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Living Art

by Soloist

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© Copyright 2002 - Soloist - Used by permission

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Living Art
by Soloist

One thing about beach cities, you can get away with a lot.  Living Art and Performing Art are common.  This led to a really wild plan on my part.  The idea was born when I found access to the roof of a four story office building overlooking one of the business streets.

One weekday morning before daylight I erected a St. Andrews cross at the edge of the roof at the side facing the street.  I also hung a banner over the edge of the roof.  I put a padlock on the roof door to discourage the curious from coming up for a closer look at what I was about to do or to play touchy-feely.  Maybe accessibility would be an idea for another time. 

As the sky began to lighten, I stripped, placed a cloth sack over my head, stepped up on the parapet and clicked my ankle cuffs into the snap hooks on the legs of the cross.  Reaching up, I padlocked my wrist cuffs to the eyebolts on the upper arms of the cross. I was now stretched, but not uncomfortable, on the cross.  The key to the locks was held on the windup key of an alarm clock fastened on the back side of one upper arm of the cross.  At the appointed time, the key on a string would drop to within reach of a my hand.  Until then, I was fixed to the cross.

As it became lighter, my little show opened. I was on the cross, naked and exposed to public view over one of the busiest streets in town!

The banner at my feet said:

Suffering for the Needy

The bag over my head had eye holes so I would not miss a thing and a painted howling mouth to show the suffering.  The idea of course was to fend off the cops.  I wanted to pass as a living art show.  To add to the effect I had placed a collection box on the sidewalk below me with a sign reading "For the model.  He was placed here by the Society to Remember the Poor".

With the light, pedestrians began to notice me.  Foot traffic increased as businesses opened and tourists started looking for breakfast and the beachy shops.  Right across the street from my position were several sidewalk cafés.  The morning trade was getting a little extra with their eggs this morning.

People were stopping to look, stare, or ogle depending on their outlook.  Most smiled, some shook their heads, a few got binoculars to better check the suffering model.  And this model was beginning to suffer from being forced to stand in one position.  This lead to shifting of weight that furthered the appearance of suffering for the audience as my apparently suspended body moved about.

The sea breeze caressed my body with my balls and nipples being most sensitive.  The effect of the breeze on my body was to give me the sensation that the eyes moving over my body were actually touching and stroking me.  This was extremely exciting and I found myself presenting my viewers with a huge erection for their examination.  The ones with the binoculars were really enjoying the show.  And so was I enjoying myself. 

All I wanted to do was grab my cock and not being even able to even touch myself anywhere was extremely frustrating. 
But I could only maintain an erection for so long, and as the wind lessened, lost it but not the now aching desire. The crowd apparently accepted my hard on as a natural accident and not part of the show or a lewd act. 

They just assumed, correctly, that I was stuck and, incorrectly, that whoever was supposed to be watching out for me was goofing off. And as the morning progressed and the wind increased or decreased, I got and lost more unsatisfied erections. 
Finally, every time my cock rose up, I heard a cheer from below as though I had a flag on the end of it.  The audience thought my supposed discomfort was funny.  I thought it was wonderful.

Needless to say, I found being exposed and on display like this extremely arousing, exciting, and frustrating. In other words wonderful.  Several times I heard the roof door rattle and really came close to freaking out.

I had no idea how long I had been in position or what time it was. It must have been about midmorning when the wind came up stronger than before.  As the cool breeze stroked my super sensitive skin, I felt like I was going to cum. The thought of cumming like this really got me turned on. I found myself moving my hips to swing my cock side to side, up and down to get the maximum sensation possible under the circumstances. 

Then to my surprise, I actually did cum and shot a load over the edge of roof.  My first feeling was that of more frustration. 
It was a weak orgasm, nothing like the monster I was aching for and would have had if I could have gotten a hand on my cock. My second thought was about the people below me. They were going to be pissed!  And I panicked and fought my restraints but there was no way I could get away. But fortunately the people right below me could not see what had happened above them.  If anyone got hit, they probably thought a bird had nailed them.

Now though, I was ready to quit and go home, but of course there was no way.  I had set the clock's alarm for 2:00 PM. 
When I planned this adventure, I wanted to be sure that I would have to continue the show through the busy lunch hour for 
maximum exposure.  So I remained on display in all my glory. 

After a while, the rising wind moving over my skin started arousing me to erections again.  Then it became apparent that 
the lunch hour had started.  I had been In position for over six hours by this time and was shifting and moving quite a bit in the 
effort to ease my aching muscles.  The crowd seemed to enjoy this, either because I was suffering or because they thought I was doing a strange dance.  Some even clapped in time, apparently to give me a beat to work to.

Finally the lunch crowd began to thin out and I knew I was in the home stretch.  As I thought about the orgasm I planned to have when I got away, I really got a hard on, massive and continuous. This seemed to please the people below as they showed by their hoots and various gestures.

At last the alarm went off and the key dropped to my hand. I released myself as fast as I could with my stiff joints, after all I 
had been up there for over eight hours. When I finally got free I laid the cross down on the roof, grabbed my clothes and fled down the stairs and out the back of the building. 

I walked around the buiding, picked up the collection box while moving at a fast pace and got out of there.  When I finally got home, I whacked of for one of the great orgasms of all times. Then I started making plans for future live art performances. 

You see, when I checked the collection box, I found $129.72 in it.


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