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Loren in Trouble

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2010 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; tease; cage; pet; chast; hum; toys; cons; X

My name is Loren and I am one of those naughty girls that is somehow always in trouble, and I love it. I love being wicked and needing to be disciplined, I love being called naughty, even if it is only in my own head! I love putting my body through my own versions of discipline, and mostly I love the feeling of being totally helpless and obedient and all bound up.

I have been abusing myself for my own pleasure for almost as long as I can remember, and getting off on the excitement that such actions generate. Now I am twenty-three and it is my birthday. I am alone and eager to be punished, all I have to do is decide exactly what self-bondage scenario I want to play out. There are so many to choose from!

Am I a slut that needs roping up and leaving to suffer, fitted with my heavy steel chastity belt, or am I the naughty bitch, the prick teaser being ravished whilst helpless, or even, perhaps, I am the slave secured and whipped and left to die alone in the castle dungeon. These are just some of my depraved lust driven adventures into bondage, all of which I have enjoyed at one time or another, but not today.

Today though I have something new and challenging to face, something exciting in one-way, and soul destroyingly boring in another. Something that will both hurt and at the same time be punitive, whilst getting me off eventually I hope.

Now every good bondage and punishment needs to have a reason of sorts for it to be effective, and my being horny and alone and having a wide variety of equipment, is not on its own good enough! I have to have been naughty if I am to feel the way I want to. So reader you might ask what I have done? Well I am going to tell you, but first something’s you need to understand about me and my situation.

I own my own house; in fact I inherited it from my aunt last year, along with a lot of money! Since then I have been self-sufficient completely, so I do not need to work, but being so well set up also means that I can pretty much afford whatever I like, and for this sex trip I need to go shopping for a few items.

First my crime, my reason for the whole thing, my lust stimulator. Four houses down the road, which as this house is located on the very edge of a village, (four houses is about a mile). Lives an elderly spinster woman and she has a dog, not a big one but some sort of weird hairy short legged yappy thing. I volunteered to walk her dog for her when we met in the Post Office last week, as she has had a fall and sprained her ankle quite badly. I went and collected the animal and then I got lazy, and so I took the dog in my car back home, waited an hour or so and then returned it to her.

I have done this very same thing five times now, and not once has the dog had more than a quick run around my large garden, which I know is all the exercise it really needs, being small, but the point is I have lied to Mrs Rhodes (that’s her name) each time I returned her beloved pet, and I even accepted a drink and some homemade cake from her as well! What a wicked girl I am, Oh how I deserve to be punished and soundly!

Well now, today I will be, this is the start of just that punishment, and I am to be suitably humiliated and bound so that I will no longer feel guilty and next time I take the dog out I will be walking its little legs off that is for sure, or I will just have to return to my bondage captivity and probably for longer than the first (this) time.

I drive away from my home heading to a specialist shop on the outskirts of the next town. When I arrive I park my aunt’s old Mercedes soft top, and get out of the car. I notice two men standing three cars over and they notice me! I am the classics leggy blond with a good figure and a page boy hair cut. I am wearing smart professional looking clothes consisting of a suit in charcoal grey, seamed stockings and a nice white blouse, no bra as my tits aren’t big enough to need one, well, most of the time anyway.

I enter the shop and the smell of straw and hay and animals hits me. I did not look back at the two men as I crossed the car park but I felt their eyes tracking the nice wiggle to my bottom, which I did deliberately put on, just to tease them!

The shop specialises in the sale of everything a person could need to keep pets. I pass glass cases containing snakes or mice, the thought flickers in my mind that if the two ever meet then the shop will loose a lot of its rodent stock, but I am not interested by them.

At the counter I immediately attract the attention of a young ish lad, who seems very keen to serve me. He comes around the counter and asks if he might help.

“That would be so nice of you!” I say putting on my husky sexy rampant whore voice.

He grins and blushes so sweetly, his eyes haven’t moved from my unsupported breasts yet, naughty lecherous boy! I push my tits out a little to give him a clear view of my aroused nipples poking against the material of my blouse. He blushes some more!

“I need a cage, a big strong cage to lock my bitch in!”

I though he was going to ‘come’ in his trousers on the spot, he already has an erection I note!

“Y, Yes Madam!” He stutters. “This way please.”

I follow him around and along a couple of lanes of goods and there in front of us is their full range of cages, he opens the door to a five by five metal and wire affair.

“Could you put it on the floor for me so that I can judge its suitability?”

It obviously not too heavy because he manages to lift it down and then opens the door again.

“I know this might sound odd, but it would be so helpful if you could show me how big it really is?”

He looks a bit confused so I point at the door and say.

“Would you mind terribly crawling inside for me, I just can’t picture my bitch in there!”

The look on his face, I bet this is the first time he has ever been asked to demonstrate a product in quite this way.

With some hesitation he finally makes up his mind and crawls into the cage. I close the door, then ask him to turn around a couple of times! He does and it seems to me that if this lad can do this in it, then I will be able to as well. If only he knew that I am the bitch, and this cage is for me.

I notice that he is looking at my stocking clad legs now! I just love making men all hot and bothered; his erection is coming along just fine I notice, as I bend down to open the cage door and let him out.

I purchased the cage and he carried it out for me, then he brought out the rest of the items I require, and I with a final wave to him and a smile and evil glance down at his hands, which he is using to cover his very aroused manhood, I depart.

That is one young man that will be heading to the loos quite quickly I think to myself with a smile, as I turn out of the car park heading for the next shop, I bet he is already jacking himself off!

I pick up a pre-ordered package from a theatre suppliers, and then it is time to head home and start preparing for my self-bondage punishment. I can’t help but wonder what the men I have teased would think and do to me if they knew exactly what was going through my head as I teased them?

Once back home I reverse my car up to my double garage and using the electric sender I open the right door. I unload all of my purchases and assemble the cage, placing it in the centre of the empty garage. Next I load up the cattle auto feeder I have purchased, with five tins of dog food. I fill from an outside tap the water feeder, and drag out my garden hose which I fit to the tap with a timer on it. This I set first and then turn on the tap being very careful not to look at how frequently it will turn on the water.

The hose I then drag over to a tiny window and feed through. Inside again, I secure a sprinkler rose to the hose end, and hang it above the cage. I place the water feeder through the higher squares of the wire side of the cage, and secure it with plastic grip strips. The tin dispenser (auto cattle feeder) is fitted to the top of the cage and to make it work I have to first cut enough room through the wire so that the open cans will drop at the appointed time, and also tape the device in place securely.

With that done I turn my attention to my prized possession, an electro magnetic padlock. This I hook to a power lead and switch on, the lock snaps shut. I open it again and depress the lock button and hang it by the cage door. I fit a seven day timer between the lock and the power supply and set it for five days! Yes you read that right! Five days, one for every day I did not do what I should have! Once the lock is fitted it will not release for five very long arduous days for me, unless there is a power cut, then it will open as the power goes off, safety first of course.

I close the garage door with my remote and put it in its holder. The Merc I remember. ~So I leave and move the car into the other garage and secure it away. Now I am almost ready, the darkness of early evening has arrived whilst I have been preparing my place of correction.

I collect the package from the theatre suppliers and head for my home. I go all around the place turning off anything that does not need to be switched on, (again safety first) and then I go upstairs. I strip naked, carefully hanging up my suit and blouse and putting away my stockings (no kickers you will note), before fitting my chastity belt around my waist.

Next I insert a large vibrator (with random settings and extra life batteries) into my wet slot, and then a much thinner well lubed dildo enters my rear passage. Now I pull the metal hinged strap between my legs and lock it to the belt at my waist. I am secure, and the only key is there, right in front of me, waiting on my dresser, and exactly where it is going to stay.

Now I rip open the box I collected and remove the single item of clothing from within. I hold it up and look in wonder, they have done a great job and exactly to my specifications. I am looking at a dog suit! Once I put it on and secure the locks in place I will have become a human dog, and what could be more appropriate than that? Especially when you remember both the cage and the five days worth of dog food, waiting for me in my garage.

With the suit fitted and locked, and the keys left with my chastity belts keys on my dresser, I crawl out of my room. The suit will not allow me to stand upright as it has strips of plastic to hold the wearer in the correct position. Crawling down the stairs is hard, but I manage it and without falling, though I slip a couple of times.

I close the back door behind me, hearing the lock snap shut, I am now locked out of my home, and to get in again I will have to fetch the spare key I keep hidden in the garden, to unlock the door and of course I will be filthy and exhausted by the time I get to do that.

I crawl just like a dog to my garage and there into my cage, and with difficulty I close the door behind me. I turn around much like I made the young serving man turn around, and then with my paws I release the catch on my electo magnetic lock, the power re-engages and the lock snaps shut.

I am now a captive until the five day timer expires and the power shuts off. I have a dog bowl into which I can tip the contents of each tin of dog food as it drops, please note, I chose the cheapest sloppiest yukiest I could find in the store.

I have a shower that will switch on at intervals and that provides extra water as well to drink, and I have my self-imposed sentence for being very naughty. Five long days of canine discipline, and now it is too late for me to change my mind! How that five days passes for me is as I said in the beginning, a mixture of arousal, of boredom, of cramp and of disgust with myself.

I will be desperate at times to escape, but I can’t. I have no choice but to suffer through each and every agony I have inflicted on myself, but at the end of my sentence I will have incurred my deserved discipline and I will be guilt free once more for a while, and then I will have to start thinking of exactly how I am going to be punished next time, and of course there is the simple matter of why I will need to be punished? What I will have done to deserve punishing for, and then…

The End.


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