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A Little Selfbondage

by Lee

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© Copyright 2003 - Lee - Used by permission

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As I stood in the shower I filled the bulb with water. The thin nozzle slipped in with no problem. I squeezed the bulb slowly and enjoyed the feeling as the warm water slowly rushed inside me. I held it in for a while then bent down to let it out. I did this several times until I was sure. I knew I would have the plug in for some time. I finished what I was doing, dried off and went to get dressed. As I selected my clothes I wished that these chances would come more often. I really loved bondage. I do it to my wife when we can, but when I ask her to do it to me she gets weird so I have to wait till she is out of the house. She is out for the day so I have several hours to play.

I picked out a vibrating butt plug that was inflatable. It’s about 7” long and about 2.5” in diameter at its widest point. I got down on my knees and placed the platform I made under my ass. It was narrow in width and was just high enough that when I sat on it the bottom of my butt was about at the top of my heels. I picked coconut-flavored lubricant and applied it to the tip of the plug. I placed the tip of the plug to the lips of my ass and slowly started to sit down. Just a little at first. No matter how many times I did this, I always tighten up. The first time I almost never got it to go in. I rocked forward a little and started down with my hips. Being on my knees helped because I could relax and let gravity do most of the work. I stopped when I felt the first sting of pain as it pushed past the lips. I paused a second and started down again. When it got in about an inch, I rose up a little and started back down. Slowly sinking onto the plug until I couldn’t stand any more. I rose up and started down again. Another thing about holding myself off of the plug this way, as your legs and thigh muscles get tired you naturally drop lower and lower. I continued to slowly hump the plug. Rising up till it almost came out and sliding down again trying to relax. Every time I would force myself down lower, to take a little more of the shaft. As I started down again I felt my dick start to rise. I was far enough down on the plug I didn’t have to hold it straight any more. I continued to fuck the plug going a little lower each time.

I couldn’t totally relax so I reached for the vibrator control. I ran the control up just a little, ahhh, that’s the trick. As the vibration started to hum my specter muscle started to relax. I relaxed my legs and fell lower and lower on the plug. As soon as the vibrator came on my dick stood at attention, and a drop of white showed up on the tip. I didn’t touch it because I had an extended pleasure time planned. I rose up on the plug and started back down. The pain was just enough to make my dick throb. Up again and back down. I felt my ass widen and went lower on the plug. Ohh, that’s nice.  Up again and down, as I reached the wide part of the plug I stopped humping and started to grind my hips in a circular motion. That helped to relax me up and I started to sink slowly down. WOW! When the plug finally popped all the way in a pleasurable pain ran through my body and the lips of my ass closed down onto the small of the plug locking it into me. I fought the urge to run the vibrator up and turned the control off. I reached down and wiped off the tip of my dick with my finger. Then I licked my finger. It tasted like coconut. I used a damp towel to remove the excess oil and got up to get dressed.

I picked black spandex tights and pulled them on my legs slowly. As I stretched them up my legs the spandex felt great. I have this thing about stocking covered legs. Legs covered in silky smooth nylon or spandex, it’s one of my turn on’s. I like to see women wear them and I like to feel them on a women, I like to feel them on my legs. I like nylon, spandex or supplex; supplex is the best because it lets you know it’s there all the time. As I pulled the second pair on I thought about the sensation. It’s hard to describe. The first pair squeezes you and grips you tight, setting the curves that make your legs look so sexy; as the outer pair slides on the first pair it transmits a vibration. This drives me nuts. The caress of the spandex runs up your legs, across your thighs to your waist. The extra compression of the spandex never gives up. The top pair will slide a little on the bottom pair depending how you move. I’ll wear them under my clothes during the day when ever possible. I can move just right and get an instant hard-on. 

Next came two pair of firm-control panties. These were black and made of support spandex, high cut at the legs with a wide waistband that wouldn’t bunch up. They have a tummy control panel in front that grips extra tight. As I slid them into place, the pressure from the panties pressed against my balls and dick and pulled up into my crack pressing the butt plug as deep as it would go. The tummy control panels force my dick against my stomach hiding my erection completely. I can wear a tight skirt and you wouldn’t be able to tell I wasn’t a girl.

Next I selected a long line control bra. It’s almost a corset it was black nylon with lace around the cups, it had under-wire and hooked up the front. I start at the bottom closing the hooks. When I finished I slid the straps over my shoulders. I tugged it down into position; it overlaps the tights and panties about an inch. I selected my tits; they were balloons that were filled with karo syrup. I positioned them in my bra adjusting them until they looked and felt right. I’ve experimented with fluids, water, ect till I found one that felt and moved just right. The thick fluid gave my “tits” a real feeling. I could feel the weight of them in my bra. As I moved they would respond to the motion, the movement would pull and tug at my bra giving me a sensation that they were real. I made sure the tied knots of the balloons were positioned where the nipples should be. They were cold when I first put them in but warmed up fairly quickly.

I decided to go with long sleeve leotards. I put the red one on last. As I pulled them on my cock pulsed a little from the friction as the spandex drug across it. I could feel a little more cream come out the tip of my cock. I pulled the leotards up my arms and adjusted my breast. My nipples showed through the spandex. It looked like I was turned on like crazy. Which I was. Once I had the leotards adjusted I turned to accessories.

I choose a 3’ wide leather belt with a roller buckle and put it around my waist. I pulled it tight and buckled it. I would tighten it more later on. I got my High Light boots. They were black, zip up, 4” high heel boots. I sat down to put them on. As I did the butt plug reminded me it was there. Oh! That felt good.  I rocked back a little to push it a little deeper. Ahhh. As I put the boots on. I pulled the zipper up and as the leather wrapped itself around my leg. I almost came. I had to try to relax. I wanted the bondage. I finished putting on my boots and stood up to survey the vision in front of me. A few last minute adjustments and I was ready. I had routed the controls for the vibrator and plug pump out the top of my tights and down out the leg of my leotards. I made sure the bulb and control for the butt plug were positioned so I could reach them after I was suspended.

I had set the playground up before I took a shower. As I walked into the room, all of the spandex was forcing the butt plug to move in and out ever so slightly with each step. This caused me to grab a breath and a warm feeling ran over me. I could hardly contain my self. I reached down and gave the bulb for the plug a couple of pumps. As it grew inside of me I tried to imagine what a woman would feel like when she is fucked.

I picked up my ball gag. It was a harness type, with a red ball. I put the ball in my mouth and buckled the straps and pulled them tight. The ball pulled back into my mouth until I was slightly uncomfortable. I knew this would be just right. The ball was almost 2” in diameter, large enough to fill my mouth and protrude just a little. The straps went up my cheeks and met on the bridge of my nose. There were rings on each cheek and a buckle strap ran under my chin to force my mouth to close on the ball gag. As I tighten this strap I knew it would stop most sound from coming out of my mouth. There was a ring on top to hook a strap to but I wouldn’t be using that this time. Straps from the cheek rings met buckles attached to a ring in back. I could hook a strap there and force my head back. I had used this on my wife before. She loved a good hog-tie. So did I. 

I used wrist and ankle cuffs that held with Velcro. I pulled each one tight and tucked the strap under the ring. I set the hooks on the straps to the positions that I knew worked the best. On the ankles, they turned to the inside. On the hands to the inside with the hooks just a little toward the thumbs. 

I checked over the rig. I had a winch mounted to a beam in the center of the room. The hook for it was touching the floor. There were two 1” rings 10’ apart, 5’ on either side of the winch hanging from the beam. Another set of screw eye hooks was anchored to the floor the same distance apart. I had a 3/8 diamond braid rope running over the right upper hook, through the lower right hook, across the floor and through the lower left hook, up to the ceiling and through the upper left hook hanging back to the floor.

I took a 3” steel ring and right where the rope passed under the winch hook, pulled a loop of rope up through the steel ring and hooked it to the winch hook. This allowed the ring to slide along the rope as the cable rose up. The two loose ends that hung from the beam rings had snaffles tied about 3 1/2 feet off of the floor. I lay down on my back and pulled on the left rope until I could reach the snaffle. I hooked this to the ankle strap on my left leg. I laid back and scooted along the floor until my butt touched the winch hook. Now I pulled on the right rope tail until I could reach its snaffle. This of course pulled my left leg up in to the air and I had to arch up to reach it and hold that position as I hooked it to my right ankle strap. I relaxed back to the floor. My legs were now held up in to the air at a 90-degree angle to the floor and at about a 30-degree outward angle. I reached down and tightened the belt around my waist as tight as I could get it. This pulled my 34” waist down to about 28” just above my hip bones. 

Now came the hard part. I made sure the winch control was where I could reach it. The bulb and vibrator control too. I lifted up my ass, resting on my shoulders and pulling up with my legs against the ropes. This allowed me to reach under my ass and clip the snaffle on my left wrist to the 3” ring. Then I clipped the snaffle on my right wrist to the 3” ring. I could then relax with my ass sitting on my wrists. 

I checked again to see if I could get to all of the controls and the plug pump. Satisfied I took the winch control and winched the slack out of the rope. As the winch tightened up I could feel my arms start to pull first as the ring was pulled up by the rope. As the slack left the rope at my feet started up and out. I started to rise off of the floor. The winch continued up, my arms and shoulders were pulled up a little more before the ring started to let the rope slip through it. As the rope was pulled up the 3” ring was forced to slide down the rope by my body weight but the angle of the ropes coming out of the bottom of the ring provided upward pull on my arms. This resulted in a good strong constant pull on my arms and shoulders. The ropes pulled my legs apart as I went up. They were about 3’ apart now. I shook from the sensations I was feeling. My legs were being stretched up and out, my arms and shoulders were pulled up and back, they had a constant strain on them, as my muscles stretched the spandex on my legs moved ever so slightly, and the sensation was erotic as hell. The leather boots that gripped my calves shifted, more pleasure. The feeling of the straps tightening on my ankles and wrist’s, Ohhhhhh, I moaned into the gag.

As I rose up the strain on my shoulders increased. I looked up to check on how high I was. My head was about 6” off the floor so I turned off the winch. I took my fingers and straining up with one hand and pulling down on the ring with the other was able to tuck the wire of the control through the 3” ring.  As I relaxed I felt the ring just touch my finger tips. Now I could concentrate on the bondage I was experiencing. I reached and grabbed the bulb of the plug. I pumped it a couple of times. I felt it expand inside of me. MMMMMM I ran the vibrator control up a little. Ohhhhh I could feel and hear it start to hum. My dick grew to full size, sliding inside the spandex. I suddenly had a fearful thought. What if I got stuck like this? What if Carol found me here, like this? That wave of fear suddenly became an intense sexual sensation that started in my ass and quickly rushed through my loins and almost exploded out of my cock. I shook again. Damn this felt good. I hung there letting every sensation take control. I started to rock back and forth against my bonds. Slowly at first, feeling the reaction to the restraints, the capture of the ropes, the constriction of the spandex, the caress of the leather and straps. I tested my bondage, realizing that I was indeed captive. If I hadn’t left a way to free myself I would be there until someone else did. 

I let myself go, reveling into the fantasy, letting it control me, I started to move my hips a little more. I was swaying slightly. I could feel the restraints tell me you are mine. You have limits to what you can do. As I started to move more, I was starting to strain against the bonds. Struggling to escape. My movement became faster, and faster, grinding my hips slowly at first, then faster, building my excitement, finally I was thrusting till I reached the limits of the ropes. As I ground my hips back and forth my dick slid in its spandex cocoon. The friction of the fabric made it grow even larger, the strain on my legs, my shoulders, I could feel my dick throb, filling with heat, larger and larger.  I swear it had to be the largest and hardest it’s ever been. I pumped the butt plug again. Ohhhh damn, I ran the control for the vibrator up some more. MMMMMmmmmm, I moaned into the ball gag. As I rocked back and forth the onslaught of fantasy started to rush over me. I pulled with my legs and hands straining trying to escape realizing I couldn’t. I turned the vibrator up some more. Oh Shit! I shook violently. I was totally immersed in the rushes of pleasure. I humped into the strain of the ropes. OOOhhh, MMmmmm. The intensity rose, as I humped and ground my hips the vibrations and pressure from the plug was building. Running through me as waves. I felt the throbbing in my cock swell just as it did when I was making love. That’s just what I was doing, making love with the bondage. Feeling the caress of the fabric, the touch of the ropes, the restraint of the straps, submitting to the restraint, at the same time fighting, pulling at the restriction until I couldn’t stand it. 

The thrusting against the spandex increased the heat in my loins. Growing as the motion increased. AAAAahhhhhhh, faster I ground my hips, loving the sensations coming from everywhere. I was swinging wildly back and forth to the limits the ropes would allow. Wave after wave washed over me. Then the feeling started, deep down, starting to build, climbing to the peak I knew would give me relief. Faster I ground my hips, I wanted the relief that I knew was coming. I was thrashing wildly now, throwing myself into the air. I knew nothing of what was around me except the bondage I had created. I felt the volcano rising, I was just about to cum when I felt the butt plug expand, a lot; this caused a sharp pain that ran through my body, MMMmmmm, Ohhhhhh, my body shook. Then the vibrator went all the way up. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I screamed, AHHHHhhhhhhh.  I bucked against the ropes. I was so immersed in the pleasure I was getting that it didn’t dawn on me that I didn’t do that. Ohhhhh, Mmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhh. I was shaking violently now. The waves of pleasure still grew. 

Ohhhhhh Shittttttttt, The tension on my arms, on my legs, I twisted and thrust. My cock slid in the spandex cocoon faster, getting hotter. My moaning got louder but the ball gag choked it off, to me I was screaming but I know not much more than a moan got out. I felt the butt plug expand again. Another pain shot through my body. Then everything came to a peak. It started deep inside me. My body started to quiver, as that feeling flowed through my thighs it seemed to come from everywhere at once it rushed to my loins and gathered until I couldn’t control the release, the bondage gave me that. I didn’t have to control, then I exploded. I thrust against the ropes again, and again. I had the most intense orgasm that I have ever had in my life. My body convulsed violently. As I thrust myself against the ropes load after load of creamy cum pulsed out of me. AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh!  I screamed, catching my breath whenever I could. The sound I was making seemed like a roar to me even though I knew nothing louder than a moan would escape. Not with this ball gag as deep as I had it. I thought it would never end. The waves rushing through me slowed, the wild thrashing slowed. The natural uncontrolled thrust of my hips that come with orgasm calmed. Then it was over. I hung limp, spent. My cock pulsing ever so often with a mind of its own, till it finally stopped. I hung there, swinging slightly, slowly coming back to reality. I wondered if I had the strength to get myself out of this rig.

After what seamed like an eternity I calmed down. Even though I was exhausted my body still shook occasionally; I hung there limp for a few more minutes. All I could hear was the butt plug humming and myself breathing. The huge filling of the butt plug came back to my thoughts, I reached for the butt plug pump, I couldn’t find it, I reached to the limits of my hands, still nothing. Then I realized I hadn’t felt the vibrator control neither. I guess I had bumped them beyond my reach in my violent motions. I stretched my fingers up to the 3’ ring to get the winch control and it wasn’t there either. I must have dislodged that too. I felt around for the wire to try to retrieve it. Nothing. A wave of fear ran over me.  I was in a great fix. I swayed gently in the air as I tried to figure out how I was going to get myself down.

Chapter 2: Now I’m Captive

I was still reeling from that fantastic orgasm I had just experienced. I’m here all alone trying to figure out how to release myself. Here I am hanging upside down from a hoist that I can’t find the controls to. With a butt plug that’s in overdrive and as big as the Grand Canyon, and I can’t find the remote or pump for it.  I need to try to reach the Velcro straps on my wrist bonds. I’m straining to get the strap out of the ring, but then I see a pair of black spiked high heel lace up boots that must have had 5” heels walk into my field of view. The boots stopped in right in front of me. As my eyes followed the boots I thought I was delirious. It’s got to be the blood rushing to my head. I’m seeing things. At least their sexy things.

My eyes followed the boots up the leg, they laced up to the knees. I had always wanted a pair like that for myself. Then I saw the legs. The legs had black fishnet stockings on. The stockings ran into a pair of black leather shorts. They laced up the front and were high cut on the legs. They forced the hips in to the most provocative shape. Just above that was the bottom of what turned out to be a red leather corset. It started slightly down on her hips. The edges were trimmed with black lace. It was heavily boned and had her pulled in to a perfect hourglass shape, I thought that had to be laced tight as hell. The black lace bordered around the breast cups. The thought ran through my mind, wouldn’t I like to wear that. The corset ran to just up onto the breasts, but didn’t quite cover the nipples. It pushed them out and up, cupping them like caressing hands. The nipples were exposed; they were red and standing at attention, just like I like them. I tore my eyes from them to see she had long black leather opera gloves on. In one hand there was a cat of nine tails made of leather. It was black at the handle and the leather strips were black and red. The strips were about 20 to 24” long. They were about ¼” wide and looked to be about 20 of them. Then my eyes went to the other hand. There was the winch control. My eyes went back to her legs and body, the boots, the heels, the corset. Then reality set in. It must have shown in my eyes. I was fucked.

She held out the winch control and said, “ Is this what you’re looking for Sweetheart.” With that she flicked the whip over to my crotch wrapping it around my right leg. It scared more that hurt but feeling the leather hit on my spandex covered leg, and seeing what stood before me I felt a shudder and a pulse in my loins. A gush of cream came out the tip of my cock. It must have been visible because she said, “ Oh, my little Girl has had an accident.” And with that she bent over and licked the cum that was oozing through the spandex from right about where the tip of my dick was. Then she nipped the head of my dick with her teeth. And with that I started getting hard again.

 I thought what the hell? I had read stories of men getting it up again right after an orgasm but had never experienced it before. Yet here I was getting a hard on. After that orgasm I just had I thought it would be a week before my dick could twitch. But it grew without any trouble. The spandex lubricated with a huge load of cum made it easy to slide to its full length.  The feeling of that alone was erotic enough to make it grow even more. This along with me being suspended like I was, and this vision standing over me, dressed like someone I have had wet dreams of. Now I just realized that the butt plug was still filling me like I never had it before and the vibrator was going gangbusters. That finished it up. I had a dick that was rock hard and pulsing again. OOOOOhhhh, the fact that this Goddess in leather was sucking my cream through the spandex my cock was pounding. Then it I realized who it was. This was Kelly, a very beautiful friend of my wife’s that I have had numerous fantasies about. I was caught big time. Totally helpless, bound, suspended, and gagged, I almost came again. What the hell was she doing here? How did she get in? What was she dressed like this for?  Now the last thought I was certainly glad she was dressed like that.

Kelly stopped what she was doing, licked what white cream was left on her lips, and walked around me. “I am very disappointed in you, girl.” I don’t know if it was the tone or the word girl. But it sent shivers down my spine. I couldn’t tell if they were shivers of pleasure or fear. “I have been waiting for the right moment to train you. You don’t know how much this pleasures me.” What did she mean by waiting for the right moment.  I caught a brief faint smell of my favorite scent as I tried to follow her, but bound as I was I had severe movement limitations. I tried to speak but all that came out was a muffle. I wondered what she was doing. I felt the vibrator go off, and the butt plug deflate. That was a relief. Then she said. “What plug did you use?” I heard the pump suck air about the same time I heard her say. “Oh! Ok, I know, I have had one of these in my pussy and my ass before. I enjoyed it. I sure hope that you will too.” The next sound I heard was more pumping. The butt plug was expanding again; I moaned into the ball gag. She finally stopped. Damn that felt good, my cock agreed pulsing several times.

My dick throbbed again. “You know you did pretty good on this bondage, but let’s see if I can improve it.” I felt her reach around my arms at the elbows, and then I heard the sound of a buckle rattle. “ You don’t know how long I’ve waited to catch you like this. I’ve known about your games for some time.” Kelly wrapped what felt like one of my 1” leather straps at least twice around my arms just above the elbows and pulled. I heard the roller buckle spin. My elbows pulled together until they touched. This pulled my shoulders back and thrust my tits out drastically.  “You’ve done this to Yvonne before haven’t you. Now it’s your turn. I hope you enjoy it as much as she did!” Now how did Kelly know all of this. I felt the butt plug grow a little more. I flinched from the pain, my dick throbbed and I moaned into the gag. She cinched a strap around the elbow strap and looped it through the 3” ring and pulled up. I felt the pressure release on my wrists. Kelly then removed the wrist cuffs.  I felt her slide something over my hands, and heard buckles again. I realized it was a hand glove that I had made out of leather. How did she find that? 

Both hands went inside the glove, it laced up with leather laces to the wrist. A strap double wrapped around the wrist was pulled tight and buckled. At the tip of the fingers was a 1” ring. It was made strong enough to lift you.  I heard the clip of a snaffle then she released the strap going to my elbows.  My body dropped a little as my weight transferred to the hand glove. Now with my hands totally encased in leather I couldn’t get loose if I tried.

I heard the winch come on. I rose higher, my legs spread farther apart. I could feel the tension pulling everywhere. It felt good but I was afraid of what she was going to do. But the fear was starting to excite me and what choice did I have. The sensations that ran over me started to take over again. I started to move my hips back and forth. Kelly must have noticed. She said, ”Careful darling don’t get ahead of me.” And with that gave me a light smack across the butt and lower leg with the whip. Wow. My body jerked then trembled. 

I felt her undoing the buckles of the ball gag. “Don’t say a word Girl” She keep calling me girl. Oddly that turned me on. “You are going to be here till I let you out. How long depends on how you do”.  She pulled the ball out of my mouth and tossed it over to the floor. When she came around to the front where I could see her. She had what looked like the ball gag harness but with no ball. This was promptly put on me. “I saw this on a web site and just had to have it. I just got it in last week. I also got a few ideas from them and a few other sites.” I noticed a Y shaped strap with snaffles on the three ends and chinch buckles on the Y straps. When she bent over to get this strap I saw the leather panties she was wearing were split at the crotch her pussy lips were peaking through. She had a 1” leather lead rope with a snaffle on it. She bent over and clipped it to the ring on my head. I felt the strap brush my arms, as she must have looped the end through the 3” ring. Then my head jerked back just a little as she pulled it tight and secured it.

Once Kelly had the head harness the way she wanted it. She took the Y strap and hooked the single end to the ring at the top of my head. Then she disappeared. I felt the plug inside me swell again and the vibrator run wide open then turn back down to where it was before. My reaction made me moan out loud and my whole body jerk. Smack, The leather whip cut across my ass and legs again. Shit I said. That brought another swing of the whip a little harder that time. I had to bite my lip to keep from saying it out loud again.

When Kelly returned she had a chair that I had made. I had told Yvonne it was a posture chair. You know one of those weird looking things. “You didn’t think Yvonne knew that this was a sex chair did you. Yvonne has been telling a lot of secrets to me lately.” Now that scared me. My wife enjoyed bondage, and I had told her some of my fantasies, she just didn’t seem to be interested in doing them. Kelly placed the chair right in front of my face, and sat down. I was high enough that my head was right over her crotch. She lifted those gorgeous boots and placed her feet in the stirrups. This spread the split in her leather panties open and exposed her bush. I’ve died and gone to heaven. I have wanted to do things with this woman but didn’t even think of trying because I was married.  I heard the winch and felt the lurch as I started down. She stopped me when my mouth was level with her pussy. She lifted her ass and sat on the single strap. She looped the y-ends around and over her hips then back to the cheek rings of my head harness. The snaffles clicked on to each ring. This pulled me toward her crotch. She started to adjust the straps and with each tug pulled me closer towards her bush. She adjusted the straps till it pulled my mouth right into her pussy. A slight adjustment with the winch and she had me where she wanted me. “Now lets see if you’re as good as I’ve heard, start eating. And you don’t get down until I get off. I don’t care how long it takes.” With that she took the control to the vibrator in one hand and the pump for the butt plug in the other.

The straps had my body pulled slightly forward, in direct contact with her crotch. I started to dig in to her bush. I licked it from one end to the other. I could pull against the straps and turn my head a little to nibble at her leg. “No that’s not tight enough, let’s pull you in some more.” With that she tighten the straps and pulled me closer into her pussy. Yvonne and I have done oral sex before, lots of times and I could drive Yvonne nuts. But never in my wildest dreams would I have thought of this. A gorgeous gal that I have had dream sex with sitting with my mouth strapped to her pussy telling me I was going to eat her till she came. OOOhhhhh, my dick throbbed and my body shook.  I had dreamed of eating her among other things. 

Suddenly she said, “Don’t stop now Girl you were just getting interesting.” My attention turned to pleasing her. As I did she started to move. I started to probe deep into her pussy. She started to move her hips around. I would find a certain spot and she would start to moan softly. I forced my tongue deeper. As I started to please her she started to work the vibrator control and the pump on the butt plug, Oohhh, this was starting to drive me crazy. MMmmmmmm. She started grinding her hips up and down against my face. She was moving with the feelings I was starting to arouse. She started fucking, forcing herself into me. I sucked on her skin that covered the clit. “Yes, Yes, Ohhhh, good Girl. That’s good, good, good.” As she moved the motion pulled me against my bonds. I trembled, waves of pleasure flowing through my body. I was totally in her control. “Ohhhh! Yes. Good, Ohhhh!” drifted from her direction. 

My body trembled, and then so did hers. She was good and wet now. “Deeper. Ohhhh.” she said. Oh shit! Every time I hit a good spot I would feel the butt plug inside me grow, and the vibrator would change. I ran my tongue around the edges of her pussy. I dug my tongue deep between the lips. She moved her hips harder in to me; she was swinging my whole body back and forth in rhythm with hers. I ran my tongue deep inside of her. She reached and grabbed the straps and jerked hard. This drove me deep into her. I ran my tongue along the top of her tunnel and she shook, I slid my tongue under the skin that hides her clit. She jumped and moaned loudly. Her legs shook; she pumped the bulb and turned up the vibrator. My body shook and lunged against the ropes. Ohhhhhhh, MMMMMmmmm. “OOOhhhhh, GGGooood, you are GGGooooodddd. MMMMMmmmmm, Yyesss.”

Her movement forced me against her and drove my tongue deeper inside her. Her movements would pull me against my bonds, OOOOhhhh I had to moan. AAAAhhhhh, the waves from the vibrator were taking control. I stroked every confine of her pussy with my tongue. Her movements told me I was doing what she wanted. I flicked it as deep as I could go licking the sides of her pussy.  I finally realized my favorite scent was coming from her bush. She had put perfume on her pussy. This turned me on big time and I dug into her with a vengeance. She gasped and her ass rose up off the chair. Of course my head went with her. As I drew my tongue out her hips shifted in the straps and my mouth slid up a little. I grabbed her around her clit with my teeth. This pulled the clit and surrounding skin into my mouth, pulled my nose down into her pussy. I had her clit uncovered in my mouth. As I flicked my tongue back and forth across her exposed clit, She dug her crotch against my face.

“Ahhhh, Ohhhh, Mmmmm. OHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh” She ground her hips faster causing me to swing harder. This mixed with the scent coming from her crotch, mixed with her flowing juices, the sound of her pleasure, the enormous size of the butt plug, and the variations of the vibrator were sending wave after wave after wave running through my bound body. 

OOOOOOhhhhh, MMMMmMMMmm, The butt plug jumped in size suddenly and the vibrator ran all the way up, I bit down hard on her clit from the reaction. “OOOOOOOhhhhh, YYYYeeeessss.”. She pumped the butt plug larger; I bit at her again and dug my tongue deep into her body. “AAAAAHHHHHhhhhhh.” She said. AAAAAHHHHhhhhh I said. A pain came from my ass that caused me to swing violently against my ropes. She was pumping on the butt plug. Gripping the bulb in her pleasure had pumped it huge. I had never felt it this large. As I bucked against my ropes this forced me against her uncontrollably. I had to moan with the pain, and the pleasure. The vibrator was all the way up. “AAAAHHHHH, OOHHHH, MMMMM, Damnnn Girl Gggooooodd”. She screamed while she was rocking back, and forth with me, Uhhhhh, She didn’t know she was doing it. Larger and larger the plug got. I could feel every heart beat through my ass and my cock it was so large. It was about to explode. The plug in my ass was so large I thought I was going to split. 

OOOhhhhhh, MMMmmmm, Damn, there we were strapped together face to pussy. She was grinding and humping herself into me; with every push of her hips I was grinding with mine. My dick sliding in the spandex, growing hotter and hotter, I was about to explode. Violently I shook against my ropes. This dug me into her with more force. “Yes, Girl Yes, AAAAhhhhhhhh, AAAAhhhhhhh,” Her whole body was shaking. I pulled against all of my bonds with everything I had. Kelly had the bulb in the palm of her hand and her hand on the edge of the chair. Ohhhhh, MMMMMMM AAAAAAhhhhhhhhh. As she thrust and grind her hips into my face she would grip the chair and pump the bulb sending waves of pleasure and pain through my body. By expanding the plug a little more the sharp pain would cause me to jump, this would cause me to thrust into her even more. She would react even more. 

Oh SSSShitttttttt. “That’s, That’s, That’s. AAAAAHHHHH, YYYEESSSSSS,” Just when I thought I was going to pull her out of the chair, we started to come together. Violently we reached peaks, both of us screaming. My screams intensifying her pleasure because I was screaming into her pussy.  Her whole body was shaking. My hips were grinding, my cock was pulsing, cum flowing with every throb. The motion of both of us dug me into her wet bush. Once she started to come it seemed the slightest touch causes her to peak to another orgasm. We were locked together. My face buried deep into her where now even my breathing was causing her to come, it seemed to come with every heart beat of her and me, her shaking violently with each orgasm, this digging me deeper and deeper into her. The spasms causing me to come.  I always thought that my orgasms were supposed to be short. They always had been. But I was shaking right along with her. My cock pulsed load after load. She bucked, and thrust, over and over again, I was thrusting right along with her load after load of cum pulsing from my dick.

Finally she started to calm down, slowly, the orgasms longer apart, then coming to a stop. My body went limp. The smell of her juices that covered my face was heaven. I waited for what she was going to do next. She sat there for the longest. With every breath I took her body shook, and jerked, on occasion she would grind her hips into me. All I could do was go along for the ride.

Kelly sat there for a long time. When she started to move she released the straps holding my head. I slowly swung from my ropes. She walked out of my sight. Again all I could hear was the Humming of the vibrator still going inside me, and my heavy breathing. I didn’t speak. I was afraid to.



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