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A Little Garden Time

by Missy Manara

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© Copyright 2016 - Missy Manara - Used by permission

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I have enjoyed self-bondage for such a long time. I try to be as creative as I can without putting myself into a position I don’t want to be in. I do have anxiety so it gets scary sometimes. We bought a new house and had just moved in. I was working from home and have been spending time scouting the new home for ideas. I could see an abundance in my opinion. This is a description of my first SB adventure in my new home.

I started the night before by placing water in my ice lock and placing it in the freezer, such a genius invention. (Time release bondage lock) I also placed my holy trainer chastity device on and handed the key to my wife. She is aware of my kink, will occasionally participate, but for the most part it stays with me. She took the key and disappeared. She teased me a little that night. Right before she turned to go to sleep, she cuddled right up to me, played with my nipples some and said, “Too bad you can’t fuck me right now. It would be nice. Oh well, maybe another night, maybe.” She knows how to do it right!

In the morning, once everyone was gone, I went into the closet and retrieved my bags. I had made some recent purchases and couldn’t wait to try them on.  I started with the new anal trainer plugs I purchased. I have never used this before but wanted to try. I started with the smallest one. I put some lube on it, and I slowly worked it in. Once satisfied it was in, and it felt strange for sure, I grabbed some panties and put them on. I love black, stretchy but tight panties. I followed that with some pantyhose.

I placed my bra on, and the inserts. I bought these a while back, very nice breast forms that were expensive. I love this black bra I inherited from my wife, the trim and detail. I was so excited at this point. I looked around and began to grab other bondage items I would need. I grabbed a padded panty and slid that up followed by a full body spanx slip. A lot to put on but it helps to mold the image I have. I then went back into the closet and chose a leather skirt, one of the longer ones I own. It reaches down to my knees. I slid that on and zipped it up the rear.

I looked for the perfect top and found a grey top with ¾ sleeves and a bunched up breast area. I love that top. I was feeling pretty good right about now, very sexy for sure! I went into the bathroom and grabbed my wig and began to apply make-up. I am not great, but I am fairly confident I am close.  Not that I would pass, but perhaps under the perfect storm – I would not get noticed. I totally understand what takes so long to get ready!

I walked out of the restroom beaming with excitement. I thought about which shoes to use and remembered the ones I had just purchased. I opened the box and took them out. By far the highest heels I have ever owned with an amazing arch. I can handle 4” heels (5” with 1” platform, etc.) but these were amazing as I slid them on. Open toe, cross strap with rear buckle patent high heel shoes. The fit was amazing but as I stood I noticed my knees were a little weak. I bent down like a lady and grabbed the rest of my stuff and down the stairs I walked, carefully.

I went into the garage and got my lock from the freezer. If you have never seen these, they are like a metal tube with rings on the end. I walked out the back of the garage into the fresh morning air. What a feeling to be outside. My yard is very long – about 500 feet in total. I also have a creek behind me with a lot of trees so the privacy is unique. I walked to my planned tree and set my bondage items down. I sat on the bench and placed my ankle cuffs on, followed by my wrist cuffs.

I placed my collar on and locked it in place. (The key was in my room) I followed that by some nipple clamps through the ring and put them on. Ouch. I placed the 2” red ball gag into my mouth which I love and buckled it in the rear. I was already tired from standing there in these high heels!

I placed a small, light chain on each end of the bondage lock and swung it over a branch overhead. I placed a lock on my ankle cuffs so my ankles are together, the key being on the bench right next to me. I then reached up to the hanging chain on each side of the branch and placed an open lock through the last ring, and one by one snapped the locks shut through my wrist cuffs. I was now effectively tied, arms hanging overhead locked to a chain that would release when the ice melts. I had planned this accordingly, since it was about 10 and it was going to be about 80, I knew it would not last the two hours it advertises, I guessed 1 hour or so. It was in the shade but you could feel the warmth.

That is where the fun begins; I am tied up with no escape. I don’t even have an emergency plan, per se. I need the ice to melt for the chain to release on each side and drop. I could then unlock my ankles and walk back to my room through the garage to get the keys to my wrists and collar. I was actually very excited and turned on. Darn Chastity device. I was humping the air, enjoying the nipple clamps and moaning into the gag.

I soon realized I should have stuck with shoes I am familiar with, these shoes were killing me! I measured them to be 6.5” with a 1.5” platform. No wonder I couldn’t walk well or stand in them and the heel was a very thin stiletto.  My hands effectively tied overhead, I could move a little, swing back and forth. Mostly would look for signs of someone trespassing or noise.

I was well into about 30 minutes when I heard a gas mower start up. My heart started racing as I don’t  have locks on my gates. My back yard has a second set of gates so you enter the outside gate first, then the inner gate to my rear yard. That means I would hear someone open the outer gate first. I don’t have a gardener and the previous owner didn’t tell me he had one, but since we had just moved in I couldn’t help to think that maybe he did and the guy didn’t know they had moved!

Panic was setting in, my heart was racing and I was wondering how to get out of the jam. I kept looking up at the branch wondering if I could slide the lock and chain all the way down to the end. I wasn’t sure, but decided to try. It would mean stepping onto the grass in my new heels but here I went.

It was a tough go with my ankles locked together, I was moaning and panting. Darn nipple clamps. As I was working towards the end of the branch, the gas mower was turned off and the ice melted through so the lock released, my arms fell to my side. I was ecstatic, I turned back and worked my way to the bench to grab the key to my ankles. Not a fun trip!

I unlocked my ankles and began the journey into the house. The walk was very slow, my feet hurt as did my legs, knees and back. I had to take very slow steps. I made it into the house and went to the front window and could see it was the neighbor’s gardener. After a sigh of relief, I worked my way up the stairs. I sat down for a moment and changed out my shoes to some ankle boots that had a 5” heel with a 1” platform. I stood back up and felt such a relief on my feet! I took off all of my bondage items and put it all back. I decided to stay dressed the rest of the day and get some work done. I love the days I can work from home. Can’t wait for my next adventure.

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