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The Longest Restraint 3: Prisoner in my Own Home

by Matty

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© Copyright 2014 - Matty - Used by permission

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story continues from part two

Part 3: Prisoner in my Own Home

I was woken from my sleep by a knock on the door, laying there I stretched out my arms above me and found myself laying in my bed in one of my satin naughties with the covers draped over me, was I dreaming about the night before? About calling a man I barely knew Master? About being taken so forcefully and loving every second of it? I started to look around for signs and there it was again, that knock on the door. I got up out of my bed and went down the stairs. After opening the door I was pleasantly surprised to see a delivery boy there holding a bunch of flowers.

“Good morning Miss, is this 5 Bridge street?”

“Yes it is”. Was my swift reply while I smiled with glee.

“Sign here please”. And he handed me a clip board with a delivery slip clamped to it. Looking at him briefly he was nothing like my 'Date' last night, that is if I wasn't dreaming it. This guy was barely out of his teens, not much taller than myself, not to mention longer hair, goofy looking teeth and a lot of spots. After I signed the delivery slip I handed the clip board back and took the flowers bringing them into the front room, looking at the card it said....

'Hello Jesslyn, I hope you had a good night last night, I, for sure, enjoyed every minute of it. I'm sorry that I couldn't have been there when you woke as I had to be in work this morning to get prepared for this evenings new menu. If you want to do last night again you can contact me on the number at the bottom of the card and we'll arrange something that fits both of our time tables. Yours sincerely. Dominic'

My heart leapt and I clutched the card to my breasts. Thank god it wasn't a dream. I took the flowers into the kitchen and added them to the ones that he brought round last night. The flowers were amazing not only were they lilies and my favourite, but I had never seen so many variations before all at once, there were stargazer's, tiara, blackouts and silver charms. They all looked amazing and I wanted to keep them for as long as I could.

I looked at the time and wasn't much past nine in the morning so I did my usual routine, made myself a cup of coffee and sat down with my regular bowl of cereal, but this time instead of sitting down with the same old gloom in my face I was smiling from ear to ear. As I took in my first mouthful I looked over at the dining table and sure enough there were some dirty dishes from last nights dessert and then I looked down at the floor and low and behold, there was my chastity belt, I smiled again with my mouth full of food and continued to finish the bowl.

Once finished I took the bowl out to the kitchen and continued to fill the dishwasher, half way through I had a quick thought, so I stopped what I was doing and ran up to the bedroom. To my surprise everything that was used last night was in a small box all nice, neat and tidy. So I went to it and took out the long chain that I used a couple of nights ago, three of the padlocks and then went to my cupboard and picked up the box on the floor that was labelled 'Steel', opened it up, and began to pick out several of my favourite items.

First there was my collar, hand made from brushed stainless steel which was a one of kind. It was made to fit only my neck and the locking mechanism was fantastic, all I had to do was close it and it was locked, there was virtually no seam. The guy that made it for me said he could do a permanent locking one if I wanted but my work wouldn't really allow that as part of the dress code so I had to go for one that had a key. I also pulled out my wrist and ankle manacles that had a two foot chain between them, again these had the same locking mechanism and the same seamless look to them. I laid these out onto my bed, removed my nightie and looked at myself in the mirror and oh my god what a sight. Even though I was wearing a dress last night there were several rope marks around my body, god I knew the ropes were tight, which I loved so much but I didn't realise that they were that tight.

Looking at the marks I started to gently caress them, each move sent a pleasant shiver around my body knowing that a demigod had created them and then took full advantage of me. Thinking about Dominic made me feel all warm inside and I started to rub my pussy a little as I thought about what he could do if I was permanently his slave, as if the restraints that now lay on the bed were about to be applied by him, wondering if he would've had them made key less.

I went back to my little box of tricks before I got too heated and distracted, and got out my head harness ball gag. This one was much more restrictive than the one that was applied so tight on me last night, not only did the strap go round the back of my head, but there was a small strap that went under my chin to hold my mouth closed over the now 3” silicone ball and a third strap that went over the top of my head, but what made this the perfect gag was that all of the straps locked into place. So I picked up 3 more padlocks from the box that was so neatly laid out down by the bed and put the gag next to the rest of the restraints that I placed on the bed.

A few moments passed and I decided that I had everything that I required. So I proceeded to plait my hair into two side plaits so that there was no obstructions to the ball-gags over the head strap and picked it up. Placing the gag firmly against my lips I pulled the strap that went around behind my head and ran it through the buckle on the other. While pulling the strap I opened my mouth as far as I could but the ball only nearly fit, so I gave it a little tug and it made a popping sound as it went passed my teeth filling my mouth completely. There was no way I was spitting this one out in a hurry, even if it wasn't going to be strapped and locked down.

Pulling the strap tightly I could feel my eyes bulge, so I closed the buckle and moved to the strap under my chin, doing exactly the same with that. I could feel that my breathing was a little laboured but I continued and pulled the third and final strap over my head and buckled it as tight as the other two. Now for the padlocks, I threaded one through each of the buckles and closed them, listening for the resonating click that I love so much. I picked up the steel collar and placed it around my neck. Listening, I heard the lock click as I closed it swiftly making me a slave by my own hand and I was soon rubbing the steel. I took a padlock, locked the chain to the ring at the front of my collar and just let it dangle in front of me.

I then took my ankle manacles and locked them in place, finding the end of the chain hanging from my neck, I locked it to the centre link between my ankles. I stood up and sure enough there was plenty of slack available for me to move around. I took my wrist manacles and found the centre link and locked them to the chain just above my waist and then locked that wonderful brushed steel securely around my wrists. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror, there I was, a chained house slave, not even remotely able to make a sound through that massive gag that was well and truly locked in place. I moved with ease around the bedroom and decided to put the keys to all the locks on my bedside table.

I went back downstairs and carried on filling the dishwasher, clearing the table and picking up the chastity belt that was so unceremoniously removed from my body last night. Then I remembered the card that came with the flowers, an idea came over me and soon after, a mischievous grin. I picked up my phone and took a picture of myself in the mirror in the front room. Tapping in Dominic's number I wrote him a small message saying...

“Come over tonight and this is all yours.”

Attaching the picture to it I pressed send and I received a message back instantly from my phone saying that he had received it, all I wanted now was a message back from him, but I know he is busy at work so that might take a while.

I continued with tidying up last nights dishes and took my chastity belt into the kitchen for a good clean before taking it back to the box. With all the house work done by midday I went into the kitchen and instinctively put the kettle on, realising before I made my coffee that I was still firmly gagged, I gave out a little chuckle from behind it and then I heard what I was waiting for, that little jingle that tells me I have text message. Sure enough it was Dominic so I read the text with unrivalled enthusiasm and to my horror there was a knock at the door at exactly the same time.

I can't answer the door like this, god knows who it could be. I thought to myself and stayed perfectly still while I read the text that came through. My eyes widened and I couldn't believe it. I went over to the door and looked through the peep hole and sure enough, as the text message suggested, Dominic was on the other side. I opened the door and came face to face with the man that used my body last night as a means of pleasure.

“Aren't you a sight for sore eyes” Came his first comment, all I could do was to give a little “mmmpfhhh” in reply

“So are you going to let me in or do you want me to move aside so that the whole of the street can see you in all your glory?” Followed shortly by a smile.

I moved behind the door and let him in trying to cover my particulars from the view of the street as I did. Closing the door he turned to face me and I nearly walked right into his chest making me stop completely in my tracks. He looked down at me and grabbed the chain close to my collar and lifted my chin with his other hand. I could feel that warmth running around my body again and could feel my nipples getting harder moved his mouth closer to my ear. I could feel his breath on me as he whispered in my ear.

“It's customary for a slave to kneel in front of her Master when he enters the house.” And with that he let go of the chain. I instinctively lowered my head and slowly knelt in front of him, feeling the power of his gaze I didn't dare move. I thought about what was said last night and how hungrily I took the gag in my mouth, and before hand when I begged him to keep me as his slave.

Keeping my eyes fixed at the floor all I could do was wonder what he was going to do with or to me, he sure knew what he wanted and I knew exactly what I wanted. He grabbed the chain at my collar again and in a stern and unforgiving voice...

“On your feet.” and with that I jumped up as quickly as possible and no sooner had I got to my feet he started walking towards the dinning area practically dragging me behind him and in the spirit of fun I pulled back against the chains. Protesting as much as I could behind the large and self imposed gag. He stopped in his tracks and spun round on his heels, glaring right at me and for the first time I saw a little anger in his expression and with a growl in his voice...

“Keep that up and you'll get a lot more than you bargained for. You're my slave and you'll act accordingly, do you get me”? I looked down at my feet and felt very sheepish and a little fearful which fuelled my desire for this man so much more. Giving the chain a little tug to bring me back out of my thoughts he repeated his question...

“Do you understand me slave”? I nodded quickly and without hesitation wondering now what I was in for. He could very easily do anything while I'm like this, and this gag was most certainly not coming out any time soon without the keys, of which were upstairs with everything else kinky about me.

He pulled me over to the dinning table and bent me over it, giving him full access to my pert arse cheeks and then it came, that same sting of last night but so much more intense. I could feel my behind turn an immediate scarlet pink and the slight tint of red were completely bypassed, and I jumped with the very first hit, screaming with the impact. Shortly there was another on the other side, then a third and a forth, each expertly delivered and as powerful as the one before it. Each blow was followed by a very high pitched squeal into my gag. When he finished he held me bent over. My breathing was heavy and the pain I could feel across my butt was nothing short of excruciating. My master bent down to my ear from behind me and gently brushed my scarlet butt cheeks, I jumped in pain and could feel just how tender and sensitive they were after the onslaught they'd just received.

“Don't ever make me come round and punish you like that again, my senior sous chef nearly saw your picture, he is now doing the shift today with a junior while I'm round here making sure you learn your lesson.”

I heard a familiar noise come from behind me, the sound of a trouser zip being pulled down, I started to turn my head to look round but I was spotted and then all I felt was pain through my arse cheeks and I screamed once again into my gag.

“Turn and face the other way slave” came the order, and by Dominic's tone of voice I wasn't prepared to disobey.

Shortly after returning my head back to the original position I could feel his cock against the parting of my arse and then felt it again on the lips of my pussy. All of a sudden he drove it home and completely into me, and he started to pound deep into me, each time spanking my scarlet cheeks. I tried to lift my body from the table but each time I was pushed back down against it. Not only was I in pain but I was so badly wanting to climax. With each thrust he gave I could feel the length of his cock fill me completely. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down against him, his cock thrusting deep inside me, brushing a little against my arse, which was so tender from the onslaught spanking I received a little while ago.

Soon I could feel he was getting ready to climax as was I. I could feel his cock bulge inside me and his breathing becoming more and more intense and a little laboured. I could feel my climax on the edge and all I wanted to do was to let it go, but I refused to hoping that Dominic would soon give me permission. Finally he came inside me, filling me completely with his juices. Then the unexpected happened, he pulled out of me and gave my arse another viscous spanking. Making my arse scream its own tune while my mouth was doing its own screaming.

Tears were slowly making their way down my face as the pain was so intense and my new Master asked one more question. “Have you learnt your lesson”? My tears starting to flow freely now, I nodded intently with my hands firmly placed on the dinning table to keep me steady on my legs as they were weak from the intense punishment. Dominic moved his hand away from my back and ordered me not to move. I didn't dare disobey and I could hear him move around upstairs. I knew he was in my room.

He soon came down and gently took the padlock that held the straps at the back of my head in place in his hand and unlocked them, lifting me to standing he did the same with my chin strap. He put the locks in his pocket and then started to unbuckle the tight straps, once unbuckled I had to blow hard against the ball in mouth to help get it out. Sure enough it came out with a pop, the tears still flowing down my face I turned to face my Master.

“Please forgive me Sir, I promise that'll never happen again, I am so sorry that I nearly caused you embarrassment.” He gently took hold of the chain at my collar and pulled me a little closer. He raised his hand and I flinched thinking I was going to get a slap across the face. I couldn't have been more wrong. He gently wiped the tears from my cheeks, looked me straight in the eyes and said...

“Apology accepted. Now you know what not to do.” I looked at him, not with the eyes of a slave but I could feel something deeper. This man had gone from a cruel demigod to a gentle giant in a matter of seconds and I knew right there and then he was the one for me. Punishment when it is required and gentle when apologies are made sincerely.

“I'm yours Sir and nobody else's.” And with that he gave the chain a little tug and brought me over to the sofa where he had taken the chastity belt off the night before. He sat down and pulled me over his knee. Thinking the worst again I braced myself only to feel a little sting and then something very cooling on the skin. My Master not only knew how to punish, but also knew how to care for his slave as well.

After he rubbed my cheeks almost back to full health he helped me to sit on the sofa. My chains rattling as I did. I kept silent and Dominic looked me straight in the eye. I was very nervous again and started to fidget a little and he noticed straight away. I shouldn't be nervous taking into consideration of what has transpired over the last thirty-six hours.

“Stop fidgeting, your punishment is over and I hope that you have learnt your lesson”

“Yes sir I have.” I replied as I felt the chain running down from my collar to my wrists.

“I have something to ask you and I want the truth...” I looked at him quizzically. “... Were you being serious when you said that you wanted nothing more than to be kept as a slave”?

My heart jumped with a little excitement and I smiled. “Yes sir I was very serious, that is why I sent you that photo, but I wasn't expecting you to come round so soon.”

He looked me over and my body was still sore from the onslaught on my butt. Dominic grabbed the chain that was connected to my collar and pulled me close then gave me a massive kiss on the lips. Following his lead I could feel his tongue gently caress mine, and we continued to kiss long and hard. As we were finishing I could feel something gently stroke my cheek. When I opened my eyes I could see the same gag that I was wearing moments ago being offered up to my mouth. I looked at Dominic and opened my mouth as wide as it would go.

As Dominic stood he placed the gag against my teeth and pulled the straps round behind my head, pulling the strap through the buckle I could feel the ball being forced back into my mouth, and there it was, 'pop' it went behind my teeth, filling my mouth. I could feel the straps being pulled tight over my head and then I heard the padlocks being clicked into place. Dominic moved out around in front of me and knelt to buckle the chin strap, he pulled it nice and tight forcing my mouth closed over the gag.

It felt fantastic to have someone else gag me instead of doing it myself, I felt the little tug under my chin as the last padlock was locked into place. He grabbed the chain at my ankles and unlocked my manacles, unlocking the centre link as well and freeing up a padlock. I looked at him, curious as to what he was going to do next. Then to my surprise he unlocked the chain from my wrist manacles and removed them completely as well, so now not only were my ankles free to move around as much as I wanted them to but my wrists as well. The collar with the chain hanging from it still remained snug around my neck.

“Don't get to comfortable without your manacles, now stand up and turn around” was the order that came from Dominic.

Not wanting to receive a spanking like the one I had previously, I obeyed swiftly, he grabbed my left wrist from around my side and pulled it behind me, locking one of the manacles in place and then he did the same with my right wrist. I was a little confused as I still had a lot of slack to move and play with. Pulling the chain between my wrists together, making sure that my wrists were close he took one of the padlocks and locked the manacles together, and there it was, my wrists were firmly trapped behind me in steel. I pulled at the manacles, twisting my wrists as I did, trying to get free from them but it was no good. I knew what they were like and I was loving it. He put the ankle manacles over his shoulder.

Dominic moved from behind me and into view, the chain at my collar was hanging between my breasts and I could feel the cold steel against my skin. I looked at him and he suddenly grabbed my breasts with both hands.

“mmmpfhhh, mmmpfhhh” was all I could muster from my gagged mouth. Moaning into the gag I started to buckle at the knees. Then he pinched my nipples and squeezed them tightly between his thumb and fingers, I started to bounce a little with the pain and squealed behind the ball and all of a sudden he let go. The blood rushed back to the tips of my breasts and I started to breathe a little heavier. He grabbed the chain at my collar and gave it a tug, I immediately moved towards him and he led me up the stairs.

Before we got to my bedroom Dominic turned and stopped me in my tracks, “Do you need the toilet slave”? He asked. I was desperate to go to the toilet so I nodded ecclesiastically thinking he would let go of the chain and just let me go by myself (I should be so lucky) he pulled me to the bathroom and ordered me to relieve myself right there in front of him. Looking at him directly I’m sure he saw the look of shock amongst the straps of the gag that contoured my face.

“Do you need to go or not”? Came the response. So I nodded again but a little sheepish in the way that I did.

“Lets go then, I haven't got all day or would you rather piss in your bed?” I shook my head and walked over to the toilet and sat down, bent forward slightly to accommodate the fact that my wrists were bound behind me and I had to gather up the rest of the chain. I looked up at him as I went and the feeling of relief was great but I felt ever so humiliated as he watched me with his arms folded and holding onto the chain that led to my collar. Now came a different challenge, I had to wipe myself somehow, so I stood and turned my back to the paper roll and I was stopped by a tug on my collar.

“STOP” was the order and I didn't dare move. “Come here now, in front of me and spread your legs.” and he pointed to the spot directly in front of him. I did as ordered and spread my legs shoulder width apart. “Don't move.” and as he said it he let the chain go and went behind me, I wanted to turn my head to see what he was doing but I remembered what happened last time I did, so I kept my eyes forward. All of a sudden I felt his hand between my legs and I jumped, then I realised he was wiping me clean, Dominic didn't just give me a quick wipe, he rubbed me a little as well and a warmth started to run up my body and my legs started to shake and at that exact moment he stopped and threw the paper away, flushing the toilet and moving round in front of me. God I was so horny for him right now and I think he knew it. He picked up the chain that was hanging between my breasts and gave it a tug gesturing me on.

We turned out of the bathroom and he led me to my bedroom. Opening the door he pulled me in and I looked at my bed. Looking at me he gestured for me to get on, so I did thinking I was going to get used and abused again, well hoping more like.

“Lay down on your belly Jessi.” He used my name for the first time since last night and it felt a little alien as I was getting used to being called 'slave'. As I did he trailed the chain from my collar to the head board and threaded it through and around he locked the chain there. He moved down to my ankles and locked one manacle around the left one, I looked down towards him and he passed the other through the foot board and around one of the bars bringing the other manacle up to my right ankle and locked that in place. He took a padlock and locked the manacles together completely making me unable to move and vulnerable to anything that he would want to do.

My new master was being very gentle with me for the moment which made me curious. He came round to the edge of the bed and pushed me onto my side while making himself comfortable sitting there with me. He brought his hand up to my cheek and gently gave it a stroke. I closed my eyes at his touch thinking back on how he, quite literally spanked my arse red raw not long ago, and now, the same hands were being so gentle and I was loving every minute of it.

As he pulled his hand away I started to come to my senses and opened my eyes to look at him directly, smiling as best as I could behind the gag I was not prepared for what was coming next.

“I have to go back to work and finish the day as we have a busy evening ahead of us with this new menu. I'll be back here for about eleven tonight. I'll lock all the doors so that your secure and safe.”

And with those words I started to panic a little and started to squirm in the steel that was wrapping my wrists and ankles, realising that I had no idea where the keys were, I started frantically looking around the bed to no avail. I looked back up at Dominic and there they were, swinging from his finger. “Looking for these”? He said. I realised then that I was now a prisoner in my own home, I was no longer the key holder to my freedom. “You said that you wanted to be a kept slave. Now you have your wish.”

I struggled frantically in my chains, protesting as much as I could though my gag knowing full well that it was there to stay and as for the manacles, they were designed so that they could only be opened by the key that came with them as they were that strong a steel grinder couldn't cut through them. I looked back up at Dominic and watched him attach the keys to everything that I was wearing, including my house, to his own. I continued to protest through my gag but all that came out was “mmmpfhhh, mmmpfhhh, mmmpfhhh”

“You know you should really save your strength as you're going to need it.” And with that he pocketed all the keys, turned and walked out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind him. I screamed as loud as I could but all that came out was muffled sounds, then I heard it, the front door was closed and it was official. I was a prisoner in my own home, chained up to my bed by manacles that I no longer had the keys for and a gag that filled my mouth so full that no audible sound could be made, let alone heard.

While I lay there I started to cry a little thinking about if Dominic was coming back tonight, not that I could do anything about it if he didn't and he was right when he said it was what I wanted. Maybe I should be thankful that I was laying on the bed and not the floor, thinking about it now my bondage is quite tame and not uncomfortable, I can move a little to try and get a little more settled. So I lay there with my head against the pillow and on my side to relieve the pressure on my arms, wondering what fate might hold for me now. There was a man out there that I had only known for two days who had all the power to do what he wanted with me and with that thought I closed my eyes and allowed my fantasies to enter my mind while I drifted off to sleep.

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