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Lucky Escape

by Lucky Jess

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This is the story of how I got stuck in strict self bondage. This story is completely true and one that I could not have seen coming.

My name is Jessica Thornton and I am 21 years old. I don't mean to show off, but I am a beautiful young adult. I do a lot of exercise and am 174cm (5''8') tall with long wavy brown Hair and a clear jawline. My breasts are a cup size c and my thighs are tight. I live in South Africa and I don't have a boyfriend. I also often do self bondage. 

I am kinky and love bondage. Seeing as how I don't have anyone to do this with though, I am forced to do self bondage which I love just as much ;). The stricter and tighter the bondage, and the more I feel helpless, the better I feel. I've got some very minimal bondage equipment, consisting of one pair of fluffy Handcuffs, a very comfortable red ball gag, a Buttplug (it is an expanding silicone Buttplug with three armlike sides that open when inside. It is a struggle to get in and out, but once inside, it gives a very effective filling sensation). I also have an egg vibrator that I place into my Shaved pussy. This does not bring me to climax, but definitely pretty close and makes me super frustrated when I use it. I also use three belts with the type of buckle that doesn't use the hole and pin design, allowing the belt to be tightened to any length.


It was a relatively warm Friday evening and I had been a little turned on by seeing hot guys and their six packs while scrolling through Instagram. Seeing that I live in an apartment on my own, and that I was on holiday from University there was no better time to commit to some self bondage. 

So I started by taking a nice hot shower. I had fingered myself a little in there and was now very turned on. I went to my bedroom, unpacked all of my equipment and began to set up my escape mechanism. 

My escape technique uses a CD tray on my PC that I close onto an elastic band. Attached to the elastic band is a thin string that runs from the elastic band through a hook in the ceiling above my bed. To the string I attach the key to the handcuffs and other locks if I use more. The key hangs in the air until the CD tray opens and it falls onto the bed allowing me to uncuff myself. I have an application installed on my PC that can open the CD tray after a specified time. The application allows one to play with random timers and one can even hide how much time is left leaving you completely in the dark on how long it will take.

At this point it was time to start filling myself. I started by lubing the Buttplug and slowly inserting it while holding the three sections together. Once it got past the thickest part of the plug it slid in on its own while also expanding. And boy is that a rush. The endorphins fill my brain and I have a moment of drowsy Bliss. Next was the egg vibrator. It goes in quite easily and stays in without difficulty. Because the vibrator isn't wireless I have to turn it on before placing it in. Knowing that I cannot turn it off until I'm out of my bondage again is also a pretty big rush. Lastly, I placed the gag into my mouth and pulled it tight, very effectively putting my voice to no use at all.

I then began to put on my bonds. I started by sitting on my knees and putting a belt around each leg, pulling them tight and making sure that the buckle was on the outside of my leg. Due to the wide nature of these soft fabric belts means that they are extremely comfortable yet leave no room for escape. I then continue to take the last belt and set it to about half of it's length. At this point I need to start the timer otherwise I can't do it anymore. With the timer set to 3 hours I can resume the bonds. I then struggled a bit with the pre sized belt because I had planned to get it around just above my elbows. This part of the bondage is important because it makes it very strict and causes me to be very helpless. Lastly I close the handcuffs around my wrists. The catch though is that I cuffed my hands together in the front, completely immobilizing my arms. 

Through all this, my vibrator and Buttplug are doing their intended jobs and giving me satisfaction. This satisfaction however is not enough to bring me over the edge and therefore make me super frustrated and horny as hell. Eventually I even start pushing my pelvis into the bed, hoping to get more sensation to get over the edge, but to no result. 

So for about 2 hours and 10 minutes I am lost in complete and utter Bliss with waves of endorphins, dopamines and oxytocin being released in my brain. In this state of imagination and being bound in a semi frogtie, hogtie and something else I can do nothing against what is about to happen.

You see, in South Africa, there have lately been some difficulties with the power grid and in response to that, the government implemented scheduled power cuts for a certain amount of time in various suburbs across the country. 

So on that warm Friday evening at about 10:15pm after 2 hours and 10 minutes of pure and utter frustration, my horny, bound, gagged, plugged, vibrated ass had to experience a power cut. This meant that my PC would go off, meaning that the timer can't open the CD player, meaning that the key wouldn't drop. A moment of terror struck and I couldn't help but think that this was maybe all in my imagination. It was not. I couldn't even turn off the vibrator or call for help.

So I figured that I would have to wait out the power cut, which could usually go between 5 and 8 hours. I mean I didn't really have a choice. This however didn't solve the problem of the timer that had probably ended. Either way, I would have to wait and see to know for sure.

So I waited. In total, about 7 and a half treacherous hours. Luckily after about 3 hours the vibrator died, but that didn't stop me from being extremely turned on and in desperate need for some release - pun intended. But honestly, the worst part was the fear of not knowing how, when and if even I would get out of my bondage. My jaw was also starting to hurt from the gag. I even ended up falling asleep at one point which was probably for the best.

When the power came back, I was very pleased to find that the PC turned on again and that the application had noticed that something had gone wrong and released the key immediately. Upon this I uncuffed myself, and emptied my holes. I was exhausted and traumatized so I tried to sleep.

Final word

Bondage is fun and can be a real memorable experience, but there is also a real aspect of danger involved. I was lucky because my cleaner was going to come and clean the next day and she has her own key so I was going to be freed at some point, but that would have been very humiliating and it luckily didn't come to that. 

It is important to always have a second way out. One that doesn't rely on technology, complicated mechanics or luck.


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