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A little about myself before starting

by Med11

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A little about myself before starting. I know most people would just like me to get on with the story but since this is a true account and my first time sharing I figured it would be a good idea to set the stage. I am a long-time reader, into the bondage, self-bondage and medical/ cast fetish scenes for at least the last 20 years. For a few years the wife would play along but just was not her thing so now I only do self-bondage when I can. I am also into the medical fetish scene which will be evident in my writings.  A little about my statue and then on to the part you all really want to read. I am about 150lbs, thin build, brown hair, blue eyed mostly straight 40-year-old male. (would like to try forced male on male)

Finally, some time to myself! We just finished moving, having a kid and work had been very busy so I took a great looking summer day off from work. I had been planning this self-bondage adventure out in my head for a few days now. This would be the first time I would be taking my bondage adventure outside where there was a possibility of someone seeing me but time to ramp up my adventures to the next step. I got up right after the wife left the house to drop the kid off at daycare on her way to work.

My first stop was the attic where I stash my 3 boxes of medical and bondage toys. Then I hit the bathroom to empty out knowing it would be a while before I would be in any shape to go again any time soon. Then picking up the boxes I headed outside into the well fenced in backyard with a tiki hut.  The fence is 8-foot-high and most houses around me are only one story so, I am relatively certain that most would not see me unless they were trying to look in or happen to be standing on something. I took my stash into the tiki hut and laid out everything that I was going to be using on this adventure. I also dragged in one of the chase loungers that has all the straps running across it to lay on and has many anchoring points for rope because of the way that it is constructed.

Time to drop the clothes and get started. I pick up some K-Y and my medium butt plug. Put on a nice helping of jell and bend on over. Ever so slowly my anal opening stretches open eventually enveloping the plug, feeling the base come in contact with my ass cheeks. It was a bit hard getting it in since it has been a while since I have been stretched open by a plug. Felt really good after a few mins to have the full feeling down there. Now with that hole filled it was time for the mummification to begin.
 First to go on is a layer of 6in wide bandages on each leg from top to bottom. I carefully wrap 2 bandages around each leg making sure I have no wrinkles or skin showing. This layer is to add some padding and comfort between my skin and braces. Next, I reach over and apply the ankle braces. These are the stirrup kind with the air cells on the side and are secured with wide velcro straps. These are commonly used to treat sprained ankles (Aircast). These add some nice pressure around the ankles and prevent me from turning them inward. Now for the full leg braces. These braces are all black commonly used after ACL surgery. I start with the right leg. Slide the brace under the leg making sure to align the hinged right at the sides of my knee. I then fold over the padding and start with the straps that are just above and below the knee. Then I secure the bottom two traps and then the last two on top. I make sure all 6 are nice and tight before repeating the process on the left leg. These braces cover just about the entire leg. They start just above the ankle bone, holding the ankle braces that much tighter now and extend to just below the top of my thigh. I now turn my attention to the hinge locks at the knees. I lock both knees so there is just a slight bend to the knee. Those that are familiar with these types of braces that is a 15-degree angle. Legs not bending now for sure but not done down there yet.

The second to last layer to go on for now adds to the immobility of things for sure. I place a thick blanket between my legs. This is to keep my legs in their natural position for comfort. I then use more 6in wide bandages and starting at my toes I tightly wrap my legs together. It takes me 3 bandages, stopping just past where the braces stopped at the top of my thighs. I now grab my spandex sack and pull that over my nicely wrapped, locked up legs. This adds a little more pressure and makes everything so far look great and smoothed out.

Time to add some tease and denial to this fun adventure. I grab a towel that is folded up a few times and cover over my very erect, sensitive, throbbing penis. I then use another 6in wide bandage to hold my penis and towel down onto my stomach. The two combine will dissipate the vibrations from the Hitachi wand that I will strategically place in a few mins to drive me crazy for the next few hours.

I know reach over to the pile of rope that is laying on the ground. I take a shorter piece, double it over and loop it around my ankles. I skootch down a little on the lounger and tie the rope to the bottom bar and skootch back up a little putting some tension on the rope. Next, I take a long piece and start weaving an X pattern up my legs pulling tightly as I go up. With the stretch of the plastic straps of the lounger flexing a little under me as well my legs are not going anywhere. Stopping with the first rope at the top of my thighs I reach for the Hitachi and another wide bandage. I place the vibrator head right in the center of the package from before and set the dial on 2. Just enough to keep me happy but no chance of an orgasm with it that low. The vibrator is plugged into a light timer set at all random times. Some are short 2 min on, some 5 min on times with all varying off times frames as well.

I finish pulling up the spandex sack to my shoulders leaving the hood off for now. I take another long piece of rope and secure the vibrator and my hips to the lounger trying to make it as tight as possible so I cannot try to grind my hips. One more piece of rope goes over my chest and shoulders pinning my upper body to the lounger. Not going anywhere now. I leave a little bit of slack in this rope so I can squeeze my arms under it at the end.

Now for one of my favorite parts of this bondage but also most nerve wracking – shutting out the world. Once I complete my head isolation I will have no clue if someone comes in my backyard, looks over the fence, or sees me from a window for the next 2.5 hours. My hands start to sweat and head games start. All of the sudden the vibrator kicks on and I jump and my head goes back in joy. I lay there for what seems like a min with my eyes closed just taking it all in so far and enjoying the tease before it shuts off.  That helped ease the tension and convinces me to go for it.

I first check that I can reach the keys for the locks that I am about to use and that they are all there. I grab my noise canceling ear buds and tape them into my ears. All I hear if the with noise generator that I have playing on my phone and a little of the world around me still. Next, I tape my eyes closed. Test that and they are not opening. Next a spandex hood with a built in padded blindfold and a hole over the mouth. (adds soft layer from the leather-ish hood) I feel around for the isolation hood. I guide the butterfly inflatable gag into my mouth first that I installed into it and pull the hood over my head. I line up the pads over my ears, eyes and mouth. The hard part is next for me. I start pulling the laces behind my head and feel the hood start to seal in around my head nice and tight. This takes me a few mins. Next, I pull the strap tight that goes across the eyes and apply the lock. Then the strap around the neck and place that lock on. The last strap goes under my chin and around the top of my head making is so I cannot open my mouth much. That strap gets 2 locks on it. Finding the bulb for the gag I give 3 quick squeezes. The gag quickly expands filling my mouth, pushing my tongue, cheeks against the hood and my jaw against the straps. I am not able to make one intelligible sound.

Just about done. I find my cervical collar. Place the back half behind my neck and slide on the front half the best I can. This forces my head up a little. 2 velcro straps, one on each side hold that in place. I reach for yet another wide bandage and carefully wrap that around my neck and held to the lounger making use not to cover over the 2 holes at the nose. I am now unable to move everything but my arms. All outside side sound it now GONE and all I can hear is that white noise. WOW! Is all I am thinking.  BUZZZZ – Oh God!! That feels great as the vibrator kicks on again for the second time. I try to just take it in and after about a minute I try to grind my hips to try to cum. So, frustrating not being able to move enough to make it happen. Frustration starts to build and it only has been maybe 10 mins into the 2.5 hours of this – What was I thinking?

Once the vibrator shuts off again I wiggle my hands and arms one at a time under the ropes holding my upper body down and everything gots that much tighter. Now to just relax and drift off into that head space for a while. Free from all cares, wants and needs of life. Not knowing when the vibrator will turn on or off again has me on edge and very hard for the next 2.5 hours. The rollercoaster is heavenly I do even drift off to sleep or at least at one point it felt as if I was just floating. If someone was to have come and found me or saw me – I am sure I was some sight for them. (no one did – I have cameras in my yard. I checked after)

I lost all track of time and space. At some point my alarm goes off in my ears and I know it is all over. Well this part of my bondage session. I still have needs to fill you know. Myself master still has to allow me to cum at some point today. But that is for another part.

I hope you like what I have written for my first attempt at sharing one of my sessions. I hope to get some feedback and if so I will continue with the happenings of the day.

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