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Lori Under Glass

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; leotard; catsuit; toys; insert; tens; gag; table; glass; encase; hogtie; cuffs; chain; breathplay; objectify; stuck; M/f; tease; torment; oral; climax; cons; X

Lori and Jim had been very busy for the last few weeks being unable to spend any time with each other leaving Lori only brief moments to indulge in her passion of bondage. When her boss had told everyone to take the Sunday off that they had been scheduled to work she made some plans to not only appease her desires but also make up for her current busy schedule to her husband. Stashing her needed equipment and clothes she wanted to wear the night before so she wouldn’t have to wake him because she wanted to be restrained and helpless for him when he awoke Sunday morning. Lori was planning on using the custom table he had built for her that would let her restrain her body and seal her in a glass box leaving her on display and available to be tortured and teased for as long as he desired.

The table looked like a large coffee table with a solid base and a glass box sitting on top, currently it had two very thin plastic trays inside it with some decorations in the trays. The trays made it easy to convert it into what she had dreamed up when she had asked him to make it for her just by removing them and setting them aside. Once the trays were removed four holes could be seen two at either end, cut specifically for her arms and lower legs to go through leaving her body on display from the knees up and making her look like a Greek statue with no arms and nothing below the knees. There were many small steel D-rings mounted to the floor of the box that when all were used would restrain her body completely making it impossible for her to move even a fraction of an inch under the tight straps that would be fed through the d-rings.

Lori remembers being left naked inside the box all most all day, then that evening when Jim had been watching TV he fell asleep on the couch next to her. She spent the night still strapped firmly in the box unable to move and for the first few hours having no idea that he had fallen asleep since the vibrators and tens units continued to tease and torture her. When she did realized something was wrong the large gag combined with the sealed glass case allowed very minimal sound to escape the box. Lori had enjoyed her long term bondage but had never asked for him to leave her like that again because she knew he would be too concerned for her and he wouldn’t be able to enjoy himself even if he had agreed.

Lori inspected the box making sure all the magnetic seals around the lid were in place and before closing the lid she covered one of the two remaining holes he had drilled into the corners that allowed her to breathe once the lid was closed. Lori had been testing out how many she could block off wanting to make it more difficult for her to get enough air and now she was down to the last two holes. As she covered one she thought about going ahead and covering the second leaving only the small gaps around her arms and legs as her only air source but decided to wait and left one open. She had not told Jim about blocking the holes because she knew he would reopen them and chastise her for blocking them but she really liked it when they had first tested the box before cutting the leg and arm holes to see if it was big enough.

When she lay down in it and he closed the lid it only took a minute or so for the air to start to get stale and when she pushed up on the glass she was unable to get enough leverage to break the seal. Unable to open it she flopped around in the box banging on the glass looking for Jim who had walked out of her sight. Jim had walked to the other side and was watching her struggle as she started to gasp for air then noticed her eyes rolling back and her body shuddering as her orgasm washed over her and raised the lid slightly listening to her breathing from under the heavy glass. Lori’s orgasm was amazing, her frustration and low air supply with her feelings of helplessness had caused her to climax harder than she had ever felt and she wanted to duplicate that feeling, without killing herself of course.

The base of the table was built with solid walls making it look like the glass box was sitting on a pedestal, inside the base there was room for her arms and legs and had multiple attaching points where he could strap them. Her favorite position was essentially a hogtie, her ankles and wrists would be connected together by short chains from the cuffs around them rendering her utterly helpless. The restraints were not entirely needed, once she was strapped down to the floor of the box with her hands and feet trapped under the floor they could not be pulled back up out of the holes. Since the control boxes for the twin tens units and the powerful vibrators were located in the base it was necessary to restrain her to keep her from fiddling with them plus she really liked the added restriction.

Lori got up early and checked her clothes and gear and started preparing for her bondage surprise. She slid her largest vibrator and plug into herself grunting as the plug popped past her tight sphincter smiling broadly as the pain increased then eased as it settled into her. The tens pads were next placing two on each side of her pussy lips and two more on each side of her ass then pulling the straps of her butterfly vibrator tightly, sinking the wicked little device snuggly onto her clitoris and holding the tens pads in place.

She pulled her latex leggings up smoothing them out as she pulled them up until they were over her firm ass. Lori’s latex collection wasn’t large but she had several pieces she loved to wear and planned on wearing all of them at once today. The leotard was next with its attached gloves and tight crotch strap pulling deep into her pussy and ass eliciting and small groan from her. Once the rubber was just below her chest Lori took two small rubber bands and slipped them over her erect nipples squeezing the engorged buds tightly letting out a low moan. She pushed her hands into the sleeves and worked her fingers into the gloves and pulled the tight latex up over her shoulders with a snap.

Lori pulled her breasts through the small holes in the leotard squeezing them tightly around their bases making them into round balloons and causing them to already start to turn red. Shaking out the catsuit she smiled again as the smell and feel of it was almost intoxicating then stepped into the legs of the suit. Lori wrestled the tight latex over her already rubber covered body feeding her bulging breasts through the openings and seating another layer around her already pinched breasts. Before closing the zipper all the way Lori pulled the matching hood down over her head leaving only her face uncovered and tucked the collar into the suit and closed the zipper sealing the hood and suit. Lori pranced around the living room relishing the feelings the warming latex was giving her before stepping into the ballet slippers and buckling the three straps on each.

The shoes made it difficult for her to stand so she leaned against the arm of the couch while she wrapped the latex corset around her waist and started pulling at the laces squeezing her waist and pushing her pinched breasts up making her moan again. The corset was not designed to be used for tight lacing but it would pull her waist in by a few inches and the stretched rubber would continuously pull tightly making her have to fight for air. Now that she was dressed she sat on the couch panting and feeling the plugs get pulled into her deeper as she straightened out the straps she was going to use to hold herself down with and threaded them through the d-rings on one side of the box. After the straps were readied she got down on her knees grunting as the corset and layers of rubber forced the air from her lungs and set the chains she would need once her wrists and ankles were under the floor of the box. While she was already bent over she locked the leather cuffs tightly around her ankles and wrists.

Standing next to the box she carefully put her left leg into its opening and then sat down on the floor of the box and slipped her right leg into its opening. Lori was gasping as she began pulling the straps across her thighs pushing her feet towards the center of the base as she tightened the straps over her thighs locking them in place above her knees and close to her pussy. Before lying back Lori pulled her harness gag over her rubber covered head forcing the large gag into her mouth and buckled the straps pulling each tight sealing the thick panel over her lips then locking each with small padlocks. With her legs strapped and the harness on Lori could lay back easing the pressure on her torso. She pulled the straps across her hips, stomach and above and below her breasts pulling each tight sinking them deep into her rubber covered skin and locking them.

Lori lay flexing her bound body moaning quietly as the plug and vibrator shifted inside her enjoying the fact that even if she went no further with her restraints she could not free herself since she had not retrieved any of the keys. Attaching the remaining straps to the head harness and pulling them until she could no longer move her head Lori was happy with her bondage. Now that she was fully secured Lori plugged the cords to her vibrators and tens pads into their outlets and took the two large tens pads and pressed them onto her exposed breasts rubbing firmly around each nipple until two small bumps appeared in the pads. With the pads centered over her nipples and wrapped down each side of her bulging globes it guaranteed her nipples would receive the most serious shocks and her breasts would constrict with each pulse of electricity she would receive.

With her body fully restrained Lori relaxed and lay panting, her body straining against the rubber and straps making her feel very comfortable. With her body sealed inside the hot latex and held immobile by all the leather that due to the locks she could not release or remove even if she had wanted to. Lori reached up and lowered the glass lid letting the magnets seal it closed and twisted her arms around inserting them into the holes. Feeling around under the box Lori finds the power switch for the control boxes and turns it on. She had set the control units before getting dressed and hoped he would arise before the second hour of them coming on. The power was set to increase every hour while the vibrations would run on random making it a challenge to have both systems run at the correct intensity to make her climax. While the other settings would either be teasing her or torturing her all of which she was torn between loving them and hating them.

With time running out before her first session with the controllers Lori felt around finding the chains and locks then locking them to her ankles and pulled them backwards as far as she could and quickly locked her wrists to the waiting chains. Lori gasped as she felt the last lock close and relaxed again feeling the pull of the chains on her wrists.

Rubbing her rubber covered hands over the shoes holding her feet en-point and realized she had made her hogtie much tighter than she had ever been put in before. Lori smiled behind the thick panel covering her mouth as she flexed her body relishing the utter helplessness she had placed herself in and moaned loudly as a small wave of pleasure washed through her body. Lori was just starting to go through the first cycle of vibrations, moaning and thrashing in her box staring at the ceiling through the glass top when she heard Jim close the door to the bathroom and smiled knowing it wouldn’t be long until he took control of her encased body.

The vibrations had brought Lori close to a climax making her gasp as she fought her bonds and she noticed she felt like she was re-breathing her exhaled air and hoped she would soon feel the effects of her lowered air supply making her struggle harder. When the first shocks hit her she screamed into the gag, the pads on her pussy made her feel like it was hooked to an electrical outlet, she had placed them too close to her moist lips and now they were shocking them directly. As the pads on her swollen breasts started shocking her it made her nipples feel like they were being pinched by a pair of pliers and each time her breasts constricted it made them push even harder into the pads.

Lori struggled harder and felt her arousal slipping away as the electricity continued to pulse through her forcing her to yelp and whine as her body flailed and thrust violently as the leather creaked and held her still. None of her whines or yelps could be heard from outside the box as her cries grew louder making her regret starting the tens units at the higher levels that she had set them to. Jim, unaware of Lori’s current plight showered and dressed still thinking Lori had left for work. He dressed quickly since he had plans of meeting his friends and watching the game and he was already running late. Once he was dressed he dashed past the living room where Lori laid being tortured not noticing her inside the glass box. Lori could only see the top of the door open then hearing it slam as he closed and locked it. Lori screamed but only a small squeak could be heard outside the box and Lori lay her body convulsing from the shocks fighting for air totally alone.

The shocks had cycled off and now the butterfly vibrator was humming at high speed on her bare clit the tight rubber pressing it hard into her sensitive clit making it almost as painful as the shocks. Lori lay staring at the ceiling gasping for air slightly light headed and wondering how long he would be gone and fighting back the panic attack she was feeling swelling inside her. Lori felt the plug start to shake her violently and moaned loudly as the heat from the sun beating down on the glass began to make her overheat and start sweating profusely as her orgasm neared.

The closer she got to her climax the more she panted and struggled when suddenly everything stopped leaving her panting in her sweaty rubber cocoon, her breasts feeling like they had a heat lamp on them making her more uncomfortable. As the sun continued to climb Lori lay in her hot quiet world remembering the last time she had been encased. She had spent several hours looking up at the bottom of the building collection of empty beer bottles while he watched the game letting her stew unstimulated for hours. Struggling as she was forced to listen to the game even using the table as a foot stool making her feel like an object to be used or ignored and remembered how exciting she found that idea. Once the game was over her teased and tormented her for a few more hours before removing her from the table and making love to her until they both climaxed together.

Lori came out of her memories feeling the increased heat and the sweat moving around inside the rubber as the sun beat down harder on the glass case making her swollen breasts feel like they were on fire. Lori could do nothing to ease the torturous heat on them and spent the day sweating and gasping as the tormenting vibrators and tens units constantly teased her. Her air supply had gotten very thin, Lori had not realized that with the layers of rubber around her legs and arms had made the gaps between them and the holes much smaller and in turn had cut down her air flow. Since she had plugged all but one of the small holes he had drilled she was now gasping for air and could feel her lungs beginning to burn and started to panic. The tens units all turned on at once at the next level higher making her scream and her body tense as she received the first long pulse.

After being shocked for twenty minutes Lori was hoping she would black out as her body instinctively tensed and pulled at the leather and chains holding her immobile in her hot cell. When all her vibrators turned on and started pulsing out of time with the shocks they quickly brought her to the peak of a large orgasm. Lori fought for air and remained on the edge of an orgasm for almost an hour and was on the verge of blacking out when her orgasm crashed in on her. The orgasm made her scream and thrash for several minutes before blackness crept in and she lay silent and still for the next hour. When she awoke she felt nothing but the heat on her body but could breathe much easier, her blue eyes darted around spotting Jim sitting next to the table smiling at her. He raised the lid slightly and said “Had to block the holes didn’t you, now you will finish your sentence and maybe stay conscious this time if I let you climax” dropping the lid sealing her again in the case while he sat back putting his feet on the table.

Lori was struggling and whining but could not be heard as her tormentors turned back on and soon had her panting. When the vibrations lowered and the shocks increased making her moan louder he leaned forward and showed her the remote in his hand and she could just barely heard him say “It’s going to be a long day!” Lori suddenly realized he had no idea she had been in the case since early this morning and knew he would keep her trapped in her glass prison for the rest of the day and maybe all night. The thought of being baked in the sun then left to slowly cool all while he controlled her from the outside made her feel much better. She pulled on the chains holding her wrists close to her ankles trying to relieve her feet cramping in the stiff leather shoes that were holding them en-point by rubbing them with her outstretched finger tips.

Jim teased Lori for the rest of the day only opening the case after the sun went down and by then there was so much condensation on the glass from her sweat and panting he could barely see her under it. When he opened the lid Lori felt the cool air on her sweat soaked rubber and moaned loudly glad her ordeal was finally coming to an end. Jim wiped the glass cleaning it thoroughly before stroking Lori’s shaking body and said “Good night my dear, it’s late and I need to get some sleep” Jim closed the lid as Lori squealed loudly and thrashed in her bonds desperately wanting Jim to release her or at the very least allow her to cum. Jim sat watching her struggle for another hour before turning all her tormentors on at once and listened to her muffled screams as she fought vigorously under the glass.

He slowly adjusted the settings until Lori was still thrashing but her screams had turned into low moans and grunts as her climax neared. Lori had been in sub space for most of the day and had crossed back over when he had first turned on her tormentors and had little hope he was actually going to let her orgasm. As her arousal built her body took over and wriggled and twisted in her bonds pulling and yanking on the chains connecting her sore arms and legs until she finally climaxed. Lori screamed and moaned while her body tensed and strained in the box, the waves of pleasure rolled and crashed into her exhausted body for several minutes making her black out. Lori awoke kneeling, she could see clearly and now her mouth was held open by a large ring gag and her hands and feet were locked closely together behind her. Her breasts felt like she had a thousand bees stinging her and her body felt totally waterlogged and itched all over but she was relieved to be out of the glass box. Lori knew from experience what Jim wanted her to do next. Jim was sitting in front of her holding her up and smiled saying “Are you ready to repay me for treating you so well?” Lori grunted and shook her head slightly she was. Lori felt him pull her closer to him leaning her forward until he was able to stuff his bulging cock into the gag and let her slide slowly down onto him.

With his cock so deep in her throat Lori could do little but try and suck while she stroked and licked it with her tongue. She knew it would take much longer to get him to cum since she was unable to move up and down his shaft. She was already turned on again and lay on his cock moaning and purring as he stroked her rubber covered body and messaged her sore tits. It took almost an hour before Lori felt his body tense and she was glad when she felt his cum being shot down her throat because she was exhausted and now her tongue was sore from stroking him for so long. Jim had been watching her pinioned arms and legs fight the chains keeping them so close together enjoying her struggles to not only free herself but to make him cum. The warm rubber stretched and creaked as she had tried to move while on top of his cock making him enjoy himself even more.

Now that Jim had leaned her back onto her folded legs she knelt gasping through the large opening in her mouth and Jim said “You have two choices, left or right holding out his hands. One puts you back in the box for the night the other puts you in a bath tub full of hot water and gets you fed and messaged”. Lori had played this game before and knew she had no real choice the decision had already been made for her and that he was teasing her. Lori yanked and pulled on the chains and rolled onto her side and started wiggling away from him. Jim laughed and asked where she was going but Lori kept struggling and rolling further away from the table trying to say no more box but nothing understandable came out.

She had rolled herself into the farthest corner of the room and lay panting and staring at him still sitting on the couch only moving when he stood up. She flinched and tried to roll away from him again looking at him with fear in her eyes as he came closer. Jim picked up the screaming and twisting woman and carried her towards the bed room dropping her with a squeal onto the bed. Lori was gasping when she heard the bathwater turn on and started purring as he returned and slowly unlocked her hands from her feet letting her stretch out for the first time in over twelve hours. Jim continued removing her steel items leaving her in only her layers of rubber. When he removed her shoes he stroked and rubbed her sore feet until she quit moaning and then rolled her over and unlaced the corset.

“You can undo the rest” he said as he left the room, Lori struggled with her awaking arms and hands to unzip the crushing rubber she had been in for so long. Peeling each layer off her body with a sort of sadness until finally she was naked still on the bed, her strength was gone she could not make herself stand. Lori lay soaking up the cool air as her body dried making her tingle all over. Jim walked in and saw her naked except for the o-ring gag and scooped her weak body up and carried her to the waiting bath. He carefully lowered her into the tub hearing her gasp as the hot water touched her then moan slightly as she was submerged.

Leaving her in the tub Jim returned a few minutes later with her dinner and a few bottles of sports drink on a tray and set it on the tub. He began to wash the caked on fluids off her as she drank a bottle and sits and purrs as he continues to wash her sore body. Warming the water several times during the next hour as Lori’s strength slowly returned. She takes the sponge from him and smiles, Jim knows this is his cue to leave her alone to reflect on her ordeal and warmed the water again and closed the door. He went to clean up her latex and equipment smiling knowing no matter how hard he had been on her she would be dreaming of her next encasement as she lay in the hot water.

Jim was setting the trays back in the case when he heard her moving around the bedroom. Finishing his clean up he took her equipment and latex to the closet and when he walked in the bed room he was stunned to find Lori had tied herself spread eagle to the bed with the straps that stay attached to the bed. She had stuffed a ball gag into her mouth and a blind fold over her eyes and laid waiting for him. She had made herself available to him to use as he saw fit. Jim smiles knowing this is her way of thanking him and strips off his clothes and eases onto the bed and the two spend the rest of the night making each other grunt and scream with repeated orgasm’s and fall asleep with Jim lying across her bound body, both smiling as they sleep.

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