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A Lesson Learnt

by Michelle

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© Copyright 2007 - Michelle - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; susp; toys; outdoors; caught; FF/f; bond; cons/reluct; X

Michelle 4: A Lesson Learnt

My captor had left me tied to the post for ages.  I was dressed all in black, wearing thick tights and elbow-length gloves underneath a long-sleeved polo-neck body.  This was finished off with ear plugs, a ball gag, a sleeping mask as a blindfold, and a black hood covering my whole head and tucked into the neck of the body.  My hands were tied behind the post, above my head, and my ankles were tied behind the post as well.

The effect of my bonds was to leave me almost suspended, able to take some of my weight by standing on tip-toes.  With my arms and ankles at the back of the post, my breasts and hips were pushed forward, with my legs invitingly apart.  I felt terribly exposed and vulnerable.  I could only hope that no-one else would find me before my captor decided to release me.  Being dressed totally in black, I hoped that the darkness of the night would remain my protector.

The final ecstasy was that I was fully fitted out with vibrators on my nipples, vibrating balls inside me, a vibrating butt plug and a Joni’s Butterfly – all going flat out.  My whole body was shaking and I felt wave after wave of delight as I responded to their urges.

Finally they began to slow and I hung limply, suspended by my wrists, as I pulled at my bonds, longing for my release.


I had planned this little fantasy carefully.  I had fixed screw eyes and hooks to the discretely located electricity pole the previous day.  I also found a brick which I placed at the base of the pole. 

That evening, I dressed myself in a quarter cup bra so that my nipples were fully exposed, and fitted the vibrators.  Then I pulled on thick tights and elbow length gloves before pulling the body over my head, and fixing the pop studs between my legs.  A short skirt and some calf-length boots gave the semblance of respectability for the moment.
I stuffed my remaining bits and pieces into a bag, and went into the kitchen to fill a sock with ice from the fridge.  Then it was out into the dark.  One of my housemates, Emma, was coming in as I went out, so I gave her a cheerful ‘See you later.’

Then it was along the road and up the farm track into the field where my discrete post stood in one corner.  There I first removed my skirt and boots, and placed them in my bag.  I threaded one short rope through a screw eye on the back of the post which was as high as I could reach, and tied loops with slip knots on the two ends.  I threaded the ice filled sock through one of the screw eyes on the back at the base of the post and tied a rope to it.  I then tied another rope to the second screw eye, and tied another loop with a slip knot at the other end, leaving the loop large enough for me to slip my foot into it.

My final jobs were to put on the ball gag, earplugs, blindfold and hood, to tie one ankle to the rope from the ice-filled sock and to stand on the brick to raise myself up.  Then I turned on the vibrators and reached up behind the post passing my wrists through the two slip knots hanging there.  When I had pulled these knots tight, I stepped down from the brick.  This left me almost suspended by my wrists, just able to place my feet on the ground. I would be unable to get enough slack to release the slip knots without standing on the brick again.  I used my one unbound foot to move the brick slightly away from me – not too far as I would need it once the ice had melted, but I didn’t want to be able to use it before then.

The final irrevocable step was to feel round with my unbound foot for the final slip loop behind the post.  With a bit of a struggle, I was able to slip it on and pull it tight.

I was then left tied to the post until my master – the ice pack – set me free.  I relaxed into my bonds and started to withdraw into my fantasies, always with the extra thrill of knowing that someone might find me, and fuelled by the vibrators starting their magic.


Finally, with the vibrator batteries almost exhausted, and certainly feeling spent myself, I decided that the time had come to set myself free. 

I pulled at the ankle rope held by the ice, but there was no movement – I would have to wait a bit longer.  I had to hang there unable to move until the ice did melt.  But it didn’t.  I tried again and again but my ankles were firmly held.  I tried reaching for the brick but it was too far away.  I tried to pull myself up to get enough slack to release my wrists but that was impossible too.  I tried calling for help, but the ball gag reduced the volume of the noise I could make.

I really panicked then, thrashing around, trying to pull one of the ropes free, but that simply tightened the slip knots, and nothing moved.  Panting, I finally gave in.

I was helpless.  I had to accept that I was there until someone found me, possibly a dog walker going up the lane.  But that would not be until the morning! 


I don’t know how long I had been hanging there – I had lost all sense of time, but it seemed an age – when I suddenly felt a hand on the inside of my thigh.  I realised that, if they were going to touch me like that, whoever had found me was not going to release me immediately.  I started to struggle again, trying to speak through my gag, but I suppose that my much-muted shouts were one more indication of exactly how helpless I was.

First the hands stroked my thighs and breasts, feeling the vibrators which were still in position.  Then suddenly, they moved to my crotch, undoing the pop studs of my body.    In an instant, it had been pulled up and over my head until it was hanging behind my neck.  There it had to stay because my arms were still tied behind the pole.  My bra followed and I was now naked from my waist to my neck.  Then the hands moved to my tights and they were quickly down around my ankles.  Now I was virtually naked in front of a stranger, although still wearing ear plugs, gag, blindfold and hood.  With my legs held apart by my bonds, I was now truly vulnerable and exposed – a reality very different from my earlier fantasies.

Once more I started to struggle and tried to scream, but to no avail.  I felt my nipple vibrators and Joni’s Butterfly being removed, and then I felt the love balls being drawn out.  I tried to resist, but all I got was a sharp slap on my breast for my trouble.  This was enough for me to relax my muscles for an instant and they were out.

I knew what was going to happen next and I have never felt so helpless in my life.  I have always had control of my life, even when I voluntarily submitted to bondage with a partner, I have always (with one exception) been able to trust them, and they were always people with whom I had decided to make love.  This was totally different.  I was tied naked in front of a complete stranger, with my legs held apart, and I was going to get raped.

My captor must a realised my fear and decided to prolong my agony, because I was just left there dreading what was going to happen.  I was too weak to struggle any longer, and I just hung there trembling, waiting for the inevitable.

But that wasn’t what happened.  Instead, I felt the ropes round my ankles being untied, and my tights were fully removed.  Then, ropes were again knotted round my ankles and these were used to lift my feet off the floor and up behind me, so that I was now fully suspended from the pole with my weight split between the ropes round my wrists and round my ankles.  My legs were now even further apart and I was even more exposed.

As I hung there, I started to realise that my captor was not interested in raping me, and was happy exploiting my extremely vulnerable situation as an end in itself.  Slowly my terror started to drain away, and I started to feel a surge of anticipation, wondering what was going to happen to me.  Sometimes I amaze myself: I was still bound naked and in the hands of a stranger, and yet I had switched from terror to lust in a very few moments – its amazing how your hormones can betray you.

Eventually my captor had pity on me, and released my ankles, and then my wrists.  Two pairs of hands proceeded to lower me face-down onto the ground, making me realise that I actually had two captors.  Whilst I was held helpless, my black body and bra were removed from around my neck, my hands were forced up between my shoulders and my wrists were tied together.  Then a rope was fed from my wrists, over one shoulder and under an armpit, across my back, under the other armpit and back over my other shoulder to my wrists again.

As I lay there, my boots were put back on my feet and zipped up.  Then I was stood up, and I could feel how effectively my arms were tied.  I was still wearing the hood and blindfold, so I couldn’t run anywhere, and I had to just stand there waiting for my captors to lead me where they wanted.

Once again, they surprised me.  My hood and blindfold were suddenly removed, and I was immediately blinded by a bright flash.  By the time my eyes had recovered from this after being blindfolded for so long, I was alone.

As I looked round for any sign of my captors, it slowly dawned on me that I had been left to get myself home as I was.  I was standing there, with my arms tied between my shoulder blades, still gagged and with my ears plugged, with the plug still in my backside, and totally naked apart from my boots.

The first part of my journey was relatively easy, apart from the fact that I could not hear anything, so I faced the risk of someone coming on me unexpectedly.  However, the last part was not along the old farm track where I was unlikely to meet anybody - it was along a street complete with streetlights. Fortunately, it was now very late and apparently totally deserted.  Finally, I summoned up the courage to make a dash for it, and made it to our back door unobserved.

Getting in proved difficult with my hands tied as they were but, fortunately, the door wasn’t locked.  However, inside I was greeted by two of my housemates – Emma and Helen - and the whole room decorated with A4 pictures of the different stages in my recent bondage. 

They had been playing with me from the beginning.  Emma must have followed me when I first went out, removed my brick and stopped my release when the ice in my sock melted.  After that, she must have got Helen to help her torment me.

It was Emma who spoke:  “You have a lesson to learn about safety, Michelle.  Never place yourself at risk like that again.  You could have trusted me or Helen to help you.”

I wasn’t too sure about getting Helen to help, given her past track record, but Emma was right.  Mind, Emma still had to reinforce her point by putting me to bed, with my arms still tied, and with my boots removed and my knees and ankles tied for good measure.  It was many more hours before she finally let me loose.  



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