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Lorigirl’s Self Bondage Afternoon

by Lorigirl

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© Copyright 2006 - Lorigirl - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; slave; pvc; cons; X

Lorigirl’s Self Bondage Afternoon by Lorigirl Sbf; slave; pvc; cons; X

Home from work I am feeling extra horny while I wait for my Master’s arrival so I decide to surprise Him with a nice tied up package. Me.

I strip off my work clothes on my way to the bathroom. I take a nice relaxing hot shower ensuring that my already dripping pussy is nice and smoothly shaved. Master likes his cunt nice and smooth. I hold off from rubbing my pussy. I know I am not allowed to cum without His permission or without being in bondage. That is the only way I am allowed to cum without permission. Once out of the shower I go to the kitchen and pour a large glass of water. I drink two large glasses before heading back to the bathroom to fix my hair and makeup. I make up my face with the sluttiest make up I can find. Master likes that. Now off the bedroom to get ready.

I pull out my toy box which holds all of my bondage equipment. Pulling out my collar, I place it around my neck ensuring it is nice and tight. I just love to wear my collar. I feel so sexy when it’s around my neck. To my dresser next for my outfit for the afternoon. I put on black stockings and my garter belt. Now I put on long sleeve bodysuit that is made of PVC which has a zipper running from the front to the back. I next place cuffs around my wrists and then pull on my thigh high black boots. Next I lock on my ankle cuffs around my boots. The key to these cuffs are with Master. I won’t be getting the boots off without removing my ankle cuffs. Oh I forgot to mention that the key to the lock which will be attached to my wrist cuffs is in my right boot. So I won’t be getting out of any of my cuffs till Master decides to let his slave out.

I next place my wrist cuffs around each wrist. Now its time to give myself some discomfort. I lube a plug that is going to be placed in my ass. I lower the zipper to my bodysuit and slowly push in the lubed plug. Now my tight ass is full of the unforgiving anal plug. I then close the zip and now there will no way for the plug to be removed. I then take a piece of chain which has a large ring attached to one end. I wrap the chain around my waist and then thread one end through the ring and then between my legs. I then lock the free end to the front. The chain is custom fit for me so once locked it pulls between my legs. It is very tight and I feel it pushing on my plug and my clit. My clit by the way is already throbbing with my need to orgasm. The key to this lock is with my Master. As a safety measure the only other key to these locks are in our mailbox.

Being mid afternoon I won’t be going outside to retrieve these anytime soon. Now I am locked into my outfit and will be that way till Master comes home. I walk back to the kitchen and drink another glass of water. I then go to the freezer and remove small ice cube with a loop of string frozen inside. I then remove a three foot piece of chain with one end that has a large block of ice frozen to it. I can feel the plug as I walk which is stretching my ass. I take these to the basement where the rest of my toys are kept.

Down in the basement, I run the chain through a ring in the ceiling. The chain is just long enough to reach my collar when I am sitting underneath it. I lock this to my collar. I will have this leash with me till Master decides to release me. I sit down beneath my leash and lock on my spreader bar to my ankle cuffs. The key to this lock is in the other room. In the middle of the bar is a small eye which I pass the loop of the ice cube through. This for the lock which I will use to lock my cuffs together. I then gag myself with my ball gag. I am almost ready to start my imprisonment.

It is now time for some more pain. I love to torture my nipples. I take out my clover style nipple clamps. The harder you pull on them the harder they clamp down. I attach one to my right nipple and passing the chain around the chain that is attached to my collar, I then attach the other to my left nipple. Now I am attached to the ceiling by my collar and nipples. I gasp as my nipples are being pulled to the ceiling. I am already starting to drool which I know is just the tip in the ice berg.

My nipples are now just a dull ache. I pull down my blindfold. I can already feel drops of water drop down from the large block of ice. Soon my hair will be a wet matted mess. My ass is really starting to feel the pain as I am sitting with my legs spread from the bar and the chain running through my legs. I then lock my cuffs to the front of the loop of string at the spreader bar. With my collar attached to the ceiling, I am forced to bend my legs up. This causes the plug to be shoved further into my tight ass.

I am stuck. Tied by my own hand. I will be in this uncomfortable position till the ice cube melts. I will be stuck in the basement until the block of ice melts enough to release my leash.

As I sit here with cold drops of water falling on me, I can’t help to wonder if I locked all the doors. The thought of some nosey neighbor finding me gives me that extra thrill. How humiliated I would be. I test out my bonds. I have done a wonderful job. I will not be moving much for awhile. My pussy aches from the crotch chain. I can’t even reach my pussy with my wrist locked to the spreader bar. God I want to cum. I rock back and forth trying to put some pressure on my clit. But all that does make the plug start fucking my ass. Drool is dripping out of my gagged mouth, water dripping onto my head and now I can feel pressure from my full bladder. I hope Master comes home soon.

With the blindfold on I have lost track of time. When are my wrists going to be released from the bar? I really have to piss now. Oh how humiliating to have to sit in my own piss. My nipples are on fire, my ass is on fire, and I feel like I am going to burst. 

I pull on my wrists and I pull free from the spreader bar. I am so elated. I rush my still locked hands to my nipple clamps. I cannot get them off quick enough. I release the left one and as the blood rushes back into my nipple a searing pain comes with it. I scream into the gag and lose control of my bladder. As I am pissing myself I release my other nipple. I am rubbing the life back into my poor nipples all the while pissing all over myself. I am a mess. 

I am sitting here in my own basement, locked there by my own hand. My hair is a wet mess, my sore tits are covered in my own drool, and if that is not enough. Now I am sitting in a large pool of my own urine. As a mess I must look, I can’t even think about that right now. I need to cum so bad. I start to work on my wet nasty cunt with my cuffed hands. I rub my cunt and cum sooooooo hard that I almost pass out. Just as I start to come to, the ice melts freeing me from the ceiling. I just lay there, not able to move. My ordeal is not over yet though.

As I come down from my orgasm I am wondering where Master is. I start to try to get up but my spread legs make that impractical. So I start to crawl the best I can. I have to make it to the key for the spreader bar so I can go up stairs. Thankfully I can remove my blindfold, but the gag is there as it is locked on like the rest of my restraints. I finally reach the key and unlock my ankles.

Now I can stand. I am still so turned on that I begin to rub my locked up cunt once more. Five seconds don’t go by before I am cumming again. My knees go weak and scream in ecstasy into my ball gag. After catching my breath I make way upstairs. Oh no, the message machine is blinking. With a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach I press play. It’s my Master. He says he won’t be home till tomorrow. Something came up at his work.

Tears start to form in my eyes as I think about my predicament. Here I am standing in my own kitchen. Wearing a PVC bodysuit, which is locked on, that just screams out that I am a bondage slut. The bodysuit holds the plug that continues to torture my ass. I am soaked from the waist down in my own piss. My stocking are wet as well. Well at least I have the spare keys, which are hours away since it is no where near dark.


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