. Don't worry you won't be bored."

With that that blindfold was replaced and I was in darkness again. Seconds later the tickling started again this time with Pat's happy laughter added in. I turned to the side but that did not help. It only exposed my thong protected ass which Pat slapped with her hand.

Once again my feet were the target of affection as I helplessly thrashed around. Ever so slowly the tickling fingers found their way between my bound legs and stroked my pussy. That's all it took, all of the tickling and frustration had built up and reached it's limit. The orgasm was fantastic, fireworks and rainbows, as I writhed in total helplessness.

And morning is still a long way off.

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