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A Little Selfbondage 3

by Lee

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© Copyright 2003 - Lee - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; D/s; bdsm; bond; cd; fem; toys; cons; X

Chapter 5: Joy Ride

As I hobbled out to the car I tried to figure out how I got in this fix. Kelly had changed her clothes. She had on a Blue lace-up leather corset and thigh high lace up boots with 5” heels. The corset had full cups on the breast that looked to be satin but was very thin fabric. Her hard nipples looked like they were trying to push through. The corset was trimmed in black and was heavily boned. She had leather lace up panties on with shinny blue tights on her legs. That is what leg you could see above the boots. So I hobbled along following this Goddess in leather to God knows where.

“Oh by the way, now that I have total control, Yvonne knows about this. We have talked about your fantasies for some time. She is just not into this part of it she likes the bondage too much herself. ”

As I hobbled to the car I wondered how this has happened. Kelly knew so much about my fantasies. Her and Yvonne had obviously been talking. I just didn’t know how much. Where was Yvonne, she should have been home by now. Kelly led me to the back of the van that was sitting in my driveway. She opened the back door and had me lay down on my back with my head towards the front. My arms sank into the bedding that was there so I was comfortable. She unclipped my ankles and spread my legs apart and hooked them to recessed loops in the floor. She wrapped a strap around my waist and tightened it pulling me further into the bedding. Another strap was hooked to the ring at the top of my harness gag and tightened so I could not lift my head anymore than a tilt to look down at her. 

I wondered why she left the door open. I heard the front door open and someone get out of the front of the van. As their footsteps reached the rear of the van I thought 'oh no someone else is going to see me like this.' Kelly came into view. What I saw next was a total shock and an instant turn on. It was Yvonne my wife. And she was wearing a ball gag just like mine. As a matter of fact she was dressed exactly like me and bound just like me. As my eyes met hers I could see that she was as turned on as I was. Kelly broke the trance as she said. “To answer your questions she came home about the time we finished our pussy party. No this is partly her idea. She likes bondage too much to be on the giving end and found out I like to give. So she loaned you to me this weekend if she could go along.”

I realized that she had been out here in the van tied up like that for a couple of hours. Kelly reached down and lifted her skirt. Yvonne had on split crotch panties. Kelly pointed a remote control at Yvonne and pressed some buttons then reached between her legs and removed a vibrator from her pussy that looked like the one Kelly had put in my ass. Kelly looked at me and said. “How is that one up your other end doing Yvonne.” She wanted to see the reaction in my eyes. It must have been what she wanted. Then I saw Kelly’s hand as she pressed on of the buttons. Yvonne trembled and moaned as much as she could through the gag. Kelly pressed another button and Yvonne stopped shaking. Kelly reached down and must have unhooked Yvonne’s ankle chain. She said something I couldn’t hear and they both got in the van.

Kelly reached down and pulled up my skirt and worked back the panties covering my swollen penis and pulled it out. It stood straight up. She pointed and Yvonne worked her way on her knees until she was kneeling over my enlarged organ. She worked herself up and started to find my dick with her pussy. It wasn’t too hard. We had done this before with her trussed up and on top. Just not with me dressed like a chick and bound as tight as she was. Kelly just sat back and watched and rubbed her own pussy. Yvonne worked around and I tried to help but was tied down and couldn’t move much. She finally found me and started to impale herself on my enlarged organ. As she started to slide down the shaft she started to gasp and moan in her gag. She was thoroughly lubricated; I knew this feeling, as she was sliding down on to me her pussy was gripping me and she was grinding as she sank, Her crotch met mine, it was extremely hot. Yvonne started to hump me and grind her pelvis in to my crotch. Kelly reached over and grabbed Yvonne’s legs and pulled. Forcing Yvonne into a prone position with her tits directly on top of mine. I felt Yvonne’s legs lay on top of mine and heard the clips of snaffles as her legs were secured to the same hooks I enjoyed. Yvonne’s hips were still grinding and she started to fuck me hard. She must have wanted to come real bad. She was getting me there real quick, it was driving me up the wall. OOOhhhhhhh, Uhhh, We moaned together.

I saw Kelly reach over us and stretch a leather strap across us at our waist and cinch it down. This forced Yvonne into me and limited her hips to all but the smallest movements. I heard the rattling of buckles and felt straps wrapped around our legs. She strapped us together just below our crotch, at our thighs, our knees and at out ankles. Another strap had been laid out at our chest and was wrapped around and cinched tight. This pulled Yvonne’s tits hard against mine, it was erotic as hell.  Kelly produced a metal pipe about 18” tall it was wrapped in leather and padded. It was inserted it into a socket just above my head. I felt my head strap relax for a second then I felt my head pulled up. Kelly had strapped me to the pipe. Kelly reached up and attached a strap to the ring at the top of Yvonne’s harness gag. This she attached to the pipe also. Yvonne’s head was directly above mine with her ball gag almost touching mine. Straps were run between the cheek rings of my harness and Yvonne’s on both sides and tightened until our ball gags touched. Now we could not turn our heads either way. We were strapped together me filling her, both of us with matching butt plugs, I could feel hers pressing against my dick through the wall of her pussy. I could enjoy the vibrations it gave her as it came on then went off not very hard just enough to tease Yvonne.

Yvonne was still trying to move her hips to get some relief. “I know you want to come Yvonne. This is your first time with a butt plug.  And you have a good size cock in your pussy. I know I enjoyed the dildo of him myself. I have to explain to you two that these are smart plugs. They monitor your motions, temperature, and pressure. As you get more excited they back off, as you calm down they jack up the stimulation. Yvonne yours has been in the automatic mode for about 2 ½ hours now. I imagine your ready to explode. But it just won’t let you. Will it?” She pushed a button and my plug came to life. I felt the vibrator start to increase, and then the plug started to inflate.

Ohhhhhh, Yvonne moaned, she could feel the vibrations coming through my penis. MMMMMmmm, I moaned as I felt the wave run over me, Yvonne tried to grind her hips but couldn’t move anything more than an 1/8 of an inch. Just as Kelly said, as I was starting to peak the intensity died down on my plug. I could feel that Yvonne’s plug was still going and could see in her eyes that she was just about to come. But the plug in her ass took that instant to go completely off. My plug was barely vibrating and the inflator was slowly going up a little and back down. OOOhhhh, I said. MMMmmmmm, my dick throbbed and I felt Yvonne shiver. AAAAahhhh, I heard Yvonne. “ You too enjoy yourself now we have about a 30 minute drive till we get to the party. I saw a reaction in Yvonne’s eyes. I don’t think she was aware of this part of the plan. “Oh I know that this wasn’t part of the game plan Yvonne. But I think you both will certainly enjoy the drive and the party when we get there.”

With that Kelly put the van in gear and away we went. As we traveled down the road I had no idea what could happen next. And I could see in Yvonne’s eyes that she was just as in the dark as I was. All we could do was be tortured by the stimulation we were receiving from the plugs in our ass and being bound together in a love embrace. The vibration from the drive making every bump and dip another gasp for relief. I was straining against my bonds trying to please myself and Yvonne. The plugs in both of us were varying themselves with our peaks of arousal. OOOhhhhh, MMMMmmmmm, AAAAhhhhh. We were both moaning and gasping with the waves rolling over us. I could feel her moan and gasp every time my dick would throb. A heavy bump would transmit to us with a thrust what we could not do ourselves. As Yvonne would moan so would I. The plugs reacted to us like they were a part of us, anticipating our reach for orgasm. Bring us to the peak and denying us the pleasure. We were both almost screaming. Constant arousal, Constant denial. How long was she going to keep us like this? Yvonne and I trembled and shook together. I don’t think Yvonne or I have ever been this close to climax for this long before. We would always try to extend our lovemaking and sometimes would succeed. But we have never been on top of the mountain for this long. She closed her eyes, the vibrators taking her to the peak again. I was running right along side her. But we were denied again. I tried to catch my breath as did she, when the plugs started us up again. 

I heard Kelly  “How are you two doing back there. I here an awful lot of moaning and groaning” I heard Kelly moan herself. “UUUUhhhh, Mmmmmmm. Oh Sorry Girls I’m just enjoying my plug. Plus I’m getting off on you too back there. If your going to come you better do it now we are almost there.”  Damn, OOOOOhhhhhhh, As Yvonne tried to move for pleasure, and as the van moved us, Yvonne was forced against my body. Driving her tits against mine. My tits moved with hers, feeling like they were a part of me. I felt her plug start on another cycle, as did mine. We rode the waves as they came up. Struggling against our bonds. OOOOOOOhhhhhhh, as the time came that I thought the vibrators were going to tease us again, something happen. 

They didn’t stop instead they varied their vibration intensity and inflation caring us further than before. I could tell Yvonne realized this too. We both moaned in to our gags. OOOOOOhhhhh, MMMMMMmmmmmm, UUUUhhhhhh, Yvonne and I chorused. “AAAAAhhhhh.” I heard Kelly join in. We had stopped somewhere. I didn’t care where. All I wanted to do was climax. We were thrusting against our straps; Yvonne and I had managed to work the waist strap loose a little. It had a friction clasp instead of a buckle and Yvonne finally could get some movement in her ride on my swollen cock. She worked to the limits of her motion. Gripping my cock with her pussy. Milking me for all she was worth. The vibrators and the pumps in our plugs were running us over the edge. MMMMMmmmmmm, OOOhhh, Yes, yes, yes AAAAAAhhhhhh. 

We both were screaming into our gags and Kelly was making it three. The windows were starting to fog up. And then like a trio Yvonne, Kelly and I all came together. We were all screaming, Yvonne was humping me and coming with every thrust. My cock was pounding; load after load of cum filling Yvonne’s already wet pussy. Kelly was bucking in the seat like a wild person. I was straining against my straps to try to help Yvonne. Finally we slowed to a stop and lay there gasping for breath. Yvonne shook as my cock pulsed sporadically. Then we were still. If Yvonne didn’t have a strap holding her head up, it would be on my shoulder. I was as limp as she was. We waited for Kelly to move. I could see her arm lying limp down beside the drivers seat. 

Finally she got out of the van and came around to the rear. She released us from the straps locking her together and used a moist towel to clean up the slight mess we had made. Our ankle chains were put back in place and leashes were attached to our collars. As she lead us up to the house we were at Yvonne and I looked at each other. I could tell she was as apprehensive about this as I was. But we were certainly in no position to back out now. Kelly stopped at the door. “Let me check you over. You two look gorgeous. Lets go have some fun ok. I promise that you two belong to me and I won’t loan you out.”  Yvonne looked at me and I looked at her. “Loan us out”! The door opened and Kelly led us inside. All we could do is hobble along, as our chains would let us.

Chapter 6: The House

As we went in to the house the foyer was dark. Kelly led us hobbling down a long hall. When we entered the main room at the end. As our eyes were adjusting to the light I heard a female voice say, “Kelly, we thought that you weren’t going to make it. What have you got there? Why they are a matched pair.   Oh isn’t this one just darling.” She said that, as she looked me over from head to toe. She reached up and cupped my right breast, as she walked around behind me she stroked my breast running her hand across my side over and down my arm ending up on my skirt. She changed hands and ran it under my skirt and traced the contours of my ass. Squeezing my ass forcefully she continued caressing my hip traced across my thigh to the front and ending up cupping my swollen dick with her gloved hand. “Goodness I see that you brought him warmed up too.” I must say that having her caress me like she did ran shivers across my body and caused my dick to pulse from the touch. “Do you want to loan him out?” 

This woman was dressed to kill. She was about 5’8” tall perfectly proportioned, 38, 24, 36. She had a black leather miniskirt on with a leather halter-top on that was trying to break the record for lift on her breast. You could see her nipples through the leather. Her long legs were covered in what had to be silk ending in a pair of 6” spiked high heels that laced up about 6” onto her legs. Kelly said, “I hadn’t thought about it. They're virgins, their first time out. We’ll see how they do. We’ll just see.” As she ended that sentence she was looking right at Yvonne and I. With the look in her eyes I couldn’t tell if she was kidding or not. A glance at Yvonne confirmed she couldn’t either. 

As Kelly led us into the room I looked around. There was no furniture of the normal variety. The whole room was bondage supreme. There were stocks, and crosses, and suspension rigs of every conceivable position. Some were extreme. There were moans, groans and screams of passion coming from everywhere. 

There was one area of suspension that was currently occupied by two people, one male and one female. The girl’s hands were tied over her head at the hands and elbows. Her arms were behind her head and this forced her head forward and at a downward angle.  I noticed that she had a ball gag pulled deep into her mouth. There was a 6” strap around her waist that had d-rings on either side. Where were ¾” straps that ran from the front on either side of her bush between her legs, they must have joined to a ring at her ass hole because one strap ran up her back and buckled to the waist strap. Ropes ran from her hands and the d-rings up into the rigging. The ropes to her waist had her hips pulled forward. Her legs had straps to her ankles and just above her knees. Her legs were pulled up and out at a slight angle. The man’s hands were tied just like the woman’s. His legs were strapped together at the ankles, thighs, above and below the knees. His feet were off the floor about 8” well under the woman. He had a 6” strap around his waist as well. And he had a matching ball gag. They both had on nipple clips with what looked like a rubber cord tying the chains of the clips together. Stretching both of their nipples out. They were suspended so that the mans hard dick was inserted in to her pussy. They were currently fucking like crazy. I noticed some girl pickup a remote and the man’s body lowered till his penis just came out of the chicks dripping lips. A minute or so later they were winched back together and away they went again. This happen over and over again till I finally heard a muffled scream coming from around their ball gags.

There was a cute blond tied spread eagle to an x cross. She had straps everywhere. She was wearing nothing but stockings, garters, split-crotch panties, a pushup lace bra and a pump up ball gag. Her torso was bound in ropes with the diamond pattern. The rope running through her crotch had a double knot where it would keep her entertained. Another chick all in black leather was working her over with a cat of nine tails. She was hitting hard enough to cause some red marks. But I heard her stop and ask if that was too severe. The blond on the cross shook her head no real hard. So the whipping continued and the blond finally screamed tossed her head back and I swear was shaking so hard the cross move on the floor.

As we were lead through the rooms we saw just about every form of bondage you could think of. We even saw the people in bondage being released and putting the person that was controlling them in to that bondage.

Kelly showed us off to several other people and finally found the house Dom and thanked her for the evening. She again tried to borrow us but Kelly declined saying we had to leave maybe next time. Kelly led us back out to the van. She put Yvonne in one seat and me in another. As we rode away I noticed that Yvonne’s head started to move back and forth. About that time my plug came to life and started to tease me into reaction. By the time we got back to our house Yvonne and me were wiggling all over the seats. 

Chapter 7: Slaves Together

The Sun was coming up when we were let out of the van. Kelly went up the steps unlocked the door and went inside for a minute before coming back and letting us out of the van. She said, “ The keys are on the nightstand in the bedroom. You to can let each other out of your bonds.” And with that she got in and drove away. It took me a few minutes to get up the stairs with my ankles chained the way they were. Kelly had taken Yvonne’s ankle chain and put on one that was at least 10” long. I swear Kelly had shortened the chains on me. We finally got inside and got the door shut. We went into the bedroom and I was reaching for the keys when Yvonne stood in front of them. With her eyes she motioned to the bed. I knew what she wanted as soon as I saw her eyes. 

I fell on to the bed and rolled onto my back. Yvonne crawled onto the bed slowly so as not to loose her balance. The damn vibrators were making every movement difficult cutting on and off at just the right time. She finally positioned herself over me and with her crotch worked on getting my skirt pulled up. I humped and moved the best I could to help. Finally she got my dick uncovered and in position to lower herself onto me. I’ve never worked so hard to get penetration. We were both sweating already. Once my penis started into her both of our vibrators slowed down to almost nothing. Yvonne sat with me all the way in her for a minute and slowly started to rise up. The vibrators followed her movement by gradually increasing their motion. I would have thought that we would have started banging like crazy but we started to make love slowly. Both of us bound, not able to say a word but knowing exactly what we wanted to do. Her rhythm was constant. She squeezed my dick with her moist pussy lips as she stroked its length. The vibrators were varying their stroke as well as their inflation. I couldn’t move my eyes from her. As she increased her speed I rose to meet her.  Our breathing was in unison. Labored as it was with the gags filling our mouths. Her bright red lips surrounded the ball with the contrast of the black straps crossing her cheeks and bridging her hair. Her long flowing hair would cascade forward and back with every rise and fall, captive as it was from the straps encircling her head. Momentarily hiding her face from my view. Our moans were growing louder now as the passion that built in our bodies. My plug was peaking both its size and intensity. I could feel Yvonne’s doing the same through the wall of her pussy. We were vicious in our lovemaking now. Riding the familiar wave as it attempted to crest. We were pounding into each other She was tossing her head back as if to scream for release. I wanted to reach out and grab her, to pull myself deeper into her as if that could be possible. 

I could feel the climax, I knew it was coming. Suddenly my body convulsed, Yvonne’s did as well. The plug was shocking us. Adding to the pain and passion. With every violent stroke we made the shock was getting stronger, I couldn’t stand it any more and started to cum, Yvonne was right behind me. I was screaming into the gag, Yvonne was grinding into my thighs. If not for the gags I’m sure the neighbors would have called the police. Yvonne fell onto me from exhaustion. She lay on top of me gasping for breath. My dick was pulsing, as it did her pussy would grip me in orgasm after orgasm. We laid embraced in bondage. I wanted to stroke her hair to hold her and tell her I loved her. But all I could do was lie there with her on top of me. Her head on my shoulder.

As we finally separated she had to roll onto her side to get off of me. I finally managed to get up and get the keys. It took a lot of maneuvering to unclip her wrists. Once her hands were free even though her shoulders were still together she was able to undo my hands and arms. She had the flexibility over me. Once our hands were free we unlocked our gags and pried them out of our stiff mouths. The first thing we did was laugh.  Both of our shoulders and jaws ached like they would never stop.  We lay together and talked until we fell asleep, we were too tired to even get undressed. 

The next morning we woke up to a ringing phone it was Kelly. She wanted to know how we liked the weekend. She told us to press a key combination on the remote for our butt plugs and they would release themselves and slide out without extreme pain. Amazingly after our last orgasm the plugs had retracted in size and gone dormant. We had almost forgot about them. Kelly said that was one of their features. We talked for a while expressing our likes and dislikes and agreed to another bondage weekend in the near future. Needless to say we wouldn’t be watching reruns as much as we used to.



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