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The Magic Cube

by Jo

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© Copyright 2013 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; Sbf; video; voy; strip; lingerie; collar; gag; cuffs; nipple; stuck; cons; X

Seven o'clock. I mouse and click and a window opens up, but it's black. I sip my drink. The lounge is virtually empty. Me, a gal across from me who keeps giving me the eye, a guy over by the window, a kid with a backpack over by the wall, eyes closed, buds in, head bobbing to a private beat.

The screen lights up and there's Ruby's face. Seven o'clock, date time when I'm out of town.

u there?


no video?

not in what you'd call an appropriate place

oh. how's it going?

pretty good

will you be home saturday?

should be

good, miss you

miss you, too, only 2 more days


We yack for a while, the usual stuff. She does most of the yacking. I don't mind. Ruby is very easy on the eyes and the new computer I got for her has an excellent camera. She's 20 years old, a junior in college. I met her when I taught a seminar in art business. While she's an artist, she likes nice things and the words "starving artist" aren't in her vocabulary.

She has pale skin which almost looks white in the light from the monitor. She keeps her blonde hair short, shorter than mine, doesn't even cover her ears. Normally I don't care for short hair on girls, but it works for her. Her face is pretty in an average way and the creases at the corners of her mouth give her a perpetual smirk.

go to my place, i have a little surprise for you - well for us, there's a note on the table

what is it?

you'll know when you get there and bring your pc, I want to watch


The window goes dark again. I sip my drink, watch silent sports on the TV at the end of the bar, avoid the gaze of the woman across from me. A half hour later the screen lights up again.

u there?


i don't see a note

it's right there on the coffee table

o, thought you meant the table table

Ruby sets the PC down and picks up the envelope, opens it. She frowns as she reads, not in a bad way, it's just the way she reads. She turns to the computer and types.

r u serious?

yeah, give us something to do to kill some time


Ruby picks up the PC and heads into the bedroom. She sets it down on the bureau and opens the "fun" draw.

We started dating during the seminar. That was a bit over six months ago. We're at the point where she spends most weekends at my place and I spend a night or two a week at hers. the "fun" drawer is her drawer. It's full of sex toys and lingerie and a few bits of fetish wear, so I guess, in a way, it's my "fun" drawer. The bondage gear lives in a gym bag in the closet. I've been introducing her to bondage and she's responding nicely. We're not into D/s or s&m. We're basically a vanilla couple with a serious kinky side. Lately I've introduced her to self-bondage. Fixing herself gets her horny and waiting for me to touch her makes her hotter still.

Ruby gathers the things in the note and sets them on the bed.

She strips slowly, teasing. While she has an average face, she has a killer body and perfect tits. Legend has it that the champagne glass was designed after Marie Antoinette's tit. Ruby's are the same shape, but bigger, though not too big. Her pink nipples are erect and seem to point upward.

Her belly is flat and her waist and hips form a nice, smooth curve. She turns to take off her panties, bends, stands, pauses a moment before turning back to face me. She has a nice, full, spankable ass and I do spank her. Something about being "manhandled" turns her on. Okay, so maybe there is a bit of a D/s thing going on here.

She pulls the cincher around her waist. It's bigger than a cincher, really, but not a corset. It's black satin and has a point that extends up between her tits, another points down at her pussy. She gets a regular bikini wax and keeps her nest close cropped and I can see her inner lips just barely poking through. She struggles with the hooks.

The last time I cinched it I had made it extra tight, but she can't untie it without me there to redo it, really. So she's stuck with the hooks. She manages, takes a few, awkward breaths, and blows me a kiss.

She picks up the posture collar and wraps it around her neck. She laces it in front, then turns it around so that the laces are in back and the gag is in front. It extends up and over her chin, right up to her nose. Before tightening the laces, she squeezes a large foam ball into her mouth. A minute later the laces are tight and she pauses before the camera again.

Ruby turns the PC and walks over to the closet. She retrieves her black, fuck-me pumps and steps into them, does another turn. She pulls the gym bag from the closet, grabs the PC, and heads into the living room.

In the corner of the room is a hanging plant, a silk plant. The chain is bolted to a beam in the ceiling. I've pretty much equipped the place like a dungeon. It doesn't look it, but all the furniture was bought with bondage in mind. I've introduced her to shibari bondage and suspension and she's spent more than a few hours hanging in the corner. Mostly, though, I like it simple. A good gag and a pair of cuffs is all you really need, right?

She pulls a set of handcuffs from the bag, snicks one on to her left wrist, holds up the key to the camera and sets it down by the laptop. She walks over to the corner so I can get a nice full shot of her. The nipple chain comes next. Her nips are pierced and she opens the loops to go around the barbells, cinching them tightly underneath, tightly enough to make her wince. I'd have preferred clamps, but, in desperation, clamps can be pulled off ... and Ruby was going to become desperate ... and soon.

She looks at the note again, holds up one finger, disappears, reappears with a black stocking. Stockings! That's what I forgot, should have had her put on a pair. Oh well. Maybe next time.

She disappears again and reappears with an ice cube. She holds it up and drops it into the stocking. She reaches up and feeds the end of the stocking through the small, metal loop at the end of the chain until the cube fetches up against it. She draws the end down between her tits, down behind the chain, and back up. She tugs on it, drawing her nipples skyward. Wincing, she knots the stocking.

Ruby takes a look around, gives me a little wave. She reaches behind and turns so I can watch as she cuffs her wrists. She turns back to face me. While her computer is recording all of this, I do a quick screen capture on my end, save it, and make it my new wallpaper. Lovely, just lovely.

I order another drink and watch Ruby for a while. As time passes, she senses something isn't quite right. She keeps glancing up at the ice cube, tugging on it as much as she dares with the loops pulling at her nipples. She even takes a tentative move towards the coffee table, towards the handcuff key. But that ain't gonna happen. She manages half a step - maybe.

The gal from the other side of the bar finishes her drink, pays, walks by me and pauses as if she's going to speak, but she glances at the computer screen and walks off. I have to laugh.

They call my flight, I kill the tablet, grab my drag-along, and head across the concourse. Ruby is in for a pleasant surprise and a not so pleasant surprise. It had been a good week and I'm going home a day and a half sooner than I'd expected, sooner than Ruby expects for sure. That's important because that ice cube? Not real. It's some high-tech fake cube. They call it the Magic Cube. It looks and feels like ice, but it keeps drinks colder longer.

And it's not going to melt.


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