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The Long Wait For The Keys

by Lord Zhamet

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© Copyright 2003 - Lord Zhamet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; latex; con; X

The Long Wait For The Keys.
by Lord Zhamet
The Long Wait For The Keys by Lord Zhamet
First let me introduce my self. I'm a 30-year-old bi-sexual male from Sweden with a long interest in Self-Bondage and latex. In the BDSM community I classify myself as a Switch. This is my first attempt on writing a story, so please don't be too hard in your judgment. Any comments can be sent to [email protected]

This story is written in third person, but it describes a scenario that I have actually performed so it is a true story.

The Long Wait For The Keys.
Story code: sbm, latex, x

The session had been planed for a long time and finally the day had come. This was the first time in three weeks he had a full weekend off, so now it was time. He started by locking down the house and turn all the lights out so that it would look like there was no one at home. Then he went down into the basement and took out all the equipment that he would need for the session and arranged them on a table. After that he went back upstairs and into his bedroom. There he striped naked and put his clothes in the laundry bin, they where not going to be used for the rest of the night anyway. He returned to the basement and stopped a while just looking at the equipment arranged on the table. Everything he needed was there, time to get the show on the road.

He started by putting on the thigh-high red latex stockings, followed by a garter belt to make sure they stayed up during the whole session. Then the picked up the red latex t-shirt and pulled it over his head. It took a bit off maneuvering to get the t-shirt perfectly in place, but after a minute it was on. Next came the latex pants with the inflatable butt plug. He put some lube on the plug and pulled the pants up his legs. 

When it came just below his hip he paused and took a deep breath, "here we go" he thought to him self and inserted the plug. Quickly he pulled the pants over his hip and gave the pump a few squeezes to make sure the plug stayed in. Now he reached to the table and got the bondage belt, a padlock and a length of cotton rope. He put the belt on and locked it in front with the padlock, a d-ring on each side and one in the middle of his back. Now the rope.

He measured up the middle of the rope and threaded it thru the d-ring at his back. Then he pulled both ends between his legs, making sure the ends vas on opposite sides of the plug, pushing it in even deeper. Then he twisted the rope so that it would not slip away from the plug, the purpose of the rope was after all to keep the plug in place. He brought the ends up his front and tied them of at the belt d-rings positioned at his sides. Now the plug had no chance of slipping out until he untied the rope.

Next item was the opens face red latex mask that he had received by mail just a week ago. After getting the mask in perfect position he put a slave collar around his neck to give the session that little bit of extra feeling. Time for the last piece of clothing, the shoulder length red latex gloves. After the gloves was in place he went back upstairs. He proceded into the kitchen where he got the stocking with the four ice cubes in from the freezer. Hi didn't want the ice to melt to quickly, that's why he didn't get the ice until now when he was already dressed in the latex. It had taken almost 40 minutes to get all the clothes on and he wanted as much time as possible tied up. On his way back to the basement he caught a glimpse of himself in the hallway mirror, fully enclosed in red latex and wearing a slave collar. The sight got him exited and he hurried back down stairs into the basement.

He started the final preparations.
First he threaded a steel ring over the stocking with the ice cubes. Attached to the ring was two thin nylon ropes. At the end of the shorter rope was a set of keys, the keys that would bring him back to freedom. In the center of the basement room there was three ringbolts attached to the ceiling. He tied the stocking to the middle ring with a short piece or nylon rope, and then tied the longer of the ropes from the steel ring to the left ringbolt. When the ice melted the length of both rope attached to the steel ring would allow the keys to precisely hit the floor. Next he tied another piece of nylon rope the remaining ringbolt. This rope had a tightening ring-device at the middle and a snap hook at the other end. Now he put a thin pvc-coverd pillow on the floor, directly below the ringbolts in the ceiling.

He brought the remaining equipment from the table and placed it beside the pillow. First he put on leather ankle cuffs and aligned the d-rings so they where over his heels. Then he knelt down on the pillow and picked up two lengths of cotton rope. He pulled one of the ropes thru the ring on the left wrist cuff and thru the bondage belt ring that was at his left side. After making a few loops he tightened the rope and tied it of at the belt. Then he repeated the procedure on his right side. He was now secured in a kneeling position on the pillow.

Next he used a second padlock to lock a pair of steel handcuffs to the belt ring at his back. He picked up the inflatable red latex blindfold and aligned it over his eyes, and then he pulled it up a bit so he still could see. Then he picked up the ball gag trainer and inserted the ball into his mouth. He tightened the neck and chin straps as hard as he dared, but didn't tighten the strap running over his head just yet. Now he reached up and took the snap hook connected to the rope with the ring-device. He connected the hook to the d-ring on the trainer's head strap. Now the nipple clamps.

Carefully he caressed his nipples thru the t-shirt until they got hard. Then he attached the nipple clamps and finished of by putting a few snap hooks on the chain that connected the clamps as weight. He pulled the pump to the butt plug between his legs so it was positioned in front of him, out of reach once he locked his hands behind his back. He picked up a rather long stick, measured to just long enough to reach the light switch. After a few try's he managed to flip the switch and the room went totally dark. He thru away the stick and took a deep breath. Then he pulled down the blindfold and pumped it up until the pressure was enough to prevent him from opening his eyes. He then tightened the ball gag trainers head strap as much as he could, thus incerasing the preasure from the bindfold. Now he reached up and found the ring device pull cord.

Pulling the cord he shortened the rope that went from the ceiling to the trainers head strap, forcing him into a straight upright position and increasing the tightness of the trainer. He put his hands behind his back and locked his left hand into the steel handcuffs, making sure the keyhole was pointed towards his palm so he could reach it. They he placed the remaining cuff in his left hand and put his right hand on the pump to the butt plug.
"Now or never" he thought to him self, taking a few deep breaths to calm himself, " the point of no return".
He quickly began pumping up the plug until it almost started to hurt. Yet again he paused to calm himself down, and to let the feeling from the plug settle. When the feel settled he gave the pump five more hard squeezes and quickly brought his hand behind his back and locked it into the remaining handcuff. CLICK, he was now stuck, bound by his own hand until the ice had melted and released the keys to his freedom.

His first reaction was that of slight panic, "what if I can't get out?"

He started to pull on his bonds but he was to well tied, he was stuck. Also the pvc cover on the pillow made it rather slippery, so he was sliding slightly. He calmed down and accepted his fate, to remain bound for an unknown time. He settled in and started to wait for the key to drop, and quickly got bored. But then one of the human's best things happened, his imagination kicked in. He started to fantasize that he was a slave, owned by a brutal Master that had become unpleased with him and this was his punishment. He was to be tied like this until his Master decided otherwise. He began to try and beg his imaginary Master of forgiveness, but the only thing coming from behind the tight gag was a mumbled "mmmppppphh".

Then his fantasy shifted. Now he had been kidnapped by unknown men and women. They had tied him up and were going to sell him as a sex slave to some rich perverted Arab sheik. He began struggling, trying to get free before the sheik came to collect him. Again he started to slide on the pvc-covered pillow, so he quickly stopped the struggling. Along those paths his fantasy's traveled, and by know he had a raging hard on. But with his hand secured to the belt behind his back there was no way he could reach his throbbing manhood. Suddenly a loud "thump" behind him got his attention.

Thru his excitement and fantasy's it took him a few seconds to realize what it was, the key had fallen to the floor. With hands trembling with excitement he felt behind himself for the rope that held the keys. It took him awhile because all the struggling had made him slip to the front of the pillow and the key was at the back. Finally he got the keys into his hand, now he must find the right one. There were several keys and only one fit the handcuffs. The trembling of his hands and the limited feel thru the latex glows caused it to take several minutes before he found the right key and was able to unlock the handcuffs.

With his hands now free he reach in front and began caressing his hard on thru the pants wit one had, the other hand started to pump up the butt plug even more. It didn't tale more then 20 second before he had a huge orgasm. Almost exhausted he deflated the butt plug and began removing his bonds. When he was free from his bonds he laid down on his back on the pillow, still dressed in the latex clothing. He started to caress his sore nipples thru the t-shirt and rubbing his cock thru the pants. Soon he was hard again and he started to pump up the butt plug. When the plug was starting to hurt he left it and returned to caressing his nipples.

Again his fantasy kicked in. This was his reward for being a good slave. It didn't take long before he came again. Laying on his back in the dark room, exhausted from the session he thought to him self: "This I definitely have to do again"

The End.



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