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Leather & Steel

by Stephanie_CD

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© Copyright 2006 - Stephanie_CD - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; corset; leather; hood; cuffs; fantasy; cons; X

Hi -- one of my online names is Stephanie_CD, and as you can probably guess, I'm a cross-dresser. Then again, sometimes I'm a transvestite complete with wig and makeup. Of course, since crossdressing doesn't come up that often in casual conversation, it's not something that many people know about. As a matter of fact, bondage and self-bondage seldom come up in casual conversation either, so few know about THAT side of me, either! Occasionally, I combine the two activities, and I decided to relate something from last week in the hopes that others might enjoy it or get some ideas from it.

It had been a few days since I'd done anything in the way of self-bondage (and what seemed like a month since I'd done anything really stringent) when I ran across an online discussion thread about gloves, and handcuffs, and getting stuck. After I related my story - the one with the happier ending than my first time - I found myself flashing back to it over the next few days. I wanted to do it again, with a few added features, but unlike the first time I didn't want to get stuck! Once those thoughts start, at least for me, they're difficult to dispel.

So, the other day I started making a wardrobe list in my head, along with the "supplies" that I'd need for my adventure. Finally I found myself with a few hours of spare time, so I laid out my stuff on the bed and showered quickly, dried off, and started to get "dressed."

I started with a Victoria's Secret thong, followed by a pair of pantyhose, and then one of my favorite pairs of black leather thigh-high boots. Yes, I know that seems a bit out of order, but since a heavy, boned leather corset was to go on next it made perfect sense - I've tried to put on thigh boots after a corset, and it can be a challenge at the best of times, and next to impossible at others. (The ones that lace up the front are practically impossible when I can't bend at the waist!) I laced the black and silver corset snugly, but not too tightly -- I really only go for the minimum waist that I can stand if I'm going to be wearing something that requires it. I'd guess that I stopped at about 26", which is only a four inch restriction, but I still think it looks good for my 5' 11" frame. I slid in my breast forms, wiggled the corset as much as I could to adjust everything, stole a look over my shoulder into the mirror for a view at my back, and smiled at the results so far.

I laid out the next few items in the order that I'd be wanting them, and then double-checked everything. Becoming VERY stuck in the past has made me a little more cautious about self-bondage! I made sure that the phone was in easy reach, or would be when I was tied on the bed, and checked to see that the "low battery" light wasn't on. (Yes, while I know that a cordless phone won't do me any good in the event that the power goes off, there's a hard-wired phone just down the hallway. Still, if an emergency did come up, I wanted to save time if possible.)

Next I put on a long, dark blonde wig even though there was nobody around to see me - at least I hoped nobody would see me! If anyone DID look through a window in a half hour, they'd probably call the police immediately. I had two reasons for the wig: I liked the sensations of "hair" on my shoulders (since mine is short) and believe it or not, it would actually add to my safety....

I put in a pair of soft foam earplugs, and then folded a bandanna handkerchief up until it was the right shape for a gag - practice made this step almost second nature - and stuffed it into my mouth. I let it settle for a few minutes to ensure that it would be comfortable and that I wouldn't choke on it, and then sealed my mouth with several strips of duct tape. This probably wasn't necessary, but as I'd had facial hair until very recently, I'd missed this sensation. It would also keep me from accidentally drooling on my next item. I pulled on a full leather hood (also black) that laces up the back, and has a small hasp for a padlock. This hood has no eyeholes, nor mouth opening, but only two small nostril holes. As I laced it shut, it pulled tightly across my face - moreso than normal because of the wig. I was glad for this, as it would eliminate any chance of it sliding around on my face.

As I started to feed the small padlock into the hasp, and felt the hair that wasn't mine brushing across my shoulders and back, the fantasies started. Sometimes I pretend that I'm a girl being kidnapped and dressed for shipment to some far-off land; on this day I was still myself, being somehow cajoled and prodded into dressing like this to please an imaginary, fantasy mistress.

"Please? For me?" she murmured softly as I clicked the lock home, though I couldn't hear her clearly because of the earplugs. I sat on the edge of the bed - well, more like "perched" thanks to the corset, and reached for my black leather opera gloves. I felt around, trying to blindly tell the left and right ones apart by feel. I slid the left on, then the right, luxuriating in the feel of the silk lining against my arms. I ran each hand across the other arm, smoothing out a few wrinkles, and enjoyed the feelings through my fingertips, my palms, and my arms themselves.

"You look wonderful, you know," she announced conversationally, and I smiled under the hood. The tape pulled on my face gently but didn't move.

I slowly reached for the next garment and brought it to my face. I inhaled deeply as the scent of more leather filled my nostrils.

Instead of putting it on immediately, I dropped it in my lap.

"Now this, my pet," she announced as it landed on my lap. I wondered if I was being ordered? No, she was still being nice, it seemed. For now, at least....

I had to feel for some time through the opera gloves until I found a sleeve, and then had to feel for a minute or two more to determine WHICH sleeve. I stood carefully because of what I was wearing -- 5" heels are pretty much "normal" for me and don't usually affect my balance, but with no vision, I had to be sure of my steps. I slipped one gloved arm into each sleeve, and flipped my "hair" out of the way as I pulled the long black leather dress on. With the zipper just below my knees, I had to pull it up to where I could reach it, and then fumble slightly to put the two halves together without sight or much feel. After I got the first foot or two of zipper together, I let the dress fall and then VERY slowly zipped it up in front of my thighs.

"Don't EVEN think about it," she told me as I zipped past my crotch.

"Mmph MMMPH!" I replied through my gag. "I'm not!"

I could feel the cool satin lining of the dress pull against my hips and shuddered slightly. Slowly the zipper climbed, past my waist, over my moderate cleavage and to the hollow of my throat, ever so gently pulling the sides of the very fitted dress against me and constricting me within its grip.

I gently ran my gloved hands over my sleek leather clad torso, and smoothed out an imaginary wrinkle or two. For the thousandth time, I wished I had a video camera - I was sure that I was a vision in black leather from head to toe, with only a tiny triangle of skin showing between the hood's collar and the zipper of the dress. I certainly looked like a woman now, and I felt amazingly like one, too. Depending on how I concentrated, I could feel my fingers caressing someones thigh, or else feel someones fingers slipping over MY thigh. After a few minutes of this, I let out a muffled sigh and moved my feet, driving my right stiletto heel firmly into my left arch.

"Enough!" commanded my imaginary mistress, as she stepped on my foot. "Hurry up or we'll be late!"

"Mmmph? Mmmphmmmph MMMPH?" Late? Late for WHAT?

"Oh, just a surprise," she said in a normal tone through my earplugs, wig and hood. I could barely hear her this time - either she was moving around the room, or it was just my imagination running wild.

I reached behind me on the bed, and located by feel and then pulled on an almost floor length leather coat made of the softest black lambskin I've felt. Imported from Europe, it was almost certainly custom made to fit a very tall, very slender lady, and was a steal on Ebay. I slowly buttoned it up and ran my hands over my front to make sure I hadn't missed any buttons. My hair fell between the dress and the coat with the high collar folded down, so I turned the collar up.

"Where could she be taking me?" I wondered to myself. Certainly not "out" somewhere, not without makeup - she wouldn't do that to me, I knew. Then it dawned on me -- a new fetish/goth club had opened in town. If we were going there, it seemed that I'd be wearing this hood for a while.

"One more thing, pet," she announced. "And you know what THAT is, right?"

I nodded, and reached around until I found the handcuffs, and made sure from the location of the first hinge that the keyhole was indeed facing out. I slowly ratcheted it shut around my left wrist until it was snug over the glove, and then found the key and checked to make sure the keyhole WAS where I thought it was, then double-locked it so that it wouldn't close any further.

"Hurry up," she said quietly in my ear.

"Pfffft!" I thought to myself. "No WAY am I going to mess THIS up again!" I put the key in the other cuff, made sure it was facing my fingertips and not my shoulders, and removed the key, placing it on the bed in front of me. Slowly I pushed until I felt the first "click," since I couldn't hear it. Ahhhh - there it was. I got a small funny feeling in the pit of my stomach, not at all unpleasant.

"Yes, my pet," I heard her say.

I pushed the cuff closed. Click-click-click-click, I felt through my fingers, and the feel was electric.

"Ohhhhhhhh yesssss," she said softly, almost into my ear. "Now finish!" I turned, found the keys again, and quickly double-locked the second cuff. I walked across the bedroom and put the keys on the corner of the dresser. Under different circumstances, I'd have placed the keys out of reach with some sort of ice timer at the start of the session, and double-locked the cuffs with a pen. Still, having gagged and hooded myself, I wanted the keys in easy reach should I need them in a hurry. For now, though, lost in my fantasy, the keys weren't mine to worry about.

I stood there for a few moments, unsure of what to do next. I could go out to the garage and get in the car, or I could lie down on the bed, or....

"Just a moment," my mistress informed me gently. "I need to do a few things before we can go. Why don't you sit on the bed for a few minutes?"

I blindly walked back to the bed until my legs bumped it, and turned around. I sat as gracefully as I could, considering the circumstances, and waited. I perched on the edge of the bed, and when I grew uncomfortable, shifted a few times. Finally I shifted the cuffs around as best as I could, and leaned back until I was laying on the bed.

"What on EARTH is she doing, anyway?" I thought to myself. I decided to ask, and "mmppphed" a few times.

I was met with silence, of course.

I managed to wiggle a little farther onto the bed until I was completely on it, "mmmmphed" questioningly a few more times, then sighed and settled back to wait. After perhaps ten minutes, my arms were becoming uncomfortable from my body's weight on them, so I rolled onto my side and got a little more comfortable.

After a while -- I had no way of telling since I wasn't thinking about it -- the unexpected but certainly welcome happened. I was safely and comfortably cocooned in a couple of layers of leather, I was warm, I was laying down with my eyes closed, and I fell asleep!

When I woke up an indeterminable time later, there was a ten second period when I wondered what the hell was going on, followed by an immediate recall of the events leading up to my current predicament. And in a moment, my fantasy came flooding back.

"How long was I asleep? And where DID she go? Why wouldn't she have woken me up?!" I asked myself.

"Mmmmph mmmph?" I said into my gag. "MMMMMMPPPH!"

I rolled onto my back again, and just enjoyed all the sensations: the satin lining of the dress sliding over my nylon-clad legs, the tightness of the dress across my thighs as I tried to roll over the first time, the firm yet comfortable compression of both the corset and dress, and above all, the scent of leather. I was having a GREAT time, but what time WAS it? How long HAD I been asleep?

I wriggled back down the bed until my feet were on the floor. Unfortunately, my dress and coat had ridden up in the process, looking very unladylike but more importantly letting room temperature air onto my thighs. It seemed cold, so I managed to stand up so that my dress would fall back down. I walked over to the dresser, felt for the keys, and got the key in the hole on the first try!

"Well, that's not fair! I wanted a LITTLE excitement!" I thought to myself. I was having fun, and the time wasn't really THAT important anyway, I decided. I leaned forward against the dresser to make sure my back was to the room, had time to think "are you sure?" and tossed the keys halfway across the room, toward the bed where I was sure they'd hit the floor. I listened to hear where they landed.

Of course, the very faint "thump" and subsequent jingling might not have made it through my hood alone. The earplugs more than covered the sound. "NOW I'm sure," I thought to myself, and tried not to laugh.

I walked back to the bed gingerly, wondering if I'd step on the keys, and did not.

I lay back down, smiled under my hood, and began to fantasize again. My imaginary mistress had come back into the room, and without a word started to run her hands over the layers of leather. I jumped a little, startled by her touch. Her hands brushed gently over my booted calves, over my thighs, over my stomach and chest, over my head, down my arms, back to my thighs, but not where I wanted her to brush me the most! I thrust my hips back and forth a few times, but was ignored. This went on for a while, then she lay down next to me and with her help, I rolled over on top of her. This was a little better, as she ran her hands over my back and buttocks as I again tried to grind my pelvis into her, but of course I wasn't getting the stimulation I craved because of the clothes I was wearing. I squirmed around and thrust my hips for a while, pulled ineffectually at the handcuffs, and finally made a very awkward and useless effort to pull the coat and dress up and out of the way.

"All right, that's enough! And I've changed my mind about taking you out tonight - we're done. Get undressed and put those things away." She sounded angry, and rightfully so. I'd acted rather inappropriately there at the end, after all.

I sighed, and nodded sadly. I pulled myself off the bed, and got onto the floor on my knees. Finding the keys with my hands cuffed behind me and that long coat in the way took about fifteen minutes, I'd guess, but five minutes later I'd released myself and was smiling after another exciting adventure.




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