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A Lesson Learned: Rahni’s story

by Handcuffs 1955

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A Lesson Learned: Rahni's story

I am an Indian girl living in the uk and to most I am boring Miss Average. My name is Rahni, I am 21 years old and just an average size 12 with c cups. Most of my clothing is black. For work it is a white blouse with a black jacket and skirt or trousers and off duty it is a blue sweatshirt with black jeans or if my family are not due to visit black wet look leggings (according to my family nice girls don’t wear things like that!) even my bra and panties are black, my only rebellion is to wear tanga panties, I get a sick satisfaction wearing them when my family visit knowing that they would have fits knowing that the tiny triangles of fabric barely cover my shaved puss and my bum cleft.

Enough about my life! I have been fascinated by handcuffs as long as I can remember, ever since a boy brought some toy ones to school, I immediately knew I had to get him to put them on me – I just walked up to him, turned my back put my hands behind me and dared him to handcuff me and of course he did. I didn’t know it at the time but the tingle that shot through my body and ended in my puss was to become a massive part of my life, these days I feel myself pulsing in time with the clicking of the cuffs as the ratchet tightens.

When I started university I got a flat of my own and before long I had a collection of handcuffs and was quite adept at releasing myself from them.

I got to hear of a stockist of restraints and bondage gear in the next town and I soon started to haunt their store, it always felt a bit seedy since it was up some outdoor stairs on the first floor of an industrial unit with the company name openly displayed.

I was on my way home from yet another visit to their store with my latest purchase, 2 pairs of the rigid handcuffs used by the police in the uk, (I often thought I should just have the wages from my waitress job paid straight to them to save time! ) when I passed a swimwear shop (a well known brand) and saw in the window a beautiful black bikini nicely cut and not too revealing, I just had to try it on it would be a change from the one piece costume I normally wore both swimming and for bondage, I am still basically modest (curse my upbringing!) and the costume was starting to bobble with all the hours squirming round on the floor trying to orgasm or escape. I tried the bikini on and it was like a second skin, soft smooth and shiny and made me feel so horny I had to buy it (or explain away the juices in the gusset!) I actually managed to persuade the shop to let me pay for it without taking it off so I could wear it on the bus home under my clothes. I wonder if the man that sat by me could smell my arousal, I felt like the whole bus could.

So home and after a quick check to see all the doors and windows were locked and all the curtains were closed I stripped off my clothes and stood in front of my full length mirror for the first time in my life feeling sexy and proud of this sex goddess I had discovered within me.

I reached in to my wardrobe for my private box that was hidden at the back daren’t risk my sister finding it when she was looking for anything new she might want to borrow, and picked out a third set of cuffs, my blindfold and a harness gag, from another box I got my vibrator and a small butt plug, I was turning into a right slut and enjoying it.

The butt plug was first and even though it was the smallest in the shop guilt about using it meant it took a lot of lube to get past my clenching and made it feel huge inside me, as usual it took a massive effort to get it in but eventually it settled in to its “rightful” place and my sphincter got a good grip on it. The vibrator needed no lube and slid straight home, I then adjusted my bikini bottoms to hold the 2 intruders in place.

I had chosen to have this session in my living room. I don’t use a release for my self bondage sessions I prefer to put my keys on my coffee table and to obtain my release, I have to shake the keys off the table then search round on the floor for them I know it is dangerous but it works for me and makes it so much more rewarding when I do finally escape.

Final check

Keys on the table check

All the gear I need in the room ready check

With that I turn the light off and make my way in the half light in the room to the chair where I have my gear – get a move on it will soon be dark outside and I need to be bound while I can still see a bit.

First I sit on the floor and use a set of rigid cuffs to link my ankles then I apply my harness gag making sure all the straps are fully tightened giving me what I call the gag smile! Next I put a set of hinged cuffs around the rigid cuffs linking my ankles and lie face down on the floor. The blindfold comes next, a bit pointless really as it is dark outside and the room will soon be pitch black but it is part of my idea of bondage and I feel naked without it. Finally I put the other rigid cuffs on behind my back each click of the ratchet sending tingles through my body and in to my puss. My final job is to draw my legs up behind me and use the other half of the hinged cuff to join my ankles to my wrists.

I am face down on the floor in a hogtie of my own doing, my long black hair falling over my face (make a note next time in a ponytail) and as my vibrator takes me towards my first orgasm, and feel like I have left my body and am looking down on this Indian princess bound and tortured by evil captors that have abandoned her to her fate, naked in an old cellar ( in my mind I am naked but modesty and upbringing prevent me from doing it for real). I find time to wonder what my parents would make of their bondage slut daughter lying nearly naked bound and gagged by her own hand and with both holes stuffed with sex toys.

I ride the first orgasm and brace myself for the second after which I will begin the process of freeing myself. The second orgasm leaves me weak for a few minutes and I lie there gasping for air around my gag, now to make my way to the table 6 feet away, tip it up with my feet to make the keys fall, then round the other side of the table to search for the keys and release myself. Sounds easy but in a hogtie movement is only a few inches each time, so it takes for ever to reach and tip the table – so far so good, now just find the keys on the other side of the table, another slow crawl round and now the bikini top has moved with this shuffling and my nipples are dragging on the carpet and are starting to become very sore and sensitive.

I get to where I think the keys should have fallen and I find them straight away, that was too easy, now for my release… THAT was when I found I had the cuffs on “upside down” and could not unlock my hands, try my feet… those cuffs were the right way up until I bent my legs now I cant reach the lock on them either, and I can't find the lock on the link cuffs so I am trapped.

Panic set in, I would be missed at uni and maybe a friend would call round and not getting an answer call the police to break in and I would die of embarrassment but would be free, but how long would that take? Would I still be alive even?

An eternity later I hear a car pull up and there is a frantic knocking on the door and I hear my mum shouting, “Rahni are you home? Answer the door. Your gran has been taken to hospital she had a heart attack last night”

I start thrashing about hoping that the cuffs will snap or somehow open (fat chance!) then I hear a key in the door – I forgot to move the spare key I hide in the garden. The front door opens.

I guess I am going to find out what my parents think of their bondage slut daughter and somehow I think gran won’t be the only heart attack victim…!


Part 2: I never expected that!

Do I try to hide and hope that I can free myself after they have gone or do I stay and hope they free me before I die from shame? Too late! The door opens and my family walk in to the room. My Dad took one look at me lying there almost naked (to him at least), he snapped “That is no daughter of mine and stomped out of the room and has not spoken to me since”.

My Mum started screaming questions at me and within seconds she was hitting notes even opera singers can’t reach and only bats can hear, and “Mum I can’t answer because I am gagged” does not come out too well in gag speak!

My sister Anjli on the other hand stood with a half smile and a very thoughtful expression on her face. After what seemed like half an hour of operatic howling my mum came back down to the audible range and collapsed in to my chair, my sister was still looking at me oddly, eventually she said, “The keys are on the table in the hall and the door is not broken so you did this yourself didn’t you?” She was enjoying this but as I was to find out later not in the way I thought. She spotted the handcuff keys on the floor and said “ I suppose you want to be freed?” Why not state the obvious?

Anjli grabbed the keys and had the cuffs off in seconds – a little too expertly for me, must talk to her about that, assuming the family don’t disown me! Mum got up and went to talk to my dad outside in the car leaving me with Anjli, she saw the bulge in my panties from my vibrator and asked what it was, she was not going to leave and I needed it out, so I pushed my panties to the side and it slid out along with my juices, her eyes nearly fell out at the thought of something that size coming out of my body but she said nothing. In for a penny … I pulled my butt plug out as well – the relief was fantastic and still she said nothing, before I could start to explain to her (and beg her to say nothing to my parents about my toys I heard my mum coming back. She just marched into the room, grabbed Anjli by her arm and dragged her out of the flat, the car started up and they were gone. It was then I noticed my “toys” were missing, I later found them behind a cushion, my sister must have put them there when we heard mum coming back. ODD !

Nearly two weeks passed with no word from my family and my calls went unanswered when my phone rang it was Anjli, she wanted to talk to me and could she visit at the weekend? I said yes straight away, after all my secret was out.

Anjli arrived on Saturday morning and got straight to the point, she told me she had found my box of goodies and wondered what I used them for and she too was fascinated by handcuffs, - I never expected that! She told me that she had arranged for a friend to cover for her saying she was at a sleepover at her friends house, mum had agreed – she never dreamed that she had 2 perverted daughters!

Anjli said “I don’t have too much time so can you let me try it to see how it feels?”


“What you were doing of course silly, the whole thing”

I went to get my box of “toys”, by the time I got back to my living room she was stripped down to a tiny black bikini and was sitting on my floor with a huge smile on her face. I put the box on my coffee table and waited. Anjli opened the lid and with no hesitation picked out everything I had been using when the family caught me.

“Now tell me what to do but don’t help me unless I ask”. She picked up the butt plug, “I said leave that until you are gagged and use plenty of lube”

“Butt out” she replied” however she put it back and chose the gag harness. I was surprised how quickly she fitted it and how tight she fastened it. The Butt plug was next (accompanied by muffled screams) followed in short order by my vibrator, I was surprised to notice she had shaved herself and judging by the smoothness of her puss I reckon she was freshly shaved.

Minutes later she was hog-cuffed on the floor and writhing in her orgasm, before she had even got her breath back she was into her second orgasm and her juices were leaking past her panties and the room was getting quite musky.

Eventually she rolled on her side and very expertly slipped the keys in to the cuffs and freed herself. I was amazed at the speed that she freed herself, and that she had managed to put the cuffs on the “right” way – unlike me and they are my cuffs!

After she was dressed she admitted it was not her first time, as she had not only found my toy box but had played with them, sneaking away from our parents when she knew I was at work. (note to self find a new hiding place for my spare key and remove it when I am in session!)

She asked if she could call round again, I agreed and suggested that as I had plenty of gear next time we could have a competition to see who could tie herself up, have 2 orgasms and release herself quickest, the loser would be the others slave to be bound as the winner saw fit, she agreed.

She will be back in two weeks time to deal with the sticky panties and practice (and work out my cheats) I had no intention of losing.

2 weeks to plan my win…………………

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