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Linda’s First Self-Denial

by Ocontrol4u

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© Copyright 2010 - Ocontrol4u - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; nipple; cuffs; chain; gag; toys; denial; tease; climax; cons; X

Linda was determined this time. She needed to feel the exquisite torture of being teased. She wanted to be able to prolong the pleasure of arousal as she had experienced in the past. 

Linda and her partner had been split up for a few months and her mind and body were returning to 'normal'. She wasn't dating again yet, but her body's desires were attempting to get her back out there. At night she would masturbate to relieve her tension, but afterwards, always felt disappointed. The orgasm itself felt good, but she always hurried things too much, and hated that the pleasure was over all too quickly. 

She tried hard to make it last, but with each bit of pleasure from touching, her body desired more - and she quickly reached the point of no return, giving a wonderful release of pleasure, but in a strange way, no release at all. Sexually she was satisfied, but her body yearned something that was missing. 

Was it a partner she was missing, or was it that she was missing the teasing games she played with her ex? She wasn't really sure. She used to love the games, her body overcome with arousal as she and her ex continued teasing, touching, pleasuring but prolonging the point where they would collapse and fall asleep in each other's arms. 

Linda thought long and hard about this to try to understand her own needs. She was over her ex, as in, it no longer hurt that they had parted ways, just one of those parts of life - but still not 'replaceable'. Maybe she should go on some of those blind dates her friends kept trying to set her up with, but the more she thought about it, she realised that wasn't what she was missing. 

She was missing the feeling of being aroused for hours, desperate to cum, but knowing the game would continue. She loved the arousal - her whole body would come alive and the tingling all over was a feeling to retain - not one to be satisfied and end. 

Another partner doing this would still just bring back memories (and comparisons) with her ex. yes... she knew the answer - for now at least, she had to make the pleasure of her own masturbation last longer. 

But How?? Left to her own devices she would allow the arousal to consume her and literally succumb to her desires far too quickly. 


By chance Linda came across a self-bondage site on the net. While such bondage wasn't her thing, particularly getting caught, and even worse - in public - the concept caught her imagination. It was a way to delay her rush to an O - all she needed was a way to keep herself aroused in the situation that allowed her no way to give relief. 

The idea of being horny but sufficiently bound to prevent her release (as in, release via an O ) was growing more and more in her thoughts. 

Linda studied the stories, fact and fiction, to get ideas. Some stories had ideas that would do absolutely nothing for her - and others, she could feel her clitty throb just at the thought. Linda also studied all the safety info, she wanted to endure arousal, but not do herself harm. Linda also decided that she would masturbate no more until she went thru with her plan. 

Linda knew if she even touched herself she would need release. in fact, her mind was consumed with the thoughts of that long delayed O. But Linda was strong willed, she had set a plan for herself, and just like she wouldn't disappoint her ex, she wasn't going to disappoint herself now. She was on a mission - to be both the Dom and the sub that she needed so much. The Dom denied her the slightest touch until she was 'ready'. The sub dutifully complied. 

The sub in Linda knew there was only one way she was allowed to touch now (let alone cum) and that was to go thru with her plans to be denied first. She had convinced herself - she must do this, or otherwise she failed... and Linda hated to fail. 


The self-bondage plans were relatively easy. She didn't need anything that immobilised her too much, but just a way that she wouldn't be able to relieve herself if she managed to keep herself very horny. And that was the challenge - to keep herself horny for the duration. Just being bound wasn't going to be enough. The fantasy of the idea sounded great, but reading the 'real' accounts of others on the net indicated it would probably get boring, rather than arousing. It would need something that teased her while bound - and that was lacking from the stories - at least ideas that would work for her. 

"Necessity is the mother of all invention" - and in Linda's case, it was working. She had pledged to herself that she got no relief until she carried out the plan - and her necessity was helping her find the ways to torment herself - in fact, she had these mixed emotions that wouldn't allow herself to 'cheat' - she kept finding new ideas to torment herself more, some were impractical, and some were added, but the thoughts kept her on high arousal. 

Today was the day. 


Linda had a day to herself - all alone in the house, and equipment she had bought and tested over the weeks. She hadn't really planned to deny herself for so long, but it was now 3 weeks and somehow clitty knew today was the day. Linda woke up with clitty throbbing and anxious to get started on the day’s activities. 

Linda had planned that she would tease herself a little before she started her self-imposed ordeal, but that was far from necessary. In fact, she knew if she even started, she was so horny she would be unable to stop. She was horny. Not just from her own denial ... but also from her plans. 

Linda had planned the day well, even including the start of her day - coffee and toast, but with clips on nipples. The clips would ensure that her nipples were suitably sensitive for her ordeal later. 

Sipping her coffee and nibbling her toast, trying to ignore the painful clamps, Linda went thru her written checklist one last time. She had thought of everything and clitty throbbed as she read the list and reminded herself of all that would have to endure. 

First the computer was set up. Nothing really major, just Media Player set up with a PlayList of all the video clips that she enjoyed. There were D/s clips of a subbie in bondage struggling against her restraints, another being flogged, but by far the most clips were women masturbating and cumming. Some used their fingers, some used toys and some used huge dildos. A couple of clips also had women on Sybians, and one even had a woman on a Sybian, tied there and forced to cum over and over again. All clips had audio and none were the 'fake' porn movie sounds. Every clip Linda had selected were ones that she felt sounded authentic. MediaPlayer was set to select and play these clips at random, with the volume loud enough that it couldn't be ignored, but not enough to disturb the neighbours. Linda would be able to see the clips played at full screen, listen to the women enjoying their orgasms, but the computer would be out of reach (to turn off) until she was released from her plans. 

Linda was naked except for the clamps on her nipples. She removed the clamps and winced as the blood rushed back into them - the clamps had done their job. Clitty throbbed more, demanding attention again, but Linda stuck by her resolve. She put on a starched shirt, far from sexy, but no one was going to be seeing her, and the shirt would tease her now very sensitive nipples with any movement. 

Next she buckled on a penis gag, one that had a hole through the centre that allowed her to continue to breath even if her nose became blocked and so was much safer for self-bondage, but that also had another advantage. If Linda got thirsty during her bondage, she would be able to suck water from a bowl that she prepared, but given her planned restraints and condition, it would feel much more like be forced to give a blowjob to receive any sustenance. 

Linda had also bought benwa balls off the net. Her first choice were large ones and they certainly kept her aroused, but for long term use she had found they became uncomfortable, even painful, and that wasn't the idea. She had settled on smaller ones that were not as much of a tease, but could be held in for a longer period of time, giving smaller vibrations with movement and ensuring they wouldn't make her cum, but continue to keep her aroused for a longer period. 

To keep the balls in place was a crotch rope... or more accurately, a crotch chain. Locked around the waist and then pulled between her legs and locked at the back. The chain was just tight enough that it wouldn't escape her lips, but also loose enough to allow it to stimulate with any movement. 

High heel sandals were next, with tape around the ankle straps. They would not be able to be removed, but as Linda's legs got tired and she needed a rest, sitting would just press the chain into where it would remind her more about her locked away pussy. 

The alternative would be to relieve her aching legs by moving around - again, letting the chain do its work and helping the starched shirt rubbing against her nipples. 

The final part of her bondage was to handcuff her wrists behind her, the key to the cuffs being suspended by a string in an ice block from a plant hanger in the ceiling. 

Linda was now trapped, a penis in her mouth, a ruff shirt rubbing on her nipples, a chain teasing her sex and holding in benwa balls, and high heels that would ensure she would move to give her legs relief. In the meantime, her computer was playing images of women struggling in bondage or cumming with various toys - and of course - the sounds of whimpers, sighs and orgasmic release constantly played. 


Linda most definitely didn't get bored. Her clitty was already begging relief before she even started, and now, she had audio, visual and physical stimulation that wouldn't stop. She was so horny. Every movement added. Her shirt teased her nipples, the benwa balls added tiny vibrations, the crotch chain managed to tease her clitty. She so desperately wanted to stand still so her tease didn't continue, but desperately wanted to move in case the tease would send her over the edge. She tried to stand still, but with the heels, her legs ached - but when she sat down, the crotch chain pushed deeper. 

Linda tried a drink of water. It was bad enough sucking the water through a 'penis' but just as she did, she heard the loudest orgasm ever from her computer clips. 

Clitty kept throbbing. She tried to get her hands to the front from one side, just to stroke her clit, and failed dismally. She lay down on her back and tried to get her fingers to her pussy from behind... and failed again. She figured she could get her cuffed hands in front by pulling her legs to her chest and slipping them over - but she had forgot the high heels that just managed to prevent that from being possible. 

She was so horny - so desperate to cum, and all her attempts to try to get relief just made the benwa and crotch chain tease her more. She was in heaven and hell at the same time. 

Clitty throbbed more and more... begging for relief. Linda wanted this... but hated this also.. all she wanted now was to cum. The computer continued to add to the frustration by constantly playing images and sounds of other women cumming, whenever they wanted.. and obviously enjoying it so much. Linda needed to CUM! 

Every movement teased her sensitive nipples. Every movement moved the crotch chain and vibrated the benwa balls ... there was no escape until the ice melted and got her release key. In the meantime, her computer would continue to tease her more, with so many women screaming in orgasms while all she could do was get close. 


After close to 3 hours of torment Linda heard her key fall from the ice. She was so desperate to cum, it was the best sound she had ever heard in her life. 

Somehow though, the key had separated from the string, and bounced on the wooden floor under the bed. She heard it, she saw it disappear under the bed and possibly out of reach, and panicked!!!! Just as she panicked there was a vid clip of a woman on a Sybian, cumming over and over. Linda, panicking, horny and hearing those sounds and feeling so helpless and trapped - exploded also. 

Linda came and came. There was no stopping her. She didn't even think about the key until 15 minutes later when she calmed down. Even then, she lay on the floor, exhausted, looked at the key and was happy where she was... relaxed in a post-orgasmic haze - she would get it later. 


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