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by Chet B

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Storycodes: Sbf; lingerie; corset; rope; cuffs; hood; bfold; hogtie; toys; insert; denial; mast; climax; cons; X

She had some time to play before he got home, and she intended to use every minute of it.

She had been intrigued when he first introduced her to bondage. But since then her love of it had taken her on incredible journeys - with or without him. And on days like today, she had plans for her bondage being both with him and without him.

She started by getting dressed in one of her favourite outfits. It felt amazing to her to look so hot while tied up. She knew that he loved it, but she had always loved dressing up, feeling sexy. Her outfit was her black satin corset, matching panties, long black satin gloves, thigh high stockings, and her 6" black patent stilettos. She admired herself in the mirror - classic, elegant, and so incredibly hot. Even she knew it.

She had gotten very skilled at tying herself up as well. She had considered a variety of positions, but decided to force herself to work hard for her release. So she left the padlock key on the floor in the corner of one bedroom, and proceeded to tie herself up on the floor in the room down the hall. She started with ropes around her ankles and thighs, and then another short rope attaching a padlock to her ankles, plus a crotch rope pressing into her. Next she put on her black leather cuffs - much better for struggling in than her metal pair.

She admired her work so far - the white rope looking strikingly good against her black outfit. She rolled over and assumed the hogtie position to check on the length of the rope that would attach her cuffs to her ankles, and decided to shorten the rope quite a bit more. She wanted to challenge herself today. And then her spandex hood, which blocked out all light. She lay on the carpet for a while and just absorbed the moment. She also rubbed her hands all over herself, and though she was tempted to play with her pussy, she wanted to make herself wait - at least until she got out of this one.

So eventually she flipped over, reached for the padlock - she really had to stretch to reach - and it was difficult, but she was barely able to slip the padlock into both D-rings on the cuffs, and then snap it shut. She felt that rush of the finality of that one solid click. (She had actually tried out various padlocks in the store, listening to the sound, feeling the motion, until she picked the one that for whatever reason she thought was the sexiest padlock she could find!) And she relaxed into her hogtie, which was probably the strictest one she'd been able to put herself into yet.

And she felt everything - being blindfolded helped her ability to simply feel everything. It was similar to meditation, where you breath and focus on one particular part of your body - here she could focus on the feel of her crotch rope, the way her shoulders felt being pulled like this, the way her torso felt with the corset holding her, and so on. She tried to reach for any knots that she might be able to untie - part of the fun of self-bondage is simply challenging yourself to do it right - and she was pleased that she wasn't able to untie her legs at all, as she had positioned the knots out of reach.

But it did mean that she was going to have to do some work to get herself out of this. And so she started to test how much she'd be able to move tied up like this. And she realized that by making the hogtie that tight, that it was going to take an awful/delicious amount of time to get to the key. She inched her way across the carpet, and wondered if she perhaps should have done this upstairs on the hardwood floors instead of here on the carpet. Her heart was certainly going from all this work, and her juices were also flowing - she was incredibly turned on by the feel of it all: being bound, wearing what she was wearing, her crotch rope. She was able to tug on her crotch rope a bit, but wasn't going to be able to get herself off that way. How she wished she had put the vibrating egg in her to keep her company on this journey.

On her belly she was merely inching her way along. She tried to do the math and think of just how long it might take her to get to the key at this pace, but basically it was incredible how little movement she had. She was barely able to roll over onto her side, to try to see if she could move faster somehow that way as well.

Eventually, after bumping into a few door frames and probably scratching the wall in the hallway with her stilettos a few times, she made it to the key. Finding it was not easy, on the carpet and with gloves on. And then getting the key into the hole was also a real challenge, but eventually she was free and she pulled the hood off and smiled.

She'd worked up quite a sweat, so she quickly untied herself, took off all her clothes, and turned on the shower. She had earned her first orgasm, and for it she decided to put in her red ball gag, get in the shower, and masturbate herself to orgasm under the streams of hot water. One hand worked her tits while the other rubbed hard on her clit and very quickly she was coming. moaning. gasping. thrilled.

She then had a real shower, and thought about what was next. She already had some ideas in mind, but she had to pick one. Her husband would be home in about an hour, so she had to get cracking.

Once her hair was dry and she put on some make up, she went to get dressed up again. This time it would be red. Red satin chemise, red satin opera gloves, red satin 6" heels, red ball gag. This time she didn't need to worry about getting out - and she had made sure that he was going to be home on time tonight. And this time she was going to allow herself the pleasure of her vibrating egg. She slid it in, and set the remote for a very low setting - enough to feel it, not enough to get her off.

She then got down to tying herself up again. She had decided on copying a position she had seen online: she knelt up against the narrow end of the ottoman and tied each knee to a leg of the ottoman. She then crossed her ankles over and tied them together. Next she wound a very long rope around her chest several times, then lay face down on the ottoman and wound the rest of the rope several times around the ottoman and herself, binding her down to it.

She checked over everything, and she knew he'd love the look of her when he got home. She was just able to reach up and pull down the red satin blindfold that had been resting on her forehead. And the last step was her shiny handcuffs, behind her back.

Now she got to wait. And such enjoyable waiting it would be! Feeling the ropes, feeling the satin, feeling the purr in her pussy. And thinking about what she had left on the coffee table, just to her left: the handcuff key, her whip, and a note: "I'd LOVE it if my butt matched the colour of my outfit."

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