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Leaky Hot Water Heater

by Baubleheadz

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Well I had finally gotten up the courage to do some self bondage, but things didn’t turn out the way I had planned! This is that story. Well a little extra bit of story before the story is needed to explain why what happened happened.

My husband has been interested in various bondage and kink fantasies since when I first met him. We have done a few bondage games, including one where he tied me up and then just left me there and went to go play on his computer. At first I was pissed at him, leaving me in such an aroused state. Moments later I felt like he had just tricked me so he could go play his internet games, but soon enough he came to visit me. He had only come to visit me to make sure that I was going to stay aroused though. He added some “Liquid V” to my clit (amazing stuff, look it up), and just walked off to his computer room again.

About ten minutes later when the V had worn off he came back again, this time he placed a large rabbit style dildo in me, but didn’t turn it on. Ten minutes later he came back to add some more V and turned on the vibrator deep in the device and pushed it back in me since I had accidentally wiggled it out (this time he placed a pillow in front of it to hold it in). He added a ball gag and left. My husband knows that deep vaginal vibrations do nothing for me, so turning on the vibrator didn’t add much but it had added something. Ten minutes after that, like clockwork, he came back in and added a blindfold, some more V and turned on the rotating beads in the rabbit along with the clit vibrator, then just left AGAIN.

Within moments I was writing and cursing into my ball gag, riding a huge orgasm. I didn’t even know he was standing over me until I had come down from my orgasm and started to panic because of the over stimulation of the dildo that I could not dislodge. He had known this would happen and he immediately pulled out the dildo, added some more V, and left AGAIN.

Now I was pissed, here I was, tied spread eagle to the bed, trapped, totally un-aroused post-orgasm, gagged and blindfolded (which was no fun anymore), and dripping juices where drying uncomfortably on my butt. I grunted into my gag for about a minute, trying to get my jerk husband to come over and free me. This is the moment when I found out about MY bondage fantasy. I told that entire story to tell you this, as I started to calm down from my grunting temper tantrum, I started hearing every sound in the room. I heard the neighbor’s car start, someone else mowing their lawn, my husband now downstairs in the kitchen, and then I heard the front door bell.

Upon hearing the door bell I became very aware of myself, my vulnerability, my easily accessible sopping wet entrance. I thought of what I must look like to someone standing next to the bed. I realized ANYONE could be standing next to be bed, and I would have no control over it. I thought of my husband letting the mailman in to see his handiwork. My thoughts immediately became more devious, I began to daydream of a total stranger sneaking in the back door and finding me. I thought of some neighborhood teen breaking in to steal some jewelry and instead finding me and whispering in my ear “Guess who”. These thoughts drove me into a state of arousal I had never felt before. I wanted to be discovered, I wanted to be found vulnerable and wet, by anyone. I had just discovered the fantasy that would fill my dreams and daydreams for months to come. To be discovered in a state of heightened arousal by a total stranger and willingly mentally (but without a choice in the matter) giving myself to them sexually.

My husband never knew of my fantasy, from that day I told no one, but I daydreamed about it every now and then. I would daydream about being found and used, or found and wrapped up in a large suitcase and stolen away from my home to be sold to some rich man for his use. I dreamt of not knowing who was there using me. There where times when my husband was not home that I would hide myself away in a closet like a discarded toy, put some “Liquid V” on my clit, a vibrator in me and wrap my hands and ankles all together in front of me, holding onto the loose end so I felt tied up. I would eventually orgasm from the V and vibrations, without even touching myself.

There was also a time, on a date with my husband, which I had thought of tying myself up for him and letting him find me. On this date was the first time I have ever cum unaided, well almost unaided (there is something to be said about a pair of tight jeans that fit “perfectly” where the four seams in the crotch area all come together in the hard nub of jean material, and that nub rests right under your clit when sitting). I realized though that I wanted to be found and used by my husband, but not be able to know if was truly him or not. I devised a plan.

Anyways it’s time to get to the actual story that I’m here to tell you. I’m telling you this story from the self narrative viewpoint, I didn’t know most of what I’m going to tell you when it was happening, but I’ve pieced together most of it by now.

I had decided, during that orgasmic bliss on that date months ago to tie myself up for my husband to find. I wanted to have as much sensory deprivation as possible so that I would never truly know if it was him or not. This way I could imagine it being someone else. The problem was I could never get up the nerve to go thought with it. There were a couple of times that I had woken up early and snuck out of bed to grab some supplies before crawling back under the sheets. I blind folded myself, gagged myself, lubed myself up really good, and tied my ankles and hands together with a knot I had learned on the internet that I could not undo myself. I would daydream about whatever fantasy came to mind until he would wake up, find me bound next to him, ravage me, and then leave me there still tied, dripping on the bed (I would protest when he tried to untie me right away). These morning fillings didn’t give me what I wanted, and I knew that I needed to do it all the way or nothing, full spread self tie, blind fold, ear and nose plugs, and ball (maybe ring) gag!

Well last Friday I finally made the decision to do it. I sent my husband out to the hardware store to get some things, knowing that he probably would get side tracked as usual and not come home for at least 2 hours. I told him that I was going out with the girls for the day. My husband suggested that we bug bomb the house, but I explained to him that I might come home for lunch so that would not work. My plan was to be tied up for him when he came home from the store with the requested items (duct tape, two 2” dowels cut to 4 and 5 feet, 4 eyelet screws, 100 yards of nylon rope; hoping he would figure out a use for them some other time. I hoped that he would dream of tying me up the entire time he walked around the hardware store.)

As soon as he had left I went to work setting everything up (*I* had already been to the hardware store after all). I took 4 eyelet screws and screwed them permanently (with gorilla glue) into the bedposts (as a sign of my never-ending desire for bondage) just below the mattress to hide them during daily use. I took a quick shower, and shaved every inch of my body from head to toe (except my scalp hair and eyebrows), another sign of my bondage. I cleaned out my rear end a few times over the toilet, in case my husband got creative later. I oiled up my entire body with this vanilla flavored oil my stripper friend gave me, gives the skin a long lasting healthy shiny sheen. I got every sex toy we had out of the drawer and placed them all on bed between where my knees would be when I was tied spread. I laid out a hand written note, 4 ear plugs, my new ring gag harness, a blind fold and 4 self locking leather cuffs. I added to the pile 3 color coded small padlocks and all the various lock’s keys.

I wanted to make sure that there was no way I could wank myself off without help so the liquid V stayed at the bottom of the bed with all the other toys, out of my reach. I began by separating all of the keys that I had. Ankle cuff keys went down between my legs along with the two small padlock keys I had marked with red. The blue small padlock key and the key to one of my wrist cuffs went on the bed near where my right waist would be. I now measured out the 5 lengths of rope I would need for the spread tie.

Since my brand new ring gag harness’s ring was a little small (still big enough for most men to fit through) I decided to put it on now to enjoy it while I worked. This harness was a difficult thing to figure out for the first time since it held my jaw up by going over the head and behind the head. These straps were so that the mouth was rigid, could not be closed (‘cause of the ring) and could not be opened (‘cause of the various straps). Once it was on there was no way to open or close the mouth or dislodge the ring. I would need a mirror to put on the harness. I went into the bathroom and admired myself, shiny healthy looking skin, shaven head to toe, I just wanted to flick my clit right then but I knew better. After a moment of self revelry I started figuring out the harness and eventually got it on nice and tight.

Another moment’s revelry and I was off to the bed to add my brand new self locking cuffs. As each cuff clicked shut easily, my heart would jump a little and my clit would sing. I walked around the house for a little bit, feeling out my new bondage gear. I knelt down on the floor next to my husband’s favorite chair in the TV room, imagining myself there to please his every whim. I crawled around the floor on my hands and knees pretending to do his bidding, eventually ending up bent over the arm of his favorite chair (by his order), ready for him to take me any way he liked. Before going back upstairs I went to the key rack at the garage door and added a note for my husband entitled “Dear Husband”, knowing that he would see it when he closed the door and hung up his keys. This letter basically informed him of my fantasy, since I had never told him that I wanted to be discovered. The letter also instructed him that I was upstairs waiting.

Feeling that I was going to burst from all of my imaginary submissive play I decided it was time to get started for real while I was still super excited, and would not chicken out. I went back to the bedroom and taped another note to the bedroom door that explained that he should not say anything or make any noises for “anonymity reasons”. After that I went and tied the ropes onto the bed posts. On the upper right hand eyelet screw a special rope capture mechanism was added. I tied the remaining 5th rope onto the headboard. Then I used the keys to take off all my cuffs and tied each cuff to each of their bed post ropes. Putting the keys back in their places I got up on the bed and stretched myself out, checking that my rope measurements where just right. Once satisfied with my work I picked up 3 of the ear plugs and plugged up my nose and my left ear.

Next I picked up the two small padlocks that had been marked red and set them on my lap. Taking a good look at my surroundings, and memorizing where everything was I then added my blindfold. I felt my head with my hands. I could feel my harness, blindfold, and nose/ear plugs, I wanted to feel up the rest of my body but I knew better. I took the two locks off of my lap and locked the blindfold and harness on. Without waiting any more I groped near my ankles, grabbed each ankle cuff individually and cuffed myself. I took the hand written note which had already been prepared with duct tape on all 4 sides of it and taped it to my right thigh, conforming it to my body like a product label with the duct tape. I realized that I was still within reach of all my keys and toys and I could end this now, go wank off in the bathroom, clean up fast and my husband would have never known. I quickly laid back on the bed, took up the last small padlock and locked the headboard rope to the top of my head harness. Then grabbed the left wrist cuff and cuffed my wrist to the bedpost before I could think of a reason to escape. Taking the last cuff for my right wrist into my hand, I took a deep breath and closed the clasp.

Now I have to admit that I was still not trapped, the plan I had laid in motion was one that I could set myself free from, in the event of a problem, up until the point my husband came home. The right wrist cuff was on a really long rope. This was so that I could reach my body as low as my hip bone, but could not dream of reaching my clit so that I could at least enjoy my upper body while I waited. Other things that were within my reach were the key to my wrist cuffs, the key to the rope attaching my ring harness to the headboard, and the last ear plug. The plan was that I could get out in case of emergency, on my own, but it would take time, especially blind folded. The thought of him coming home in the middle of my attempt to get free was the type of humiliation I did not find sexy at all. I would never want to be caught chickening out of my own game. That thought alone was what I knew would keep me from trying to untie myself; the uncertainty of his arrival time. Now the trick to all of this was that if I moved my right hand towards the bedpost at all the rope capture would take up the slack.

Now I could only wait (and play some), knowing that I would hear my husband come home, would reach up and add the last ear plug and be unable to lower my hand to the keys, I waited for his arrival. Now I had time to experience my bonds fully, I wiggled and writhed while being careful to keep my right wrist rope taunt so I would not loose any slack. I was seriously wishing at this point that I had kept a toy up close, or had added some Liquid V.

At this point I could reach my right hip bone and my freshly shaved mons venus so I played with my sensitive skin in that area for a while trying to stretch my bonds so I could reach my clit, but to no avail, I had measured correctly. After a while I wanted to play with my breasts so I lifted my hand up to my left breast and the mechanism took up some slack, keeping the rope taunt I swung my hand down to my right side and checked that I could still grab the keys to my wrist and head harness. (I had practiced using my mouth to open the cuffs about 20 times). Being able to play with only my left breast was very frustrating, especially since I could no longer reach my mons or hip bone to play there again. I knew that if I played with my right breast I would loose more slack and not be able to reach my keys anymore. (Pity, since my right breast tends to be more sensitive). I found though that by swinging my arm at the end of the rope’s reach I was at least able to rub my wrist cuff against my right nipple and get some pleasure out of it.

Playing around and lost in daydreams I had almost forgot why I was there in the first place. I had not even heard garage door open, my husband's car coming in the garage, the garage door closing, or my husband coming into the house, but I did hear the front door shutting. I should have realized at that moment that my husband would have come through the garage, but I was so startled by the sudden return to reality that I just reached up, unthinking, added the final plug to my right ear and whipped my right wrist all the way up so that the slack was completely gone in a moment’s time. Now completely trapped, I was in a world of bliss. With no sight, no sense of smell, and the inability to control anything that happened next I felt almost like I was another dimension where only sexual energy and thoughts of sex existed. I tried to listen, to gleam a little bit of what was happening around me, but I could barely sense anything more than the air on my skin.

Now as the narrator I need to tell you what had happened before I even got started tying myself up. My husband had gone downstairs while I was pretending to get ready to go out with the girls and called our local repair guys to have them come clean and maintenance the hot water heater. Luckily for me the local guy, our friend, could not make the house call that day so my husband called some repair guys from the next town over, who had agreed to come out. Not realizing this of course I was already buzzing with sexual thoughts of the day to come, pampering my hair and plucking my eyebrows. Since my husband didn’t think I was going to be home he had figured on going to the store later in the afternoon. Instead he ended up going out to our fishing boat at the docks and doing some work on it. I had no idea that he didn’t plan on going straight to the store and then coming straight home. When my husband had left the house he had placed a note on the front door that read:

Smith’s pluming,
I have the need of your assistance upstairs, you might find this to be odd, but the hot water heater is not what you’d expect; it’s stored upstairs in the same place as the hot air unit. You’ll find it at the top of the stairs. The water heater needs to be cleaned out good and serviced; its way past due for a good work over. I hope it’s not too much trouble but if you take the extra time to fiddle with it and do it right I will make it worth your while, if you know what I mean. Please treat her right I want her to be in the family a good bit longer.
Thanks guys

There would have been absolutely no problem with this, they would have come up, (scared the hell out of me with the amount of noise they would make), fixed the heater and left, but I had placed a note on the master bedroom door! And the master bedroom door is the first door at the top of the landing! They had not seen the note that I addressed to my husband, because that had been at the garage door, not the front door. If they had seen that note they probably would have understood what was going on properly (who knows what they would have done though, sexy chills go down my spine when I think about that). The content of the note I had left for my husband on the door did not make anything better (well that depends on your opinion I guess {smirk})! Now remember I was writing this letter to my husband, and trying to imply to him that I wanted him to act the anonymous stranger.

      Cum on in and see the surprise I have for you! Do what you like with me, but don’t say a word, I don’t want to know who you are *wink*. Just a suggestion though, I could use a good servicing, and you don’t even have to clean up after, when my “husband” comes home he’ll untie me so I can clean myself up *wink*. Just think of me as a household appliance, a mere fixture, I’m here to do what is desired of me nothing less, nothing more. The dishwasher is downstairs, the TV is in the living room, the water heater is in the utility cabinet, but the pipe cleaner is ready and waiting on the bed. Remember don’t talk or do anything that might let me know who is here, you are anonymous.
Yours truly,

Well when these two hot blooded men saw this letter they figured out exactly what (they thought) was going on! They came into the room quietly; probably afraid I would be some nasty old lady ready to pounce on them from behind the door. That of course was far from what they found.

I lay there thinking that I had heard my husband come in the room, hearing the floor creaking slightly even though the ear plugs. I heard him walk over and I could feel him looking at me. In my mind’s eye I knew (wrongly) that it was him, but I tried as hard as I could to imagine him being someone else. The first person that came to mind was the 18 year old kid down the street that fell off his bike last year when he crashed into our trash can on the sidewalk. Of course I knew he had been staring at my ass, I had been bent over in my favorite tight jeans to pick something up from under our SUV (intentionally bent at the waist). He probably could have even seen right though my legs, up my un-tucked T-shirt, and caught a glimpse of my hanging bra-less breasts. Ever since I had started to dream of being found bound I had been more and more loose with my sexuality. What can I say, I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist now, comes with the territory I guess.

The reality of the matter was that the person in my room was not my husband, was not the neighborhood kid, and was not even just one person. The two plumbers silently went into the master bathroom and I could hear (him)them washing (his)their hands. One of them took a bottle of my husband’s cologne down from the shelf and sprayed his armpits for good measure. Coming back over to the bed the two of them silently deliberated in whispers about what to do with me. They admired my nearly perfect body. I must have been a very nice sight; shaved from top to bottom, gleaming with a healthy glow from the oil, fully naked, spread on the bed, vulnerable. I could feel that my labia had fully spread out from my excitement. They would have been able to see the wetness seeping out of my ready hole. My chest must have been fully blushed with blood by then too. Any hot blooded man would have been able to tell that I was more than ready for a good hard fucking, and I was. I’d be remised to admit, I have a nice body. I don’t have the perfect body but my husband always joked that I could be a stripper if our money ever ran low. Lying down like this was the only way you could have known by looking alone that my full perky breasts where real too. And to top off the entire view, I have a nice golden tan with no tan lines!

It seems that my cherry red lipstick had attracted these bulls as one of them (who I still thought was my husband, but imagined was that neighborhood kid) stuck a finger in my mouth and just rested it there. I’m taking a narrative guess here, but I think he was “asking permission” by resting his finger there, waiting for me to respond. Not knowing this, and at this point I might not have cared even if I had known, and could not have stopped it if I had wanted to, began greedily licking this unknown man’s finger trying as best I could to be a good “pipe cleaner appliance”. The thought of being a household “fixture” thrilled me to the bone.

Let me just get this out of the way now so I don’t have to explain it over and over. With my extremely heightened emotional and sexual state, with the thought that I KNEW it was my husband, and yet the entire time trying to imagine it was the neighborhood kid, it took me a VERY long time to realize that this was not my husband in the room with me. I was too far gone from the world to even notice the subtle hints, especially with the sensory deprivation, and the small details that were mounting somewhere in the back of my mind letting me know this was not my husband. There where moments though that I had thought, for just a split second “my husband would not have done that”. I quickly dismissed these thoughts by assuming my husband was being “in character”. Now that I got that out of the way as a narrator, let me continue.

Once the plumber had “permission” from me he didn’t waste any time feeling me up, the older man had decided that he would get a go at me first. He stroked my body, and fingered my hole. One of the “things my husband would not have done” was that this man took my wetness on his fingers and made me lick it off. Normally I would have probably not been totally fond of it, but I would have done it to please my husband, in this extreme mood I actually enjoyed it, after all I was a pipe cleaner. I hoped that my husband would do this again with his cock once he was done using me.

The older man played with me, while in the meantime the plumber apprentice was examining all of my varied sex toys, and let me tell you, they are varied. The apprentice must have showed the older man one of my favorite toys, the man stepped away from me, and the apprentice inserted it into me. It’s called a snugglepuss and it has a large bulb that goes into the vagina and a smaller spring loaded bulb that sits on the clit. When the two halves are pulled apart for insertion, the strong vibrator turns on inside of the vagina and the residual vibrations tickle the clit. A lot of women can get off with this alone without touching themselves at all once it’s in, but I can’t… normally. The moment the bulb turned on, I was already screaming and writhing pre-orgsmicly all over the bed, probably threatening to break my bonds, I was straining so hard. On the verge of orgasm the apprentice quickly pulled the toy out and threw it down on the floor. I guess they hadn’t known how ready I really was until that point. While the apprentice had been making me wail, the man had searched in my bedside table and found a condom and had put it on (my husband and I use condoms when using toys anally, for easy cleaning). Without another moment wasted the plumber climbed on top of me and pressed himself deep into me in one thrust. It felt to me that this cock was a good bit shorter than usual, but also a bit thicker. I figured that it was part my imagination thinking of our neighbor, and part that this was a position we had never done, with me stretched out so much.

The old man was not interested in much foreplay, but he was interested in biting my nipples really hard, two more things my husband would have done differently. I don’t normally like pain, but in my heightened state of arousal it didn’t hurt at all, instead it just sent shockwaves of energy through my body with each bite. The old man was spent quickly and pulled out of me with a pop. Once he was standing he gave each of my breasts a little slap and pinched my nipples in “thanks” for my services.

I thought I was done, and I was a bit upset that I had not gotten off! The snugglepus had oversensitive me some and the constant shockwaves of energy from the nipple biting had kept me distracted from my goal. I still thought that this was my husband so I didn’t expect to be getting any for another 2-3 hours, when we were younger he could do it twice in a row if I teased and sucked on him for a few minutes, but lately he’s not been able to do that. So I was surprised when I felt him climb up on the bed and slap his cock on my cheek.

Now it was the apprentice’s turn. He reached a hand under my neck and turned my head positioning himself and my mouth to pleasure his penis. He leaned over me, holding himself up with one hand and pressing my head into his crotch with the other hand. I did the best I could to bob my head and lick his dick from this position but the ring gag harness tied to the bedpost kept me from moving deeper onto him, and I could not have gotten this penis out of my mouth if I had tried. The apprentice would force me to deep throat him until I started to gag for breath then he would let me go just long enough to get some air. I rather enjoyed this abuse and did the best I could to help him press deeper into me while massaging him with my throat muscles as best I could.

Yet again I should have realized that this was not my husband for more than one reason. There was no way he could have been hard that fast on his own, he didn’t taste of latex condom or pussy, and this penis was a lot thinner than it should have been, and yet longer than I would have expected. Soon enough he tired of my mouth (which was good because my mouth was tired too). He walked to the foot of the bed, cleared all of my toys off the bed in one sweep of his arm and he sat down at the base of the bed. Trying one key after another the apprentice found which key went to my left ankle cuff, but didn’t unlatch it. Getting up from the bed I could feel him rummaging around in my clothes dresser looking for something. Soon enough he had found what he needed and returned to sit on the bed. Undoing my left ankle cuff he took my left leg and passed it over the right one rotating my hips in the process, and pressed my knee up towards my chest. Effectively I was now fully accessible from a new angle. The apprentice came around the bed and sat on my ankle, holding my leg where he wanted it. Then I found out what he had gone to get from the drawer. He pressed two fingers into my butt and they slipped in with little resistance! With the flow of sexual juices from before and the addition of the lube he had found he began liberally lubricating my butt. The next surprise was that one of my thinner vibrators was pressed against my pucker, then pushed past it! The apprentice was using the toy to make sure to shove some lube deep into me.

This was another moment where I should have known it was not my husband. We have a house rule that a toy does not go in the back hole without a condom and I could feel that this didn’t have one on it, at that time I still didn’t really notice the significance. If I had realized at that moment that it was not my husband I probably would not have let the apprentice so easily shift my legs around again after he had gotten up off my ankle. Although I still would not have had much control to stop him.

Having had time to cool down, and having been distracted by the deep-throating and the lubrication I really was not at the verge of orgasm anymore. So when the apprentice shifted my left leg back to the left, spread eagle again, and inserted the snugglepus into my vagina I was happy to receive it. Once the toy was placed deep in me and it was happily vibrating my insides and my clit the apprentice shifted my leg back over to the right again, pressed my knee into my chest, and straddled my right thigh. With no condom he pressed himself against my only available hole. As he worked himself into me I was thanking my stars that he had applied so much lube.

I could tell that the apprentice was much more interested in foreplay as he leaned over and with his left hand fondled my breasts lightly. I figured that this was my husband playing a “different character” so I just went with it. I tried to rock my hips into him but he did not thrust, instead he took time kissing my neck, playing with my breasts and nipples, and occasionally reaching around my butt cheeks to play with the snugglepus. At one moment in time when he had just finished doing just that he leaned forward again and came in to give me a kiss on the lips. He nibbled my lips around the ring gag and expertly licked and sucked on my lips, ears and neck. While he held onto my nipple again he began French kissing me as he slowly started to stroke his dick into my slippery tight entrance. I was building to orgasm fast. As this man’s tongue slipped as deep as he could reach into my mouth I felt his tongue piercing that simply should not have been there! In a moment’s panic I realized that this was not my husband. I squeaked in shock, my body froze and I must have clenched down on his dick so hard he let out a little excited whimper.

Realizing my dream had come true, realizing that this fantasy was happening right now, I went into a kind of shock. I could have sworn that my heart had even stopped, maybe time had even stopped. All I knew was that I was no longer in control of my body, with a mind of it’s own I started trying to use my tongue to suck and lick on his tongue, the only thing that truly let me know that this was a complete stranger. In the back of my mind I was desperately trying to remember if the neighborhood kid had his tongue pierced. As I sucked on his tongue I felt my hips gyrating into his all on their own, trying desperately to take him deeper. The apprentice didn’t know what I was thinking, but he took all of my reactions as a plead to continue. He sat up and slammed himself into me repeatedly and quickly. I was breathing hard, barely conscious. With a pierced tongue in my mouth, the snugglepus vibrating my vagina and his cock in my ass, the only three things that seemed to exist in my limited senses, I squeezed my vagina hard trying to get to that last vibration I needed to cum. I could feel this kid on the verge of his own building orgasm and this just pushed me on more! At that moment I don’t even think I remembered who I was, I was just a fixture of the house, an appliance, a pleasure toy and I reveled in it. When our duel climax finally came I squeezed as hard as I could, trying to clean him out of every drop he had for me. He slumped over my limp breathless body panting and grunting; this complete stranger.

Being a bit of an awkward situation these two men didn’t know what to do next, one of them started messing with my blindfold trying to see how to undo it, but I didn’t want to know who it was! So I shook them off. I ended up finally understanding that there were two of them when one of them was checking out the rope capture I had used to get myself into this situation and the other guy was re-cuffing my left ankle. I was so tired that I didn’t even realize they where going to leave me like this until they had both left the room. For the next 2 hours I heard them making a lot of noise out in the hall, and for the life of me I could not figure out what they would be doing out there! They where just working on the *Other* hot water heater, that’s attached to the *Other* hot air generator, although to me it sounded like they were building something. Too tired to control my thoughts my mind ran away with itself and I started to daydream of them building a box to take me away in as their slave, but that only got me excited again.

Before they left the apprentice actually came back in and gave me a rub down like massage for my muscles, obviously realizing that I must be uncomfortable by now. He even took his leave to fuck me again, this time in the vagina with a condom. I knew that I could not stop him, and I knew that my unintelligible moaning and grunting through my ring gag, if I tried to stop him, would only encourage him so I resigned myself to enjoy it at least. He took the time to eat me out, getting me good and excited again (which I really didn’t need, since I had had time to daydream while they were making noise in the hall). Once he was ready to enter me he started out slow and deliberate, teasing me with just an inch of him, in and out, at first. My uncontrolled moans of frustration egged him on and soon he was pounding one out hard, slamming his pubic mound into my shaved, unprotected, sensitive clit. I came before him this time, but my orgasm rode out long, almost a minute, until he came into his condom, and we both came down from our orgasms together. After pulling out he quickly used my mouth to clean himself off then he dumped the contents of the condom in my mouth, dropped the empty condom on the bed, and left. To this day my husband and I hope that he enjoyed that last act of humiliation, I certainly did!


Special note: Thanks again to Dis for proof reading this for me!

FYI There will not be a sequel, if you can’t tell by my other writings here; I like to leave the story open for your private alter-interpretations.


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