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Linda’s Workout Bench

by Fred Bolton

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© Copyright 2008 - Fred Bolton - Used by permission

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I was kind of a tomboy when I grew up because my dad was a contractor and I was around building sites a lot and I helped them do some of the small things. As I got older, my dad had me work my way though school helping build houses and offices in our town. I had gotten pretty good at it and had learned more than some of the guys I worked with. I also had gotten a great body to match with the hard work and also getting older. 

Now I'm 26 and have a 38, 25, 36 shape that the guys say is better than any they had seen, brown eyes and auburn hair turn heads around this town. I had dated some of the guys here and we had fun and I liked them, but when it came to sex I couldn’t seem to get enough and would be let down every time I tried to get them to last longer. All they seem to want is wham, bam, thank you mam! I know I was missing something but I couldn’t put my finger on it. My dad always said, “ If you want something done right, do it yourself “. So I had gotten a 7-inch dildo and I had a better time with that and was getting closer to bigger orgasms each time I used it. 

Still something wasn’t quite right, by using my hands to hold it and having to concentrate on the movements I would lose some of the excitement that would build in me as I worked it in and out my hungry love hole. Then one day as I was in a book store looking around I found a book on bondage with pictures of girls tied up in all kinds of positions and a light went off in my head, if I were tied down and had something to push and pull the dildo in and out I could lay back and enjoy the hard dicking I would receive, shit I almost came right then and there thinking about it.  I bought the book and headed out home to read and look at all the pictures. 

Now at home I really got worked up and before I know it I had the dildo all the way in and worked myself up to a big nerve bending orgasm. I had to do something to satisfy this new found turn-on. Today was Friday and since I had my own house and had a two-car garage and half of it was empty and had a plan. After work I went to the local lumber yard and got some wood to make a bench and a electric motor and some iron rods and some ring fasteners, a pulley and a 24 hour timer and some wire and a sliding control switch, some chain and two heavy springs. Next stop was at a adult toy store that some of the guys had mentioned to me, there I bought leg and wrist cuffs in leather and a neck collar to match, 5 locks with keys, the clerk was very helpful but I think he would have done me right then and there if I let him. Got to go I said. 

Well back at my house now with all my goodies and two whole days to build my  “ work-out bench “ as I was now thinking of it as I laid everything out to start making it. First I built the bench 6 feet long and at one end of the last 3 feet I made it so that it would split right up the centre and go about 24 inches apart, this is were my legs would be and would hold me spreadeagle so the motor driven dildo could have a good target to slide into. With this done I covered the bench with some black leather I had from a couch I had done before and then I placed the rings on both sides of the bench. Next I secured the pulley that I had gotten to the head of the bench and ran some chain though it and then fixed the spring so it would pull back away from me once I was on the table and locked in. 

Then came the motor and the drive wheel. I mounted the motor to a stand and made a oblong disk about 7 inches around and put it on the motor, to this I drilled a hole on one end and put a metal pin that stuck out 1 inch so every time it went around the pin would push the next rod I had made like a  l shape in reverse and it was fixed on a 2x2 padded board that I set just high enough so that with me in the middle and the long dildo attached it would go in at a good angle and stop at the edge of the table when it hit. On the other end I placed the other big spring to pull it back when the motor had gone the other half way around .

Now almost done I ran the wire to the top of the bench were the pulley was, this I fixed with a rheostat slide bar that would control the speed of the motor, if I didn’t pull on it would go slowly but if I pulled on it the faster it would allow the disk to turn and the faster I would get fucked. The very thought of that made me want to jump on and fire it up, but I had better finish every thing first . I had ordered a 8-inch dildo some time ago from a catalogue but had not tried it out yet. What was different about this one was it had bumps on it and it was 2 inches round with a squeeze ball that you pumped up to about 3 inches around, I wasn’t sure I was ready for that yet, but if i’m going to do this right I might as well go for the gold, so I strapped it to the 2x2 board and laid down on the table to check the distance I had to have for the ball on my back side. Better go to bed tonight and rest up for tomorrow, it was going to be one hell of a day. 

I had a hard time sleeping with all the plans I had for myself and the sheer excitement of trying out my workout bench for the first time. Saturday came early and I was ready for whatever would happen to me. I got the ice tray out that I had learned about from the book that would hold my escape keys out of reach till the ice melted and would drop them in my hand so I could unlock my wrist cuffs and get free. I went out to the garage and plugged in the 24 hour timer, but didn’t set it yet because I wanted to take a trial run first, so I hopped up on the bench and laid down on the cool leather and slowly slid down onto this big dildo until it was all the way inside me. It really felt great as it slid into me with the bumps starting to fuel the fires within me and getting my pussy lips wet with excitement. I have to calm myself down now, there’s time for that later, so I back off of it and hop down to the floor and plug in the motor, I then go to the head of the bench and pull on the pulley. The motor starts to work faster and I can see every thing is moving just the way I planned it to work, I let go of the pulley and the motor and disk and 2x2 all start to slow way down. The forward movement and the pull back movement look just right so now it’s all up to me, add one hot female and strap her down and turn it on and let her fly. 

I quickly got undressed and put on the ankle cuffs and the wrist cuffs, then the collar and add my high heel boots that lace up to my knees. As I walk past the mirror I catch a look at myself and boy am I hot to get fucked. I go to the garage and set the timer to come on in 15 minutes and run for one hour, and then I run the string with the ice on it that holds the keys just over my head to the o-ring. Ready. I hop up on the bench and put one lock into the right leg cuff and lock it, then the left one and it locks with me spreadeagle inches away from the big dildo, I move forward and slide it in slowly to make sure it is fully forward as far as it can go. Now I’m impaled on this monster and I put the ball under my ass, careful not to squeeze it. Then I reach up to the top and with the lock in my hand I run it though the chain and to the other wrist cuff and then take a deep breath, the moment has come, click it locks, now there is no possible escape for now, what happens, happens. 

As I lay here waiting for the motor to start, I realize this already has some strange effect on me because I’ve never felt this free in my live. Free to feel all the raw emotions that my body is sending out with-in itself. I can pull, but can’t get free, I can twist a little but can’t escape, I have set myself up for a real hard fucking and I’m loving it already and I’m at the mercy of something I designed to do just that. I love the way that I have no control and this self-bondage idea is a god send to me. The sheer anticipation of what’s to come has my nerves doing double time and my cunt is starting to tighten around this bumpy intruder waiting for it to spring to life. Then I hear it, the buzz of the motor starting up suddenly the dick inside me backed out fast, but I knew what was coming next as the disk Dow made contact with the long l" shaped rod, the dick started coming back in me and just as it went all the way in it started to be pulled out again be the spring like a shot, this worked damn well and as long as I didn’t pull to much on my wrist the motor would turn at a good pumping cycle and this already was juicing me up and the warm glow of my first orgasm was building up inside of me, the bumps on the dildo was having quite an effect on my pussy.

As I tried to match the thrust of the cock into me with my own thrust forward but as I did this I pulled on my bound hands and the motor started to go faster and the action was really starting to heat up, the hotter I got, the closer I came to the edge, the more I pulled on the pulley and the faster that dam thing went in and out of me. It must have been like a blur at the time I finally exploded in a gush of fluid and stars flashing before my eyes ,wow! That had to be the mother of all orgasms I though but I was having a hard time catching my breath because the motor was still going to fast and I was already starting to go to the next earth moving orgasm and as it started to take me I shifted my hips back and but I had forgotten about the squeeze ball under my butt , this started to add air to the dildo and before I know what I was doing it had grown to it’s full 3 inches of torment and the size was making new claims of my already stretched pussy and it’s bumpy outside was starting to drive me up the wall again , I had maybe got more than I could handle this time .

I was being fucked by a 3 inch cock, faster than anything I could have dreamed up and I can’t do anything but lay here and enjoy it to the fullest. Spread-eagled, tied and helpless there is nothing I could do if I wanted to until the ice drops the keys or the timer shuts the motor off. I finally came down enough to relax my pull on my arms and then the motor started to slow down, I had forgotten that I still could slow it down as long as I didn’t pull hard on the pulley switch. Now it was feeling better to me and I could relax my pussy muscles so I could get the full effect of the hard jabs that I was receiving in and out, boy was I stuffed to the hilt with this thing too. The size and constant drilling that I was getting brought me to the next and hardest orgasm I had ever dreamed one person could live thru, I jerked violently and was met with faster and faster strokes till I thought I would pass out from sheer joy and torment combined .

As I dropped back down mercifully the motor shut down, my hour was up and I was totally drained with the dildo still deep within me, now all I had to do is wait till the keys dropped to get free. As I lay there well fucked and resting I started to think about some more toys I can add to my workout bench, like maybe add a whip that would come down on my breast as the dick rammed into me.  Well I will wait till next weekend and try again. I'll. Let you know how it turns out. Yes and to be sure, selfbondage has given new meaning to that saying “ If you want it done right, do it yourself !"



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