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Lynn Ann’s Special Gift

by Fred Bolton

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© Copyright 2002 - Fred Bolton - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; gag; blindfold; M/f; sex; cons; X

It was that time of year again that I dreaded the most, it was going to be our 8th anniversary and the thought of trying to buy my husband something that he would really like always drove me crazy. I really love my husband Dan, and he loves me too, but when it comes to buying him something it's the same answer every time. I ask him what he would like and he answers, “I don’t know, surprise me!”

“That is not the answer I was looking for.” I tell him, and he says, “Well I really have no idea what I want, so you pick something O.K.”

This has been the same answer he uses for all the holidays and I don’t think to this day I have bought him something he does like, he always says he likes it, but I can tell by the way he says it, that’s the part that drives me crazy. I just want to give him something that he will remember for along time to come.

So one more time I’ll ask before he goes to work, I only have one day to find something. As he comes down the stairs I catch him and say, “Dan what would you like for our anniversary?”

He says, “Lynn I don’t know just surprise me with something OK.”

I say, “Please give me a hint or something, you are so hard to buy for and I'm running out of time honey.”

“That's O.K. honey I can't think of a thing anyway, got to go or I’ll be late for work” and with that he hugs & kisses me and off he goes out the door.

He works for a big ad agency here in Dayton and he makes good money so its not that we don’t have some to spend on each other, we have a two story house in a nice neighbourhood and we are still in our twenties. But what do I do now? I guess I will have to find something again, but what? I do know that he reads a lot more than he use to and he would go to his den and shut the door from time to time and just read, he always told me it was his quiet time and he would stop reading if I came into the room. Maybe there would be something in there that would give me a clue to what to buy him, it was worth a shot anyway, so I head to the den and open the door and go to where he keeps his books and stuff. There now let me see, cars, boats, travel, he has books on everything cameras, so I started to pick them up and two more books fell out of the inside of one of them.

Girlie magazines, are you kidding me, my Dan looking at this stuff, so I open one and I couldn’t believe my eyes, not just girls, but girls tied in all sorts of ways and blindfolded, some with gags in their mouths, my Dan likes this stuff.

Maybe our love life has not been the greatest here lately and it always seems there is more things to do than we have time for, but Dan looks at this in his quiet time, funny he has never tried to do anything like this to me. Maybe he just didn't want to scare me or knew I wouldn't go along with it. I sat there for along time going from page to page looking for some hint to what he saw in them and why he would like this, then it hit me like a ton of bricks, he wanted something special and this was exciting to him seeing girls helpless and all bound up so someone could do anything they wanted to do to them.

Well I made up my mind right then and there that this anniversary was going to be really something he would not soon forget. I was going to be his surprise and be tied and ready to screw tomorrow when he comes home from work. Now I needed to get some things from the store so I better get a move on and put the books back where they belong so he won’t know I found them. When he sees me naked with my 36c 24 36 figure all bound, blindfolded and gagged laying ready for him on the bed he is going to be really surprised this time that's for sure.

Part 2

The day went by so fast I just made it home 30 minutes before Dan would arrive. I had made some purchases that I would use tomorrow that I thought Dan would like, and few that I had thought up on my on that I wanted to do to add to the moment and build up to the big surprise that would await him. I had first gotten the rope at the hardware store, white looks so nice on the other girls in his book and I wanted to look great to him, then I stopped at a card store and bought three blank cards and envelopes so I could leave them in different places so he would have to go to each one and read it and it would tell him what to do next. I was beginning to like the plot that I was about to put myself into and the more I put my mind to it the more it turned me on, funny how planning a surprise gets your mind into motion and knowing they are going to love it is a bigger turn on.

Now I’ve had my share of guys before we got married but DAN was a great lover and I really went head over heels for him the moment I first saw him and it was no time at all that we were married. So he was now going to see a side of me that he would never dream that would be something I would do just for him. I had looked at sexy outfits today, then I remembered that he always liked me completely naked, he would say that I had the most beautiful body that he had ever seen and it’s a shame to hide it with those outfits, so I didn’t buy them, it was after all his big surprise.

Well, Dan's home from work now so I better get supper ready, he said call him because he was going to read awhile, so I started supper and set down to start work on my cards while he was in there reading, you guessed it, the books he had hidden I was sure of that. Well Dan I thought, tomorrow your going to get the real thing and I hope your going to like it as much as I did planning it for you.

We had supper and watched some TV and then it was time for bed. We went upstairs and got ready for bed and I smiled at him and said, “Dan I think I found something special for you today and I’ll give it to you tomorrow after you get off work, will you be on time tomorrow?”

“Yes” he said, “I don't have a full day planned so I will get here about 5:30 okay.”

“Yes dear that's fine just let me know if your going to be late, I don’t want your surprise to get missed up.”

With that we kissed and rolled over and went to sleep. Morning came and Dan was out of the house right on time as always. I still had work to do on the notes I was going to leave for him to find me, ready and waiting. The first note was for the front door it would read, "Come on in for your special treat. The card you need is where you rest your feet ". The second note would be on the ottoman in the living room and it reads, " This is something special I think you will adore, the card you need is on the second floor “. And the third and finale note would read, "Be my quest, do what you will, I think this will give you a special thrill, open the door and take a peek, the door to the left is the one you seek." Just writing the words got me all hot with anticipation of what's to come.

The rest of the day went by slowly and my mind keep going over the plan that I was about to set into motion, did I remember everything that I wanted to do? Well it is almost 4:00 now so I better shower and start getting ready for Dan. I step into the shower and let the warm water run over my body and relieves some of the tension that has been building up in me all day thinking about tonight. I step out and dry off and dab some perfume on my neck and around my breasts, Dan loves when I do that, he says he loves smelling me as we make love.

The ropes are ready and I get the blindfold and gag I made from some thick cloth I had around, so I make a slip knot in one end of the rope, being raised on a farm I had made them many times for the animals but never did I do this to use on myself. Once you pull on the loop it close’s and holds whatever its around and it can’t get free till it’s backed off from the top part, so once I pull it tight on my wrist, I can’t get free till Dan lets me free.

Ready with that its time to place the notes in the house and on the front door so I grab a robe and go downstairs and put the notes in the right spots so he will be lead to me. Now done I head up to the guest room because that bed has the iron headboard at the top that I will be tied to. Its now 4:30 and time to prepare myself for his arrival. I close the door to the room so he will have to open it, then lay down on the bed and start tying my legs together, now its time to run the loose end of the slip knot around the iron bar on the headboard and tie it off tight, done, now for the blindfold and gag.

First one look at the time, 4: 45, ok now the gag. I run it through my mouth and pull it tight and tie it off behind my head, done, now the blindfold, I close my eyes and hold it tight across them and run it to the back of my head and tie it off tight also. Last chance to change my mind I thought, I stick my arms up into the slip knot and get my wrists into position and with one big pull I am now tied into something I can’t get out of till someone sets me free. Surprising to me is the fact that I really am getting more turned on by the minute, not being able to see or talk or move much has a very strange effect on your other senses too, its like I was free to be myself and to enjoy the moment before Dan got home, well it won't be long now and the excitement will began.

Part 3

The time sure seems to have gone by quickly because I can already hear Dan at the front door and then it closing behind him, as I said, not being able to see makes your other senses more alive that normal. I can hear him walking around downstairs and I’m getting hotter by the minute waiting for him to come up and find me like this, boy is he going to be surprised this time. He is starting to climb the stairs and I can tell he is getting real close now, one last note and I am his to do whatever he wants with me. Then the door to the guest room starts to slowly open and I can almost feel his eyes on my naked body and then a long moment and a single word “Wow!!!” Comes out of his mouth. I almost wish I hadn’t put the blindfold on so I could have seen his face at that moment. I shift my hips around and let out a little moan to add to his picture of me helpless and tied to the bed and at his command.

I can feel his closeness but he hasn't said anything more yet, I must have shocked him real good this time I thought to myself. Then I hear what sounds like clothes landing on the floor not too far away from me, now he starts to lean on the bed and I can feel his hands starting to run slowly down my bound legs and then coming back up to encircle my breasts one at a time. I can't see him but he can see me and it’s having a real effect on me already. I start really moaning now for real and he is hitting all the right places too. His hands move away only to be replaced by his warm lips around my now hard as a rock nipples, he makes tiny nips at them, a bit harder than I like but he must be really turned on by all this and getting carried away more than normal. I moan with each nip and then he whispers a shhhhhhhh to me.

Ok I thought, let him have his way, besides this is more alive than I have felt for quite awhile and his bites are starting a fire in me that I hadn't dreamed I would have in this helpless state. I can't believe that not only am I turning Dan on more than I could have imagined but at the same time I feel sexier than I ever have and getting so close to an orgasm that I forget about the hard nips on my breast and the hand now between my legs starting to play with my now wet love hole. He really has me worked up to a fever pitch with his fingers gliding in and out of me like a fast driving engine, but now I want him to untie me so I can have some fun to and make love to him like he is doing to me. Then just like that he stops and unties my legs but not my arms and his hands start to spread my legs apart and he is on me like a flash. I think I have got him fired up too, because when he entered me he seemed to be huge and much longer than I have ever felt him before. This must be driving him wild with lust that I have never seen before.

He started ramming me good and hard and it was all I could do to keep some kind of pace with him, he was sure making new ground inside me and before I knew what was coming, I exploded into one of the most intense orgasms I had ever in my life had, it lasted for a very long time and Dan slowed down so I could enjoy the most of it. As I came down then he started to pump faster into me and I was back up ready to explode again but this time he and I came together in one earth moving wave of passion, then we both went limp and the waves slowed in our bodies. Dan rested for a long moment and I wanted to have my arms around him so I pleaded though the gag as best I could but instead of releasing me, he retied my legs together again.

‘Not now Dan,’ I thought. “What is he up to now?’ He was like a wild man in bed but I was ready to be set free now.

Just as I was listening close the phone rang, damn it I had forgotten to take it off the hook, well the answering machine will get it and not ruin the mood we where in. I could hear a man’s voice coming on, it was Dan saying he was just leaving the office and would be home in 45 minutes. How the hell? What the… then who was with me now?

That's when I really got frightened. Who’s this person that had just made love to me and what was he going to do to me now? I tried to pull on the ropes and get free but I was still his prisoner for now. That's when he leaned over close to me and whispered into my ear, “Miss I am so sorry about this but when I looked into this room and saw your beautiful body and you looking so inviting and helpless I just could not help myself but to make love to you. Your husband is sure a lucky man to have a wife that will give herself to him the way you have done.”

With that he said he would put the notes back where they belong so Dan could have his surprise when he gets home in a while. “And again I think you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!”

Then he left the room and headed down the stairs and out the door. I didn’t know what to think, I had just been made love to by someone I didn't know, but I had really enjoyed it and had some strong orgasms too. What have I done? Why do I feel half good about it? Is it because this person found me beautiful and inviting or because I did enjoy him also? Nothing I can do now but wait till Dan gets home and the notes will lead him to me and I am starting to get hot all over again and now I sure do want him inside me this time.

Part 4

As I lay there waiting and thinking what had just happened and how I must have looked, I couldn't help but think about the notes I had left so Dan could find and how easy it had been for someone else to have taken it the wrong way, boy did I set myself up for that one I thought. Next time I will leave the blindfold off for sure. Just then I heard Dan come in the door, then quickly come up the stairs and then into the room where I was. “Honey, is this the surprise you were telling me about?”

But of course I can't make much of a sound but I think he understood when I nodded yes!

“You look so beautiful all laid out and tied up and naked, you sure do like giving me the best surprise you have ever given me don't you? But how did you know I like this kind of thing? I forgot you couldn’t answer me can you?”

This was Dan for sure and I was so glad to hear his excitement in his voice, he set out to playing with my body and feeling me all over with his hands which felt good to me till he flicked one of my now sore nipples and I let out a long moan. This he took as something I liked and started to work both of them between this fingers harder than before, the more I moaned the harder he played with them, but on the other hand I was building up to a grand orgasm inside me and his touch was driving it on farther.

He couldn't stand it anymore either and untied my legs and went right for my waiting wet love lips and with every thing he had he entered me and was deep inside me like never before. That's when I knew that I had given him something that he would remember for along long time. He was like a wild man inside me and he was still playing with my breasts and telling me how great I was for giving myself to him this way.

We must have gone on for along time but then we both came at the same time and almost lost our breath when the wave of passion hit us both. He lay still for a while and then untied me and we fell into each other’s arms and rested. Finally we went down the stairs, arm in arm and as we got to the bottom, we could see red roses on the dinning room table.

Dan looked over at me and said, “I see the flower man came on time.”

I smiled a big smile and said, “yes he surly did honey!”

Lynn Ann.


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