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Lori’s Self Bondage

by Loves_Tied_Girls

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© Copyright 2012 - Loves_Tied_Girls - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; toys; insert; cuffs; gag; hood; collar; nipple; stuck; discovered; frogtie; oral; climax; cons: X

Authors note: This short story is a small segment of a much longer series, "Loving, Consensual, Strict", that will be posted to

Loving, Consensual, Strict - Lori's Self-Bondage

Josh and Tito had gone to a ballgame the following Saturday afternoon; Lori didn’t know where Alexis was. Lori hadn’t exercised her love of self-bondage in quite some time; Josh usually ‘helped her out’. With a full afternoon ahead of her, Lori decided that now would be a great time to tie herself up and tease herself to distraction.

She didn’t bother with her and Josh’s large dungeon/fun room in the basement; right here in the living room would be just fine, thank you. Lori gathered the items she wanted to use from her large toy chest in their bedroom, then returned to the living room and stripped off her clothes. She placed a towel under where she would be sitting, since she was certain that she would be leaking pussy juice before this was over… or hoped she would, anyway.

Lori began by putting on a 4-inch wide leather bondage belt, cinching it around her waist as tightly as she could. Lori loved the feeling that compression brought her. Next she lubed up their smallest dildo, an exact copy of Josh’s tool; 7 1/2 inches long, almost 1 1/2 inches in diameter at the base, it was perfect for her plan. She was sure to get a very nice feeling, without the huge filling sensation of some of their larger fake cocks. Lying on her side, she slowly inserted it into her ass rose bud, enjoying the orgasmic urges beginning to heat her up. Inch by inch, until the base of the dildo was flush with her hole. She reveled in the fullness of it… Lori loved anal sex, and this dildo reminded her of Josh’s tool.

The ass dildo was followed by an egg vibrator that she pushed through her pussy lips, setting the remote to its lowest setting. She knew full well that it would increase her sexual urges without allowing orgasm… the inherent frustrations that would follow would be delicious. She passed the crotch strap at the back of her waist belt over her anal dildo, through her loins, and up over her pussy. Lori was careful to split her cunt lips as widely as possible before burying the strap therein, and over the vibrator. She then cinched the strap end up tightly to the D-ring at the front of her belt.

Lori rested for a moment, enjoying the waves of pure pleasure coursing through her body from the squeezing of her waist by the tightly-cinched leather waist belt, the slow-vibrating egg in her cunt already having an effect on her, and the dildo buried in her rear end.

Snapping out of her sexual reverie, Lori strapped a wide leather strap about her left thigh and calf, doubling up her leg, then cinching it tightly and buckling it off. That process was repeated on her right leg; with each leg she made certain that her ankles were outside of her thighs as much as she could manage before buckling the straps. A fat leather penis panel gag was next; Lori loved the feeling of the cock in her mouth, and buckling it tightly at the nape of her neck ensured that her widely split lips and jammed cheeks would stay that way. The mouth dildo had an air hole built in to ensure her easy breathing.

Lori next placed wide rubber bands around the base of her breasts. She ended up with five bands about each boob; the effect was to tightly squeeze the base of each tit, rendering them so that they looked far more rounded than normally. They would turn pink from the bands eventually, and her nipples would be even more sensitive than usual.

Ah, she luxuriated… she was already on the way to bondage heaven, she thought. Lori began caressing her generous breasts, and tweaking her nipples to stiff erectness. The hardest part was next… she took one of the wooden clothespins, opened its jaws, and settled it over her left nipple, straight on, then allowed the jaws to close slowly. The initial pain from those jaws clamping tightly about her nip was always a shock. OUCH! These damned clothespins were almost as bad as the alligator clamps! When the initial sharp bite she felt had slowly changed to the erotic feeling she always got from clamps, Lori attacked her right nipple with the other clothespin. OUCH again!!

The girl took a moment to place a string around her neck that had the small key to her handcuffs, arranging it so that the key hung between her breasts. After a minute or so of allowing herself to get used to the bite on her nips, Lori began the process of fitting a leather punishment helmet over her head, then lacing it up in back. She worked on tightening the laces so that the helmet very closely conformed to her head before tying them off. The punishment helmet had a triangular opening for her nose, but otherwise covered her entire head, including the panel gag with its thick cock stuffed in her mouth. She was now blindfolded, and had to complete her self bondage by feel.

Lori next took a thick leather collar and fit it about her neck. It covered the straps of her penis gag and the base of her helmet, which now would not be coming off until the collar was removed. Buckling it tightly in back, Lori could feel the links of a chain attached to a D-ring in the back of the collar. On a whim, Lori took a small padlock and locked the collar on, then tossed the small key across the room.

She was almost done; she had only to reach behind her and encircle her wrists on the handcuffs at the end of the chain from her collar. It took her awhile, as the chain was fairly short, but she was eventually able to click the chrome cuffs closed, her wrists resting halfway up her back.


Lori slowly relaxed her body; the vibrator was humming away at its lowest setting, sending delightful promises of what was ahead for her. Her nipples were sending ‘yummy’ feelings to her erotic core, clamped as they were by the clothespins; her waist nicely compressed by the bondage belt; her ass pleasingly filled with the dildo; the fat leather cock gag ensconced in her mouth, puffing out her cheeks; and the collar and helmet, nestling firmly about her neck and head. Lori settled back to enjoy her self-tie.

An hour passed as blissful urges slowly increased within her. Her pussy was sopping wet, her pussy juice running down the insides of her spread thighs and dripping onto the towel there. She wanted to climax so badly she could hardly stand it, but the vibrator wouldn’t allow that. Lori began twisting in her bonds, trying to hurry the process along. She was unsuccessful …

Another hour passed. Lori was starting to go nuts from the increasing frustration of not being able to get herself off. The climactic urge was so high now, she didn’t know if she would be able to endure the high frustration factor much longer. Deciding, Lori began to twist her upper body sharply from side to side; the key to her handcuffs would flip around her neck and land in her questing fingers… except it didn’t. She had practiced this move many times, and was certain she would succeed. However, she had become so hot that her bosom was slick with her sweat, and the key was hindered from swinging around by that perspiration, and indeed remained almost immovable.

Not yet panicking, Lori began to move her doubled-up legs an inch at a time, in the general direction of where she had tossed the key for the padlock on her collar. With each slow advance, the dildo in her rear would shift a bit, adding very nice sensations. Half an hour later she was still making her slow advance, but the low-setting vibrator was taking its toll… she was so horny that she could hardly concentrate on the task before her.


Alexis had tried to call Lori twice, with no answer. She was concerned, and used the house key she and Tito had gotten from Josh (‘to use their dungeon/fun room whenever they wished’) to enter Josh and Lori’s house.

“Hello?” she called; receiving no answer, the Brazilian fire cracker closed the door behind her, and advanced into the living room. There she found Lori, of course, tightly constricted and meandering around on her strapped lower legs, apparently searching for something.

Alexis spotted the key quickly, and silently picked it up and pocketed it. Kneeling close to Lori’s helmeted head, Alexis laughingly said, “Ah hah! What do we have here?”

The well-bound Lori stiffened at first from the unexpected noise; then, recognizing Alexis’ voice, began to shake her head as much as possible, given her secure leather collar.

Alexis laughed then and, with a wide grin, told Lori that the bound girl was now in real trouble. Alexis removed the straps keeping Lori’s legs pinned together so that the girl could stand upright, supporting her as Lori’s legs shook, unsteady from their recent prolonged positioning. Once she could move without falling over, Alexis turned off the vibrator (Lori definitely did not like that), then steered Lori down to the dungeon/fun room in the basement. The girl was still hampered by the very tight leather belt cutting into her waist; the leather cock gag that was filling her mouth; the heavy leather collar and hood, and the chain from the collar to her handcuffed wrists, held halfway up her back. Not to mention the dildo in her ass, that kept shifting to remind Lori of its presence with every step.

Alexis led the bound girl to a nearby mat and shoved down on her shoulders to force Lori into a sitting position --- and right on top of her ass-filled dildo, which of course pushed it just a little deeper into her rear end. Alexis grabbed a spreader bar from its counterparts on the closest wall, and wrapped the attached cuffs on either end to Lori’s ankles. Lori had to spread her legs widely apart in order to accommodate the spreader bar. Alexis couldn’t help grinning at the crotch strap digging into Lori’s glistening pussy atop the now-quiescent vibrator.

In spite of her bondage, Lori was still erotically heated from her bondage and prior exposure to the vibrator. She was SO close, dammit… this wasn’t fair! She could feel Alexis untie the strict crotch strap from the D-ring at the front of her bondage belt, then slowly pull it out from her cunt lips.

Lori then received a very pleasant surprise. Alexis had gotten to her knees to remove Lori’s crotch strap; she now bent her head down and kissed the girl’s glistening snatch! Lori hummed loudly, but contentedly, as her sexual heat was ramped up tenfold by Alexis teasing her cunt that way.

Alexis then began to lick Lori’s cunt lips, and the soft pink inner portion of her inner sex… and finally her soon-exposed clitoris. Lori’s orgasm ripped through her like a volcanic eruption, and she moaned loudly into her cock gag as her climax went on and on. Alexis’ mouth and face were smeared with Lori’s cum, but she didn’t stop her oral attentions to the girl’s sex. Licking, sucking, kissing, tonguing… Lori’s body twitched and rocked as her enjoyment meter went over the top.

After they had both rested awhile from their ‘exercises’, Alexis wiped off her face, and Lori’s sloppy wet pussy, with a towel. Alexis was not at all surprised that her thong was filled with her own pussy juice; damn, that was fun! She at last began to un-bondage Lori; who was so limp that she could provide no help at all. It took awhile before Lori was able to sit up, smile at Alexis in a goofy manner, and then the girl finally stood up to head for her bedroom and a hot shower.

When the guys got back from the ball game, Lori excitedly told them about her and Alexis’ lovely encounter. The foursome agreed unanimously that their love of bondage, lingerie and sexy clothes, and great sex had brought them together in a most serendipitous way. They looked forward to many numerous future bondage adventures.

The End

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