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Linda’s Denial

by Ocontrol4u

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© Copyright 2007 - Ocontrol4u - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; chast; tease; denial; mast; climax; toys; cons; X

Linda loved her selfbondage. She had thought about her reasons after reading many D/s and BDSM stories and realised that she was different to most others. She didn't have fantasies of being a slave girl, or being captured and used by others, it was purely a personal fetish. Being helpless aroused her, and it simultaneously extended the time to her sexual relief.

Although she had tried a couple of times to interest her lovers into her tastes, they didn't seem to understand. They would tie her too loosely and allow her to escape, or worse still, get so horny themselves and forget about her need to be teased and denied, or at least delayed, an orgasm. She loved being horny and frustrated by not being able to satisfy her desire. She had learnt the pleasure of arousal, and while it always pushed her to want more, she didn't want the release (well, not too soon anyway). She knew that once she had her orgasm(s) it would be over and she wanted the fever pitch desire to last and last. In this state she was in another world. While helpless she didn't fantasise about being a submissive like others, she purely enjoyed her own arousal and her inability to do anything about it. Her own frustration would create an even larger desire.

Linda had become more and more adventurous in her self bondage. Keeping herself trapped for longer periods and finding new ways to tease herself more while bound.

She had vibes that would activate randomly, teasing her for a short period, but then shutting off to allow her to cool down a bit before starting again.

She even had 'punishments' for herself if she managed to cum too quickly. These usually involved selfbondage that kept her trapped with a vibe turned high on her clit that made her cum over and over until she was so sensitive that it hurt, but would continue on torturing her clit for cumming too soon on the previous occasion.

Another was to lock herself in a chastity belt, often with benwa balls inserted first, and mail herself the key, but to a Post Office box she had set up in a town 100 miles from where she lived. Although the snail-mail would arrive in 2 or 3 days, she would need the time available to get there and back, and without a car, rely on a bus to get there. Of course, with work and bus schedules, it wasn't something she could do on any day, plus, on one occasion, arrived too soon for the letter to have been delivered, and had to travel home still locked and wait for her next opportunity to travel again, and this wasn't until next payday, as she didn't have the disposable income to jump another bus the next day.

On this occasion Linda had remained locked away for 2 weeks before she was released from her belt. Between wearing the belt and the benwa balls sending their magic constantly, she was constantly reminded of her self-imposed denial, and although very frustrating, she loved it. It didn't really turn out to be so much a punishment, but the denial she was seeking.

She really needed a way to do this more, but without the overhead of bus fares she couldn't afford. She liked that she travelled over 2 hours on a bus, and with the vibrations, making the benwa tease her more, and then to have to endure the trip home again the same way, knowing it would be 2 weeks before she had another chance.

She was so horny on the way home she would have masturbated on the bus if the chastity belt wasn't locked on.

Although the 2 weeks were a hell of frustration at the time, as a memory, they were delightful. The more she stressed about her predicament, the more her clit throbbed. Instead of denial because of ropes and self imposed bondage, she suffered denial because of her lack of funds. Every day she would think of ways to get the money for another bus trip. Borrow from a friend? Cut out some other expense?

Sell something she didn't need? Anything at all! And every time she turned her mind to the problem, clitty throbbed.

Every morning was a struggle. Using the bathroom reminded her about being trapped as she pissed or shat through the belt. The shower afterwards didn't help, being able to touch everywhere except where she most needed it.

She also found that at work that not only did she have clitty throb and tease her, but she was constantly wet. Sitting in her chair with the belt pressed hard against her just kept reminding her over and over again. She didn't realise this until one of her co-workers kindly pointed out that she had a wet spot on the back of her skirt and was concerned she had accidently sat in something. Poor Linda blushed so badly at the time and remembered to pull up her skirt when she sat down in future.

Of course, this also just was another mental reminder to make her throb even more.

After 2 weeks she did eventually get the key. She took the 2.5 hour bus ride and tried to fill her mind with the pleasure she would receive, but for some reason, her mind kept returning to the possibility it wouldn't be there. Maybe it was lost in the mail and never to be seen again. Maybe it would take another 2 weeks and she would go back home empty handed again.

She remembered opening the box and seeing the envelope she so desparately needed.

She almost came on the spot. But she could hardly do that here. She went back to the bus depot and would have used a cubicle in the toilets to remove the belt and releave herself, but her return bus would be leaving imminently.

She got onto the bus - it was crowded, apparently with an interschool junior football league, and removing the belt and playing with herself was out of the question.

She needed some privacy and needed to enjoy her release. She wouldn't use the toilets at the depot when the bus got back, she would wait until she got home.

From the depot she almost ran home. After 2 weeks she was desperate and needed to get this damn belt off. It had been 2 weeks, she needed to cum badly. She ran as fast as her heels would allow (damn - why had she worn those?) and took the steps to her apartment 2 at a time to get to her door. Clitty kept throbbing, crying out in need, and made her fumble getting the key in the door.

At last inside, she ripped the clothes from her body and tore the envelope open to get her key to the belt. Her hands continued to shake and it took her another few minutes to unlock her belt. After 2 weeks, she was free!

Linda needed to cum so badly. She slowly pulled the string to the benwa balls and felt the first slide through her wet pussy and plop out, followed by the second.

She almost came just from the lovely feeling. She touched her outer lips and it sent shivers through her and could hardly remain standing. She quickly sat down in her lounge and placed her legs over the arms of her chair so that she could enjoy her own touch for the first time in what seemed liked eternity.

The arousal of her own touch consumed her. Her clit stiffened and bobbed out, wanting - no needing - some of the touch her lips were enjoying. A slight brush of her clitty with her forefinger sent what seemed liked electric shocks through her body. She knew this was going to be one hell of an O and now having full access, tried to make it last.

Linda moved back to her pussy lips. This was the pleasure she had worked for - earned. She was going to enjoy every minute that she could last. She thought about some self bondage to add to her arousal to be able to savour the moment longer, but couldn't clear her head long enough to come up with a suitable scenario. She could have an O anytime she wanted now, so settled back enjoying her arousal. Feeling her fingers on her pussy lips - just slightly touching her clit occasionally, she was building this more and more. OMG this was sooooooo good. She used all her strength and took her fingers away from her pussy and just squeezed her nipples. She twisted and pulled on them and was almost amused at the way her clit attempted to beg her for more immediate attention. She had heard that some women can cum from nipple attention alone - Linda couldn't, but it could build the demand and so she continued to tease her body.

Then it hit her. It was so easy, she quickly locked the belt back on and placed the key in an envelope. Before she could change her mind, she found herself mailing the key to that distant PO box again.



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