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Maid in the Corn

by cntrl_altrnt

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© Copyright 2010 - cntrl_altrnt - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; outdoors; Sbm; cd; caught; F/m; bond; cons/reluct; X

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon in the last week of September. My son and daughter would come over for the weekend, to support me in my weekend of mixed anniversaries; tomorrow will be my 46th birthday and the day after it will be 3 years since my husband passed away after a five year struggle against cancer.

I got home early from work, but my twins just called traffic was a horror today, and they wouldn’t be here until between 18:30 and 19:00 (if things on the roads wouldn’t get worse), I decided it to take the dog for a walk before making dinner. I changed my skirt and pumps for a pair of jeans and walking shoes and went out the door. After walking down the driveway, I have two choices, right into the village or left… not that I ever go right with the dog.

When I turn left, the road used to go to the city but when construction on the new highway started eight years ago, it became a four kilometer long dead end. Horrible since I now have to take a “detour” into the city, but great to take the dog for a walk. The only two neighbors I have to the left are two farms. And left and right of the road is just farmland, with the exception of the last 200 meters of woodland until you get to a little private fishpond and then another 300 meters woodland until the highway.

I walked Angel, a Doberman pinscher I got shortly after my husband passed away, all the way to the fishpond and as we got between the trees I noticed an unfamiliar car being parked. Curious as I am, I looked if someone was in the car or in the neighborhood. But nobody was to be seen anywhere and since we were at the end of the road anyway, Angel and I headed back. 50 meters after leaving the trees behind me, I noticed a little path into the corn, three to four plants wide. Still curious, and with plenty of time left, I decided to check it out… so Angel and I went into the cornfield. Just a few steps later I noticed a little red handbag. Of course, this had to be checked out;

Several pieces of make-up products. BMW car keys, probably matching the X5 further down the road. A key ring with two small keys. A drivers license belonging to a 32-year old *surprise* man, and a good looking one too, judging by the photo.

If I wasn’t curious already, I sure would be now. I continued to follow the path, which took some turns and was heading back to the trees. As I approached the tree-line Angel became more and more alert and I kept her at a short leash. I also heard that distinct noise of chain movement as I got closer and as I got to some kind of a clearing at the edge of the cornfield, I saw a blanket, the dog barked and my jaw dropped. And I am sure his jaw would have dropped too, if it weren’t for the chinstrap at his fire red ball-gag.

There he stood; almost two meters tall, but that would for a part be due to the calf height platform boots he was wearing. His legs seemed shaven underneath the thigh high black fishnet stockings and it made a nice contrast with the white rope binding his legs just above and below the knees together. A very short leather skirt did not much of a job, and I would be able to see his most private parts if he wouldn’t bend forward as much as he could. And it wasn’t much, a leather cuff over each ankle was connected with a short chain to what looked like a broom handle. On the other end, similar lengths of chain were connected to his leather wrist cuffs and a third piece of chain connected the wrist cuffs to a leather collar, so bending any further or reaching down with his hands was impossible. His attire was completed with a leather corset, ditto opera gloves, heavy make-up, a blonde wig and a little white apron. Giving kind of a maids impression. The cuffs, collar and ball-gag were all locked with padlocks.

I gave Angel a little more leash and she followed her nose to sniff his groin. As a natural reaction he leaned back and his ample skirt now revealed a polycarbonate chastity device. Behind him, I noticed a thread hanging from the tree branch with a block of ice in the middle and a key ring with five keys at the end, about 3 meters from the ground.

I was surprised, yes, but shocked, no! My husband loved to play self bondage games, and did so, until his cancer made that impossible. He often arranged for me to find him, to use him as it pleased me (or leave him in his self-inflicted predicament) but he never dressed up. For a very short moment I was in doubt if I should just turn around and walk away. I didn’t.. I ordered Angel to lie down, sat myself on the blanket and started asking a few yes/no questions.

“Is this yours?” and showed the little red handbag. He nodded yes.

“Did somebody arrange this scene for you?”. The nod was no this time.

I fumbled around in the bag and showed the key ring. “Does one of the keys unlock your ball-gag?”, He nodded yes again.

“Does the other key match your chastity device?”. Yes again.

I unclipped Angels leash and doubled it. Stood up and asked, “Do you have a Master or Mistress?”.

The look in his eyes was a little confused, but he shook no. I walked towards him, playing with the clip of the leash, then turned and walked around him.

“Stand still”, I ordered, as he tried to follow my movement and stopped after circling him once. I tried one of the keys on his chastity device lock, it worked and I locked the device again.

“This is the only key?” He nodded yes.

Next I walked to stand behind him and gave Angels leash a little swing. It landed on his right buttock. Then one on the left side and then twice on each side, “I should really punish you for doing this to yourself, and I will” I said “but not now. Now you will answer me some questions.” I used the other key to unlock his ball-gag and removed it. Quite a challenge, as I am only 1.62 meters and he can’t bend.

I asked him some questions and learned he is single, has a good position at a bank in the city, this was his first bondage play outdoors and he never shared his fetish with anyone. Finally I looked at his ice and my watch and decided it was time to head home. I got the eyeliner, key ring and drivers license from the little read handbag and asked him for his e-mail. I used the eyeliner to write it on my arm, showed it and asked if it was okay. He said yes. I put the leash back on Angel and walked towards the path in the corn.

“This email address better be right, next week you’ll get your instructions. Fail them, and you’ll not get your key or drivers license. Drive careful.”

I left him to wait for the ice to melt…


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