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Long Time Bound

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2014 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

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The story you are about to read is based, in part, on true events. It is difficult to estimate what percentage is true & how much fabrication, but I would guess somewhere around 70/30 in favour of the truth. I will, however, leave it up to you, the reader, to decide which of the events described below actually occurred & which are simply a product of my vivid, bondage obsessed imagination. A word of caution before you start, however: the elements of the story that seem less plausible are more often than not factual, whilst some of the more mundane stuff may be simply fabricated to make the plot flow smoothly. It’s up to you to decide….


My name is Steve, & the events that are about to unfold happened a long time ago now, when I had just turned twenty years old. Having recently left home & bought myself a small apartment, I now had the freedom to get involved fully in a hobby that, whilst living with my parents, had been almost impossible to indulge in. I’m talking, of course, of my fascination with bondage. Since getting a place of my own, I had acquired two pairs of handcuffs, yards & yards of rope, & many other items associated with restraint. Each night, in the privacy in my one bedroom flat, I would tie myself up, handcuff, gag, blindfold myself, before spending many happy hours in these predicaments of my own making. With my love of tight spandex clothing also coming to the fore (in private only, of course), I was really enjoying my new found independence.

Yet there was something missing. You see, my bondage fantasies extended beyond tying myself up in ever more elaborate & daring fashion. What really turned me on more than anything else, was the sight, or even merely the thought, of women in bondage. Whether it be in magazines, on videos or the internet, nothing thrilled me more than a good looking girl all tied up & helpless; & if she happened to be wearing skin-tight spandex at the same time, then even better. The problem was, finding a woman of my own who would be sympathetic & willing to share my fantasies. What I needed was a girl who was interested in the same things as I was; someone who would both tie me up & allow me to do the same to her. But how did you go about broaching the subject? Most young women, if you told them that you were into ropes & handcuffs, would run a mile. But as time went on, my frustration grew & grew, until finally I resolved to make my obsessions known to a group of girls that I’d known since school. One of them, I hoped, might just be the soul-mate that I was searching for.

In the street where I used to live there was a girl by the name of Nicola. At this time she was eighteen, tall & slim with gorgeous green eyes, & I fancied her like mad. She still lived at home with her parents, & when we had been at school, the shed at the back of their house had been our gang’s meeting room. Her parents didn’t seem to use it, & so we’d laid some old pieces of carpet on the floor, put a curtain up at the small window, & accumulated pieces of old furniture from our parents or anywhere else we could. I call it a shed, but this gives the impression of a wooden structure at the bottom of a garden. This would be misleading, however. The shed in question was a brick construction built at the same time, & as an integral part of, the house. For years we’d utilized this place as a meeting place & den, but now, as we’d left school & drifted apart somewhat, the gang had broken up & dispersed. Once our group had included males & females in roughly equal numbers, but now the guys always had better things to do than sit around in that small brick room all the time. The girls still used the place occasionally, & I, because of my fondness for Nicola - & indeed a couple of the other girls - used to turn up & hang out with them sometimes. Basically, it was now just myself & four young females that utilized the shed; Nicola, Suzanne, Tanya & Carol.

It was one Thursday evening late in October that my frustrations finally boiled over & I decided that I had to get my secret out in the open once & for all. I risked ridicule & making myself a laughing stock, not only to the four young women in question, but to the entire neighbourhood if the gossip started & the word got out. But by this time I simply didn’t care. This was who I was, & if they didn’t like it, then that was their problem. I knew that Nicola’s parents were away on holiday in Spain at that time & wouldn’t be back for almost two weeks. Nicola, therefore was the only current resident of the house.

I can’t remember now exactly how I introduced the handcuffs to the four unsuspecting females as we sat in the shed, as I was a nervous wreck at the time, wondering how they would react. I seem to recall simply placing them on the table & then suggesting that it might be an idea to play a little game. I remember two of the girls, Nicola & Suzanne, picking them up & inspecting them, & I noticed, to my great joy, that Nicola in particular seemed to be fascinated by them for a minute or two. But then the conversation turned to something else, & I felt that I had to try to steer it back in the direction of the cuffs. I recall suddenly blurting out that perhaps one or other of us should put the handcuffs on….. & keep them on for the rest of the evening! Not surprisingly, none of the girls took me up on this offer.

“Okay” I went on “I’ll do it”

Self-consciously, as four pairs of eyes watched in amazement & disbelief, I handed the key to Nicola, told her to keep it safe, then proceeded to lock my right wrist into the first bracelet. Without a pause, I then reached around with both hands behind my back & completed my imprisonment.

For a few seconds there was silence. Then both Carol & Tanya began to giggle & make fun of me. Suzanne had a sly look on her face, which I couldn’t interpret at the time, but made perfect sense a few days later. Nicola, however, said nothing but sat looking at my now helpless form in front of her. I’m sure a slight smile crossed her lips, although this didn’t seem to be born from either malice or mockery. She just seemed interested – indeed spellbound – by a concept that she either hadn’t encountered before, or had never given much thought to. And me? Well I was experiencing a range of emotions from extreme excitement through to acute embarrassment. But I’d done it. My bondage obsession, or at least the first hint or suggestion of it, was now out in the open.

“Keep the keys somewhere safe” I told her “Then let me out in a few hours time”

I watched as Nicola stood up & slipped the key into her hip pocket. She has always been such a beautifully graceful mover & as I watched her reach around in her skin-tight jeans to deposit the key to my freedom close to her skin, I could feel the first stirrings of an erection. I would have loved to have grabbed her there & then, but of course this was now impossible. The things you see when you’re handcuffed!!

For the next hour or so, I took a lot of stick for my predicament, especially from Suzanne, Tanya & Carol. Nicola, on the other hand, seemed quieter than usual; indeed less willing to mock or berate me for putting myself in this situation. Then the girls decided that they were off to the pub for a drink. This, however, started a debate about what to do about me; their initial reaction being that they couldn’t just leave me here.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine”, I assured them, “Just leave me here until you get back. Oh, & by the way, lock the door on your way out”

The girls filed out, still finding the whole situation both amusing & bizarre in the extreme. I could imagine that when they got to the pub they would have a good laugh about how weird I was. Whether they would tell anyone else, I wasn’t certain, & quite frankly it was too late to worry about that now. Nicola was the last to leave, & as she reached the door she turned to me.

“Are you sure this is what you really want?”

I told her it was. She smiled, turned & was gone, closing the door & then, as I’d requested, locking me in. If I’d thought about it in advance I would have asked for the light to be switched off as well, but it didn’t occur to me until it was too late.

I spent three hours or so locked in the shed, my wrists shackled helplessly behind me. It was wonderful. Finally, I heard voices getting closer outside, before a key could be heard turning in the lock & the door to my prison opened. In stepped the girls, all of whom had had slightly too much to drink. Very little else worth relating happened that night however. Suzanne taunted me that they were going to leave me there all night (which I wouldn’t have minded), before Nicola released me from the cuffs. I would loved to have got Nicola on her own to discuss the night’s events, but unfortunately this didn’t quite happen. At around midnight, the girls dispersed & I was soon on my way home with the handcuffs jingling in my pocket. I was pleased with the night’s events, but knew that this was only the first step. There had definitely been a spark of recognition from Nicola that this sort of thing was something that intrigued her & would be willing to pursue; a subject that she would need to investigate further. At least that was my interpretation of her reactions. Or was this merely wishful thinking on my part? There was only one way to find out. In my time in solitary confinement that evening I had begun hatching a plan, & I decided that I would strike while the iron was hot. Phase Two of my mission would begin tomorrow.

The next evening – Friday - the girls were all going out to one of their friend’s houses; a ‘Girly Night In’ I think they called it. I knew from the conversations I’d heard the previous evening that they were all going directly to this friend’s house, so wouldn’t be utilizing Nicola’s shed that night. This suited my plans down to the ground.

As I got dressed for the occasion, I was in a state of high excitement early that Friday evening. I was attired in my favourite black spandex cat-suit. It was actually a woman’s dance cat-suit, with long sleeves, stirruped feet & a zip that did up to the neck at the back. I had intentionally bought the suit one size smaller than I really needed, as this ensured a really tight fit, as I wanted no wrinkles or creases. Over this second skin, I then put on some more mundane, everyday attire; a pair of jeans & a sweat shirt. Together these hid the cat-suit perfectly, so as I walked down the street towards Nicola’s house nobody would suspect what I was wearing underneath. I had with me a large hold-all that contained all my bondage gear.

When she opened the door, Nicola was surprised to see me & even more taken aback when I asked her if I could use her shed this evening. I explained that I had enjoyed being handcuffed & left alone in there last night & I wondered if she minded allowing me to stay there whilst she was out tonight. Her green eyes gave a knowing smile as she consented, & I was by now convinced that the thought of bondage was stirring something in her, & that it wouldn’t be too long before I could persuade her to try the ropes & handcuffs for herself. But that wasn’t going to be tonight. Tonight, was just going to be about me in bondage, & I wasn’t going to be merely handcuffed. I was going to be roped, gagged, blindfolded & hooded as well.

I assumed at first that I might have a problem persuading Nicola to stay & watch as I tied myself up. But as I started towards the shed, I noted with glee that she followed me. Once inside, I switched the light on & drew the curtain across the small window. Although there shouldn’t be anyone around tonight, I really didn’t want to be observed – apart from by Nicola of course.

I began by taking my shirt, trousers & shoes off. I wasn’t wearing any socks, so I was now barefooted, save for the spandex strap under the arch of my foot. Nicola gasped audibly as she saw me in my skin-tight spandex outfit. For some reason, I gave some lame excuse about tight fitting clothes being more practical for bondage sessions, as there were no folds & baggy bits to get in the way. I’m sure she saw through this lie immediately, but she simply nodded & gave that knowing smile that was becoming very familiar by now. Without further ado, I pushed the chairs & table up to one end of the room, so as to allow myself plenty of floor space.

Intentionally avoiding eye contact with my watching hostess, as I was still rather embarrassed by all these revelations about myself that she’d been exposed to in the past twenty four hours, I sat down on the floor, opened my hold-all & took out the items I would need for tonight’s little escapade. Firstly I bound a coil of rope around my spandex-clad ankles, making sure that I cinched it tightly so that I wouldn’t be able to slip my feet free. I then took two more pieces of rope & tied these in similar fashion to the first, one just below my knees & the other just above. All the time, Nicola watched intently, seemingly taking in & - hopefully - memorizing my bondage techniques. This augured well for a later date, I told myself.

With my legs now well & truly bound, I passed the handcuff key to the watching Nicola & gave instructions for what she was to do once I’d completed rendering myself helpless. She was to turn the light out, lock me in the shed & leave me there until she returned from her night out. She looked at me quizzically, as if to say “why are you doing this to yourself” but consented anyway. Quickly now, I took a pair of tights that I kept rolled up in a ball & thrust these into my mouth. Then I picked up a reel of thick adhesive tape & stuck the end over my mouth. I then proceeded to wrap the tape several times around my face & lower head, pressing it down onto my skin as I went along & thus completely sealing the tights inside my mouth. I followed this by binding a scarf over my eyes & tying this tightly at the back of my head, ensuring that this completely covered my eyes. To supplement the gag & blindfold, I now pulled a black spandex hood - which matched my cat-suit - over my head & pulled it down to my neck. Without further ado, I reached around on the floor until I located the handcuffs & wasted no time in shackling my wrists behind my back.

I was now completely trapped. Unable to see, my ability to call for assistance (even if I’d wanted to) severely diminished, & with my limbs now useless to me. I performed a quick demonstration for Nicola, by pulling on my bonds & struggling, to show her how immobilized I actually was. Then, with words muffled by my gag, I informed her that I was ready to be left incarcerated here. She said she hoped I knew what I was doing, & wished me luck. “Enjoy your evening” were her final words as the sound of the light being extinguished was immediately followed by the closure, & then the locking, of the door.

What a wonderful experience being completely bound & helpless is; knowing that your fate rests entirely in someone else’s hands. And when that someone is a beautiful young woman, the thrill is evening more delightful. For the rest of the evening I sat there luxuriating in my bonds, occasionally writhing & wriggling in a mock struggle to free myself, which just served to heighten the realization of how helpless I really was. But mainly, though, I just sat back & allowed my deepest bondage fantasies to run wild.

It was, I later found out, past midnight when the door to my prison opened again; which meant that I’d been tied up for over five & a half hours. The tapping of high heels on concrete became louder, before the turning of the key in the lock & the door slowly creaking open signaled Nicola’s return. For several seconds I heard nothing, & I guessed that she was standing there, watching me. Then, I sensed someone sit down next to me, & I felt the spandex hood being pulled from my head. Fingers gently untied the blindfold & I gazed into the unfamiliar brightness at the smiling Nicola. Peeling the tape away from my face could have been a painful experience if undertaken too quickly, but Nicola had obviously foreseen this & carefully released the adhering strips from my skin. She then helped me ease the rolled up gag out. Only then did she produce the handcuff key & release my wrists. While I untied my own legs, Nicola sat beside me & watched. She asked me if I’d enjoyed my evening, to which I replied in the affirmative. Then she came out with the million dollar question:

“What is it that you get out of all this?”

By ‘this’, I guessed that she meant the whole bondage thing. Although I’d already formulated a response to this question - in expectation & anticipation of her asking it - there’s a huge difference between practicing a speech in your head & actually delivering it. My answer, therefore, came out rambling & disjointed, as I blurted out something about the wonders of helplessness, the thrill of not being in control of your own destiny, & the time it gave you to drift off into your own little fantasy world. Whether she understood any of this I wasn’t sure, but by the end of my monologue I had gathered my thoughts sufficiently to know what my final sentence would be.

“You really ought to try it sometime”

I looked at her sheepishly. She was biting her bottom lip, but she didn’t immediately dismiss the idea out of hand. This gave me the confidence to propose something that I’d been mulling over in my mind all evening. I can’t now remember the exact words I used, but the gist of the plan was that I would return tomorrow morning, tie her up & let her find out for herself how it felt to be bound & helpless. I made it plain that I would do nothing that she wasn’t comfortable with. Timidly, I glanced in her direction. That wonderful half smile was on her face, & the light reflecting in her big green eyes made my heart beat faster. She would never agree to this though, would she? Slowly she got to her feet & smiled down at me.


She headed towards the door. I would have loved to have spent some quality time with her tonight, but I was still in the process of releasing my leg bonds at the time, which meant that I wasn’t in a position to jump to my feet & follow her. By the time I was completely free, Nicola had entered the house & had locked the door, leaving me standing in the darkened back yard, unsure of exactly how things stood between us.

I quickly bundled up all my bondage equipment into the hold-all, put my clothes on over the cat-suit, & walked home. I was intrigued. Nicola hadn’t said ‘yes’ to my proposal, but then again, she hadn’t said ‘no’ either. What did ‘maybe’ mean? I just had to hope that, if I went round to her house in the morning, she would be adventurous enough to indulge in a little bondage scenario that I had been developing in my head tonight. This was to be Phase Three of my plan.

Working on the theory that I could persuade her to go along with what I had in mind, the first thing I did when I got back to my flat that night was to fill a bowl with water, drop the key to the handcuffs in, then put the bowl in the freezer. (I should perhaps explain here that I owned two sets of handcuffs at the time, but as they were identical, the same key fitted the locks on both)

I slept very little that night, wondering whether Saturday would be one of the great days of my life, or a deeply disappointing one. I got up early, put the cat-suit back on & waited until 10 o’clock before venturing back towards Nicola’s place. I was carrying the hold-all with all the ropes & other bondage paraphernalia, plus the bowl that contained the ice-bound key, which I’d removed from the freezer just seconds before I left home. Having experimented with keys in blocks of ice before, I estimated that it would be around four or five hours before this solid mass was willing to give up its prize.

With trembling fingers I rang the doorbell, hoping & praying that Nicola was receptive to my ideas. To my great delight she welcomed me in as if she had been expecting me. This was a good sign. An even better sign was the sight of her legs, which were clad in what appeared to be shiny black spandex leggings. On her top half she wore a baggy sweat shirt.

“So, are you still up for this?” I didn’t like to use the word ‘bondage’, but we both knew what ‘this’ referred to. To my complete delight, the words she uttered were music to my ears.

“I’m willing to give it a go, just to see if it’s as much fun as you say it is”

She led the way out of the back door & into the shed. Once there, I locked the door from the inside & placed the key on a shelf which ran almost the entire length of one wall. The shelf was about six feet above the floor, which meant that anyone with bound hands would be unable to reach up & retrieve anything that was deposited there. I now stripped down to my cat-suit. Today I was wearing a pair of black tights (another of my fetishes) underneath my cat-suit, & I wondered whether Nicola would notice this or not. If she did, however, she failed to comment at this time.

Nicola took this as her cue to pull the sweat shirt off over her head, revealing, to my great excitement, that what I had assumed to be leggings, were actually part of a cat-suit; similar to my own, but with a plunging neckline. She stood in front of me now, the tight fabric accentuating every curve of her lovely body. Her breasts could be seen gently rising & falling beneath the clinging garment, & I sensed a certain nervousness in her demeanour. In a calm voice, I started to explain what I had in mind for both of us this morning. I was to handcuff her hands behind her back, bind her feet & legs, then gag her in the same manner as I had inflicted on myself the previous evening. Then I would gag, tie & handcuff myself in identical fashion. I placed the tub with the ice on the floor & told a slight lie when I informed her that it should melt in two hours or so. I know I shouldn’t have misled her, but I figured that maybe five hours for a new inductee into the world of bondage might be a bit off putting. I was half expecting her to lose her nerve & call a halt to proceedings, but she nodded her understanding & consent to the plans. This was all going better than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams.

I took the first pair of handcuffs from my bag & motioned for her to sit down on the carpet with her back to me. She complied, & without prompting placed her hands behind her back. I had never before tied a woman up, & the thrill as I closed the ratchets down on those wrists of hers sent a shiver of indescribable excitement up my spine. I moved around to face her & began wrapping the first rope around her ankles, reassuring her all the time that she would be alright & that there was nothing to worry about. She winced slight as I pulled the bond tight, but said nothing. With this bond secured, I quickly tied her knees, then turned away for a moment as I felt in the bag for something to gag her with.

When I turned back, I noticed that she was testing the efficiency of the bonds, gently & carefully, as if not quite believing that she really was inescapably trapped. At the sight of the rolled up tights, Nicola willing opened her mouth & allowed me to push these into the cavity beyond her teeth. The sealing of her mouth by wrapping tape around her face & lower head completed her bondage, & I could now concentrate on binding myself up. Within minutes I had my legs bound & my lips sealed. I decided not to use blindfolds today & my reasons for this were twofold. Firstly, I thought keeping a bondage novice in darkness might just be a step too far & cause her to freak out. But more importantly, I wanted to be able to observe those gorgeous green eyes staring at me from above her gag. I hoped that she would also derive some pleasure from being able to see me as well.

I had just completed the handcuffing of my wrists, when I noticed that Nicola was now struggling with a bit more vigour than she had done previously; seemingly having doubts (now that it was too late) as to whether she was doing the right thing. The last thing I needed now was for her to panic & begin screaming or getting hysterical. So to comfort her, I dragged myself to her side & gave muffled assurances that no harm would befall her. Pulling myself over to the side of room, I sat with my back against the wall, then motioned for her to do likewise beside me. This she did, snuggling up close & placing her head on my shoulder in what seemed like an effort to seek comfort in close contact.

Of course, at any time it would have been a reasonably simple task for either of us to have manouevred into a position from which we could have released each other’s leg bonds with our hands if we’d wanted to; or even removed the other’s gag should the need have arisen. I, however, had no intention of tampering with any of Nicola’s restraints until the ice melted, & I would have strenuously resisted her in any way interfering with my bonds. Having the girl I really adored in such close proximity was such a great feeling, & the first stirrings of an erection began to strain against the tight spandex of my suit, although whether she noticed this or not, I wasn’t certain. So far, the day was exceeding my expectations a thousand-fold.

For what must have been two hours or so, we sat together in our bonds; holding the occasional stifled &, at times, incomprehensible conversations, but mostly just lying beside each other in silence. Nicola no longer showed any signs of distress, & I was hoping that she was now at ease in her bonds, or maybe even enjoying the experience. At one point, in fact, she closed her eyes & seemed to doze off for a few minutes. The ice, I noticed at this point, had melted very little; a consequence of both the lack of heat in our prison cell & the volume of the frozen water.

It was then that our uninvited guest turned up.

We had been sitting quietly for some time now, when the sudden sound of footsteps close at hand made me prick up my ears. Nicola must have heard them too, as she sat upright. A second later, the door handle was seen to move, & someone tried, unsuccessfully, to enter the shed. We both froze, neither of us wishing to be discovered here in all our helpless splendour. The wall against which we had our backs was directly opposite the window, & a few seconds later I noticed a silhouetted figure, obscured from view on the other side of the glass by the curtain. At this point, I also noticed for the first time that the curtain was not fully drawn across the pane, leaving a gap of maybe two inches on the left hand side, through which any prying eyes would be able to view the interior of the shed.

It didn’t take our visitor long to figure this out, as a second later a face appeared in the gap. Nicola gasped & gave a ‘mmph’ sound into her gag, as we both realized that the features now staring straight at us belonged to Suzanne. Why she’d turned up now, I had no idea, but it would seem unlikely that she could now miss seeing us in all our bound up glory. The eyes remained fixed upon us for what must have been half a minute, before retracting. Almost immediately, the silhouetted figure disappeared from the curtains. For a minute or two there was silence, & I began to wonder if she’d gone. Maybe, I pondered, the light within the shed was insufficient for her to have made out any details within. Perhaps, therefore, she hadn’t seen us all tied up here. This illusion was shattered almost immediately, as the sound of a key turning in the lock proved to be a prelude to Suzanne’s entry. Of course! I had forgotten that there was a spare key to the shed hidden underneath one of the flowerpots in the garden!

Suzanne walked slowly across the floor, the look on her face giving away the fact that she was both bemused & amused by the scene in front of her. She walked the length of the room, then back again, before halting at our feet.

“Well, well, so this is what you two get up to on a Saturday, is it?”

Nicola tried to respond, but her reply was as incomprehensible to me as it must have been to Suzanne.

“You know something Nic, I realized the other night that he was a bit strange, but I never had you down as a bondage freak. Still, it takes all kinds of people to make a world I suppose”

At this point she noticed my bag of bondage gear in the corner. Pulling it open, she emptied the remaining contents onto the floor.

“Wow, you’re certainly into this in a big way, aren’t you?”

This rhetorical question was obviously addressed to me. I decided not to respond, although Nicola tried to speak again at this point, but whether this was a plea for help with release from her bonds, or an attempt to get Suzanne to leave, was difficult to ascertain. Whatever the intent, Suzanne showed no inclination to comply either way. There were now three unused lengths of rope, amongst other things, lying in a heap on the floor, & Suzanne decided at this point to pick one up & begin to uncoil it. The ropes I’d used to bind our legs were, at around ten feet long, the shortest ones I possessed. This meant that the ones she now had at her disposal were the three longest, at up to twenty five feet each. These, it soon turned out, suited her purpose precisely.

Without warning, Suzanne grabbed Nicola’s ankles & pulled her away from the wall & into the centre of the floor. A scream escaped Nicola’s gag, as she found herself being lifted up by her arms & placed in a kneeling position. Suzanne then turned her attention to me, treating me to the same dragging & lifting process, until she had us kneeling face to face. Nicola tried to shy away, but her so called best friend grabbed her by the hair & pulled her back until she had us kneeling as close to each other as possible. This caused another scream to emanate from Nicola’s mouth, although I doubt whether anyone more than a few yards away would have heard, such was the efficiency of the gag. I was in a dilemma. Part of me wanted to act as Nicola’s protector & keep her safe from this ill treatment. But another part of me found this exciting, as I had guessed by now what it was that Suzanne had planned for us. I therefore decided not to resist. My assumptions were to be soon proved correct.

Finding the middle of the rope, Suzanne threaded this double strand under both of Nicola’s armpits, then brought the rope around & did the same with mine. With our upper torsos now encircled, she passed the ends of the rope through the mid-point loop & pulled this as tightly as she could, before creating reverse tension & proceeding to wrap the rope around up both several more times, each time ensuring that any slack was removed. She then knotted this bond somewhere behind Nicola’s shoulders. Without delay, she took the second piece of rope & wound this around our waists three or four times, on this occasion cinching the ropes between our bodies & securing the knot close to our stomachs; well out of range of our stretching fingers.

Not yet content with her handiwork, she took the final rope & looped this around my handcuffs, then pulled this around our now conjoined bodies & presumably – because I couldn’t see from my position – attached it to Nicola’s shackles as well. This bond, too, was then wound around our now inseparable torsos; with the final securing knot being placed well out of the reach of either of us. I had to admit to myself that I admired Suzanne’s roping & tying techniques. In fact, so expertly did she lash our bodies together that, if I didn’t know better, I’d have said she must have had some practice at this sort of thing before.

The upshot of Suzanne’s handiwork was that we were now lashed together from shoulders to waist, with our hands also now held firmly against our backs. Nicola was in a state of panic now, begging - no, demanding – that Suzanne released us at once, whilst all the time struggling against the latest bonds. I, however, remained calm. I reasoned that antagonizing Suzanne in our current situation was not the best strategy. And anyway, I was quite enjoying this whole experience.

Although the ropes were now all used up, Suzanne hadn’t yet finished. Deftly, she manouevred us down, so that we were lying on the floor, & began sheathing our alright bound legs with the reel of tape that I normally used for gagging purposes. At around two inches wide, this tape adhered to just about any surface & spandex was no exception. Starting at our ankles, she began taping Nicola’s legs to mine. At first Nicola kicked out at her friend-turned-tormentor, but soon Suzanne had our ankles stuck firmly together, & continued winding the tape upwards around our calves, our knees, & onwards up to our thighs. She would probably have kept going higher, but at this point the tape ran out. Trying to pull my legs away from Nicola’s was now impossible, as all four were sealed in a tight cocoon from which there was no way to extricate ourselves.

Suzanne stood over us, presumably admiring her accomplishment. But she still had one final card to play before she was finished. Picking up my spandex hood, she quickly pulled this over Nicola’s protesting head. But now she had a dilemma, as I only possessed one such accessory. This proved no obstacle to her ambitions, however, as she improvised by using a pair of black tights, which I just happened to have in my bag, as a makeshift hood for me. Pulling one leg down over my head, she eased the thin but durable mesh down to my neck. But what was she to do with the other leg? After a second or two’s hesitation, Suzanne had the answer, & I realized now that she was very good at using her initiative. Pulling the spare leg of the tights around the back of my neck, she wound this in a circle around the back of Nicola’s head, before returning it back to the original starting point. Pulling this ligature tight brought our faces into close proximity, as she knotted the toe end of the sheer black material back to the top of the leg.

We must have looked a strange sight, Nicola & I, as we lay on our sides, face to face in the shed. Each attired in tight spandex with our hands cuffed behind our backs, gagged & hooded, our bodies & arms lashed together with rope, while a mass of tape mummified our legs from ankle to thigh. Even our necks were now bound together with a pair of tights.

I was lying on my right hand side, & turning my head as far as the tights would allow, I watched as Suzanne stooped to pick up the ice container from the floor. She must have sensed me watching.

“You won’t be getting your hands on this for a while” she said, assuming that we knew what ‘this’ referred to.

She stood up to her full height & headed towards the door.

“Well Nicola & Steve, I hope you enjoy your afternoon. I think you’ll agree that I’ve done a pretty good job on you both. Don’t worry though, I’ll come back to check that you’re both okay this evening”

And with that she was gone, taking the block of ice, & with it the key to the handcuffs, away with her. Once more, she locked the door behind her.

Nicola was whimpering softly in front of me now. She tried several times to move, but it was hopeless & she knew it. I, on the other hand, found the fact that Nicola’s body & mine were now inseparable a real turn on. Her lovely breasts rubbing against me as she wriggled & writhed to get free caused the start of another erection to rise beneath my cat-suit. This time, with her body so close to mine of course, she couldn’t have failed to notice! I did my best to comfort her, telling her that Suzanne would have to let us out eventually. However, I didn’t want this to be any time soon, as I was enjoying the thrill of being trussed up so intimately closely to the gorgeous Nicola.

The hours past slowly that afternoon, & being October, the daylight faded early & the room soon darkened. With the hoods restricting our sight, we were soon in a world of complete blackness. After her initial bid for freedom, Nicola seemed to sense the futility of exerting herself unnecessarily & calmed down. With our legs sealed to each others, it was impossible for either of us to bend our knees, & moving around the shed was almost impossible. We could, we discovered, with great difficulty, roll over as one so that we could each relieve the pressure on whichever arm we happened to be lying on at the time. For a time we lay on my back, with Nicola on top of me, then tipped ourselves over to the other side when the pressure on my arms became unbearable. Other than this, there was very little incentive to move.

At what I guessed was around 6 pm, the door finally reopened & the dark silhouette of Suzanne could be made out in the doorway. Turning the light on, she came over & knelt down close to where we lay. She made no move to release us, however. In fact, the only adjustments that she made to our bonds were to check that they were still holding firm. Seemingly satisfied that none had come loose, she spoke for the first time since her return.

“I guess that you’ll be wanting to get your hands on this”

I was now lying on my left side, with Nicola on her right, & at the sound of her voice we both turned our heads towards her. Even through the mesh of the black tights, I could see that she held the handcuff key in her hands, now free from its icy prison. After a pause of several seconds, she continued:

“Now I could simply unlock the handcuffs & let you go, but that would be a bit of an anticlimax for you both I should think, seeing as how you seem to enjoy being tied up so much. So I’ll tell you what we’ll do. We’re going to play a little game of hide & seek. I’ll leave the key somewhere on the floor, & you can try to find it”

Once more she paused, seemingly for dramatic effect.

“Oh, I forgot to mention, I’ll be turning the light off again, so it might be tomorrow morning before you have any hope of discovering exactly where I’ve left it”

She laughed harshly, then rose & walked to the door, with Nicola screaming incomprehensible curses & threats at her.

“Oh, & another thing, I’ve got other plans for tomorrow, so I won’t be able to check whether you get out of this successfully or not. I will pop in on Monday morning though, just to make sure you’re not still all tied up & trapped here.”

As she spoke, she switched the light off. She didn’t leave immediately though, as I heard her walk once around our helpless forms in the darkness. I heard a sound of something hitting the floor, & I guessed that this must be the key being deposited on the carpet. It was too faint however, to pinpoint from which direction the sound had come. Before I knew it, I heard the shed door opened then quickly shut once more, with the inevitable sound of the key turning to indicate that we were once more entombed.

So there we lay, hopelessly trapped until the sun rose & gave us enough light to search for the tiny metal object that could be anywhere on the floor. What also had to be factored into the equation, of course, was the fact that we were both hooded, which diminished our sight further, plus the fact that our heads were conjoined with the bound tights, which made turning our heads, if not impossible, then at least rather awkward.

Then was the problem of moving in our bound up state. It would probably take us hours, I guessed, to cover every inch of the floor, which we would almost certainly have to do, as I doubted whether Suzanne had placed the key anywhere that we could get to easily. And another obstacle that I could foresee looming on the horizon was that, even with the key in my hand, now that the handcuffs were entwined in the rope that encircled our bodies, I wasn’t certain that I would be able to twist my hand around sufficiently to insert it into either of the locks. Until I had the key, I couldn’t be certain on this last point, but all tentative attempts to touch the keyholes with my fingertips proved futile.

It was Saturday night now, & if Suzanne was to be believed about not returning until Monday, unless we succeeded in our bid to unlock the cuffs we were stranded here for a very long stretch. Our only comfort was that at least we had each other to cuddle up to for warmth & reassurance.


Now, as I said right at the start, this story is based on events that actually occurred, & I will leave you with two possible outcomes to ponder, one of which is the true ending to this tale. Firstly, Nicola & I could have lain there all night, waiting until there was enough light so that we could see where the key was located, then heaved our bound up forms across the floor & release ourselves from our bonds, before retrieving the door key from the shelf & letting ourselves out of the shed. The second possible ending is that, when the light returned, we spent many a long hour searching every inch of the floor for the key, but all to no avail. We therefore had no alternative but to remain handcuffed, bound, gagged & hooded for the whole day, until Suzanne came back, as she said she would, & released us on the Monday morning - a full forty eight hours after we had initially snapped shut those bracelets of steel around our wrists! It is up to you which scenario you choose to believe. The only clue I will give you is that this really was a VERY LONG weekend.

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