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A Little Problem

by James Ellis

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© Copyright 2007 - James Ellis - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; gag; stuck; cons; X

I have been a player for many years and enjoy the helplessness of really secure bondage. I have collected many toys over the years, lots of rope, various gags, leather cuffs and harnesses, leg irons, nipple clamps, handcuffs (chain linked, hinged, rigid), thumbcuffs, hoods, sleepsacks and even a chastity belt. But I still find good tight rope bondage to be the most fun. The advantage of rope is there are no locks to jam, buckles to over tighten or keys to lose. Most people can untie knots or use scissors, snips or knives to release you.

I am getting really good at self bondage and am coming up with some really challenging positions. Although I have had problems in the past with being tethered, I still enjoy the feeling of total captivity. In some cases it also makes a difficult tie safer. These days I always have a primary release, a back up and safety person as a backstop, although if I need the safety I am going to spend at least an extra three hours bound! Despite years of indulgence I can still occasionally get sloppy with the releases, like the other day.

I decided a half hour or so tied standing would be fun. Well it was certainly stimulating and got the adrenaline flowing.

First I got my equipment ready a rope coil, a ball gag, three long coils of rope, a short rope and some nylon cord, plus a couple of zip ties, a spreader bar and a long pole. I stripped naked and put on a pair of silver lycra briefs. Now I like a tie to be taxing so I made up an inverted ‘T’ using a spreader bar and pole secured by the nylon cord, with the pole secured to a ceiling hook by the short rope, so I would not fall while bound.

Next I set up an ice release to drop my release knife to where my hands would be. I checked my back up, a thin cord running down the pole across the floor to a second knife in a bucket of thick oil. If I have to use it I get to spend ages cleaning an oil slick off my carpet.

I tied the middle of one rope to the top end of the pole, and then attached one zip tie to the middle of the pole using the second zip tie. Next I put my back to the ‘T’ with my legs spread and using the other two ropes secured my ankles to either end of the spreader bar. I looped the rope coil round my left wrist and secured the ball gag tightly in my mouth. I brought the ends of the first rope over my shoulders, one to each side under my armpits and round the pole at the back pulling out all the slack and tying it off tightly round my waist.

There was still quite a bit of trailing rope so I wrapped this round my arms body and the pole, pinning my arms to my side. Now I am secured standing, legs spread, unable to bend because of the pole, with just my hands free. A quick check round, the ice is dripping nicely, about twenty minutes until the knife will drop, so I put my hands behind me pass the wrist coil rope through the zip tie attached to the pole, wriggle my right wrist through and snap the zip tie tight. I am a prisoner, no matter how much I struggle there is no chance of escape, my legs are held firmly apart, my body held upright by the sturdy pole, my wrists held firmly against that same pole. I totter forward a few inches but the rope holding the pole keeps me in my place, braced against the T.

I happily struggled and grunted until the ice melted and my knife dropped. I reached back and grabbed the handle ready to free my self! It would appear I had a little problem, I had tied the cord on the ice release through the hole at the top of the handle, and every time I tried to turn the blade up toward the wrist coil it pulled the knife from my fingers.

It was about three inches too short!

Now I should have accepted my punishment and gone straight for the back up release, but I’m stubborn so I kept trying to manoeuvre the knife. Disaster struck, I managed to cut a cord, but it was the back up release not my wrist bonds. Now I had a big problem, I can’t move more than a few inches in any direction, and if I was not secured to the ceiling hook I would probably fall and be totally immobile, I am effectively gagged, so can’t call for help. I have never been so scared, and try to wriggle out but just get sore wrists and shoulders, but no nearer freedom.

I collapse exhausted in to my bonds, and finally try to think my way free, I need to lengthen the release rope a few inches, OR raise myself! I go up on tiptoe, thank god for the ceiling rope! I can just about manoeuvre the knife to saw at the wrist rope, but I can’t stay on tiptoe long. I lost count of how many times I repeated the process until at last a rope pops, and with difficulty I free my wrists. It has taken me nearly thirty minutes, and I still have to untie the rest of my bonds. My legs were like jelly they had been spread so long and with the extra strain of going on tiptoe they really hurt. I finally crawled to the bathroom for a long hot soak.



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