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by Lord Zhamet

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© Copyright 2007 - Lord Zhamet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; susp; spread; toys; cons; X

Authors notes: This story is entirely fiction and has no resemblance to any living persons or events. Feedback and comments can be sent to [email protected]

Part 1 – The Spreader Dildo Rod.


Marie looked at herself in the mirror. She didn’t consider herself ugly, but not a super model either. In her own opinion she was a fairly regular 26 years old Caucasian woman, 165 cm tall, about 60 kg, long dark-blond hair, chestnut brown eyes and firm 34C breasts. Although her weight might seem a bit much she had no signs of being overweight, rather the extra kilos came from her fitness. She exercised regularly and took good care of her body.

She worked as an assistant electronics engineer, and the pay was very good. In fact so good that it allowed her to fully explore her little private secret. Over the years she had had a few boyfriends, but nothing that had lasted longer then a couple of months. And Marie had never gained enough trust with any of them to reveal her secret interests.

Her secret was that she loved bondage. Strict, tight, heavy bondage, preferably combined with sexual abuse and humiliation. She had discovered her interest in bondage and humiliation as a teenager but never dared to explore it until she got her own home when she was 21. By then she had already learned about self-bondage from the internet, and since she had never trusted any of her boyfriends enough to tell them about her desires, that was the way she began exploring the world of heavy bondage and humiliation.

She had just finished her daily workout program and her tracksuit was damp from perspiration. Marie put the suit in the laundry bag, but instead of taking a shower straight away she put on a work coverall and walked down into the basement of her suburban house. That’s were she had her little workshop.

The walls of the single basement room were lined with wood and leather working machines, benches and tools. Marie always kept the door locked and no one but herself knew what she used it for. Through her work she had a great knowledge about electronics and computers, but none of her workmates knew she was almost as skilled at working with wood and leather. Having a father who was a carpenter and a mother who were a leatherworker had its benefits.

Already as a little girl she had been helping both mom and dad in their work, and through all those years she had picked up all the little tips and tricks of both the professions. Her dad had been a jack of all trades when it came to carpentry; he was as at home making furniture as building a house. Her mother had been making and selling custom ordered biker outfits, and occasionally custom ordered outfits for other “occasions and uses” although Marie had never been allowed to help her with those.

Marie walked over to the large main workbench and picked up one of the packages she had placed there earlier. She had been waiting for these deliveries for almost a week, and now she could finally complete her newest device. She opened the package and put all the items on the table. Then she picked up a round wooden rod, about 5 centimetres in diameter.

She brought the rod and the contents from the package to another smaller table were she had some of her leatherworking equipment. There she took two not yet finished ankles cuffs made from thick black leather. With a large drill she made a hole in the middle of the cuffs. Then she took the metal plates from the package, in the centre of the plates were a five centimetres long and two centimetres wide threaded bolt. She placed the bolt in the hole in the cuff and used cold rivets to secure it to the cuff. After doing the same with the second cuff she put the inner lining and padding in place and sewed it on.

The only part of the metal now visible was the threaded bolt sticking out. Then she placed metal reinforcing at the ends of the rod and drilled holes at both ends. After pouring strong glue into the holes she screwed the cuffs to the pole. Now she had a nice spreader bar, and when the glue had dried there was no way the cuffs could come lose without breaking the pole. She had carefully measured the pole so it would force her legs so far apart as to make it uncomfortable but still durable for some time.

She left the spreader bar to let the glue dry for a few minutes and focused on the second part of the device. The last item from the package was a two piece metal rod. It was designed so one part fitted inside the other, making it an extendable rod that could be locked at any length with a tightening screw. At it's top end it had a metal holder that could be closed and tightened, at the bottom end it had threaded bolt.

Marie picked up the spreader bar and placed a metal reinforcing at the centre of the pole. Again she drilled a hole and poured some glue in it. Then she screwed the metal rod into the spreader bar. Now only one thing remained to finish the device, the contents of the second package.

With slightly trembling hands she opened the package. She picked up the large dildo, it was completely anatomically correct and the entire shaft was covered with large, hard studs. It also had a built-in, remotely controlled vibrator. Marie had deliberately chosen a model that didn’t use a cord for the control but instead used a short range signal. That way she could throw the remote way out of reach once she had activated it. She had also made sure it was just a little longer and thicker then anything she had yet had inside her.

Marie made sure the metal holder at the top of the metal rod was big enough to fit the dildo, and then she put it back into the box. Since it was Thursday she had to be at work tomorrow, and the glue still needed several hours before it was dry. She put the device on the large bench, turned of the lights and went upstairs.

Working on her newest bondage device had made her wet and horny as hell, but she decided to try and save it for tomorrow night. She put the work coverall in the laundry basket and took a long hot shower. She had to use every inch of self-control she had to prevent herself from masturbating.

She felt like the work during Friday took forever, as it usually felt when she had planed a self-bondage session for the evening. The last two hours seemed to take forever, but finally it was time to go home. Since the session she had planned was going to be rather long, she picked up some take-away on her way home.

When she came home she made sure all the doors and windows were locked and then she sat down to eat her dinner. Done with the food she went upstairs and striped naked. Marie only wore clothes on the few occasions when she did sessions in the bedroom and then she always wore her most provocative underwear, a set that made her look like a whore and slut. But tonight she had planned a ‘dungeon’ session, and she always did those completely nude.

She then went to the bathroom to shave and shower, keeping her pussy bare and hairless was a vital part in her ‘self humiliation’. After the shower she put on a pair of simple slippers and walked down to the basement. First she checked that the glue in the new spreader device was dry. Then she picked up the device and the big dildo and walked to a large shelf. Marie pulled the shelf to the side, revealing a small door in the wall behind it. Using a key that was hidden in the shelf she unlocked the door and entered.

This was her ‘dungeon’. Not as well equipped as she had wanted and not very big either, but it was enough for her needs. The room had originally been a small storage area, but Marie had found another use for it as soon as she saw it when she moved in. It was only 3 by 3 meters so there was not much space, and that’s why she always tried to make her devices so they could be put away to save space.

Marie quickly made sure everything she would need was there and then closed the door. The room had no windows and the door fit so tight it didn’t let any light in. If the lamps were turned off, the room became literally pitch black. One of the best things about the room, and the rest of the basement for that part, was that it had an unusual high ceiling. It was a little more then three meters between the floor and ceiling, perfect for the kind of games Marie liked to play.

She placed the spreader device on a small bench standing beside the door and began arranging the rest of the equipment she was going to use. After about ten minutes she was ready to begin. First she put a small 1 by 1 meter carpet in the middle of the room. Then she knelt down on it in a submissive position.

After spending about five minutes on her knees, getting into her ‘slave mode’, she put a thick, wide leather collar around her neck and locked it in place with a small padlock. Still kneeling on the carpet she picked up a thin cotton rope and began tightly tying her breasts. When her breasts were bulging, swollen and starting to become purple she tied of the rope, making sure the knot was in the back and unreachable unless her hands were free and then stood up. Next came the wrist cuffs, also locked in place with padlocks. The key for all the locks were in a small box with a timer lock, it would not open for another six hours.

The next item was her favourite ball gag, a really big and bright pink rubber ball. Marie loved the feeling of having her mouth completely stuffed and this gag really did a good job. Another small padlock assured that the gag would stay in for the whole session. After making a final check that everything else was in place she picked up the spreader bar and strapped the attached cuffs around her ankles.

The spreader bar was so long it made it very difficult for Marie to move. With some effort she secured the spreader bar to the ring in the floor sticking up thru the small hole in the carpet with a padlock. She had tested it before so she knew she could reach the key box with her hands if she was lying on her stomach. Lying like that would crush her tightly bound breasts beneath her, but that was actually part of the plan.

Then she attached the big dildo to the extendable rod and lubricated it with lots of lube. Her pussy was by now soaking wet, but the dildo was a little bigger than anything she had ever used before and she wanted it to go in without too much pain. While spreading her pussy lips wide with one hand, she slowly began pushing the intruder inside. It was really stretching her, but not so much it hurt. There was a little pain but she could stand it.

When the head of the rubber cock was inside, she picked up the dildo remote and another remote from the small bench beside her and then pushed the bench away. It was a little tricky to push the dildo in the rest of the way with only one hand, but she managed to get it all the way in. When she felt it hit her bottom she pulled it out just a tiny little bit so it would not press against her cervix, then she tightened the screw to lock it in place. Now it was time for the last torture item, the nipple clamps. With her breasts tightly bound as they were, her nipples had become extremely sensitive. Even though the clamps were not the tightest ones she had, it hurt a lot when she put them on.

It was time for the final step; the point of no return. Holding the two remotes in her left hand, she stretched her arms towards the chain hanging down from the ceiling. With a padlock she secured her wrist cuffs to the chain. When the lock closed with its distinctive ‘click’ Marie almost came on the spot. She looked up and then selected the random setting for the dildo and pressed the delayed activation button. That meant the dildo would start anytime within 1 to 5 minutes from when the button was pressed.

She tossed the dildo remote onto the large pillow in the corner, placed there for just that purpose. Then she concentrated on the second remote. She had built it herself and it controlled several things in the room. First she turned on the powerful spotlights placed in the upper corners on the room. They were aimed so they completely illuminated Marie. Then she turned off the fluorescent lamps in the ceiling. Next she activated the digital video and still cameras placed around the room. She always filmed and photographed her sessions, but she had never shared the material with anyone.

Finally she activated the pulley in the ceiling, pulling the chain her wrists were secured to upwards. When her arms were stretched to the point where she could almost no longer take the pain she released the button. Before she could chicken out, she tossed the remote onto the pillow.

Marie was standing with her legs uncomfortably wide, with a big dildo stretching and impaling her pussy. Her breast were tightly bound and bulging, with clamps biting painfully into her sensitive nipples. A huge ball gag completely stuffed her mouth and her arms were pulled painfully tight towards the ceiling. The powerful spotlights effectively blinded her so she could not see anything around her. She was in heaven.

She was so horny she could smell it, and her pussy was literally dripping. Then the dildo came to life, and it started on the maximum setting. The intensity of the vibrations immediately sent Marie over the edge. Her body shook wildly as the orgasm washed over her. The involuntary movements caused the dildo to move even more inside her, made the nipple clamps bounce and cause even more pain in her nipples. The combined effect intensified her orgasm, causing Mare to move even more. The circle continued until the dildo finally turned off, almost five minutes later.

Marie slumped down, hanging limp in her bonds and pushing the dildo even deeper inside her, almost completely exhausted. She hoped by god that the dildo would remain still until she had caught her breath and regained some strength. But she had set it on random and had no idea when it would start again, or at what intensity. Just as Marie was about to straighten up, the dildo came back to life.

Again it was on maximum, and within a minute Marie was having her second orgasm. It was not as intense as the first, but it still made her shake and move, increasing the duration. When the dildo turned off again she was completely spent. The strain on her arms from carrying her entire weight was beginning to take its toll. She struggled to raise herself and stand on her feet. With her weight no longer straining her arms the pain lessened, but they were still tightly stretched.

‘How am I to survive almost six full hours like this?’ she thought to herself. ‘This session is going to be really painful before it’s over.’

This time it took almost fifteen minutes before the dildo started again, and then it was on a rather low setting. Marie felt her arousal beginning to rise again, but before she could climax the dildo turned off. She tried to scream in frustration, but the huge ball gag muffled her sounds effectively.

Five times in a row the dildo started on low settings and then turned of before Marie climaxed. She had completely lost track of time and had no idea how long she had been bound, or how long was left before she was released. Her pussy was beginning to ache from the size of the dildo, her arms and legs were in pain from being stretched, her nipples were hurting like hell from the clamps and her jaw was also beginning to hurt from the huge gag.

A certain amount of pain actually increased Marie’s arousal, but now it was quickly becoming too much. Then the dildo kicked in on maximum. It only took a minute before Marie had her most intense orgasm yet. Her entire body shook in heavy spasms, making the clamps shake wildly and increase the pain in her now very sore nipples. The dildo kept going for almost ten minutes, causing Marie to have yet another orgasm before it turned off. When it finally died she blacked out.

When Marie came back to consciousness she had no idea how long she had been out, but her arms hurt like hell and the big dildo was pressing against her cervix. She struggled and finally managed to raise herself to her feet. She was beginning to wonder if she had maybe gone a little too far when deciding for a six hour session. It was not the longest session she had ever done, not by a long shot, but it was the first long one while using a vibrating dildo. Her current record for long term bondage was almost fourteen hours, but then she hadn’t used any dildo or plug and it had been in bed.

Marie hoped her release was imminent, because she didn’t think she could take this much longer. Then the devilish dildo turned on, fortunately on a low setting. Even though she was in a lot of pain and her entire body hurt like hell, her pussy responded to the dildo soon enough. But like the previous times, the dildo stopped before she could reach climax.

Marie began counting to try and get some track of time. She had had counted to almost 300 when the dildo started again, this time on maximum. Since her arousal had not faded yet, she came within a minute. This time it actually hurt when she climaxed. Her pussy was becoming really sore but her nipples had now gone numb and didn’t hurt as much. When the dildo turned off she managed to remain standing, although with some effort.

She knew that if the dildo would start on maximum the next time, she would pass out again. But before the dildo came back to life, she heard a loud beep from the ceiling. The beep was quickly followed by several more. It was the ten second warning announcing her release.

The pulley in the ceiling was of her own design. It used electromagnets to hold and pull the chain and was connected to a timer. She had designed it so that if the power was interrupted she would be released immediately. The entire device was run from a limited power supply, so even if the timer failed she would be released when the supply was drained. The beeps was a warning that it was less then ten seconds left before the magnets turned off and released the chain. Marie had put in the beeps after the first time she used the system, the release had been so sudden she had fallen to the floor and almost broken a leg.

When she heard the beeps, Marie straightened herself so she would not fall. With the dildo in her pussy connected to the spreader bar; a fall would be very painful and very dangerous. With a loud ‘click’ the chain was released from the pulley. Marie quickly brought her hands to the side so the chain would not hit her in the head. She still had to figure out a way to avoid that.

Her hands were no longer stretched out above her head, but they were still locked together on the chain. First she loosened the screw in the extendable rod and slowly pulled the dildo out of her very sore pussy. Just as she had got it out it came to life, on maximum. She quickly used the master switch at the base to turn it of. Then she carefully lowered herself until she was again kneeling on the carpet.

Now it was time to remove the nipple clamps. Having been on for so long, she knew it would hurt A LOT when they came off. That was one of the reasons she had kept them on until she was kneeling on the carpet. The other was that if the dildo had come on while she removed them she would most likely have fallen. She took her time removing the clamps, and the pain was almost unbearable when the blood poured back into her nipples. When the clamps were finally off she had to rest while the pain subsided. She still had one more thing to do, and it would also be painful.

Since the knot to the ropes tying her breasts was in the back, she could not reach it with her hands secured together. And she now had to lay flat on her stomach to be able to reach the box with the padlock keys. That would put a lot of her weight on her swollen breasts and sore nipples. She took a deep breath and flinched when the pain in her jaw reminded her of the huge ball gag, as if she had been able to forget it.

Carefully she lay down, trying to put as little pressure on her bound breasts as possible. But in order to reach the box, she had to lie completely flat on the ground. The box was secured to the floor so Marie had to open the lid and then pick up the keys with her fingers. When she finally got the keys she quickly returned to kneeling. First she removed the wrist cuffs, then the ropes binding her breasts and then the spreader bar and finally the ball gag.

Marie lay back on the carpet to catch her breath and let the pulsing pain in her breasts subside. After almost half an hour she rose. First she picked up the ‘dungeon’ remote and turned the fluorescent lamps back on, turned off the spotlights and finally the cameras. Then she began cleaning up and putting everything back in its place. When she was done she resumed the submissive kneeling position. After about five minutes in the position she removed the collar, her ‘slavery’ was now over for this time. She didn’t have an imaginary ‘Master’, but she always performed this ritual before and after every ‘dungeon’ session.

With tired legs Marie left the room, closed and locked the door and pushed the shelf back in its place. She had originally planed to take a shower after the session, but she was way too tired. When she entered her bedroom she saw that it was way past midnight. She climbed into the bed, pulled the sheet over her and within a minute she was sleeping.

She didn’t wake up until almost lunch time Saturday. When she awoke her body was stiff and sore, but she forced herself through a warm up and stretching routine she knew would work. After the exercise and a long, warm shower she felt a lot better. Her pussy and nipples was still sore and would probably stay like that for several days. After a steady brunch, she was hungry like a whole wolf pack; she went back to the basement.

 In the dungeon she connected the cameras to one of her laptops and downloaded the video recording and pictures. After closing the dungeon again she returned to her bedroom with the laptop. The still cameras had been set to take a picture every 30 seconds, with three cameras that made for over 2100 pictures. She quickly browsed thru them, deleting the ones clearly not up to her desired standard. After the first sorting, she was down to about 800 pictures. She decided to make a more detailed sorting later since she usually only saved about 150 pictures from each session.

In order to make the video cameras memory last for the whole session she had been forced to turn the quality down quite a lot, but the result was still acceptable. It would take some time to edit it down to the 2-3 hours she could fit into a DVD disc. But since the quality was low, she might be able squeeze in some more; she would find out soon enough. She had not yet shared any of her videos or pictures with anyone, but she was playing a little with the thought of opening her own website. The two biggest problems with that idea was that she first had to edit out her face from all the pictures and videos, and that her boss would most likely fire her on the spot if he ever found out.

Marie spent the rest of the weekend sorting the pictures and editing the video. While working, she began getting ideas for a new session. It would be a bedroom session, involving her new big dildo and her favourite butt plug.

To be continued…….



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