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Lisa’s Bitch

by Cindy

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© Copyright 2009 - Cindy - Used by permission

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It was Saturday night and Lisa had agreed to be my slave. While she showered, I carefully picked out what I wanted her to wear. I relaxed on the bed while I watched her dress. First was the garter belt and stockings, then the G-string panties and a lacy bra that showed her nipples. A pair of low heeled shoes, a white blouse and a short black skirt just reaching her stockings completed her clothing. The last few items were wrist and ankle cuffs, a collar and blindfold and her penis gag. Once she had those on, I locked the buckles of the cuffs, then locked the d-rings of the wrist cuffs together behind her with a short length of chain, and locked her gag. I attached a leash to her collar and led her outside through the back door.

I took her out to a set of high bushes that formed a small clearing next to our neighbor's fence. The day before I had placed an anchor there in the ground with a cable locked to it and running about 50 feet to the mailbox. The lawn was cut high enough to hide the cable. I attached her leash to her ankle cuff, forcing her to bend over, flipped up her skirt, and took down her panties. I hiked up my own skirt, pushed down my panties and let my cock rest between her legs. I reached around her to handle her teats and play with her nipples. I held that position a while enjoying the feel of her silky nylon clad legs against mine and her nipples hard pressing out against her bra and blouse. I reached between her legs and used my fingers in her pussy and around her clit. She was just about wet enough to be dripping when I pushed my cock into her. I stroked in and out slowly and gently for a bit until I felt her twat start tightening against my cock. I pushed harder and faster and felt her climax just as I squirted a load in her. Fortunately the gag kept her moans from being heard by any neighbors.

After resting a moment I took off her leash and let her stand up. I fixed her chastity belt around her waist, stuffed a vibrating dildo up her cunt, lubed a butt plug and worked it up her ass. She was used to being stuffed fore and aft, so I wasn't concerned about any objections. I passed the strap of her chastity belt between her legs and buckled and locked it. I opened a couple of buttons of her blouse and worked a length of cable through her sleeve, then down under the waist of her skirt. I locked the ends together to the anchor. I passed another doubled length through her skirt and locked the loop to an ankle cuff, then locked the two ends around the long cable. I tied a string around her wrist which was attached to a block of ice holding the key to the lock on the chain between her wrist cuffs.

I told her the key for her wrists was in the ice and should melt in an hour or so, the key for her ankle cable was in the mailbox, but she would not be able to get to it without removing her skirt and blouse since they were attached to a short cable and the anchor. She would have to decide when she dared to go out to the street nearly naked. I left a blanket she could sit or lie on while she waited for all the neighbors to retire. I had fixed a clamp on the blanket which was cabled to the anchor so it couldn't be moved. I turned on her vibrating dildo to a low setting which I expected would just tease her. The butt plug was a surprise for her. She was used to a butt plug but I had ordered a new one that vibrated. I turned that on low and locked both controllers in a pouch on her belt.

I went back inside, leaving the back door unlocked for her. Inside I changed into a nightgown and relaxed with a good book, prepared to wait a few hours for her to get loose. Just after midnight she came in looking a little the worse for wear. I thought she looked lovely in just her bra, chastity belt and stockings, still gagged. I locked her wrist cuffs behind her and took her upstairs to the bedroom. I removed her gag and had her lay on the bed with her head on my stomach. I arranged my nightclothes to uncover my cock. She started licking first, then took the head into her mouth. It felt like my erection was growing bigger as she gently nibbled and swirled her tongue around it. When I tried to lift against her, she lifted her head and seemed to take my cock all the way into her throat. She bobbed her head up and down slowly, but I could only take it for a moment before I shot a load of cum down her throat.

After a few minutes, I rolled her over to lie on her stomach, put another blindfold on her and locked her ankle cuffs together. I fastened a chain from her collar to the head of the bed and another from her ankles to the foot of the bed. As I replaced her vibrator batteries with fresh ones she moaned. I told her,”You'll have to keep still so I can sleep. Otherwise I'll have to gag you. If you're good, in the morning, maybe I'll let you loose.” I could only imagine how she felt with vibrators going in both her pussy and her ass. Before I fell asleep, I heard some stifled hums from her, but I let them go.

When I woke up, I could tell she was awake as I watched her pretty ass for a few minutes. Her ass cheeks were clenching around the butt plug. I asked,”Did you sleep well?”

“No, I couldn't sleep much being screwed like this all night.”

“Don't you like being screwed?”

“Yes, I had a couple of orgasms, but all they're doing now is keeping me horny. I really want you to screw me.”

I got the keys to the locks on her chastity belt and her ankle cuffs. I undid the belt and the cuffs, pulled the dildo out of her pussy, put fresh batteries in the butt plug control and placed her in a kneeling position astride my cock. She quickly impaled herself and started bouncing up and down while I reached up and played with her tits. I enjoyed watching her struggle with her hands still cuffed behind her and I could feel the butt plug in her ass vibrating against my cock. She reached an orgasm before I could climax I rolled her over on her back with me on top, keeping my cock in her and in a few more thrusts came myself. We rested a few minutes to get our breath back, then I released her wrists. She headed for the bathroom, I went to the bathroom downstairs and then to the kitchen to start coffee.

Lisa joined me shortly and we settled at the kitchen table for our coffee. I asked how her evening outside had been. She related that the low settings on the vibrators had been a frustrating tease throughout her evening outside. Once the key for her wrists was free and she was able to remove her blindfold, she was fully able to comprehend her predicament. She could only get free by stripping off her skirt and blouse and walk out half naked to the street to get the key for her ankle from the mailbox.

At first, there was just enough traffic on the street and enough neighbors lights on that she didn't dare go out. She had to wait where she was with the vibrators constantly teasing her. Eventually she stripped and started for the mailbox. She tried to move as slowly as possible to keep from setting off the motion detectors on our front lights. A couple of times a car had come down the street forcing her to take cover. She finally got the key and retreated back to the bushes to unlock her ankle, then came inside. She said I was a fiend but she had enjoyed her night.

After breakfast I went out and picked up her clothes and the equipment. I rolled up the cables and put them away in the back of a kitchen cabinet where they were not likely to be seen.

Three weeks later

It was Friday and I was home ahead of Lisa. She had come by my office before I left work to let me know she had laid out what she wanted me to wear that evening. I checked in the bedroom to see what she had laid out, then stripped and headed for the shower. After showering and shaving I returned to the bedroom to get dressed. The clothes she laid out weren't anything unusual, but there was no bra. She had left out the largest of my breast forms, about a D-cup, with adhesive. I smeared adhesive on them and held them to my chest for a minute or so. Once the adhesive set, they weren't coming off without the solvent.

I put on a garter belt and stockings and thong panties, all black, a dark blouse and a short skirt. Instead of 3 or 4 inch heels she had set out a pair of low heeled wedges, so I could expect to spend some time outside. I put on a collar, wrist and ankle cuffs padlocking each with the locks Lisa had set out. My wig temporarily finished my preparation. Since there was a penis gag and blindfold set out, I skipped any makeup. Since I enjoyed cross dressing and bondage, there wasn't anything unusual about my outfit. The boobs were a little disconcerting, swinging loose inside my blouse but otherwise I normally wore skirts around the house in the evening.

Downstairs I fixed a light meal for myself, then settled in front of the TV waiting till it was near time for Lisa to come home. As the time drew near I returned to the bedroom, picked up the remaining equipment and went down to the front room where I could watch for her to pull in. As soon as I saw her turn into the driveway, I put on the blindfold, penis gag, and padlocked a chain through the d-rings on my wrist cuffs behind my back.

Lisa came in and sat beside me on the couch asking,”Is my little girl ready for some fun?” As her hand brushed under my skirt against my nylon clad leg, she had her answer on reaching my panties to find a rampant erection straining to get out. “Oh yes, Cinderella is really ready. You just keep those thoughts and I'll be right back.” She left me to sit and stew for a bit. Shortly she returned and I was directed to stand up. She checked my wrist cuffs and gag, adding a padlock to the gag, then attached a leash to my collar. I was led to the back door and outside to the bushes by the neighbor's fence.

When I felt the branches brush against my legs, I began to worry. After the trial I had put her through a few weeks earlier in the same spot dressed and bound just as she had me, I had some trepidation about what I was in for. I enjoyed being the damsel in distress but never outside. She reached under my skirt and pulled down my panties. As she got them to my ankles I stepped out of them. She pulled down on my leash, attaching it to my ankle cuff, forcing me to bend from the waist. A moment later my skirt was flipped up and I felt something cold against my rectum. She enjoyed making me take a butt plug up my ass suggesting I couldn't feel like a girl without being penetrated, so I was used to her stuffing a butt plug in when I couldn't resist.

She proceeded slowly, getting a little length in then backing out a bit. She must have had a couple of inches in when I became conscious that she was holding me with both her hands on my hips while still maintaining pressure to push the intruder in. I realized it wasn't a butt plug but rather a strap on and I was really being screwed. She eventually reached the point that her crotch was fully pressed against my butt. The strap on wasn't as wide as the butt plug but felt much longer and was reaching deep inside me. My next surprise was when the strap on started vibrating. She started a slow smooth in and out motion. The sensation was wild. I was helpless to do anything but stand there, bent over with my skirt flipped up around my waist, being impaled with my whole lower torso being shook up and my breast forms swinging around inside my blouse. After a bit Lisa picked up the tempo and I realized she was reaching an orgasm as her hips slammed against me finally pushing as if she could force another couple of inches in.

It took her a few minutes to recover while she held me still with the full length of the shaft shoved up my ass. She withdrew, moved in front of me and released my leash, allowing me to stand up straight. I felt her lift my skirt and fix a strap around my cock and balls. She held my cock in her hand a moment and remarked,”I see Cindy enjoyed being my little bitch.” It was only then that I realized I had a massive erection that felt like it was ready to explode. I wanted so much to shove it in her pussy, but she wasn't going to allow that. She fastened a chastity belt tight about my waist. She inserted a butt plug, then pulled the strap of the chastity belt between my legs, pulled it up tight and locked it. I suspected it was the vibrating plug before she switched it on but I was surprised when whatever she strapped in front started vibrating under my balls. She put the vibrator controls in a locked pouch at my waist.

The worst was yet to come. She unbuttoned my blouse and I felt her start feeding a cable end down my sleeve. Another end was pushed down my skirt. She had found the cables and figured out how to set them up. In short order another cable was pushed down my skirt and locked to my ankle cuff. I felt a string attached to my wrist. She had set me up just as I had done to her a few weeks earlier. She pulled me close in a hug with her hands up under my skirt holding my ass cheeks. She said,”You enjoy yourself. I'm going to get some supper and I'll see you in a few hours.” With a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the ass, she left me there.

I shuffled about until I found the blanket and let myself down to recline on my side. There was no way I could relax in my condition. She had left my top unbuttoned, it was impossible to keep my skirt down, I was blindfolded, gagged, hands cuffed behind and a vibrator up my ass. I was feeling super horny. I had no idea of the time that passed. Whether I tried sitting, kneeling or reclining, I couldn't stay still. I tugged on the string attached to the key for my wrist chain every few minutes until I finally felt it come loose from the ice. I unlocked the padlock to finally have my hands free and removed my blindfold. The locks on the gag, the chastity belt and the pouch holding the vibrator controls took different keys. I was stuck until I could get to the mailbox. I tried to use my hands for some relief but the chastity belt was too snug to get even a finger inside it and though the front panel formed a pouch, it was too stiff to get any real connection through it.

I looked out to the street and saw lights still on in a couple of houses. I didn't dare try to go out to the street while any neighbors were up and about. I suffered through an interminable wait until I judged it was safe to try going out to the street. I stripped off my blouse and skirt and started out, moving as slowly as possible to keep from tripping the light sensors. In just a few steps I realized I was parading about sporting what seemed to be a monstrous pair of boobs. They not only distracted me taking up a good part of my visual field, but they jiggled as I moved. I had to cross my arms under them to try to hold them still. I was hard pressed to concentrate on walking to the street, being almost naked with the jiggling and the vibrators in my ass and crotch.

I was about halfway there when I saw car headlights coming down the street. I had to turn and run and of course the motion detector lights came on. I got behind the bushes and waited for them to go off. I was fortunate on the next try and reached the mailbox without any further interruption. Reaching in the mailbox, I couldn't find my keys. I knelt and felt around the ground but still came up empty handed. There was nothing I could do but return to my blanket and hope Lisa would come out.

What seemed like hours later, Lisa came out for me. She asked,”Did you try to get your key from the mailbox? I never did put it out there. I thought you'd enjoy the walk though. You really do look like a damsel in distress, kind of cute with your boobs hanging out. Now let me fix you up and take you in.” She refastened my wrists behind me, replaced the blindfold and clipped the leash to my collar. Then she unlocked the cable from my ankle. I was a little upset having spent time searching for keys that she never put out, but still gagged I couldn't say anything. I was helpless to do anything but follow her back inside and upstairs to the bedroom.

She had me kneel by the bed and removed the gag. She laid on the bed placing her legs over my shoulders and her bare pussy in my face saying,”Now let's see you work that magic tongue.” I licked and sucked and shortly she climaxed wrapping her legs around my head crushing my face tight in her crotch. When she finally relaxed and I could breathe freely again, I thought she was done. When I tried to pull back she pulled me close again. I started licking and sucking again slowly. Eventually she climaxed again and then helped me up to lie on the bed. However I wasn't to be allowed any rest. She placed fresh batteries in the vibrator controls before wishing me goodnight.

I spent a tortured night, still helpless, locked in the chastity belt with the vibrators rocking in me and on me for hours until the batteries finally gave out. Every time I shifted postion my boobs did their own little dance jiggling about. After an interminable restless night without much sleep, I felt Lisa stir and get up. In a few minutes she came to me, rolled me over on my front, then attached something to my ankle cuffs using them to pull my legs wide apart. She unlocked my chastity belt and pulled it out from under me. I felt relief when she pulled the butt plug out, but it was short lived as she invaded my anus with the strapon again. I laid there helpless and got screwed all over again. This time however her action got my cock rubbing just right against the sheets and I was able to cum. After she was satisfied she pulled out and pressed the keys into my hand. I was able to release everything and made a dash for the bathroom. After relieving myself and a quick shower, I put on a robe and went down to the kitchen.

Lisa had coffee ready and we sat at the kitchen table to relax and enjoy the coffee. She asked, ”How did you like being my bitch?”

“I'm not really sure I care for it. It was really weird. I definitely felt used.”

“Well next time you're in skirts and cuffed, you'll just have to watch out.”


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