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A Little Selfbondage 2

by Lee

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© Copyright 2003 - Lee - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bdsm; bond; cd; susp; anal; toys; cons; X

Chapter 3: Something New

I didn’t know how long I had been hanging here. I couldn’t see a clock. But the sun wasn’t down yet. I had lifted myself some time after noon.  I guessed I had been hanging here for about 2.5 or 3 hours. I couldn’t see Kelly. I couldn’t tell where she had gone to. Then suddenly the vibrator stopped. Then the butt plug deflated. I took a deep breath. She was behind me. I heard the rattle of buckles. The harness on my head was removed.  Then she reached around from behind and stuffed what felt like a leather pouch in my mouth. It was a leather harness gag.  She tightened the straps. Pulling the pouch deep into my mouth. Then there was a leather sheath that covered my mouth from just bellow my nose to bellow my chin. It cupped under my chin so I couldn’t open my mouth or say anything.

“ That was pretty good, did you enjoy that sweetheart.” All I could do is shake my head yes. The gag muffled my verbal response. I heard the phone ring. “ Relax baby I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere. Ok!” I thought to myself yea right. I heard her talking on the phone. Why did she answer the phone? Who knew she was here. I hung there trying to figure a way to get myself down. I was helpless. With my fingers enclosed in the leather glove, I couldn’t work the snaffles or get the winch control. Where was she? What is taking her so long? But then I thought what is she going to do when she gets back. She must have been gone an hour or more. I thought Yvonne will be coming home any time now. 

Suddenly the winch started running. I was going up. The ropes pulling my legs farther apart, putting more strain on them. Kelly stopped me with my ass about 4’ off the floor. I swung gently back and forth.  It was quiet. I was beginning not to like it when I couldn’t see her. Then I heard a swish and the whip laid across my butt and back of my thighs. Oh Shit! That stung. Swish, and the leather struck. My body trembled; I tried to yell stop but the gag made it sound like mmmmmmm. “What’s that Girl? That felt good and would I do it some more? Sure here it comes.” I flinched and tightened up but no hit. As I finally relaxed Swish, and the leather came again, that was the hardest yet. I couldn’t see her. The only warning it was coming was the swish the leather made in the air. The vibrator started up again. The butt plug was pumped again then again. Swish, I trembled before the leather hit and lunged against the ropes. 

Trying to anticipate the whip striking. Trying to get away. Why was she doing this? The vibrator grew stronger. The plug grew larger. Swish, the leather came again. My body trembled from the assault of the leather. The butt plug grew larger. Then I felt her hands touching me, running softly, caressing, stroking up and down my legs, over my body. I trembled. It was as if to brush away the sting of the leather. Swish, then the leather came again. I shook against the ropes when it hit. Swish, then the leather struck again, the sting both hurting and turning me on. I had never experienced anything like this before. There were her hands again. She touched me tenderly. Her hands were sliding over my body, pausing sometimes, like in my crotch, pressing, stroking my cock.  Her hands left. Swish, then the leather came, that one was harder yet. I moaned into the ball gag. 

My dick had grown to full size and was throbbing, my hips started to grind. Swish, the leather came again. I lunged against the ropes. My God I thought.  I heard, “Do you like that.” I moaned. Mmmmm. “Is that a yes?” Mmmmm. The gag translating everything I tried to say, as if it would matter. She ran her hands over my breast. She grabbed both of my tits. She squeezed them pressing them into my body. Oddly that felt good, a sensation like the tits were mine. Then her hands left again, no please don’t stop I moaned into the gag. “What’s that Girl, do you like the whip or the touch?” She asked. Swish, then the leather came. Ohhhh. I moaned and swung against the ropes. Then her hands found my breast again and pressed them into me. “Which do you want Girl the leather or the hands. Or do you like them both. Should I surprise you?" 

God her voice was heavenly and at the same time sarcastic. I wanted the leather. And I wanted her touch.  I never knew which she was going to touch me with her hands or with the whip. I wanted both the sharp sting of the leather whip, the sting, wave, after wave, and I wanted the soft caress of her hand. The probing, stroking, and the touch at all the right places. Swish, the leather came. Now the leather’s touch was a caress. Violent as it was Swish, and the leather struck, Swish and the leather came again. It wrapped around my hips, almost touching my dick. Fear came over me. What was she doing? Swish, and the leather came again. Again it came close to hitting my swollen dick. She had moved closer to me, was this on purpose? Swish, the leather struck. I wanted more. I was getting lost in this fantasy. Who’s was it mine or Kelly’s. Swish, and the leather struck again.  This time the leathers wrapped around my thigh and slapped across my throbbing cock. 

OOOOOhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhh. I found myself yelling into the gag. No, No I screamed, the sound dying in the leather. Then before my mind could reason. Yes, Yes do it again. Yes. Swish and the leather struck again. This one struck my dick as well. The leather came crashing across my swollen member. As the blow struck my body lunged forward in to the leather. I couldn’t think. Was I wanting it to strike there? The blows were coming quicker now; the waves were coming quicker as well. Swish, the leather hits, Swish, the leather hits again. Every time it felt like half of the leathers whipped across my swollen cock. The feeling travels through my entire body. I am rocking against the ropes now. 

Am I trying to get away from the whip or closer to it? She touches me again. One hand rubs my crotch while the other squeezes my breast. Noooo, her hands leave. Swish, the leather hits again. That one missed my swollen penis. Ohhhh, more please I plead. My hips are grinding faster. Fucking the leather as it hits. I am trying to get closer to the whip. She’s not hitting me hard. Swish, the leather came. Hard enough to hurt, Swish the leather comes again. Hard enough to want more. It’s a constant swish now. I’m thrusting violently. My cock is pounding. The leather hurts enough now I want it to stop. No, No I don’t. I want it to go on. I have never felt anything like this. I am at her mercy. 

Swish, The leather hits again. OOOOOOOOhhhhhh, Yyyyyyyeeeeessss. I thrust wildly against the ropes. Swish, the leather strikes again. I twist my body to try to turn in to the whip. I want more of it to strike my dick. My dick pounds with every heartbeat, with every touch of the leather, pounding, pumping it larger. The butt plug gets larger. Oh God! The sharp pain runs through to my soul. Swish, the leather hits again. Swish and the leather hits. OOOOOOHHHHHhhhhhhh ,  The pain from the plug grows. Swish, the leather is alive. AAAAAAaaaahhhhhhhhh, I gasp for breath. Swish and the leather strikes again, and again, and again. Now it’s hitting harder than ever before. With every blow as the leather comes. I find myself screaming again. Swish, the leather hits, Oohhh, Swish, the leather hits, AAAhhhhhhh. Swish the leather comes again, Swish, Swish, the leather caresses my body. More, I want more. I thrash against the ropes, shaking, Swish and the leather hits, Swish and the leather strikes again, with every heartbeat Swish, Swish. 

With every strike my cock throbs. My body is thrusting wildly, I feel it building, driving like a life force of its own, guided by the leather. Yes, Yes, Yes, YYYYyyyyyyeeesssssss. Finally I explode into orgasm. Swish the leather strikes. I am coming with every strike of the whip. My body seems to wait until the leather hits. Then as it strikes I thrust against the ropes, into the leather, into the pain, thrust out with my hips. Swish the leather hits; it wraps around my hips, reaching for my cock, all of the leathers strips punishing my cock. It throbs with the hit. I feel the warm cum flow around my dick. Swish the leather hits. My cock pulses with every strike cum gushing as my hips grind into the air. Shaking violently, against my bonds. Swish, with a final strike the leather stops. My spasms subside. My body is still shaking my dick is still throbbing. Slowly I’m swinging, I moan softly into the gag. I feel the bonds holding me like a satisfied lover. Then Kelly’s hands stroking, softly touching my legs, my thighs, everywhere the whip has touched. I moan with pleasure as long as she touches me.

Chapter 4: I Screw Myself

Again I find myself hanging limp, exhausted. I have never been so sexually satisfied, so physically drained. Kelly is in front of me again. She is licking the cum that has seeped through my Leotards. “You know a lot of women don’t like the taste of cum. I for one enjoy it.”  She bends down and whispers in my ear. “I hope you don’t think you’re through. It’s a long weekend. I am going to let you down now. Whether you know it or not you are my Girl slave. What ever I want you to do you will it and do it when I want it Ok?” I shook my head. And moaned yes in to the gag As much as I could that is. “That’s a good Girl. My Girl!” I trembled with that. I felt her unhook the strap attached to my head from the 3” ring and step around in front of me.  I heard the winch, and I started down. As I got to the floor she pulled out and up until I was level with the floor. As my back touched the floor the winch stopped. I rolled over so she could unhook my snaffles for my hands. She bent over and said.” I said I would let you down for now. I didn’t say anything about letting you go. We are going to have to figure a way to clean you up though, you are a little messy.” As I rolled on to my back I realized I was in for a long weekend. Weekend, wait what’s going to happen if Yvonne comes in and finds me like this with Kelly here? I needed to get loose but I knew I was bound, and I was entirely at her mercy.

I lay there on my back my feet still up hanging from the ropes. I was so exhausted I couldn’t lift my head up. “Well Girl. Lets see if we can change some of your clothes. I am afraid you have soaked these pretty good. That is if you promise to behave. If not we can just leave you in what you have on. Will you mind?” I looked at her a moment and shook my head yes. Kelly released my legs first. Then she unhooked my hands from the ring. She helped me stand up and unbuckled the strap around my arms. As she unlaced the hand glove I thought about ending all of this. But as I thought I realized that I wanted it. I have practiced bondage with Yvonne on the receiving end for years. She always enjoyed what I chose to do for her. Now it was my turn. I have dreamed of this. I just never dreamed that it would come like this and with Kelly on the giving end.

I wasn’t allowed to remove the gag. She had me bend over a chair for her to remove the butt plug. As she pulled it out there was a little stabbing pain, my cock dripped a little cum.  “Now that we have you out of those wet things. Go take a bath and be sure to shave your ass and legs. Here take your plug and wash it. We don’t want to use a dirty toy.”  As I sat in the warm water, I wondered what else she had in mind for me. “Hurry up Girl. I have what I want you to wear on the bed.”

I soaked in the tub until there was no more hot water. I finished up and was headed for the bedroom when Kelly came in. She had a pair of leather wrist straps that were connected together by two snaffles and a 1” ring. “Put your hands behind your back and let me put these on you. There, lets put these ankle straps on too. You will have to take small steps because of the chain hooked between them.” With that she produced a 3” neck collar. It had double buckles and a D-ring with a lead strap. Once that was securely around my neck “Now I have your things laid out lets go get you ready.” I wondered why I had to be secured and lead to get dressed. As I walked I had to take very short steps. I couldn’t have run if I wanted to. I walked into the bedroom and my eyes scanned the bed. 

I couldn’t believe what I saw. A pair of black leather lace-up boots, with at least 5” heels, they were knee length like Kelly’s. Red spandex tights, red spandex high-cut panties, a white boned lace up corset with satin full breast cups, a pair of what looked to be liquid filled falsies, and a red leather tennis dress complete with short pleated skirt. It looked like it would come down to about hi thigh on me. It had long sleeves that had 2” wide straps at the wrist. The straps buckled with two ¾” roller buckles and had a D-ring on the strap on the back of the wrist. I thought that would make it Hell to escape from. The dress laced in the back like a corset all the way up to the top of the neck. Once you laced up the neck there was a 3” collar strap that wrapped around and buckled with 2 1” roller buckles. The buckles were offset to one side of the neck. This allowed for a D-ring fixed in the front and rear of the collar. When the strap wrapped around and was buckled it covered where you tied the laces. The roller buckles on the wrist and neck straps were made so that the clasp hook that went through the leather had small eyes in them. I saw 4 very small gold padlocks lying beside the dress. I imagined that once buckled and locked you didn’t take it off until the person who had the keys wanted you to. 

While I was gazing over the bed I didn’t notice that I was standing on a piece of plywood with eyehooks mounted in it. Or that Kelly had hooked a rope to the ring on my wrist shackles. I was so taken by the items that I knew I was about to wear I didn’t think much about her unhooking my ankles and spreading them apart and roping my ankle straps to the eyebolts. The rope to my wrist was run up through two pulleys over to and down the wall behind me. I grasped the situation when my eyes fell upon two things on the bed. One was a dildo like I had never seen. It was at first sight not very long, about 4 ½”. But it had two bulges as you went down the shaft. The first one must have been 1 ½” in diameter, but the second had to be at least 2 ½” in diameter. There was silver showing on the shaft where your lips would be once it was inserted. That part dropped to what looked like a 1” diameter, once it was in, you would play hell getting it out. There were no wires or pump. I thought where does she think she is going to put that. I noticed there was what looked to be a remote control lying beside it. Beside that thing was a strap on dildo. It was a replica of a penis. It had as much sticking into the harness as it did sticking out. It alone was more than I looked forward to. At that I panicked and turned to run. How I intended to do that I hadn’t thought of and was reminded I wasn’t going anywhere when my legs wouldn’t move. I almost fell. If not for the rope on my wrist I would have.

“I was waiting till you got to the dildo’s.” She said pulling down on the rope. This immediately pulled my hands up and arched my body over on to the bed. The bed was a high pedestal style that when my head touched the bed my head was slightly lower than my ass. “Does that strap-on look familiar, it should.” She said. I was looking right at it. My head turned to the right as it lay on the bed. I struggled to get up but she just pulled the rope hooked to my hands tighter and as I was standing on the board that held my feet all I could do was go up on my tiptoes.  My arms arched up and forward more and pinned me tighter to the bed. Resolved I was not going anywhere I stopped struggling. I looked at the strap on dildo. It looked larger this close up. “Remember when you and Yvonne were playing around and took a mold of your hard penis and balls.” I remembered that. She got me drunk and talked me into that one. Although the way she was dressed that night I would have done anything. “Well that strap on is a duplicate of you. We had it and the one beside it custom made. They are both vibrators. They're both remote controlled, and the plug has a few custom features.” We, did she say we, this was getting weirder by the minute. As she talked she tied the rope off to a hook imbedded in the wall. 

There I was with my legs spread out and tied down, me almost up on tiptoes, a leather harness gag on, and me staring at a strap on double dildo. I had no doubt what was in store for me next. My dick gave a twinge. “I figure that for me to get the new butt plug in to you I am going to have to loosen you up. Plus you always hinted that you would enjoy something up your cheeks. And from this morning I know you like it. Well now is your chance Girl. But I figured while I’m screwing you I might as well get my cookies too.” Shit! Now I knew why she keep’s on calling me Girl. I looked around and saw her lubing up the inside dildo. As she inserted it into herself I noticed the look of pleasure that rushed over her. “Well what do you expect?" She said. “After all it is an exact replica of you when you’re about to explode. It’s made of the latest material and Mmmmm, It feels like the real thing, hard, but at the same time soft, filling me up, Ohh.” She threw her head back and gasp as she grabbed the strap around her hips and cinched it tight pulling her / my shaft deep inside of her. The look on her face was one I had never seen before. 

She walked over to me and laid the dildo right on my crack. Then slowly slid it down till the tip was against the cheeks of my ass. I trembled as she pushed the tip against my already tender ass hole. She pushed harder and it started to force lips of my ass apart. Then she stopped. “Lets get some lubricant shall we. I don’t want this to be totally S&M.” Thank goodness. I had sweat breaking out on my forehead. “We’ll put a towel here to catch the mess.” I felt a warm thick oil start at the top of my crack and slowly run down my ass. She pulled my hips back from the bed a little. I felt her finger run down the crack spreading the oil between my cheeks. She then ran two of her fingers into my ass hole. She removed her fingers. Suddenly there was the tip of the dildo. I mean my dick. Man I thought this is really weird. I always have wondered what it would be like. But not wanting to even think of another man I never even tried a penis replica. 

Now she, I mean, I, I mean her and I was fixing to get screwed by Kelly, I mean by myself. Ohhhhh. The tip of the dildo started into my ass. My cock immediately filled and a spot of fluid formed on the tip. “You have always been gentle with Yvonne trying new things I ‘m going to do the same with you as long as you know who the boss is at these times.” She had leaned over and whispered that to me. Placing her hands on my hips she slowly eased the shaft into me. She stopped with the head just inside me. I moaned into the gag. I saw her reach for the remote control. I felt the vibrator increase slowly then go back down as she slid the shaft out. She pushed in and the vibrator speed increased almost as if it sensed her pushing. Deeper she pushed. Ohhh, It was huge, not that I’m bragging it just felt huge. Out she pulled and pushed back in slowly. I lunged against my ropes. Oohhhh, MMmm. The vibrator followed, going up then down in intensity. I heard her moan and the vibrator changed speed again. 

As she started in I actually pushed toward her. Trying to force it deeper. She stopped and backed the shaft out. “Easy Girl, lets enjoy this.” I waited for her to start the shaft back in. The vibrator slowed almost to a stop, it was sensing her thrust. As she started back into me the vibrator started up, I pushed back against her. Kelly felt me pushing against her and said, as she slowly pulled back out. “Are you sure you want it. Girl. There is a lot more to go?”  As she started to push, I moaned into the gag. Yes, Yes, Ohhhhhh yes. The waves were rushing over me I wanted it inside of me. I didn’t think that this could feel so good. My cock was pulsing with every thrust. The thick cream was dripping from the tip. “ Maybe I don’t want you to get it all just yet. She purred teasing.” 

As she started back in the vibrator started back up I couldn’t stand it and thrust my hips back toward her forcing as much as I could get in to me. “Ohhhhhhhh, that’s Goood.” She moaned and the vibrator rose rapidly. I ground my hips farther onto the shaft. Trying to get all of myself into me as I could.  Kelly would not let me pulling back before I could force it deeper. “Not yet she teased.” Pulling the shaft out she pumped back and forth just using the tip of the cock. My dick pulsed and throbbed every time the head of that dick popped into and out of me. The vibrator reacted to her motions varying the speed and intensity of its actions.  UUUUUhhhhhhhh. This was driving me crazy. Then Kelly started into me. I felt her hands grab my hips and pull. Then she pulled back. She was starting a rhythm. Several more thrust were driven into me, each one a little deeper.  It seemed that the vibrator was pulsing harder and harder with every thrust. Finally she started in, hands gripping my hips pushing with her hips and pulling with her hands. Farther, farther she forced it into me, the vibrator rose, harder and harder, the wave flooded over me, I couldn’t stand it anymore I lunged back grinding with my hips. She was moaning, the vibrator was climbing, She pushed and I felt the balls of the dildo contact the cheeks of my ass. Ahhhhh, Ohhhh, Damn. She pulled back and pumped into me. I could imagine the sensations that she was feeling. If they were anything like MMMMMMMineeeee AAAHHHHHHH, AAAAHHHHH.

MMmmmmmmm. AAAhhhhh. I screamed in to the gag. ”Is this what you want, is this the way you want it Girl, to be fucked, really fucked?” She gasped between breaths. The vibrator grew stronger rising with every thrust. I ground my ass into her body, pulling against the ropes holding my hands up. A flood of sensations started to rise inside of me. Faster we fucked. The waves rushed over me. My moaning grew louder and louder. Kelly’s breaths were faster and faster. Kelly was thrusting viciously into me. You could hear the slapping of our skin as she drove the vibrating dildo deep into me. AAAAaaaahhhhhhhh, I screamed in to the gag.  She thrust into me pulling with her hands on my hips. She moved her hands to grab my arms. As she thrust into me she would pull against my bound arched arms. The force of her thrust and my ankles bound by the ropes, she was actually lifting me off the ground. Slamming my ankles against the bondage of the ropes. I threw myself against her, as she screamed and shook violently. I felt something that drove me insane. It made me push back on the dildo to feel it again and again I shook and thrust again. The dildo was coming. I felt a pulse of fluid squirt into me. I was unloading all over the side of the bed and I, uh, it was coming inside of me. I drove back on the shaft until nothing else was felt. Kelly lay over on top of me and gasped for air. I lay there with the last bit of cum seeping out of my cock. Feeling her tits pressed against my back. As she pulled out of me a final gush rushed from the tip of my cock. I heard Kelly gasp one more time and saw the remote land on the bed. 

“Well I’m glad we brought the towel.” She said. As she washed my ass and legs I could feel the dick brushing against my body. It sent chill waves through to my soul and I felt Kelly gasp a little. “I am going to put something on these lips back here. They have gotten quite a workout today. But I am afraid that they aren’t through yet. I felt her rub my ass hole with something. She ran her finger up into my hole I know just for spite. I know she got the response she wanted because I moaned into the gag. I was spent. But she still got a reaction out of me and she giggled. She took a cool moist towel and wiped down my body. “We don’t want to mess up your new clothes do we?” I shook my head no. 

I lay there and wondered what else she was going to do. Then I felt something against my ass again. I thought it her finger but as it started in I thought, that is too big for a finger. “Relax now or this is going to hurt.” I looked over to where the second dildo was sitting and realized it wasn’t on the bed. About that time my ass popped over the first ridge on the plug. A pulse ran through my body. That wasn’t too bad. She paused a moment and started pushing again. Now it started to hurt. I had never felt anything that large. It was going in, damn, it was going in. Stop, Nooooo, Shit, AAAAAAAHHHHHH, I screamed, but the gag changed it to a strange moan. I was about to yell again when my ass popped over the second ridge. The short sharp pain was intense. Again I screamed in to the gag. The pain only lasted for a few moments and started to subside. Still my whole body shook. I caught my breath and thought; I am not going to get this out without help. Then Kelly said. ‘This is designed with a steep ridge at the bottom. You can’t get it out without help. The base is slim and tapered to fit up in the crack of your ass. . You can’t even see it through clothes once it settles in. I could feel the muscles of my ass pull together and it pulled the plug deeper into me. The base felt like a finger running along the crack of my ass. I could hardly tell that part was there. 

Oddly the plug wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. She went on. “The plug is made out of a material that forms to you inside as it gets warm. It will flex and move with you. It’s inflatable, it’s the strongest vibrator they make and it expels fluid like it’s jacking off like the dildo did. Oh yea did you enjoy that. I got some too from my end. The fluid acts as a stimulant and lubricant. It also has a special feature.” With that she picked up the remote control and stood behind me. I felt the vibrator come on and stop. “No that’s not it.” Then my body jumped. I had felt a shock at my ass hole. Not a very strong shock, but a jolt just the same. Then came another one, this one stronger and longer in duration. I jumped again and my dick shot a little cum out. “What do you think about that?” She started to let the rope down until I stood up straight. “The people that sold it to me said it could be very painful if I ran it all the way up. The battery in it is supposed to last for hours even using everything. And I can refill its fluid from the bottom and recharge it just by setting you on this paddle. Something about transformer coupling, I told him that you would under stand it but I don’t. Hope you flushed yourself out like I told you too when you took a bath just now because we are going to be out for a while. ” I did understand, it meant that she could leave this thing in for as long as she wanted. And with that shock system I was going to do what she said, and what did she mean we would be going out.

 “Let’s Get you dressed Girl.” With that she unhooked my hands and took the remote control and sat down in the chair. “Ok Girl you can remove the gag and get a drink. Don’t say a word just get dressed.” I removed my gag and the cuffs on my hands and ankles. She had a soft drink on the table ready. I drank the whole thing. Then I did exactly what she told me to do. Started to get dressed. 

As I was dressing she was playing with the vibrator and shocker, and loving every minute of it. She laced me into the corset and pulled the laces so tight I could hardly breathe. The fake tits felt great pressed into my chest by the corset. She laced up the dress and buckled the cuffs and collar. Then put the locks on and clipped them shut. Everything felt wonderful. Even being laced into the corset. I had never had one on. I couldn’t figure out how to lace it up myself and get it as tight as I wanted it. The boots, the corset, the leather of the dress, and the firm control of the spandex even hid my dick. I looked at her and she said. “Well Girl this ought to finish it up.” 

And with that she put a red wig on me. It was full and thick and reached to bellow my shoulders. “I must say Girl you make a pretty gorgeous chick.” She finished combing my hair and as I walked to the mirror the liquid in my breast made them move like the real thing. I had to admit I didn’t recognize myself. I did look like a Girl. “ I know you can walk in heels. You have been doing it for a while, haven’t you? So you shouldn’t have any problems with those boots. Come here I want to put some make-up on you, try to cut down some more on the he side.” I sat down and watched as she transformed my face from a he to a she.  She put the harness ball gag on me and fussed with my hair and make-up a little more.

Black leather straps went on my ankles and just above my elbows. She clipped a 6” chain to my ankle cuffs. “Put your hands behind you Girl and let’s finish getting you ready.” As I put my hands behind me I had to turn my hands out. She clipped a double snaffle between the wrist D-ring. With the D-ring on the back of the wrist I could not reach the snaffles at all. She hooked my elbow cuffs together with a double snaffle as well. This forced my breast out as it pulled my shoulders back. “Gorgeous!” she said. As she stood in front of me looking me up and down. Just like a man would look at a woman. She grabbed the black leather leash clipped to my collar and tugged. “ Lets go Girl, we’ll be late.” I followed taking as large of a step as I could. Go, go where? I tried to say in spite of the gag.

“Don’t worry, you will enjoy this little party.”



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