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The Long Weekend

by TechTroll

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I have been in to self-bondage for some time now and have acquired an impressive array of toys for my games. I live out in the middle of nowhere in a three-bedroom house on a huge lot of land. The house was left to me when a distant uncle had passed away. The only draw back to living in the country was the long commute to work each day.

A three-day weekend finally rolled around giving me the perfect chance to have a little game time. I got home from work around 7 P.M. on Friday so planed to start having fun first thing in the morning. After dinner, I started my preparations for the next day.  I planed on using the tried and true method of release, the old frozen keys in the block of ice plan. I started by suspending my keys in the middle of a five-gallon bucket using a paint stir stick and some string. I then filled the bucket with water and placed it in the freezer. In the past, I had tested this method of release and found it kept me secured for just the right amount of time.

After going through my toys and placing the rest of the items I would need for tomorrow on the dresser I decided to give myself an enema. One of the toys I planed to use for tomorrow was an inflatable butt plug. In the past I have found that this can be quite messy on removal if one is not properly cleaned out before hand. I entered the bathroom and filled my two quart enema bottle with a mild soap solution. Instead of the standard nozzle at the end of the hose, I have an inflatable tip so I can leave the enema in for as long as I can stand it. I like to feel a little helpless when I receive my enemas so I retrieved a set of handcuffs from my toy box for a little added fun.

I start by greasing the nozzle with a liberal portion of K.Y jelly and eased it in to my ass. I then attached the hand pump to the nozzle and pumped it up to just a little more then comfortable. I then attached one cuff to my left wrist and knelt on the bathroom floor. Reaching up I released the clamp to start the water flowing and slammed the other cuff close on my right wrist. The nozzle has a one way valve built in so unless I wanted water spraying all over the bathroom I was stuck until the enema bottle had emptied its contents in to my guts.

I don't know how long it took for the bottle to empty but I knelt there for what seemed like hours. At first the water was just uncomfortable giving a slightly full feeling, But as the pressure grew and grew my guts started cramping. After an indeterminate but agonizing time the bottle finally emptied of it's soapy contents. My guts were distended, bloating out in front of me as I pulled the enema hose free of the nozzle buried in my ass. I quickly stepped out of the bathroom and locked the door closed behind me. Now the only way to release myself was to go to the other bathroom at the far end of the house. As I left the bedroom and started down the steps, I was hit with wave after wave of cramps in my bowels. The walk through my house was not that long but it felt like a marathon with the enema churning away in my guts.

I finely reached my second bathroom only stopping twice from the pain. I quickly straddled the toilet and released the nozzles air valve. With one quick yank, I pulled the nozzle from my ass and sat straight down on the toilet. The water shot out of my ass in a jet of brown stink. I sat there for a good ten minutes, my guts gurgling out the enema with my hands locked behind my back. My cock was rock hard jetting out in front of me drooling over the edge of the toilet seat. 

I cleaned up as best I could with my hands cuffed and went to free myself. I had left the key to my handcuffs on the dresser in my bedroom. After freeing myself, I unlocked the bathroom door and had a nice long shower. I was tempted to bring myself off but part of the fun is the denial of release. After standing in the shower and letting the hot water loosen my kinked up muscles I started to shave. I like to keep my body hair free from the neck down. So, I started at my toes and worked my way up. From time to time I have considered just getting it all permanently removed but I like the feel of the razor as it glides across my body. One of my fantasies is being in bondage while I am shaved from head to toe. 

I finish shaving and step out of the shower my hard cock swaying out in front of me. As I dry myself off I consider my erection. I don't want to be temped all night with getting off to soon so I dig one of my chastity devices out of my toy box. One of my past girlfriends was a welder and she loved to make me little bondage toys on the side, the chastity device I chose for the rest of the weekend was a steel ball device she liked to use the most. It consisted of a hollow steel ball that was cut in half down the center. It was hinged on the under side and had a locking hasp across the top. Before cutting the ball in half my girlfriend had drilled two holes in it. One hole was designed to fit around the base of my balls and penis locking away all temptation. The second hole was drilled opposite the first to allow for drainage of waste fluids. The ball was made just large enough to accept my balls and penis when soft. I have worn this device in relative comfort for up to a week but even a slight erection can cause some discomfort.

With my cock at full mast as it were, there was no way I was going to get the chastity ball on so I went down to the kitchen and got a few ice cubes. With the ice cubes in a glass, I went back up stairs to my bedroom and laid out on the bed. Rubbing the ice over my cock and balls was a special torment all its own but after a few minutes I was able to cram everything in to the chastity ball and lock it closed. All of the keys to my locks are now slowly freezing in a large block of ice. Being a true self-bondage enthusiast I do have a back up set of keys in the bottom of a five-gallon bucket filed with used motor oil located in the hall closet. I all so have an email set up so that if I fail to cancel it, on Tuesday it will be delivered to a friend at work with instructions for her to come over and release me.

With my preparations complete I lay back and go to sleep with thoughts of bondage dancing in my head.


The next morning I awaken in discomfort with the need to urinate. My shaft is straining in its confinement putting pressure on my balls and causing a dull throbbing pain. I enter the main bathroom and the chastity ball forces me to squat like a woman to urinate. This is all part of my self-humiliation for the weekend. After some time of concentration I am able to relieve myself and to clean up. I do not eat breakfast nor do I have any thing to drink. I plan on being in bondage for a lengthy period of time and don't want any accidents to happen. I start by gathering all of my equipment together and moving to the downstairs bedroom that I've set up as a bondage playroom. 

The room has a bare sloping concrete floor with a large drain in the center. The walls and ceiling are made of a solid but fake stone tile giving the elusion of an under ground dungeon. Numerous large rings have been anchored through out the room to provide for various positions in my bondage games. I all so have several pieces of the standard dungeon furniture placed in the room that include a padded saw horse, a set of stocks, a suspension rack and a bondage chair. On each of the walls are several full-length mirrors so that I can see my struggles when I am confined. 

For today I plan on being chained spread eagle in the middle of the room. I start by applying a liberal dusting of talcum powder over my body as I plan on wearing some latex articles of clothing. First is a black latex corset with formed large 44DD breast with four garter straps on each side at the bottom. Second comes a pair of six inch black spiked heels with attached latex stockings. The stockings are attached to the garter straps of the corset to hold them in place. Next a set of black latex opera length gloves is rolled on to each arm. After the gloves comes a latex hood with a built in ball gag and locking posture collar that straps in place. Lastly I insert my inflatable butt plug. I inflate the plug up to a little more then uncomfortable and remove the pump. 

I walk through the house to the freezer and retrieve the block of ice that contains the keys for my release. I then return to my bondage playroom, the butt plug churning away in my ass the entire time. As I walk back in to the room I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The high heels and butt plug force me to walk with my ass sticking out and my back arched. My latex breast are jutting out and swaying as I move across the room. As I pause to take in the effect and my cock starts to strain in its confinement adding to the discomfort. I continue to the center of the room, remove the block of ice from its bucket and attach it to a chain hanging from the ceiling for just this reason. When I have finished binding myself the block of ice will hang just in reach of my right hand. Even though the keys are in reach I won’t be able to use them until the ice melts.

With my preparations in place, I start connecting the cuffs and chains that I will use for my bondage. I start at my ankles strapping each in to a two-inch leather cuff that is connected to rings in the floor by a one-foot length of chain. The cuffs force my legs apart a good two feet but still allow some movement. Next a chain is attached to each side of my corset and runs to the opposite wall of my playroom. Then I padlock on a set of specially designed two-inch leather wrist cuffs. 

Each wrist cuff has a two-inch long, one inch round steel rod attached to the middle that will insert in to the ends of a three-foot spreader bar. The spreader bar is hanging just above my head and has a set of powerful electromagnets built in to each end just for the cuffs. The chain that connects to the spreader bar to the ceiling all so has the power cable for the electromagnets running through it to my fire alarm system. In an emergency the power is cut releasing me from the bar.

Taking one last look around I slide the rods in to the ends of the spreader bar. I am now held securely in place. I struggle to test my bonds but with no effect other then to rattle my confining chains. I gaze at myself in the mirror on the opposite wall. My huge latex breasts swinging free as my chest heaves from my exertions. The steel chastity ball bobs up and down in time to my throbbing erection encased with in. Shiny black latex covers me from head to toe. With the placement of mirrors I can see my ass sticking out behind me, the inflated butt plug buried deep with in. 

I hang there for what seams like hours waiting for the ice to melt so that I can set myself free. After a time the little discomforts start to grow into agonizing pain. My calves and thighs start to cramp, causing me to move around. My ass starts to throb and ache from its insistent violator. The muscles in my jaw start to cramp around the gag filling my mouth and I slowly start to drift into a dream like state. Little noises that you dismiss most of the time start to build in my mind adding to the dream. 

I can hear my Mistress wandering through my house as she completely ignores her slave's distress. I hang there fantasizing about what my Mistress will do to me next, when I am shocked back to reality. As I normally do when I play one of my self-bondage games, I had left the door to my playroom open, In case of an emergency. As I hung there in my bondage fantasy I could have sworn that I saw someone move past the doorway. I hang there breathing deeply in my shock. I glance at the block of ice to see that only about half of it had melted. I listen intently and think I really can hear some one moving around in my house. Just when I have convinced myself that my imagination is just running wild I see a young girl walk into the doorway and gasp.

She jumps out of the doorway but is back with another girl in a moment. Both girls are in their early teens, wearing running shoes, shorts and tee shirts. The first girl I saw is tall and blond with small breasts. The second girl is a shorter brunette and has a fuller bosom then the first. They stare at me for some moments whispering back and forth before they move closer to get a better look.

They make several trips around me rubbing there hands over my latex encased body. One of the girls grabs the protruding end of the butt plug and gives it a yank. My aching ass spasms in pain drawing an involuntary gasp. The brunet gives a short giggle and slaps me on the ass. As they move around in front the blond girl squats down between my legs to get a better look at my chastity ball. Her face is inches from the bobbing steel ball as she tilts her head from side to side examining it.


The blond reaches out with both hands and holds my chastity ball as if it were some kind of magical thing. I can feel the warmth of her hands through the steel sphere. My cock stirs in its confinement increasing the pressure on my balls. The pain is exquisite and has my cock redoubling its efforts to escape its confinement. I tilt my head back and moan softly in to my gag in sheer bliss.

The blond releases my chastity ball and moves back to the brunette. As they stand there watching me, the blonde’s hands move to the brunette’s ample breast and start to rub them through the thin t-shirt. They turn and embrace each other as I stand in silent witness. Their hands begin to wander over each other's bodies. Their lips lock in a fever of passion. The brunettes head moves to the blonde's t-shirt encased breast and lightly bites the nipple through the thin fabric. A moan of lust escapes from the blonde's lips.

They stay engrossed in each other for some time. I can hear their breathing quicken as both girls become more and more aroused. I stand trapped by my own devices as every mans wet dream comes true in front of me. The scene unfolding in front of me is driving me wild with lust. The pain from the plug filling my ass and my trapped pulsing sex add to my arousal. I rattle my chains to draw their attention back to my bound predicament.

They both look in my direction and as our eyes meet I pointedly look over to the melting block of ice in the hopes that one of the two girls will understand my silent plea. The blond seems to catch on as she looks from me to the block of ice and back. At first I think my pleas go unanswered as she bends her head back down to the brunette and they go back to their love play but I can just hear a whispered conversation in between their panted breaths.

The two girls suddenly break their embrace and move towards me. The blond reaches up and pulls down the half melted block of ice that holds the keys to my release and leaves the room. The brunette moulds herself to my confined body. One hand reaches behind me to the plug buried in my stretched ass. Her head moves to one of my fake latex breasts and as her tongue rings the nipple she starts to shove the inflated plug back and forth in my ass.

My gag stifles my cry of pain as the brunette grins in to my pain filled eyes. With sharp forceful jerks and thrusts she continues pummelling my ass. With each thrust the brunette grinds her sex on to my chastity ball. My eyes fill with tears and run down my latex mask. A broad smile spreads on the brunettes face as she rises on to her toes and licks the tear from my mask. Through all the pain and my cock's confinement, I can feel myself building to an orgasm. I can feel my cum filled balls churn painfully in their confinement as she continues to fuck my ass and grind her sex against my imprisoned chastity ball. Tears are running freely down my mask as I near my orgasm, and as I am about to explode in to my chastity ball the blond walks back in and the brunette steps away from me to join her.

I hang in my chains thrusting the air trying to bring myself over the edge to no avail. I stare at the brunette as she rubs her crotch through the damp fabric of her shorts with her right hand and pinches her nipple with the left grinning evilly at their new toy. As the blond comes in to view my eyes snap wide open. In the time she was away she has changed clothes. She walks in to view wearing black seamed stockings, matching stiletto pumps and garter belt. Her pussy is shaved bare and her hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail. Her small pert breast jet out with hard pointed nipples erect from arousal. The two girls kiss and hold a quick whispered conversation. Then the brunette pointedly looks me in the eye and licks her lips in anticipation. She starts to leave but gives me a parting slap on the ass as she moves around me to the door.

The blond watches the other girl leave and her head drifts to her glistening sex. Her eyes shift to mine as she stands there rubbing her fingers through the lips of her pussy. I can smell both girls arousal in the air which adds to my own confined lust. The blond stands there pointedly putting on a show for her confined witness. As my thoughts drift I notice I am still humping the air in some vain attempt to gain my own sexual release. For sometime the scene continues as I occasionally hump the air and the blond stands in front of me bringing herself closer and closer to orgasm. Her hand starts to rub her clit more and more urgently. But as she comes to the point of release the brunette comes back in to the room and the blond stops her manipulations to embrace her. As I watch the brunette takes the blonde's drenched fingers and licks them clean. She sucks each finger deep in to her mouth. The obvious implication is not lost on me as I hang in my restraints.

The brunette is now dressed in an exact copy of the blondes’ outfit with the notable exception of a huge black strap on dildo jutting out before her. As the two girls stand in front of me kissing the blondes hand wonders down the brunette's body to the huge shaft and starts to stroke it as if it were real. The brunette starts to slowly fuck the blonde's hand with the fake shaft strapped to her waist.

The brunette places a hand on the blonde's head and pushes her to her knees. As she reaches her knees she takes the fake cock in her mouth and sucks it with gusto. One of the blondes hands moves under the fake shaft to start fondling the brunettes pussy as the other hand rings the shaft just in front of her mouth moving along its length in time with her sucking. The brunette stands there with her hands on the blonde's head as she slowly fucks the girl's mouth. The brunettes large breast sway in time to each thrust of the huge black cock and she starts to grunt from arousal.

My own cock throbs in time to the girls thrust as if I were receiving the blowjob and not the brunette. Again, I start to thrust the air in a vain attempt at release. My thrusts are in time with the brunettes and I swear I can feel the blonde's lips sliding along my imprisoned shaft in some sort of wired sex by proxy. Once more I feel myself building to an orgasm but as with before the girls stop shy of my own release. The brunette reaches down and pulls the blond back to her feet and they both turn to look at there captive witness I start to cry in shear frustration. I have never felt this way before. I am an animal consumed by lust I would do anything for my release. I hang there sobbing in to my gag as the girls smile and gaze in to my tear filed eyes.


I hang there for a few minutes until the blonde moves around behind me and starts to change my bindings. Unlocking my left wrist she forces my arm behind my back and locks it to my corset. As she repeats the process with my right wrist, the brunette moves in front of me and grabs me by the shoulders to steady me. After my both wrist are locked to my corset at the small of my back the two girls release the rest of my bonds. The two girls move me over to one of my favourite pieces of bondage furniture, a medical table complete with stirrups for examinations.
Helping me up on the table the two girls proceed to lock me in a sitting spread eagle position with my ass hanging over the edge and my legs locked in to the stirrups. I try to resist but the two girls are too fast and too strong for me. After locking me to the table they proceed to remove my corset but leave my stockings and shoes on. I watch as they move down between my spread legs and remove my chastity ball. Immediately my cock springs to life drooling pre-cum down my shaft. The blond leaves the room for a moment as the brunette reaches out and gives my throbbing cock a few quick pumps. I am so turned on that my hips thrusts up uncontrollably as I try to fuck her hand to orgasm.
As I near release, the brunette steps back and watches me as I sit there fucking the air in a vain attempt at release.  The blond returns with a wet washcloth and proceeds to clean my throbbing cock. I shudder as the cold wet washcloth comes in to contact with my cock and balls. I scream in to my gag as the cold cloth is used to clean off my excess fluids. As the blond finishes, I look down to my shrivelled cock wondering what these two young girls have in mind for me next.
As the blond leaves to dispose of the used washcloth, I follow her with my eyes, so when the brunette covers my eyes with a blindfold it comes as a complete surprise. I shake my head to try to remove the blindfold with no luck. Resigned I sit in the dark for some time when I am shocked by one of the girls touching my cock. I am confused by what I feel, something metal is being applied to my cock. I can hear some kind of tools being used but I am totally mystified by the sounds and feelings I am receiving. It takes some time for the girls to finish with their project when the blindfold is finely removed.
I look down between my legs and see that some sort of metal tube so now covering my cock. Using a hand mirror the brunette shows me their creation. A metal band is now encircling my balls and is connected to a band at the base of my cock and balls. Both bands are pop riveted in place and will need some tools to remove. The metal tube covering my cock is curved and locked to the band at the base of my cock and balls. With the tube in place there is no way for me to get an erection. As my cock stirs in its confinement, I feel something sharp pressing in to the head of my cock. As near as I can tell there is some kind of studs at the end of the metal tube to prevent me from having an erection.
As my erection grows the studs press painfully into the head of my cock and I squirm in discomfort. The two girls stand to one side watching my reactions to their work of art. As I try to concentrate on not getting an erection, this only causes my erection to grow more. The pain from the studs acutely heightens the feeling in my cock. As my erection finely starts to subside, the two girls move to either side of me and start to rub their hands up and down my body.
Once more my cock starts to stir to life as the girls lean down to lick and suck on my nipples. The head of my cock feels like it is getting ground to hamburger from the studs in the metal tube. They tease me for some time as I am locked on to the table under the two girls constant teasing. After some time of the constant pain and pleasure, the two girls finely get bored with their new toy and to my surprise they release me from my confinements. I slowly get off of the table and stand in front of the two girls.
They speak for the first time since finding me in my self bondage. As I stand there with my cock confined and my ass filled the brunette explains that I am now their slave and that if I ever want to have an erection again that I will do anything they tell me. I kneel in front of my to Mistresse’s contemplating my future as they start listing the new rules that I will now be living by.

The end for now.


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