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Mandy’s Bad April Fools Day

by Newbie

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© Copyright 2006 - Newbie - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; glue; nc; X

Mandy had been looking forward to April fools day for a year since the last year when her co worker Tommy had gotten her good with the glue in the tissues box. And then made her computer crash. She was going to get him back but it would have to wait for tomorrow. 

She had Tommy over for dinner to loosen him up before tomorrow. After he left she thought she would try a spot of bondage gear on, she secretly liked wearing bondage gear. She decided to put on her ballet boots that went all the way up her entire legs and was boned so her legs would have almost no bend. She also was going to wear her ball gag and some thumbless mittens which she used a nail on her headboard to get them on and off. 

She put the ballgag on, which was extra big so it stretched her jaw. Next was the ballet boots which she heard a little squishing sound when she put them on but she thought nothing of it since she was wearing some socks she buckled the boots and now she couldn't bend down. Next she used the nail on her headboard to slip on the thumbless mittens.

She walked around the house and mewed in the gag and tried to grab stuff and knowing she couldn't do it made her horny. But now it was time to take the stuff off and go to bed. She went into her bedroom and tried to use the nail but the mittens didn't budge. She tried again but nothing. She started to worry and tried again and again but they wouldn't come off. She was panicking now and frantically running till she fell down. 

She tried to get up but with no hands and her legs being unable to bend cause of the boning in the boots it took forever. 

Next she heard the the phone ring and she froze up she let the machine get it and she heard Tommy's voice. "Let me guess, Mandy by now you probably have on your ballet boots so you have to walk on your toes and you can't bend your legs. You probably have on your thumbless mittens and your ball gag which by now you realize you can't move your lips anymore. Well don't worry I knew what you were going to do to me tomorrow at work so I decided when you invited me for dinner that tonight I would get you first. I put super glue on all the inside of the boots, the inside of the mittens and your ball gag is coated with it as well. I've got webcams hidden all over the house so I can view this on my computer. And I know this is early but APRIL FOOLS DAY!" And with that he hung up.

She began crying and sobbing she couldn't move her lips, her feet were really aching now from having to walk on her toes and her hands were cramping inside the mittens. She sat back on the bed and her legs stood straight out. She just laid there and cried herself to sleep. When she woke up it was morning. She had to call in sick to work, but she couldn't talk due to the gag. 

The phone rang again and this time on the machine it was her boss. "Mandy Tommy told me about your illness and i'm sorry so don't worry about it. Mona will cover for you till you get back bye and get well."

After he hung up she sighed then Tommy came back on the machine. "Hey babe I took care of work and I'm using a personal day I'll be over in a minute."

He hung up and she got furious. She couldn't wait for him to show up.

About ten minutes later he pulled up and used the hidden key in the rock and opened the door and she came running out and fell down. He laughed at her and she sobbed and cried again. She tried to talk to him but all that came out was mumbling. 

He helped her to her feet and she took a swing and him but he was ready and he swung her hand around and cuffed her hands behind her back and put her back on her stomach and watched her writhe on the floor. Next he took her into her bedroom and uncuffed her and washed the glue off the gag and took it out. She cussed up a storm at him but he didn't listen to her. 

Next he got the glue off her hands and the mittens came off with it and she worked the numbness out. Then when she was expecting him to take off the boots he got up and left locking the door behind him with her own key. She got up and stumbled to the door and pounded and demanded he let her out.

Eventually she felt the door unlock and ran out into the living room. She took one step and realized something she couldn't lift her feet he had glued her boots to the hardwood floor. She frantically began trying to pull her feet up but nothing he came back in and laughed and cut the boots off. 

She fell to her knees crying. She asked him, "Please take these off I beg you."

"Oh ok" and he sat her down and with his solvent he got her boots off. Her feet ached so bad she couldn't walk for a while cause of the cramping.

"I told you I am the prank master. I told you last year you couldn't get me."

"Yes I know." Mandy replied. "This was a good prank You had me panicking and crying."

For the rest of the day they talked and laughed about the prank which they both agreed not to tell anyone about ever.




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