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The Little Lost Doggy

by TechTroll

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© Copyright 2003 - TechTroll - Used by permission

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It all started one night when I was surfing the web and came across a  site that had stories about self-bondage. One of the stories was about a man that was forced to be a pet dog for his wife and mother in-law, and was used when ever they had the need. This story really grabbed me and I had to try it out for myself. 

In the story about the man the two ladies used chains and some kind of cock strap to keep the man on his hands and knees but that wasn’t going to work for me. You see being a rather statuesque woman of nearly six feet tall I didn’t have the proper equipment to lock myself in to a kneeling position so I had to come up with another plan. 

Now that I have your attention let me describe myself.  I am five feet eleven inches tall with large thirty eight double-D breast. I have piercings in both nipples as well as both inner lips of my pussy. I have an all over tan and am in great shape. A long time ago I had all the hair from my body permanently removed by laser except for my eye brows. I work as a dancer at a strip club so I have a flexible schedule in which to practice my self-bondage sessions and being completely bald I have no lack of income from the patrons. 

I planned my dog day afternoon to start on my next three-day break from work so that I would have plenty of time to play. The day finally arrived and I woke up early, as I could not sleep too well in anticipation of the following days events. I took a long shower and had a light breakfast. I did not eat at all yesterday and gave myself an enema last night for reasons that will become apparent soon.

Dressing in a set of old cut off shorts and a tee-shirt I headed out to my car. I love to have my sessions out in the local woods so that I have the added danger of being found all helpless and alone. As I drove in to the woods I couldn’t help rubbing the damp spot between my legs. I finely reached my destination and pulled off the main road to park my car some two miles down an old logging road that’s been abandoned since the sawmill shut down three years ago.

I parked my car and locked the doors. Grabbing the bag I had set up in advance from the trunk I hid the keys to my car under a rock near the passenger side back tire. I wouldn’t be needing them any time soon and I didn’t want to lose them. Shouldering my bag I headed for my favorite spot in the woods. Last year when I went camping with some friends I found this clearing that was hidden in the middle of the forest with a small stream running through it’s center. It’s about a half hour walk from the logging road and is hard to find unless you know were to look.

After I made my way in to the woods just far enough so that I couldn’t see my car I paused to take off my clothes. Pulling a small camp shovel from my bag I dug a hole about three feet deep and buried my clothes in it. I have a spare set in the trunk of my car and will wear them home at the end of my fun time. Reaching in to my bag I take out some bug repellent and apply a liberal amount all over my body.
The rings in my nipples and labia sparkle in the filtered sun light coming through the trees as I rub the repellent in to my skin. The rings in my piercings are one inch in diameter and can only be removed by cutting them open with some wire snips. I have had my rings in for about four years and they are so much fun in my little bondage games that I have no intentions of ever removing them. 

I place the bug repellent and shovel back in my bag and continue on my way to the clearing. My pussy was already damp with the anticipation of my up coming fun but as I move through the woods the branches of the trees and low bushes that cover the forest flour gently rub against my body at random, so much so that by the time I reach my clearing my inner thighs are gleaming with my own juices.

I move around the clearing checking the area for any signs that some one may have found my little play land and might be coming back. I find no traces of any one being here since my last visit and move to the center of the clearing to check the stream. The stream is only about eight feet across and about four feet deep in the middle. The water is clear and cool to the touch. Small rounded stones litter the sandy bottom and there is only a slight current.

Satisfied with my little picnic spot I move a little ways from the stream and start my fun. I lay my bag on the ground and dig out the restraints I’ll be using for the day. First is a dog anchor I purchased at a pet store near my house. It looks like a two foot long giant cork screw with an eyelet at the end. Locating a nice clear section I proceed to screw the anchor in to the ground until all but the last six inches and the eyelet are buried.

Next I attach leather cuffs to my ankles and wrist and lock each on with a small padlock. Before I forget I take a large milk jug filled with ice and place it near the dog anchor. At the bottom of the milk jug are the keys to all my locks and I won’t be able to free myself until the ice melts and I can pour the keys out of the jug along with the water. 

With that done I take two large rubber bands from my bag and force one over each of my large breasts. The rubber bands are nice and snug but not so tight as to cause any real damage. After just a few seconds both of my breasts are filled with blood and start to throb nicely. My nipples are rock hard and stick out a good inch from my swollen melons.

Next I take a special butt plug that I purchased just for the occasion from my bag and grease it with my abundant pussy juice. With some effort I work the plug deep in to my ass until I feel the base seat nicely against my puckered hole. I attach the air pump that came with the plug and inflate it so that there is no chance that it will pop out. After the plug is inflated I close the air valve and remove the pump’s hose and attach the rubber doggy tail to its connector.  
I stand up and walk around a little getting used to the feel of the doggy tail as it swings back and forth with each step. Each sway of the rubber tail is transferred to the butt plug buried in my ass and provides a truly erotic feeling. Next comes the other purchase I made for the bondage session a ring gag doggy harness. The harness has straps that lock in place and fit around my head, under my chin and has an attached collar. I can’t remove the solid rubber ring from my mouth until the straps are released. Two leather flaps are attached to the harness on ether side of the head to give the impression of large, floppy, doggy ears. I lock a ten foot chain to the doggy harnesses collar and the other end to the anchor I screwed in to the ground.

With the ring gag in place I start drooling uncontrollably. This is not unexpected and I take a large metal bowl from my bag that I brought for just this reason. I place the bowl next to the leash anchor and fill it with water from a sports bottle. Placing the bottle back in the bag I remove the last of my restraints and throw the bag across to the other side of the stream to get it out of the way. 

Taking one last look around I start locking myself up. First I lock a six inch chain to each of my nipple rings and a one foot chain to each labia ring. Next I take one end of a one foot spreader bar and the chain to my left labia ring and lock it to my left ankle cuff. I repeat the process with my right ankle cuff, labia chain and the other end of the spreader bar. On hands and knees I attach my left nipple ring chain and one end of another one foot spreader bar to my left wrist cuff and repeat once again with my right nipple ring, wrist cuff and the other end of the spreader bar. Before I close the lock on my right wrist I take one final look around. With a deep breath I close the last lock. 

A shiver races through my body from my head all the way down to the tip of my doggy tail. I start to move around to test out my bondage. My swollen tits sway back and forth as a crawl a little ways from  the doggy anchor. With each movement of my hands I tug on my nipples. The chains from my nipples to my wrist are not long enough for me to straighten out my arms. The chains from my ankle cuffs to my labia rings is so short that I have to walk on my knees with my feet pulled up tight to my butt and this still tugs on each chain as I move. The doggy tail sways with each movement sending a delightful sensation to my plugged ass. I have to move very slowly and concentrate on each movement or risk a painful tug on one of my chains.

I move as far as the chain to my ring gag harness allows. I look down past my huge swollen breast and see both of my labia lips stretched out a good two or three inches as I stop to rest. Pussy juices are running down both my legs and dirt is starting to cover the inside of my thighs. I look over my back and can see the solid rubber doggy tail sticking straight up in the air swaying ever so slightly from side to side. When I look back down I notice drool is hanging out of my mouth all the way to the ground. I give my head a doggy shake to dislodge it. My leather ears whip around my head as the drool flies away.
I notice my mouth is starting to get dry so I head back to my bowl of water.  As I move back to the leash anchor my right knee slips causing a sharp tug on my labia chain. The doggy tail whips back and forth so much that I am over come with a violent orgasm. I stay there shivering as the orgasm flows through my body. My back arches and I growl out loud through the ring gag as I pull the chains to my throbbing nipples. Cum gushes out between my legs and shoots in to the dirt to form a puddle on the ground as the tremors rake my bound body.

As the orgasm subsides I am panting wildly with drool once again trailing from my mouth. Again I shake my head to free myself of the drool and continue on my way to the water bowl. When I reach the bowl I greedily lap up the water for some minutes. I am completely rung out from my orgasm so I check on the states of my keys. The Ice has melted about a third of the way through and it looks like I’ll be chained up for some time to come. 

My knees and wrist are starting to hurt so I decide to lay down for a while. My pussy is still sensitive from my orgasm so it takes me some time. The only way I can lay down is in a fetal position with my legs and wrist held apart by the spreader bars. I lay there relaxing in the warm sun as the Ice to my release slowly melts. 

I don’t know how much time has passed when a strange noise wakes me up. My eyes pop open wide to the sound of some one giggling. I look around and see three girls with back packs behind me. One of the girls has a grip on my tail and is lifting it up to get a better look at the butt plug. Confused I jerk trying to get away and pull on all my labia and nipple chains at the same time. I suck in air at the pain and the girl jerks back startled by my movements. 

“Bad dog!” the girl says and steps in close to slap me on the right ass cheek. I moan softly through my gag as I watch the girls move in to a huddle and start whispering in a heated debate. With the debate going on It gives me time to look the girls over. All three girls are of about the same build and age in their late teens or early twenties, and are dressed in shorts and tee-shirts. The first girl whose name I hear is Bettie was the one who was grabbing my tail. Bettie stands about five foot five with shoulder length blond hair and appears to be the one in charge. The other two girls look to be sisters and both have jet black hair. The taller of the two I hear is named Sue and the shorter is named Liz. 

I lay there watching the three girls for some time when the debate finely comes to and end. Sue and Liz take Bettie’s back pack and move away as Bettie heads back over to me.

“Well little doggy,” Bettie says squatting down beside me, “We are on a camping trip for the next two days and have decided that we need a guard dog for our camp and you’re it.” With that said Bettie pats me on my bald head and stands back up. She moves over to the water jug holding the keys to my release and picks it up. The ice has melted and Bettie has no problems getting the keys out and sticking them in to the front pocket of her shorts. 
Moving over to where Sue and Liz are, Bettie starts to set up her own tent. With some free time now I notice that I am extremely thirsty and start to get to my hands and knees to get a drink from my dog bowl. As I make it up right I notice whispering coming  from the three girls. I look over my shoulder and can see the three girls have stopped what they were doing to watch me. I flush with embarrassment as I see my doggy tail swinging in the air and notice these three girls have a great view of my spread ass and pussy. I look down between my bulging tits once more and can see were dirt is sticking to my pussy juices in two trails down my legs.

I move over to the water bowl and start sucking down water for all I’m worth. I am licking up water for some minutes when I feel a stinging blow to my ass. I jerk in surprise and yelp from the pain of tugging on my chains and from my stinging ass. “Bad doggy!” Bettie exclaims, “you mustn’t drink too much or you’ll get sick.” I look over my shoulder and Bettie is standing behind me naked with a sapling in her hand. She must have used it on my ass like some kind of dog whip. She has small pert breast and her nipples are standing out rock hard. Her pussy is shaved clean and her inner lips are just starting to poke through.

Moving up beside me she unlocks the chain at my harness that connects me to the doggy anchor and loops a piece of rope through the ring to use as a leash. Tugging gently Bettie leads me over to the stream were Sue and Liz are both waiting. Bettie leads me out in to the cold stream until the water is just under my chin and then stands there holding my leash. I start as hands touch my ass and I look back to see Sue and Liz soaping me up. Bettie reaches down and strokes my bald head and starts repeating good girl, good girl over and over. I jump once more with a sharp in take of breath as fingers start exploring my pussy.

Hands move under the water to my breasts and remove the two rubber bands that have held them in confinement for some hours. As the blood flow returns to my breast hands redouble their efforts at my pussy. The hands at by breast start to tug at my nipple rings twisting and pulling them as I near an orgasm. As my breath quickens the two girls stop their ministrations to my poor bound body. I look up in to Bettie’s obviously aroused pussy and see two fingers buried deep inside. 

“Oh no,” she says, “Only good little doggies get a treat.”

After we finish our baths in the stream Bettie leads me over to the three girl’s camp site. Each girl has set up a small two man camping tent in a circle around a prepared fire pit. The fire isn’t lit yet but wood has been stacked near by in preparations for later tonight. A log has been dragged over near the fire pit as something for the three girls to sit on. 

I notice that my water bowl has been moved from were I left it by my dog anchor and is now sitting by one end of the log. Also the chain that had anchored me to the dog anchor is now locked around the log by the fire pit. Bettie leads me over to the log and reconnects my ring gag harness to the chain and locks it close. She then moves over to her tent and retrieves a towel from inside and starts to dry herself off. Looking over to make sure I am watching she starts to put on a show for me. 

Rubbing her towel up and down her body stretching her leg out and resting her foot on the log. She arches her back slightly as she rubs the towel across her clean shaved pussy. I stand there on my hands and knees mesmerized by this young woman. A perverse thought runs through my head and I move over between her legs and sniff loudly at her pussy. Smiling Bettie lays the towel down she looks me in the eye and says, “Does the little doggy smell something she likes?”

I slowly move my head between her legs and start to lick her aroused pussy. As I start to lap at her pussy Bettie places both of her hands on my head and pushes me deeper in to her pussy. After a few moments I hear Bettie’s breath quicken and deepen. A low moan escapes Bettie’s lips as she pushes me even deeper in to her pussy. With the ring gag in place all I can do is lick at Bettie’s lips for as long as she holds me in place. 

I can feel Bettie’s body stiffen as she nears her orgasm. I lick for all I am worth as Bettie grinds my face in to her soaking pussy. Finely with a shudder and a bestial scream Bettie cum’s in to my open mouth. I do my best but there is so much juice shooting in to my mouth that I can’t swallow it fast enough. Bettie is shoving my head so hard in to her pussy that the juices literally shoot out from either side of my mouth. I continue to lick  her pussy as she humps my face through the last of her orgasm.

Finely satisfied Bettie pushes me away and collapses on the log to catch her breath. I hear a noise behind me and look to see that Sue and Liz have been watching. Each has a hand buried in the others pussy masturbating themselves as they watched. At the same time I notice that subconsciously I had been wagging my tail to get some stimulation of my own.
My legs and arms are smarting from being in one position for so long so I move over by my dog bowl and lay down to have a rest. Bettie looks at the other two girls and says, “Oh my god you’ve got to try that. My god That was the best I’ve ever had. Not even my boy friend is that good at licking pussy.” Sue and Liz look at each other and start to move in my direction. I whine in a little doggy way and try to scoot away from them. Bettie laughs and says, “girls give her a break she’s probably a little tired.”

The girls laugh at each other and move in for the kill. Sue squats down near my head and Liz near my pulled up legs. They both start rubbing their hands over my body but my restraints prevent them from getting anywhere. I roll over on to my back with my hands and knees in the air to give them better access to my body. Sue immediately squats down over my forced open mouth and starts to pull on the chains to my nipples. As I start to lick her pussy she shifts her position to hands and knees, and starts sucking on my nipples.

At the same time as I start to eat Sue’s pussy Liz lays down and buries her face in to my own pussy. I try to spread my legs to give her more room but the chains attached to my  ankles from my labia rings stop me short. After a few moments Liz grabs my tail and starts to alternately pull and shove it in and out of my ass at the same time she redoubles her efforts by  jamming a finger deep into my sopping pussy. I moan deep in to Sue’s pussy and am able to just reach her pussy with my hands. As I rub Sue’s pussy lips with my fingers I tug on the chains going from my wrist to the rings in my nipples driving me closer to my orgasm.

As Sue shudders to an orgasm her pussy juices shoot in to my open mouth and in to my nose. I swallow as fast as I can to stop from drowning as Sue’s knees locking tight around my head and sits down on my head. In a moment of panic I thrash around as I try to breath. In desperation I try to shove Sue off my face to get some air but I tug painfully at my nipple chains with out moving Sue an inch. I don’t know if it was the pain from my nipples, the lack of oxygen, or Liz’s ministrations on my pussy but I came so hard at that moment that I passed out cold.

When I wake up I come to laying by my log with a sleeping bag laid over me. I must have been out for some time as I see all three girls sitting across me with a fire going in the fire pit. I notice that the bag that brought all my things in is laying by Bettie and that I am no longer wearing any of my restraints. The chain that was locked to my ring gag harness is now locked loosely around my neck. 

Sue sees that I am now awake and brings me a plate of food. I notice that all three girls are still naked so I push the sleeping bag off to show my own body. As I start to sit up I notice that my doggy tail is still in my ass. Sue places the plate of food on the ground and pats me on the head. Just to be a little slut I move to my hands and knees and start to eat my dinner. As I lower my head to the plate of food my nipples are tickled by the grass sending a thrill through me. I stick my ass in the air as I eat and I can feel my doggy tale bobbing in the air. 

As I finish my meal Liz comes over and places the other girls plates on to my now empty plate. Moving to the log she unlocks the chain and commands me to pick up the plates and to come with her. I walk behind Liz with the chain dangling down between my breasts and my head down looking at the ground. I follow Liz to the stream were I wade in to my knees and wash the plates. Liz stands behind me as I wash the plates and I can feel her eyes roaming over my naked body. 

As I finish the Plates Liz gives a tug on my chain so I walk back out of the stream with the plates and follow Liz back to the camp. As we get back I notice Bettie and Sue are sitting on the log kissing and playing with each others nipples. I place the plates near the fire to dry and Liz leads me back to the log and locks the chain back around the log. I kneel at the end of the log and Liz kneels in front of me. 

Her hands move to my breasts and she starts to fondle them. I reach out to return the favor but Liz roughly pinches my nipples and says, “No girl!” I inhale deeply and put my hands back down by my side. Liz continues to pinch and twist my nipples as my breath quickens. I look in to Liz’s eyes and she smiles back at me. “Good girl,” she says as she roughly mauls my tits. I bite my lower lip and close my eyes form the erotic pain. With my eyes closed Liz pulls me forward by my nipples and starts to kiss me, her hands never leaving my nipples. 




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