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My phone rang one Saturday morning a couple of months ago. It was my brother, Sam, asking me to check on his daughter, Lisa, as he and his wife hadn’t heard from her in over a week. I told him I’d take ride over to her place and tell her to give him a call. I called her myself and got no answer so I hopped in my truck and headed out to the outskirts of town.

Now a little bit of background on my family. Sam is my older brother, ten years older and retired military. He followed in Dad’s footsteps, going to military school and enlisting in the service right after graduation. He married Jenny twenty-six years ago and had only one child, Lisa. Dad had been a life time army guy, retiring to settle down here after Mom’s health began to fail. Sam managed to get transferred to a nearby base in order to help them out. Mom passed away a few months later and Dad followed her a year after, leaving the house and everything to Sam.

I was the family’s black sheep. I was the exact opposite of Sam. I hated authority, wanted nothing to do with the military and was almost thrown out of every school I attended. I was always in trouble for something. My only redeeming quality was my love of football. I was good at it and my coaches were what kept me from being expelled. I planned on a pro career but blew out my knee and ended up with no hope of recovering fully. So, I packed my bags and set off to find myself. After a few years of roaming the country doing whatever jobs were available, I came back and got a job at the local lumber mill. I got an apartment and a truck, and did what I could to help my folks, too. We all shared a love/hate kind of relationship. We were family but never got along very well, except for me and Lisa. She was seventeen when I met her and we hit it off really well. We got along too well, in Sam’s opinion. She was more like me than him.

Lisa worked for a doctor in town and stayed at the house with Sam and Jenny, until Sam took a job at the military school he’d graduated from. He couldn’t, or wouldn’t, pass up the opportunity to run the school and try to make more clones of himself. So, he and Jenny packed their bags and headed out of state and on to bigger and better things. Lisa got the house and I promised to look after her. That’s why Sam called me.

Ten minutes after his call, I pulled into Lisa’s driveway. Her car was there but there was no sign of her being home. “Probably off with some friends”, I thought as I walked up to the door. I have a key to the place and used it to let myself in. the house was quiet. I called Lisa’s name and thought I heard something upstairs. I called out again as I climbed the stairs and definitely heard a whimper coming from Lisa’s room. I rushed through the door expecting to find her hurt or sick. Instead of that, I found my niece hogtied on the floor with handcuffs and chains. What really shocked me was that she didn’t have a stitch of clothes on!

Thinking the worst, I ran to her side and removed the gag she had on. She gasped out a thank you and asked me to get her loose. I asked what had happened and how she got like that. She shocked me again by telling me she’d done it herself and got stuck. When her release mechanism dropped the keys they bounced under her bed out of reach. I found the keys and unlocked the chain connecting her wrists and ankles, but left the cuffs in place. I picked her up and sat her on the bed then sat down at her vanity to ask more questions.

“Lisa, what in hell were you thinking, doing something like this? Don’t you realize what could have happened to you?”

“Uncle Johnny, please let me go so I can put something on… This is embarrassing!”

“Answer my questions and maybe I will. What if I was out of town or the house caught fire? No one would have known you were here and helpless.”

“I know it was stupid but I knew there was some risk involved. That’s why I did it. the thought of getting caught and the fear of something beyond my control happening turns me on….”

She hung her head in shame at what she just told me. The look on her face almost got to me and she started to sob. “I really never wanted to get caught like this. I don’t know how I would have gotten free if you hadn’t stopped by. I wish I’d never done it.”

“Just be glad your dad called me and not the police. They would have called him and told him what was going on.”

“Won’t you?”

“No, I’ll call him but I won’t tell him about this. I know how bad his reaction would be. He would lose his mind! I can just picture him rushing back here to beat that pretty little ass of yours until you couldn’t sit for a week.”

“Uncle Johnny, please, I’m embarrassed enough already. Don’t talk about my body like that.”

“I’ll talk any way I please, young lady. Now, I know you’re an adult but you need to be punished for being so stupid. You took a big risk and you have to pay the price for it. I thought you trusted me enough to talk to me about anything. After all, you told me about everything from work to the guys you dated. Why weren’t you honest enough to talk to me about this?”

“I guess I thought this was too personal. I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to think I was a freak or something.”

“If you’d come to me and talked about it we could have worked something out. We could have agreed on something like you calling me and letting me know you needed to do this and that I should come over if I didn’t hear from you in a given period of time. That way I could have made some excuse when Sam called me today or I would have been here sooner to help you. How long were you like this?”

“Since ten yesterday morning. I only wanted to be like this for a couple hours but the keys bounced and I couldn’t get them. I tried all day and most of the night but there was no way I could reach them. I’m sorry I was so stupid. I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll never do this again.”

I sat looking at her for a few minutes without speaking. She is a beautiful girl, slender and athletically built. I suppose a few years of marshal arts training will do that. Her long brown hair hung down over her face as some tears ran down her cheeks. I couldn’t keep her like this much longer. It was time for a confession of my own and an agreement between us.

“Lisa, I know this will shock you a bit but you and I aren’t that much different. Your dad said you are more like me than like him. I don’t think he ever realized just how true that is. I completely understand how you feel when you do this. I’ve done it many times myself.”

“What? You tie yourself up, too?”

“Not often, but yes, I do. I prefer having someone else tie me but its not always easy to find a partner.”

“I know, I’ve only had one guy do it and he wasn’t really into it.”

“I want to suggest something before I unlock your cuffs. I think we can help each other find some satisfaction here. What I’m suggesting is a partnership of sorts. Whenever one of us has the urge to be restrained we call the other and set up a session. It can be a solo session like you did now or one where we tie each other.”

Lisa looked at me in silence. She looked confused for a second or two as my last sentence sank in.

“You would let me tie you up?”

“Yes, anyway and anywhere you’d like. And, I would get to tie you up as well, as I see fit.”

“Well, it might be fun, definitely interesting. And if you promise that my folks won’t find out about it.”

“Don’t worry about your folks. I don’t need Sam coming back to shoot me for messing with his daughter. Even though we’re brothers he would kill me for this.”

After a minute or two of consideration she agreed. I finally released her to use the bathroom and call Sam. She told him that she’d been camping with some friends and her cell’s battery had died. Lisa went on to tell him that I’d found out where she was from a friend and tracked her down for him. She also told him, with a sheepish grin, that from now on, she would let me know what she was up to so that no one had to worry. After she hung up I told her to get dressed and we went to lunch where we discussed our new relationship.



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