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Life of the Party

by Lady Ren

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© Copyright 2020 - Lady Ren - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; straps; toys; hood; gag; blindfold; collar; chastity; zipties; fantasy; cons; X

Hey everyone! It’s time for a write up of another of my self bondage stories! :D

If this is the first story you’re reading, I’ll give you a brief bit of a description about myself. My name is Naomi, I’m a 22 year old woman from Australia! I’m a pasty gal with dark brown hair that comes down to just past my breasts, which are a size 36D. My hips are size 40 so I’m kinda curvy. I’m also taller than the average gal, coming in at just over 6 feet, so when I wear killer heels, my legs go all the way up :p

I’ve also had quite the bit of experience when it comes to self-bondage, having been fooling around with it since I was 16. So I know what I’m doing! If you plan to partake in self-bondage, please please please! Be careful! Always have a backup and a backup to your backup! Plan ahead and stay safe ♥

Right! Onto the smut!

Life of the Party

This time our story takes place during the height of summer here in Australia, it was around mid december and so the days were an average of 30 degrees celsius (That’s an average of 86 degrees fahrenheit for all you Imperial system weirdos :p) Given the strain on the delivery service that always happens so close to Christmas, my latest order of bondage gear had been delayed. Typically I’ll always get some new piece to add to my collection, as well as variations on pieces I already own. This more often than not always resulted in me ordering a new gag, what can I say, I love them. This order was different however, rather than adding to the mountain of ropes I’d built up over the years, I was instead looking towards the more leather based products. For me, this translated to enough belts, buckles and straps to cover me head to toe!

To say the wait was torment would be an understatement. As each day went by, I continued to fantasise about my next session, planning out every detail I could. Turns out I could be quite the little pervert when I put my mind to it :p Each fantasy added an extra layer to what would be my self imposed torment. It was a good thing the order arrived when it did, god only knows what I would have ended up doing to myself if it took any longer.

I squealed with delight at hearing a knock on my door early one morning, I knew my order had finally arrived and that my bondage itch would soon be getting the scratch I desired, no more delays, no more excuses. It was party time!

Taking a knife back to my room with me, I gently cut open the tape and opened the box, throwing the wrapping paper that came with it to the floor. The smell that came up from the box was intoxicating. The smell of leather pushed up into the air as I stared at my new play toys. Heavy buckles and straps lined the bottom of the box, they looked imposing, tough and unrelenting. Just what I wanted! I lifted them out of the box, sitting them on the bed as I practically tore off my pyjama bottoms. I just had to feel these against my bare skin! Mind you, at this point in my self bondage ‘career’ I’d already amassed a collection of leather straps, but I couldn’t just leave these new ones untested! It was for safety reasons, or at least that was what I told myself.

Bending down, I took one of the longer straps and wrapped it around my ankles. Looping the end of the strap through the buckle, I made sure it was nice and tight before latching it off, I then decided to make it a notch tighter just for good measure. Lifting my feet into the air, I gave the straps a good testing, thrashing my legs about and trying to break free. I was extremely satisfied with the way they were keeping my ankles pinned, but felt I should give the rest of the straps a test as well. Another set went both above and below my knees, as well half-way up my thighs. Extra tight of course. Once again I thrashed my legs about wildly, the leather giving of that satisfying creaking sound when it is put under strain. ‘Oh you’ll do just nicely,’ I said with a smile, my hand sliding down between my legs. Once I realised what I was doing, I quickly pulled my hand away. ‘Ah ah ah! Plenty of time for that soon enough,’ I said with a smirk, after all, today was going to be fun.

‘Now, where are you?’ I asked my empty room as I went fishing back into the parcel. ‘Ah ha!’ I said with triumph as I lifted out another collection of straps, only this time, the straps had a shape to them. Oh? Did I forget to mention I also ordered a brand new leather chastity belt. Must have slipped my mind :p

This belt wasn’t overly complex, nor did it have any fancy attachments. It was basically just two belts, one that could go around my waist, another that would go between my legs. It had a little loop at the front, which meant it could be locked on. As well as four small rings, one attached at the back, one attached at the front, and two either side. The perfect place to secure my hands to! I know what you’re thinking and don’t worry, the inner slut in me was still going to get all the pleasure she desired. Afterall, chastity belts can be used to keep things in as well as out :p

After freeing myself from the straps, I sat them in a pile on the floor with the rest of the straps from my collection. I decided not to put my pyjama bottoms back on, and instead opted to take off my top. Tossing the two discarded items onto the bed, I grabbed a couple of things from my desk before walking out the hall and up to the living room. As you walk through the front door at my place, the living room is on the right, and the hallway to the bedrooms is on the left. I know it doesn’t seem important but trust me! I’m just painting the scene!

My first stop was just inside the front door. Even though I knew that my housemate wouldn’t be back from work until the evening, I didn’t have anyone scheduled to come over, and it is virtually impossible to see through the windows at the front door unless you are standing on the front deck, I was still extra cautious not to be caught. After all, can’t have just anyone see me scurrying around the house in just my panties now can I? I carefully pressed myself up against the wall of the hallway which felt cold against my bare skin as I peered around the corner. No one on the deck, and no one walking along the street outside. Cars were continually going by, but I lived on a busy street so that wasn’t unusual.

I quickly walked to the living room and picked up the small square coffee table. This coffee table by the way served as nothing more than a bookshelf, or an emergency table when my housemate and I wanted to eat fish and chips in front of the telly. Moving on, I brought the coffee table back over to the front door, sitting it in a way that it would be the first thing you saw as you walked in. I then bent over, placing down the supplies I’d brought with me. Being kind of artsy, I always had art supplies on hand. This time I brought with me a small rectangular piece of cream coloured cardboard, and my nice ink pen. I then folded the cardboard in half before writing a message on it.

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to the festivities! We here at the Chateau do hope you have a wonderful evening. Please help yourself to any of the delicacies we have to offer. We have a wonderful display of food and beverage for you to choose from, as well as some excellent entertainment for you to enjoy. Tonight’s main feature will be Naomi, she is a local girl and is yours for the night. She asks that you treat her mean, keep her keen, and do not remove her blindfold. Other than that! She is here for your amusement!

I couldn’t help but feel my heart beat faster in my chest as I wrote the note, the excitement running through my body was electric. Even though it was my intention that no one would ever read this note, it still made my fantasies feel all that bit more real, a blissful experience to say the least. Although, I felt like the note wasn’t quite done yet. ‘I know!’ I thought to myself as I snapped my fingers. I quickly rushed off to the bathroom, fishing through the draws for my makeup bag. I started to sift through until I found my deepest ruby red shade. Looking into the mirror I quickly puckered my lips as I put it on. I always did like the contrast of the deep red colour and my lighter complexion. Anyways, this isn’t the time to compliment myself :p Rushing back to the front door, I brought the note up to my lips and planted a big kiss mark at the bottom. ‘Perfect!’ I thought to myself before sitting it down again.

The next stop on my list was the laundry, quickly gathering five towels I brought them back to the living room. I started to lay them on the ground in a square like pattern, with the fifth towel going across the centre. I then made my way towards the kitchen and got one of the largest stone bowls we had. Unfortunately for the bananas and apples, the largest bowl I could find was the one we used as the fruit bowl, so for now they would have to sit on the bench. I then filled it about half-way up with cold water before returning to the living room and sitting it in the middle of the towels. Heading back to the kitchen again, I knelt down and opened the freezer at the bottom of the fridge. A cold blast of icy air rushed out to greet me, for a moment I regretted taking off my pyjamas, but that soon faded as the cooling breeze became more soothing. It was starting to get warmer and warmer outside. Which meant that before too long, the house would be getting warmer as well. I opened one of the draws and took out what I needed. On the night that I’d ordered my new bondage straps, I’d also filled up four trays of ice cubes and two large ice packs. I’d told my housemate they were for if the power went out, we could use them to keep things cool before they melted. But oops I lied, naughty me :p

Taking the ice I returned to the collection of towels in the living room and knelt down. I dropped the two ice packs into the large bowl at the centre, along with the ‘key’ to my release. The key in this instance was a pair of wire cutters, they were dull and curved on one side so I would be able to use them safely without risking cutting myself. I then started to break the cubes out of the tray and place them in small groups around the towels. Knowing that the ice wouldn’t last forever in the typical Australian heat, I quickly rushed back to my room.

Searching through my collection, I collected a few more items. An eight inch dildo, some lube, a collection of locks, my padded cuffs, a zip tie, and my cherry red sensory deprivation hood. First things first, I slid off my panties and tossed them onto my bed. Now I was truly naked, and would be for a good while. I could smell the sweetness in the air as my pussy became exposed to the heat. All the planning and buildup had clearly been exciting for me to say the least. That’s the trouble with self bondage, it’s always asking the bratty sub to resist her temptations to throw her plans away and just enjoy pleasure. My counter to this was to act fast, I mean, after I was tied up, there was very little I could do but endure.

Working quickly, I picked up my dildo and gave it a generous coating of lube. I knew that my natural wetness would ensure the dildo would be comfortable for a while, but given how long this thing was going to be inside me, without lube it can become quite uncomfortable. Firstly, I attached the belt around my waist, then I took a deep breath as I leant over my desk. I pushed the dildo against the folds at the entrance to my love tunnel. With an almost embarrassing amount of ease, the dildo slid past my lips and up into my pussy. ‘I guess the days of planning and buildup made me really excited’ I thought to myself as my pussy eagerly accepted the intruder. I let out a moan of satisfaction as it slid up to the base. With one hand holding the dildo in, my other hand reached around and pulled the leather strap up between my legs. While the strap around my waist was tight, I left a bit of slack in the one running between my legs. Doing so allowed the well lubed dildo to slide down and out about two inches. Now there was no way the dildo was coming all the way out, but there was room for it to slide in and out a bit.

Next step was to sit my phone, laptop and padlock keys up on my desk. Today’s tie would call for my legs to be frogtied! For those of you who don’t know what a frogtie is, it’s essentially tying one leg to itself, with the ankle pinned to the back of the upper thigh. I sat down and nearly bounced into the ceiling with a squeal as the dildo pushed its way deep inside me. ‘Right, more carefully this time’ I thought to myself as I carefully lowered myself down, my heels pressing into my ass as I knelt on the floor. Grabbing one of the straps, I wrapped it under my left leg just above my ankle and over the top of my thigh, I then pulled it through a few notches before cinching it off, making sure it was nice and tight first. I then did the same to my right leg, another quick buckle later and my legs were now helplessly pinned to themselves.

Turning to my laptop, I made sure it was plugged in and so wouldn’t go into sleep mode whilst I was tied up. I quickly looked up some ambient party sounds, general chatter and pleasant background music, that sort of thing. I then grabbed my phone and set a timer for 37 minutes. That would give me seven minutes to finish my tie, and another 30 to stay here as the ‘parties entertainment’ before heading off in search of my freedom. I hit start on both of them before turning my attention back to the collection of straps and other goodies.

Now seemed like the best time to put on my cuffs. I’d learned my lesson from the last time I’d used proper cuffs, and now opted instead to use a pair of padded cuffs. Now there would be no way for them to tighten accidentally like last time. I buckled the black fur lined cuffs around each of my wrists, then picking up a pair of padlocks, I locked them on each of my wrists. There was no way these things were coming off without the keys! I also took this opportunity to thread a cable tie down under my cuff, that way I would have easy access to it later.

Before moving on, I lined up four belts. There was only a small difference in the size of the loop between the first three, the last one however was much smaller, roughly thirty centimeters across when pulled tight.

‘Now comes the tricky part’ I thought to myself as I lifted my hood into the air. I was going to have to put this thing on now and do the rest of my binds blinded. But, it was a sacrifice I was willing to make, I loved the feeling of wearing my deprivation hood, it was made of a thicker material that would partly block out the sounds of the outside world. It also came with an attachable blindfold and penis gag to keep me quiet during my struggles. It even had a small loop at the front to attach a leash to. Oh if only I could be so lucky.

I started to lift the hood towards my head when I had another brilliant idea. I quickly sat the hood down and grabbed a sharpie from my desk. Looking down at my breasts, I wrote ‘Party Girl’ across the front of them as best I could. Right, back to the bondage. I brought the hood up to my head, finally remembering to take off my glasses for once before trying to put it on. I slid the leather over my head with delight as I pulled the collar down to my neck. It does take a little bit of effort to put one of these things on. I had to make sure my eyes and mouth were aligned with the correct holes before I started to lace it up at the back. As I kept pulling the cords, I could feel the leather tighten around my head. I caught myself lowering down onto the dildo, each tug on the cord making me feel more and more helpless. Not to mention horny as all hell. I subconsciously continued to bob up and down on the dildo as I laced up the hood.However, as soon as I realised what I was doing, I pulled my hands around to my hard nipples, gripping them tightly before giving them a menacing twist that caused me to squeal loudly. Stupid slut, I thought to myself and set about resuming my work.

I then reached back up to my hood, tying the ends of the laces into a knot before reaching behind my neck and buckling the collar part closed. Next in went the gag which I pushed into my mouth. Again it wasn’t the largest gag I had, but would suffice for this session. I gave a few test cries, and once I was satisfied with the muffled noises I was making, I buckled the gag on. Last but not least was the blindfold. I slid it on over my eyes and the world was plunged into darkness. This too was quickly buckled closed behind my head. Now blinded, I quickly felt on the ground for the three remaining padlocks I had laid out. One snapped shut to keep the collar on, one snapped shut to keep the gag on, and the final one snapped shut to keep me blinded. That was it. This thing wasn’t coming off until I got the keys from my desk.

Reaching forward into the darkness I grabbed the largest of the straps and moved the others to my side. I lifted the first strap over my head and lowered it to just above my breasts. I then pulled on the buckle, tightening it a few notches until I could feel it start to press my shoulders back. Satisfied it wouldn’t slip up, I moved onto the next one. As you can guess, this strap went just under my breasts. With each strap/loop I added to myself, my movement was being more and more restricted. It was challenging to reach up for the buckles at this awkward angle, not to mention I was blindfolded as well. Eventually my fingers did find the buckled and I pulled it a couple of notches tighter. Once more I could feel my arms pushed further behind my back, this of course had the effect of pushing my chest forward. It was almost a shame that no one would be able to see my bound tits being pushed forward, not even me! I could still feel my nipples standing on end, I knew they were begging for some kind of attention, but this time sadly, they were just going to have to miss out.

This time I reached for the smallest of the loops and slid it up over my wrists, letting it rest just below my elbows for the moment. Lastly I grabbed the final strap, this one however was left open. With my arms being bound as they were, there was no way I was going to be able to get this strap down and over my breasts. I know I know, bragging about my breasts, how rude of me, so spank me for it. (No seriously, please do!) Anyways, with my elbows restricted I had to slowly pass the strap around my waist whilst leaning to the side. With some annoyed grunts from behind my gag, eventually I was able to get both ends of the strap in my hands. I then threaded it through the buckles and started to pull it tight. I leaned back to rest on both my legs again. Not being careful of the way I was positioning myself, I once again felt the dildo push itself deep inside me. This time however, I didn’t squeal, only letting out a low moan from behind my gag as I felt the dildio slide back out again. ‘Just finish this tie and then you can have all the pleasure you want’ I thought to myself as I wiggled the last strap over my hips. I continued to cinch it tightly until I felt the strap start to dig in. Satisfied that it wouldn’t slide up or down I buckled it closed.

The final step in my plan needed me to shuffle back towards my desk. Pressing my back against the desk, I started to feel around for the draws, well more importantly the draw handles. They were shaped like typical door knobs and so I could use them to push the last smaller strap up and over my elbows. Finding one of the knobs that was at just the right height, I locked my fingers together and tensed my arms. This allowed me to flex and pull my elbows in closer together. Whilst doing this, I started to shift up and down against the desk. Feeling the strap catch on the knob, I slowly lowered myself down, resulting in the strap being pulled up and over my elbows. I then released the tension in my arms and found that they moved apart very little. With a satisfied smile beneath my gag, I shuffled back away from the desk to the middle of my room.

Now it was time to properly trap myself and get on with the show! Fishing around with my fingers, I felt around for the loop at the back of my chastity belt. Finding it, I carefully looped the finger of my left hand through it so I would be able to keep track of it. Meanwhile, with my right hand, I carefully pulled the zip tie out from my left cuff and held it in my fingers. Using my left finger as a guide, I threaded the zip tie through the loop at the back of my belt, then down through the loop on my left cuff. I then let go of the loop with my left hand and used it to guide the end of the zip tie back through the loop on my right cuff. I then gripped both ends of the zip tie with my right hand and used my left hand to thread it through, not pulling it to the point of locking it just yet.

I took a deep breath from behind my gag, the inside of my hood already starting to heat up. I took this moment to take an assessment of my situation. My head was tightly encased in heavy leather, with a gag and blindfold locked on for good measure. I had the words ‘Party Girl’ written across my breasts. Heavy leather straps covered my upper torso, running above and below my breasts, pulled tightly back to force my chest forward and keep my arms in an impromptu armbinder position. My legs were frogtied to keep me from going anywhere fast. I could feel the sweat now glistening on my skin, having gone through quite the workout to put myself in this position. And last but not least, the chastity belt keeping the dildo pushed inside my pussy. ‘Here we are once again. The point of no return’ I thought to myself as I held the ends of the zip tie. Once this was done, I would be trapped until I retrieved the cable cutters from the other end of the house.

As I began psyching myself up, I started to imagine a man coming over behind me. In my mind he was the organiser of this party, and was most unimpressed with the delay I was causing. ‘Come on girl, don’t you know it’s party time’ he said as he took the zip tie and yanked it all the way through. I made sure to do the same. I let out a soft muffled cry from behind the gag as I was now well and truly trapped. The guests were making their way in and it was time for the party to start!

The music was somewhat muffled by the heavy leather that encased my head, but in my mind, it all felt so real. I could imagine the guests, all coated head to toe in exquisite outfits walking into the room. Only to have their eyes drawn to me, squirming in my tight bonds at the centre of the room. I could imagine that as the people were enjoying their food and beverages, they would come over to me. I moaned from behind the gag as I felt the imaginary hands running up my helpless body. The hands would range from the noticeably softer touch of another woman, to the more distinct and rougher grippings of a man.

I began to breathe heavily from behind the gag, my mind taking over my body as the imaginary stimulation surged through my body like a powerful current. Right now I wanted nothing more than for my fantasies to become reality, to feel the hands running over me, to have people bite and suck on me like I was another offering for them to help themselves to. I wanted to have people flog and spank me, to have that feeling of helplessness and to be at the party’s mercy. I let out a groan of frustration as I shook my breasts around. Who ever thought I would regret NOT having nipple clamps!

I worked myself up into a sweat as I writhed against the unforgiving leather that was wrapped around my body. I started to push against the straps just to hear that satisfying creak of leather. I don’t know why, but I started to call out from behind the gag in my mouth. No comprehensible words escaped my lips, only a series of garbled noises. I don’t think I was even trying to speak, just making noises for the sake of being heard. Afterall, I was the entertainment for the party and therefore it was my job to put on a show.

My imagination appeared to reward my efforts as I began to fantasise about a man walking over to me. Naturally I would have no idea he was there as I couldn’t see and could barely hear. But I imagined him looking down at my helpless form. ‘What’s this?’ he asked as his foot made its way between my legs. I barely had a chance to muffle a pathetic response before he pushed the dildo back inside me with the tip of his shoe. I moaned with pleasure in response as I tugged on the chastity belt and pulled the dildo in as far as it would go. ‘Well go on girl, you’re the entertainment. Entertain us already’ I heard the man’s voice as he gave the dildo a few more taps before moving away.

That was all the motivation my incredibly horny self needed. I began to pant heavily behind the gag as I pulled on the chastity belt with fury. If they wanted a show then I was going to give it to them! I started to wiggle my hips in response to the dildo plunging in and out of my now soaking pussy. I’d been waiting days for this kind of pleasure and now I was going to have it. How pathetic I must have looked, wriggling all I could in my bonds just to push a dildo in and out of my pussy to the amusement of my imaginary guests.

I continued to bounce up and down to the best my bonds would allow. I could feel that fire of an orgasm burning deep inside, each thrust of the dildo only adding more fuel to it. I was obsessed, all I wanted was this pleasure, I didn’t care about anything else! ‘Wow look at her go!’ I heard the voice of an imaginary man say.

I started to fantasise about a crowd gathering around me to watch my ‘performance’. ‘Wow, she really is a slut isn’t she?’ a woman’s voice called out this time.

‘Come on darling. You can do it,’ I heard the original man’s voice say as he came over to me. I imagined his rough hands running up towards my breasts and starting to massage them. I was running at full steam now. The dilod thrusting in and out as my hips gyrated wildly, I could feel the didlo pushing it’s way around my insides, the rough edge brushing up against my clit with each thrust. I imagined the man’s fingers gripping onto my nipples and twisting them sharply. This was enough to send me over the edge.

The orgasm tore through me like a wildfire. I shook my breasts from side to side as I moaned loudly into my gag, the penis shape in my mouth keeping me sufficiently silent. My limbs instinctively pushed hard against my bonds as I thrashed around, panting heavily. That’s when I realised I’d been too frivolous with my thrashing as I suddenly felt myself start to topple over. Working on instinct I tried to pull my arms around to stop myself, this only served to push the dildo deeper into my still trembling pussy. Luckily for me I had been kneeling on the carpet in the middle of my room so the fall was somewhat cushioned. I twisted my body so I landed on my side.

For a few moments I just lay there, moaning into my gag as I felt the dildo had been pushed deeper than before into my pussy. Even though I had just come, my hips started to grind again as my knees pressed together. Apparently I was content with sprinting towards my next orgasm at full speed. I could feel the drool spilling from the sides of penis gag in my mouth as I tried to stretch my jaw as best I could. The drool was warm and pressed against my face before soaking into the fabric that lined the inside of the hood. To be honest, I loved the feeling. I felt like another level of humiliation that added to my current predicament. I relished in the thought of how I must have looked. My hair was a mess beneath the hood as my own drool coated the side of my face. What a sight!

As I lay there, barely having time to catch my breath, I started to pull on the belt again, thrusting the dildo in and out once more. This caused me to moan loudly. I could feel the slickness of the sweat that now coated my body as my forearms rubbed against my back. ‘Oh no you don’t’ I heard an imaginary voice say as I rolled onto my back, pinning my arms under my body and preventing me from tugging on the chastity belt. In my fantasy, I’d pictured the same man from before rolling me onto his back with his foot, my legs spreading wide as I did so. ‘How are the rest of us supposed to appreciate you like that on the floor. We think you should get back up again, don’t we?’ the man called out, the crowds responding in kind. ‘Well go on then, you are here for our amusement after all’ he said.

I groaned behind my gag, sometimes I could be too imaginative. I started trying to shift my weight from side to side, eventually building up enough momentum to roll me back onto my side. It was hard work to say the least, I could hear my breathing quicken inside the hood as I rocked back and forth. Finally back on my side, I started to pull my knees back towards my chest, curling myself into something of a ball. Then, using my right knee and my head, I pressed down into the carpet as I twisted my chest. I used this to try and pull my left leg around to rest on the carpet. It was hard work and it took me a few attempts before I was successful.

I breathed heavily as my face pressed into the carpet. However, now back on both my knees I was easily able to lift my torso up and right myself once more. ‘Good girl,’ I imagined the voice to say as I sat back on my heels.

I continued to relish in my fantasies. Imagining all sorts of party guests coming over to enjoy the evening's entertainment. Eventually however, I imagined it was time to put on another show. In fact, the party guests demanded it! And so like the good little sub I am, I started to tug on my belt again. Grinding my hips against the dildo plunging it’s way in and out of my pussy, I felt that surge of pleasure rising once more. I continued to tug and grind as the dildo rubbed against my clit. I could feel my breathing quicken once more, my chest rising and falling as I wriggled against my bonds. Another orgasm was heading my way and I wanted to catch it head on.

Or at least that was the plan, as my illusion was suddenly broken by a loud vibrating sound. I groaned loudly into my gag. My phone going off meant that it was now time to move onto the escape phase of my session.

Truth be told I wanted to just stay where I was and play with my dildo. I was so close to that next orgasm I could taste it. As motivation, I decided to imagine getting a sharp spank across my exposed cheeks. ‘Time for you to put on another show,’ I imagined the man's voice to say. Grumbling to myself behind the gag I slowly lowered myself back down to the ground. My breasts cushioning the short drop I had to make in order to get back onto my stomach. Now it was time to start the slow journey back to the living room.

Over my years of self bondage, I’d learned that the tighter the bonds, generally the slower you would move. Given how tightly I was bound, I knew this trip would take a good amount of time. What I didn’t anticipate however, was that in order to move I would have to lift my chest. This meant that whenever I lowered my chest back down after each movement, I’d pull the dildo back deeper inside myself. Every move I made would cause me to fuck myself.

Now by no means was this a bad thing, it just meant that I might have a bit more difficulty concentrating is all. Scratch that. A lot more difficulty. As I started to make my way to where I thought the door would be, I felt my body leave the carpet in the middle of the room and press against the cool wooden floors. At first the sudden chill was a shock, after all, I had been working up a sweat so far. But it quickly changed into a soothing sensation.

I moaned loudly into my gag as I continued to inch my way forward, the dildo making its presence known every step of my journey.I felt the rough carpet press against my nipples as I pushed on into the hallway. By now I was panting heavily, not only was it an incredible effort just to move the slightest bit, but I was already on the brink of orgasm when I set out on this journey.

I moaned loudly again as I pulled on the chastity belt and forced my pussy to take the full length of the intruder. I began to pant heavily as the waves of excitement washed over me. ‘There she goes again!’ I imagined one of the party goers to say as I put on my show. Now all the way through my door and out in the hall, I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I cried out loudly into my gag as I felt the orgasm detonate inside me. I thrashed around wildly as my hips bucked. I rolled over and over as I continued to strain against my bonds. I could feel my pussy clench tightly around the dildo as the orgasm caused my walls to convulse. More drool spilled free from my lips as my glistening body thrashed around. I kept thrusting the dildo in and out until I finally felt like I was regaining control of myself and could feel my head pressing against a wall.

I started to catch my breath again as I let the after echoes of my orgasm bounce around inside me. I lifted my head and lightly tapped it against the wall in front of me. ‘This must be the other side of the hall, that means all I have to do is turn right and head straight to the living room!’ I thought to myself as my senses started to return to normal. With some light but still uncomfortable shuffling, I set off down the hallway towards my release.

I continued to fantasise about my role at this imaginary party. Maybe now it was time for me to go and distribute drinks to the guests. A small silver tray would have been strapped to my back, with several tall glasses of fine wine sat atop it. I would have been warned not to spill a single drop and so would need to be careful on my journey. Ever so slowly, and with the dildo thrusting in every step of the way, I continued down the hall. I imagined that party guests would help themselves to the drinks on my back, as well as run their hands over what they could touch, maybe the odd spank here and there to test how well I could keep the drinks balanced. My fantasies started to drive me wild once more, I stopped moving for a bit and simply thrust the dildo in and out of myself.

I lay there on the carpet, a sweaty mess as I continued to fuck myself with delight. Unfortunately however, the more wicked nature of my imagination began to manifest itself. I knew if I came, I wouldn’t be able to control myself and would most likely spill the drinks. Therefore I was told to stop. Grunting into my gag once more I continued on my journey down the hall. In addition, for me not asking permission to play with myself whilst ‘on the job’ I pulled the dildo deeper into my pussy and was forcing myself to resist my orgasm. In my fantasy, this manifested as a very angry looking woman who was following me on my journey, using her heeled foot to push the dildo deeper inside me as she sipped on a glass of wine and laughed wickedly.

It was tough work, only made harder by the heat and the thrusting of the dildo. Every time I stopped to catch my breath, I made sure to continue pulling the dildo deep inside me. In my fantasies this was to represent the woman who was following me around. Seemingly not having had enough of my torment yet. I groaned loudly into the gag as I kept trying to push the fires of an orgam I felt rising in me back down.

With a heavy breath, I felt my head press against something. ‘What?’ I said with a muffled cry, my fantasy now melting away as I found myself back in reality. The door from the hallway to the living room was closed? ‘How was that even possible!’ I screamed in my mind as I pressed my head against the door in front of me, pushing with all the energy I could muster. The door refused to budge. I felt that sense of panic building up in me as I started to fight against my bonds with a new found energy. In all reality, all I achieved was pushing the dildo into my pussy and drooling all over myself.

Okay, relax party girl... you can deal with this... just think, I thought to myself as I tried to calm myself down. There's no way that the hallway door could have closed itself. The only way that could happen is if someone was in the house and well.... Well they would have made themselves known by now for sure. I felt my breathing start to steady. That means I must be at the wrong end of the hallway! I thought with triumph. That triumph quickly vanished as I realised what that meant. The door I felt in front of me was my housemate’s door. The distance between here and my room was about the same length from my room to the living room. That meant I had to go back twice the distance in the other direction. I slumped in my bonds as I pressed my head against the carpet. Clearly I’d gotten spun around during my writhing after my second orgasm. Now I was going to pay for it.

I was starting to want out of my bonds at this point, my shoulders were starting to ache along with my legs. With a heavy heart, I started to turn around. As I wriggled, I made sure to press my knees against my housemate’s door, thus ensuring I would be going in the right direction when I set off. Finally, I set off towards my release once more.

In an attempt to raise my spirits, I began to fantasise about how I might have found myself in this particular position. Perhaps the same woman from earlier had decided to play a horrible trick on me, luring me to the wrong end of the Chateau before telling that all the guests were waiting at the other end. ‘You know, if you keep the guests waiting too long, they probably won’t see a reason to release you until they’re ready. So there’s a good girl, go put on a show,’ I imagined her to say as she pushed the dildo deep inside me before laughing as she walked away.

I moaned loudly as I pulled the dildo deep into my pussy once again. But now I had to hurry, for the sake of the party goers of course :p

I lifted my chest up, wiggled my thighs and off I went with all the speed I could muster. The rough carpet sure was an unpleasant sensation, I began to worry that at the end of this I would have a horrible carpet burn on my stomach. But that was a problem for future me. Right now I needed to be at the other end of the house, and fast! Naturally, this is where another spanner fell into the works.

See, moving at a quickened pace meant that not only was I getting hotter a lot quicker, it also meant that the dildo was thrusting deeper and at a faster rate. The quicker I tried to move, the harder I would fuck myself. It wasn’t long before I felt the orgasm I’d been trying to push away now returning at breakneck speed. With each little shuffle I made, I started to lift my ass higher into the air. This wasn’t helping with my speed of course, but was just so I could better grind myself against the intruder between my legs. It wasn’t long before I felt my third orgasm crashing down on me like a ton of bricks.

I moaned loudly into my gag as I felt my pussy clench around the dildo. I bucked my hips back and forth as I essentially started to bounce up and down on the spot. My whole body pressed against the tight leather wrapped around me as I strained with all my might, looking for some sort of outlet for the intense pleasure coursing through my body. I was careful this time, every time I felt my thrashing was starting to tip me over, I’d slam myself back to the ground to make sure that didn’t happen. I wasn’t going to allow myself to get turned around again.

As I felt the after effects of my orgasm start to fade, I slumped in my bonds once more.. Resting my head on the ground and turning my face to the side, I spent a few minutes trying to catch my breath. I could feel the inside of the hood starting to stick to my face from the amount of saliva that had been soaked into the fabric. I know it may sound ridiculous, but I needed to keep moving to stop myself from falling asleep. I was exhausted at this point. It took all the strength I had just to move the tiniest inch, not to mention the three incredible orgasms I’d had so far. After a few more minutes of rest, I picked my head up and set off again.

I knew I’d made it back to where I started when I heard the sound of the music from my laptop grow louder. It then fell silent once again as I pushed passed towards the living room. Confident that I was now heading in the right direction, I let out a cry of triumph as I powered forward.

Stopping every so often to rest and catch my breath, it felt like an eternity of sweaty struggles and sweet pleasure before my shoulder caught on something. I could feel the hard corner of something wooden pressing into my shoulder, taking a moment to think, I realised that this was the one of the small bookshelves in the living room! I let out another small cry of delight from behind my now aching jaw and rotated myself slightly to the left before setting on forward again.

It felt good to know that my freedom was so close at hand, I could imagine the party goers cheering me on as I powered forward. In a sudden shock, I felt myself pulled back into reality once more as I felt an intense chill under my right breast. I squealed loudly, quickly rolling onto my side, only to feel a similar intense cold on my left arm now. Rolling back over again, my squeals turned to groans behind my gag as I felt the same chilling sensation now on my stomach. I guess I’d forgotten about the ice :p

I bit into my gag as I shuffled forward once more, feeling the ice I was currently laying on start to make its way down towards my pussy as I felt my breasts press into another cluster. I started to pant heavily as a way of coping with the intense sensations of the ice. I started to thrash my head from side to side as a means of searching for the large bowl at the centre. Perhaps I was a little too hasty in my efforts as I wriggled about the nest of ice, as soon I felt a sharp pain in the side of my head as I smacked against the bowl. I could pretty much hear the laughs of my imaginary onlookers as I did so, grunting behind my gag as I tried to rock from side to side to stay off the ice.

Something quickly became apparent to me, now that I was actually at the bowl, I had no way of actually tipping it over to get the wire cutters. I tried pulling my hands away from the chastity belt, my fingers fishing for the edge of the bowl. All this served to do however was push the dildo in deep. I groaned loudly as I rocked back and forth on the ice, racking my brain for any sort of idea. That’s when it hit me! I was already rocking, all I had to do was roll over onto the bowl, that way my body weight would tip it over. ‘Genius!’ I thought to myself.

I shuffled forward a few extra wiggles before I started to rock back and forth. My hope was that as I rolled onto my back, my shoulder would catch on the edge of the bowl and tip it over. ‘Here we go... 1... 2... 3!’ I thought as I rolled over onto the side of the bowl, I felt a sense of triumph as my shoulder connected with the bowl and it started to tip up. That sensation of triumph was quickly replaced with an intense cold as the icy water, ice packs and wire cutters poured onto my chest. I squealed loudly as I thrashed around, the intense cold causing me to thrash around wildly. I kicked my legs about and accidentally thrust the dildo in several more times in my struggles.

I quickly rolled back onto my stomach, only to feel the handle of the wire cutters press into my thigh, but more importantly, my nipples pressing down on one of the ice packs. I squealed loudly as I bounced in my bonds, desperate to escape the intense cold I rolled over once again. Now safe from the ice cubes and the frosty water, I took a moment to catch my breath as I lay there. ‘Almost there’ I thought to myself as I panted heavily. Unfortunately my hands were on the opposite side of where I needed them to be. Rolling onto my back, I used my bound legs to shuffle and rotate myself around 180 degrees before rolling back onto my side again. Now that I had my hands facing the towels, I started to wriggle around in search of the wire cutters. Thankfully it wasn’t long before I felt the cold grips and took the wire cutters into my hands. Turning them, I placed the open jaws against the zip tie and pulled them shut. With a satisfying snapping sound, my wrists came free.

Slowly catching my breath, I let my hands rest for a moment before I pushed myself back up onto my knees. After that, I reached down to the straps around my legs and undid the buckles on each of them. Slowly I stretched my legs out in front of myself, letting the feeling in them return to normal before carefully making my way back to my room. It was a little tricky being blinded, but eventually I made it. Once there, all I had to do was use my desk again to push the strap down, pass my elbows and undo the rest of the straps. Next came the hood, fishing around for the keys on my desk. I undid the small locks one by one. Blinking as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I set about removing my gag. I pulled out the slick penis gag and sat it on the desk before undoing the colour and unlacing the hood. I breathed a sigh of relief as I pulled the hood off. I then moved to my mirror to assess how I looked. My hair was a sweaty tangled mess, part of it stuck to my face due to the dried saliva. The words ‘Party Girl’ were now almost completely faded away, now doubt my sweaty struggles on the carpet had served to rub it away. My breasts, stomach and thighs were also various shades of red, clearly rubbing against the carpet had irritated my skin slightly. My pussy however, was a lovely shade of pink, clearly having enjoyed the party.

I quickly grabbed my keys and undid the lock at the front. I then pulled the belt tight so the dildo was forced all the way inside me. ‘After all, might as well keep it on until I’ve tidied up’ I thought with a smirk as I locked it back on. ‘Thank you all for coming, I hope you enjoyed the party’ I said aloud as I blew a kiss to my imaginary guests...

xoxo, Naomi ♥


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